Conspiracy and Truth are upside down

By Keith Davies

Last night (August 28th 2013) on The O’Reilly factor – during the no spin zone – Bill bloviated that on the Internet, there are conspiracy theories about the rebels in Syria conducting the chemical attacks. Now Bill, let me ask you a simple question:

After Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA scandal why do you now believe that the Obama administration has any credibility at all?

Yet, we who have done meticulous research, and at worst have raised significant questions suggesting that the Rebels did indeed carry out the chemical attacks and at best, we have provided pretty damning proof. In fact, based on five years of Obama and his lies, why would you – Bill O’Reilly – believe a word out of this administration’s mouth. Bill O’Reilly, your credibility with me is starting to wane!

That’s what we call the turning of the worm.

Apart from us “conspiracy theorists” on the Internet, NPR, the BBC, The New York Times, the Associated Press and several other “so called” credible sources, have all started to question the “undeniable evidence.” Bill O’Reilly, you owe us an apology.

We’re holding our breath:

Holding our breath until O'Reilly wakes up.

Holding our breath until O’Reilly wakes up.

Today, the administration has admitted that the intelligence reports have not been fully analyzed ( I thought it was “undeniable”). This is probably a code word for “we screwed up.” It is blatantly obvious that, as usual, these pathetic amateurs and corrupt liars who We The People re-elected last year are putting the whole world in danger, have no idea how to manage any crisis and shoot their mouths off before they think and evaluate any situation. Government to them is all a childish game about beating the other side politically. The gravity of international conflicts is now about the President’s ego, his personal credibility, and standing.

Worse it is a combination of ineptitude and conspiracy to empower our enemies. I would side on the combination theory.

Hear that, Bill?

Over the past few years, we have shown and exposed with tremendous evidence and probable cause – in Walid’s comprehensive investigative reports – the true intentions of Obama and his zeal to hand over the Middle East to Islamic Jihadists, to transform America into a socialist state that will be unrecognizable from its original founding.

Over the last two days there have been confirmed reports that the defense department has issued training manuals stating that our founders were “extremists” who had more in common with the Confederacy, as well as other training manuals that suggest that Catholics and Evangelical Christians are also extremists.

When will Americans awaken from their slumber to understand we have been taken over by a radical Muslim sympathizer who does not believe in the Constitution by evaluation of his actions? When will the opposition party be willing to recognize this too? When will they take a stand and fight against this evil tyrant? Obama now appears to be emboldened and has only been held back from firing Tomahawk missiles into Syria only because he shot off his mouth for fear of upsetting his far left base. Our international allies – France and UK – were able to assess Obama’s lies through either some smarts from their leaders or pressure from their media and public. As I write, the British parliament has rejected any use of military force against Syria from British forces, which is being respected by the Prime minster Cameron. It is staggering that the world may have been saved by the good sense of the British and French public and parliamentarians.

Obama is a dangerous usurper at worst and a foolish amateur who needs to be removed from office as soon as possible… at best.



  • cynthia ziegler

    excellent questions and article. enjoyed it very much. hope o’reily actually answers you!

  • geodave36352

    It becomes increasingly obvious that Fox News is the bought and paid for catch all for conservative viewers. Now the left exerts it’s hand to ever so gently push the trusting conservative masses to a more liberal leaning agenda. Yes, Bill is a liberal shill either witting or unwitting, it matters not. Ever wonder why FNN was allowed to be the only conservative MSM voice? It was so that we, conservative sheeple, could all be gullibiliy herded to the slaughter en mass.

  • ptatten

    It is not hard to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, who embrace suicide bombings as a tactic, would use chemical weapons on their own to gain a particular goal. In this case turning the USA and other powers against their enemy.

  • rettemich

    Bill O’Reilly continues to reveal that his heart is where his treasure is. It seems to me that he must have a large chunk of his wealth invested in the glittering Arab Emirates and other oil-rich Gulf States. These countries have spawned and are financing all of the Muslim Brotherhood terror groups that are destabilizing the Middle East and carrying out attacks on Americans right here at home.

    Cases in point: When all America was alarmed and protesting the Dubai Ports Deal some years ago, O’Reilly’s inexplicable defense of Dubai getting this contract became so hysterical that he began to accuse the opponents of “RACISM!” My thoughts were (and still are) that only money concerns could have driven Bill to “play the race card,” something that he had chided many on the Left of doing in defense of Obama!

    Now we see Bill arrogantly ignoring the increasing evidence that it was the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Syrian Rebels, and not the Assad regime, that had used chemical weapons against its own people. It appears that O’Reilly is supporting Obama’s apparent intention “to hand over the Middle East to Islamic Jihadists, [and] to transform America into a socialist state,” as Keith Davies so aptly puts it. Could this be another sign that Billy is a bit nervous about how his investments are going to fare in good old Araby? Or is the fact that a large portion of Fox News is owned by the Saudi Prince bin Talal playing a role?

  • Bill O’Reilly’s paycheck is subsidized in part with Saudi money. The same is true for all Fox News employees. The “fair and balanced” and “no-spin zone” clichés have become a joke and all the hard work to earn viewers trust has now spun out of balance. As long as there are “higher-ups” that manipulate the release of news information, FOX can no longer be viewed as a reliable source for telling the American people The Truth!

  • rich

    I saw O’Reilly the other night when he said that those claiming the Syrian rebels used the gas are conspiracy theorists. I’d say the Obama administration is the conspiracy, as he appears to give aid and comfort to our enemies (muslim brotherhood, et al). Is this not treason or very close?

    Fox is the only thing even close to a conservative viewpoint for the news, but they stop far short of what people need to hear. And now we have Al Jazeera added to the mix. So much for the “news”!

  • BENGHAZI needs to come back as one of the top headlines and news investigations for exposing the truths of what really happened, who perpetrated the attack (we know who they are) and what needs to be done to hold this Administration responsible for the tragic and inhumane way that Ambassador Stevens and the other embassy workers were killed. Syria is another failure of this Administration’s foreign policies BUT it is also being used to distract our attention from the bungled mess that the White House and State Department are trying to cover up and their blatant failure to admit the Truth of what happened in Benghazi.

  • spiritof1776

    Starman, you are correct. Distraction needed new Benghazi hearings set to start in Sept.