10,000,000 Africans Tell Obama “Take Your Gay Agenda And Shove It”

By Walid Shoebat

When Obama lectured Kenya comparing gays to the mistreatment of African Americans, Africa responded with a scathing letter written by 700 Kenyan evangelical pastors on behalf of their 10 million Christian followers. In it, Africa told Obama to take his ‘disgusting agenda’, his ‘equating racism with rejection of homosexuality’, and told him to shove it. The message from Africans to this African American Obama, was “hit the road Jack” while adding “don’t you come back no more”.

“We do not want him to come and talk on homosexuality in Kenya or push us to accepting that which is against our faith and culture,” the letter read.

Specifically, the letter asked that Obama leave “the gay talk” in America and focus his discussions in Kenya on “development,” “cooperation” and “the long-time relationship Kenya has had with America.”

“But about our beliefs and culture — keep off!” the letter added.


According to Bishop Mark Kariuki, who led the alliance against Obama, the Christians in Kenya did not appreciate the way the president had “used previous trips to Africa to urge governments to respect gay rights.” The letter was therefore meant to serve as a warning to Obama.

Kariuki gets it. “The family is the strength of a nation,” Kariuki explained. “If the family is destroyed, then the nation is destroyed. So we don’t want to open doors for our nation to be destroyed!”

Even the President of Kenya, delivered the same “hit the road Jack” message to Obama. “We need to speak frankly about these things” says President Kenyatta in response to Obama’s statement that Kenya must share the same values as the United States on gay rights issues.

Kenyatta, at the press conference in Kenya, snubbed Obama and continued showing zero tolerate to Obama’s belaboring trying to impose the idea that a man taking it from behind was all “normal”. He quickly slapped down Obama’s suggestion to impose his evil agenda on the African country saying “there are some things we do not share”.

The ‘gay rights’ Kenyatta insisted “our culture and our society do not accept”. “its very difficult for us to impose on people that [homosexuality]”.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Africa clearly represents the future of Christendom with our Western “post-Christian” societies. God bless and protect African Christians… especially from the West that is intent on perverting them from their culture of life and Christian walk.

    • Trevor

      Tony, is everyone in the West following the Antichrist? No. Once again, man, you are generalizing instead of admitting there are some Christians that are fighting back.

      • OrthodoxKGC2015

        It may seem a generalization until one realizes that to do nothing about an evil is a tacit acceptance of that evil. This is something our ancestors, and many Africans today, would see as tautology, a self evident truth. The fact that a few are fighting throws into stark relief the fact that so many self-professed ‘Christians’ are doing nothing, have done nothing, and will never do anything. They are of the World.

        • Willing to die for Jesus


        • Trevor

          And that’s your opinion.

          • OrthodoxKGC2015

            Yes, and I freely both admit my fallibility, and the fact that time will bear out whether i’m right. I’ve been watching the slippery slope downwards for some time.

          • Trevor

            Been going on since the 50s, probably because of WWII veterans returning home a shell of their former selves. On top of that, Saul Alinsky, may his name be forever cursed, have corrupted a generation of people whose disciples includes obama and hillary clinton, to follow his blueprint to change America from within.

            Oh, let’s not forget the many heretics who are wearing sheep clothing passing off as preachers of righteousness, something that the New Testaments have warned since Christianity was in its infancy.

            True Christians who follow Christ have survived heretics, and we will survive heretics until Christ’s return. We mustn’t lose hearts just because this country is on a downward spiral. Sometime God allow us to hit rock bottom so we either stay where we are and wallow in our misery, or look up and call upon Him.

        • Andy Holland

          Certain evil CINO have promoted homosexuality, after having promoted abortion, after having promoted fornication, aftering having promoted divorce….After falling madly, passionately, entirely in love with money.

          • OrthodoxKGC2015

            “They came from us but were not of us, for if they had, they would have remained with us.”

          • Andy Holland

            Let’s keep praying for us in Christ.

      • Willing to die for Jesus

        The West is Post-Christian… that is not a generalization.. read the many sociological studies out there, including by Christian and Catholic academics. How can you dispute the West is thoroughly steeped in the culture of death? I never said everybody in the West follows the Anti-Christ, you are misreading me.

