Muslims Burn Christian Youths To Ashes

By Theodore Shoebat

58 Christian youths were attacked and slaughtered in Nigeria by Muslims, and numerous of them were literally burned to ashes.

I wrote about this story a number of days ago, in which I wrote that the estimated body count was 40, but now this is the latest number.

Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai, said:

Some of the students’ bodies were burned to ashes

One student and witness recounted the horrifying and disturbing event:

I heard the cries of some people outside the school even before they [the militants] invaded the school …From where I was hiding I could hear other students crying at the top of their voices. I saw fire on the roofs of the hostels and other buildings in the school. But God saved my life. After they killed the students and burnt the structures, they fled.

So where are all of the sodomite and sycophantical homosexual sympathizers? Why aren’t they marching to Nigeria with their cameras, their pompous and outwardly righteous and objective dispositions and proud stances and tones of voice, with their use of the words “justice” and “liberty”? Oh, that is right, they are too busy harassing Christians in Russia and Uganda. Why come to Nigeria because Christians are being killed? Because the left wing media not only does not care about dead Christians, they take pleasure in it.



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  • No one seems to be helping or even spreading the word… l tweet most of these and l am letting friends and family know, trying to get people to wake up.. Mainstream Media do not even want to touch these stories…

    • Mark 2112

      now if the roles were reversed it would be all over the news

  • JohnnaCal

    Yeah….once you have fought in two wars against the Muslims and the libs did everything they could to turn it into a circus instead of getting behind it…its really hard to get involved. Ya know all the mass graves in Iraq have gone ignored and never made the light of day either. These people will have to stand up and fight for themselves…when others get involved they just take it out on those trying to help.

    • M4Dave

      Yes, and the libs did the same thing to my war – Vietnam. We could’ve won – they didn’t want us to. They are the same people that hold many management positions in media today.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Cowards that’s what these Islamic bastards are Nigeria’s army should hunt these scum bags down but I guess Obama won’t let Nigeria take such actions

  • royjpatterson

    It breaks my heart to hear and more disturbing to see these Christian male youths burnt and persecuted for their beliefs. However it’s not mainstream Muslims doing this persecution it’s far right ideological radicalized Islamic grous such as Alshibob, Alquieda, and the Taliban that are behind all these Muslim persecutions of non Islamic minorities. Sharia Law don’t help either and that’s a tool of oppression for far right radicalized Muslims to impose on both other Muslims and non Muslim minorities. To blame the mainstream media and homosexuals for what’s occuring in Nigeria and accusing them of showing a lack of interest in the persecution of Christians inside Nigeria! What about Valdimir Putin’s peresecution of gays inside Russia and during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games! Where was the far right Christian and Muslim media? Why didn’t Algizera the 24hour news channel from Doha, Dubai mention one thing about Putin’s persecution of the homosexual minority inside Russia? Or CBN the Christian Broadcasting Network all they showed during the Sochi Games was a lone female protester heckaling an Emon (Muslim Cleric) giving a prayer at an interfaith prayer vidual at a Lutheran Church in Stutgarrtt, Germany! I’m a Christian myself however Both religious and political persecution must come to an end around the world! Relgious persecution makes both Islam and Chrstianity look bad and polical persecution makes democracies look bad!

  • robert x martin

    Well, it’s been a month. Haven’t seen any rescue news. Where’s the money Theodore?