        • Trevor

          That’s your opinion.

        • Trevor

          Read this article and I agree with the conclusion – America is primed for a huge revival. And with the while culture change, it is forcing Christians in America to reexamine themselves and make a conscious decision “Do I follow Christ, even if it makes me lose my life, or please the culture I live in?”

          Good need new is mainline Protestanism is dying, which is an opportunity for Catholics to evangelize , and they are doing just that according to an article I read online some months ago.

          Don’t limit what God is doing because of cynicism. Let God do what He always does best, work behind the scene.
          Forgot to add the link to the article – http://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2013/october/state-of-american-church.html?paging=off

          • Willing to die for Jesus

            Trevor I read the article and responded but because we can’t have proper discussions with disqus being a joke censoring words like the “h” word for gay, and others that would be normal in religious discussions… and these “pending posts” can take days (if at all) to be “released” (not sure how it works), click onto my public profile of comments to read my response, and if you want to respond clearly this post won’t be pending.

          • richinnameonly

            Trevor, I agree America is primed for a revival. Question to be answered in time is, will it muster the necessary spirit and prayer to make it happen? I sincerely hope so. It’s in God’s hands to make whatever the outcome is a part of his will for the future.

          • Trevor

            And in Christians’ lay leaders to do that. Little is much when God is in it, a lesson I learned from an Oklahoma-raised farm boy turned Baptist pastor. God bless that man.

          • Julie

            One bishop in the USA….just one…out of how many?…said it is up to the laypeople to evangelize as they are too busy.

            Evangelization is really big now…but the focus is on radio and internet…in charity. I know Catholic Answers will ban any uncharitable Catholics. We are all weak and sinners and so must see ourselves always as equals….as the apostles have told us. God has no favorites.

            “Lord, let them see you…not me…”…John henry Neumann, bishop, England…beautiful prayer Mother Teresa had her sisters pray in their serving the Lord in the poor.

      • raziel71

        Really? How many are fighting back? We have 3 Christian business already closed, a full gay agenda marriage law imposed by judges overiding the Constitution and the vote of the majority of the people , and a few millionaires TV evangelists that dont put a dime or move the political machine to fight it. Meanwhile, more and more churches instead of standing in the Word of God, decides to include the perversion in theri churches. And the satanic pedogay agenda already have their leaders infiltrating churches and recently opened a temple of satan in Detroit , completely with a homosexual initiation. Now tell me again how the Christians in America are fighting back? These Keyans know to draw a line and fight for it. Maybe is time to send all African Americans back to Africa and bring all those Kenyans to America. Kenya and Russia are just a few of the countries that really understand the value of family.

        • Trevor

          And I agree with you.

          There are a few. The rest who refuse to do what is right will be found out.

        • Trevor

          Those bakeries that were shut down had money pouring in by other Christians to support the owners until GoFundMe decided to shut down. They were deliberately targeted by the militant homosexual.

          Franklin Graham is one of the few voices who said we should obey God rather than men, even if it means prison. That’s fighting back.

          Resistance to wicked rulers is fighting back. Debating on public forums and on the air is fighting back.

          We need godly preachers to bring back old times preaching!

    • Sister E


  • Trevor

    There are Christians in America who are furious with obama and the left keeps screaming at us for being homophobic. Then, there are Christians who have embraced the prince of darkness and allowing this charade to go on.

    I am reminded of Jesus’ stern warning to the church that had Jezebel, and that warning was brought to mind today.

    • Kamau41

      Indeed Trevor. You see, hear and comprehend the message very well.

      • Trevor

        Sometime I feel like I am a lone voice shouting in a room of deafening roar of approval for sickness.

        I was watching “Gladiator” with my aunt, who came to visit, and my wife. When it got to the scene of the Colosseum, and how blood thirsty the crowd were, I turned to the ladies and remarked, “Nothing have really changed.”

        • Kamau41

          I hear you. Often I feel the same way, but I will never shut mouth from telling the hard truth to people. Don’t ever let fear or intimidation over take you. God is on your side and He has your back!

  • Julie

    Some native Africans told me how much they resent the Western death culture telling them how to live….what a contradiction….nobody tells the Africans how to believe and think, how to dress, and how many children they can have…

    The African people have a right to their own autonomy…and I hope they don’t go in the direction of the West….but in the true direction of the Lord over all their endeavors.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Bill and Melinda Gates – the Gates Foundation – introduced the culture of death into Africa by their funding of condoms and artificial birth control.

      • Julie

        Yes…Bill said recently that going to Mass with his wife, he has a good experience and can see why belief in God can be of good but he has no faith at this time….and we as Catholics don’t work for death but life.

        The Africans now know the agenda of some Americans..and to them it is to destroy their future. Many of their infants do not live to adulthood and then there are families who do…but they are most aware of their communities of parents who are not so fortunate.

        They greatly resent Westerners telling them what to do and how to live and dress. They simply would like help with their infrastructure, education, medicine. that is it.

        Know it, been there.

    • Tom_mcewen

      that is not in the guidelines of liberal thought.

  • Kamau41


    • Julie LaBrecque

      Hey – at least when they say ‘hit the road Jack’ they can see to it that his butt goes and doesn’t come back! As for us, we’re stuck.

      • Kamau41

        The African people knows how to righteously rise up, protest to keep an evil leadership from coming back to their country and not be cowards. Yes, unfortunately, here we are stuck for the time being.

      • Your not stuck. From Antiochus, Hitler to Obama, all tyrants fade away, while the Church always remains. Be encouraged. Even when I look at ISIS I thank God, for ISIS helps awaken the sleepy heads to try to keep their heads. It matters not what evil brings on, in the end, God triumphs sister Julie.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Your words are wisdom from on high – they remind me of the words spoken by the Maccabean Martyrs to their executioners. Thanks again for all your work.

  • EBH54

    Our nation is very sick, President Kenyatta appears to be a humble and caring leader. Our country is in denial, how could anyone be proud to be represented by Obama?

  • nothardlyfooled

    Bravo to this man who is not cowered by the arrogant Obama. Much of foreign aid to countries from Obama’s administration come with “stings attached” which is for these countries to offer ( and push) abortion and contraception. One country , Costa Rica, told Obozo to stuff it and said NO WAY ! I saw this documentary on EWTN last year. also Belinda Gates “charity” organization does the same thing. cash with strings attached..

  • Andy Holland

    St. Athanasius was a dark skinned North African with red hair, most of the Orthodox Bishops were African in the Churches foundation and it seems that the first to rise are going to best last to fall for the nuttiness.0 and prayerfully never.

    I hope they sustain and build for themselves an African trade and banking system apart from Europe and the US so they can stay away from the cultural colonialists. The pressure is going to build because the self righteous leftists can’t live and let live, they have to shove it down everyone’s throat by hook and crook.

  • EBH54

    Thanks I wrote “appears” because I was only going on the brief clip.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    I have been involved since my high school years in trying to promote a culture of life, by fighting the culture of death on various fronts by tackling issues like opposing laws which would liberalize or allow abortion, euthanasia and homosexual “marriage”. I’m 32 y.o. and honestly burnt out on the “losing side” of the “culture wars”. I’m a legal scholar who is also doing a PhD but burnt out and discouraged by all this Western death culture I feel like moving to a traditional country like an African one (I’m from Sydney which is no different in culture from say a Mid-Atlantic US city, working with a colleague from PA.) Australia hasn’t got homosexual marriage yet, and I’m honestly tired of fighting, now that sodomites here have been encouraged by the US’s SCOTUS decision. Australia like many US states also passed an marriage amendment in 2004 to state it’s clearly a 1 man, 1 woman institution and we’re the only Western English-speaking country that still has this.. but I fear for not much longer, despite the pro-normal marriage constituencies here. When I went to high school and graduated in 2000, there was nobody in my cohort who supported gay rights.. now only in the past couple of years many have swallowed the indoctrination of the gay agenda (read “marriage equality”, a phase never around less than a decade ago) and the liberal media bias that spews this garbage across the West.
    And you are blaming me for the death culture of the West I have inherited as a 32 y.o and which I try to reverse swimming across the currents? This all goes back to the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s… and I was “lucky” to be born in the early 1980s following the Western institutionalization of abortion as a “woman’s right”. Can I ask how old you are, and if you are of the generation that is responsible for the Sexual Revolution whether you played your part in opposing or supporting it? I’ve done my fair share of marching against abortion and supporting pro-life initiatives. Most recently, I opposed the move to have statutory human rights legislation passed in my state here, since Western “human rights” now stand for everything that is anti- Christian (and against unborn children). “Human rights” have been plucked away from their natural law moorings, supporting a false dignity of man… and they basically mean human rights for all, except for Christians and Christian morals (with a particularly perverse promotion of Islamic values, the LGBT agenda, the abortionists and feminist extremists, etc). I’m currently also supporting palliative care initiatives over constant calls for euthanasia and assisted suicide to be legalized which will really seal the deal for the Baby Boomers who unleashed the Sexual Revolution and contracepted and aborted their future and also revolted against marriage and the natural family through no-fault divorce, marriage and family being the bedrock institutions any normal functioning society respects and can’t exist without, and which the West no longer respects and so cannot be considered a civilized society anymore… except by degenerates.

    • Andy Holland

      Don’t give up on Australia!

      Keep praying and go on the offensive. Point out children fo better with a mommy and daddy. Point out that adultery and fornication lead to o a diseased decrepit lifestyle. Point out that homosexuals are afflicted by diseased minds and suffer for it in diseased bodies.

      As long as there are children to protect there needs to be men to protect them. The lack of fatherhood and manly responsibility is a root cause of this mess.

      • Willing to die for Jesus

        Amen. Spoken in truth. May God have mercy on the decaying West.
        I’ve posted this gay propaganda (h/t Bran from TX). This is courtesy of the USA… in collusion with the sodomites of Australia, it appears, to indoctrinate innocent children into the gay lifestyle and normalize homosexuality from the moment they enter school.

        Now get this.. just after SCOTUS handed down the joke that is the “constitutional right to gay marriage”, Australian children were asked how they felt about this ruling! Seriously… as if this subject needs to be discussed at all, let alone its jurisdictional relevance…

        This is what the world now gets from the USA government (or, I should say, what the Christian world gets, since Muslims seem to be protected from this exported perversion; or, they have populations that won’t stand for this garbage.)

        As Pope Francis said of gay marriage when Archbishop of Buenos Aires, gay marriage is a Satanic attack on the family. This video is nothing short than the work of US-based Satanists in concert with their Australian affiliates.


        • Andy Holland

          And the US is going to reap what it has sown. When it does the world will be amazed and will learn that all that wealth, technology, arrogance and perversion has a dear price.

  • Sister E

    Obama never preached gay rights in the muslim countries he visited because of the great respect and high esteem he has for muslims and the Islamic faith. He only preach freedom of sodomy to countries (or regions) where Christians are a majority.

    • Andy Holland

      Or because the secret service wouldn’t let him. They probably told him you do that we duck for cover.

    • Great point Sister E

  • 1Bobby8

    Bravo to the African people who didn’t fall for the big lie.

  • knight

    President Kenyatta sounds like a good president putting real issues for the people, than have the cheek of President Obama try and tell Kenya what to do, when Gay issue does not even rate in Kenya.

    Maybe Obama should bend over for every Gay since he promotes it. Turn one down should put a Fatwa against him and his family.

  • Julie

    I told some fellow..who considers us ‘Romans’ and refused to read any reference to learn what we truly believe…he is the last. He admitted I spent some time with him…and he just simply wrote it off…and his final words were to me to be better ready to meet the Lord for He will show me my errors.

    I am not spending any more time having myself abused.

    I let the Lord deal with Him in His way.

    • Blessed are you when people abuse you …

      • Julie

        Thank you, but I am not worthy…

        I am nothing compared to those of the Middle East who have endured their faith for 2000 years.

        For me it is a matter of wisdom…knowing who one is not and Who Christ is and seeing my limitations….we have to endure in charity all the time and I know I have not.

        • We carry different crosses for our situation, Julie. You’ve honored yours.

  • Eric Mueller

    Off topic but what does everyone (especially those that live in Florida) think about this:


  • Eric Mueller

    I am sure there will be an article here on Shoebat later but here is the 3rd video on Planned Butcherhood:


  • Julie LaBrecque

    I ‘skipped’ over nothing – I spoke to ONE issue. I will not bow to you or to anybody that spreads evil. Satan may some day ‘feed the world’ – would you jump up and down praising him for helping the poor? How about ABSTINENCE, the one and only means PROVEN to protect against the spread of AIDS/STD’s? You have a problem with God’s way?

    • Don’t worry about him, just an evil person who in the name of “good” does everything evil.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Typical I would say – use the umbrella of good to institute evil.

  • Trevor

    Okay, so debating isn’t fighting back. Then the Church Fathers were wrong to debate and write epistles about it. Thanks so much for clarifying.

  • edwitness

    Good for those 10,000,000 Africans. But rejection of homosexuality does not make anyone righteous in God’s sight. Only a true faith in Christ ALONE for salvation will do that. That puts the whole bunch of you heretics and heretic sympathizers out. But there’s still hope. You’re still breathing.

  • JAFO

    I would have preferred a response such as – Mr Obama from your interest in Kenyan politics it seems you consider yourself a native of this country. Given your phoney US birth certificate this is very likely. Push the gay adgenda also seems to confirm suspicions that you yourself are gay. As this is illegal here ….. Gentleman please arrest this sodimite …

    • Grandmere

      Oooh! That was so good.

  • Ray,

    The best way to understand Christianity is to examine its rich history. When I first believed I aways wondered, where are the replicas of Joshua’s story, Moses, Judas Maccabees in the Church. Low and behold, it was all there, struggle, sacrifice and heroism, its the history that is ignored. Christianity did not pop up from Martin Luther. It was there all along, even today.

    • The beauty of this forum is that the owners respect the glory of the Church, while embracing the better parts of the Protestant faiths, like their zeal. You do more of a service than you realize, boss.

  • He’s your president and you are the “savage”. Respect stops when humans act like savages and when men bang each other they become savages.

  • If donations are the measure of goodness, then we are in great deal of trouble. The Islamists give water and food to the poor and sell them Jihad. I could say that whoever criticizes these reprobates the same argument you make. P.S., when some writes “You are pathetic ….” bla bla bla at everything they disagree with, then I write-off the comment since the words reflect they very person who writes.

  • I like that Grandmere. Long time no talk.

  • Amen Steve, Amen.

  • Julie

    I don’t believe in nameless.

    God has called us by name…and we are Christian..but I do see a merging with the Hebrew Catholics…the Jews will finally come to the Lord…as the Gentile Church is at its fullness and I don’t think we can go on anymore without the fulfilled Jews.

  • The only reason it has a name is thanks to those who divided it. There was only one Church for 1,000 years. Those today who wish for there to be no denominations haven’t read their Bible.

    • Julie

      The great flaw of American sectarian Christians is that they have no theology or history and see no application.

      Have you been to http://www.calledtocommunion.com?

      It gives talks on how Protestant university educated ministers were allowed to study our blessed Early Church Fathers…history, etc. and then came to see the truth of Christ’s Church.

      How I pray we are all one again…and as I said previously…with the input and inclusion of the Hebrew Catholics in full communion with the Church…wonder if there are Orhthodox gatherings as well..so much to assimilate…the 3 will merge as the new Church of Christ.

      • I would hope that we’d be reunited again someday. Our divisions are done purely out of pride. Once that is destroyed, we’ll be fine.

        • Julie

          Yes…it is pride. So true. Just different ways of expressing the same truths.

          God bless and keep you….we are already in the Universal Church.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Tiny cricket, your ignorance serves you well. The wisdom of the ancients, the apostle fathers fails before your wisdom.

  • Julie

    Sorry that is your opinion but if it were the reality I experience, would have left a long time ago…

    We are not to bear false witness against our neighbor.

    You misunderstand him and whatever is Catholic. We have been around 2000 years….we will end when Christ decides.

  • Julie

    Catholic means universal…..’he ekklesia katholika’….Greek for universal…the ancient Church has been called the Universal Church since St. Ignatius of Antioch so named it in 107 AD on his way to maryrdom.

    We have countless martyrs.

    Yes…the Church will be different because so much of the world will be destroyed..and its transformation will take generations…

    Just your comments saying that God resides in Rome…is your perception and in no way comes anywhere close to the reality of our faith.

    So it is better to place all your attention on the Lord and let His Word penetrate the very depth of your being…He leads us to the truth of Himself…and to the truth of His followers.

    Our great vocation in life is the quest to holiness…letting the Lord live and animate us, and we in turn grow to reflect Him in who we are and do..dead to ourselves but alive in Him.

    If you want to study what we truly believe you can go online and see the universal catholic catechism.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    That’s a Satanic lie, for the same Moses who recorded that God would not have anyone make graven images of idols, did make the Bronze Serpent in the Wilderness at the command of God, for the healing of the Israelites. And did not the very ‘Mercy Seat’ of the Ark, the Throne of God in the world, have images of two Cherubims? And the OT records that the bones of the Saints were the means by which miracles of God were done, for God is glorified in His Saints.

    Christ Himself is the Icon of God, by reason of the very Incarnation which I suspect that you secretly hate, and so He and His Work can be represented, and should.

    And another thing; you apparently don’t know what GRAVEN means, either, because Icons are never carved 3-dimensional images, it is forbidden.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Out and out Satanism of the worst operational sort; it may even make me change some of my eschatological views after prayer and reflection.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    “Then Jesus Christ would have instructed us to make images of HIM , but where in scripture did He say that NO WHERE .”

    “But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they
    were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to
    contain the books that should be written.” John 21:25

    “But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth.
    For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear,
    he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall shew you. ” John 16:13

    “The OT were shadows , types of things future . Illustrations . ”

    God does not change; God the Word spoke to Moses, and ‘Abraham saw this day and was glad’. etc….

    “ANYTHING MADE BY MAN IS CORRUPTIPLE , why do you think the ALMIGHTY did away with those earthly ceremonies ?”

    Right. I could show you a mountain of Scripture verses to show you that God has HEAVENLY CEREMONIES. Today the Church has them, bringing Heaven to Mankind by God’s Mercy, enabling corruptible Man’s salvation.

    “The Bible CLEARLY instructs that when Jesus Christ was in the flesh
    before His crucifixion that He was not good to look at . So your image
    is MOST likely WRONG . ”

    Icons of Christ in Orthodoxy are based on the Icon-not-made-by-human-hands, which today is possessed by others and is called ‘the Shroud of Turin’, you should read about it.

    “The Bible CLEARLY instructs that when Jesus Christ was in the flesh
    before His crucifixion that He was not good to look at . So your image
    is MOST likely WRONG .”

    In other places, Scripture clearly instructs what He looked like Pre-Passion;

    ‘My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen out of thousands. ‘ Song of Solomon 5:10

    “Why else would John the Apostle whom Jesus loved say CHILDREN KEEP
    YOURSELFS FROM IDOLS . Cause man’s heart, that is the fleshly part
    ALWAYS wants to set something up above the Living Father . Just as
    putting a “cross” before your eyes at all times would lift up the
    created wood up above Jesus Christ , the Creator manifested in the
    flesh ”

    So now you hate the Cross, the Throne of Christ from which He accomplished our Salvation with His Precious Blood? Interesting;

    ‘For blessed is the wood by which righteousness comes’ Wisdom of Solomon 14:7

    ”Do NOT worship the created more than the CREATOR the BIBLE instructs”

    It’s a Satanic Lie that you accuse us by. Loathsome and Foul. For we only Worship God in Three Persons, and thus also Christ Incarnate of the Blessed Virgin, and yet Honor that by which God accomplished His Work, and those Who He deigned to be part of His Work.

    Begone Satan, in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus, get thee back, for you do not know the things of God.

    • People forget that it was St Luke, he who wrote the Gospel which bore his name, who depicted the Lord and the Theotokos as an icon. It is St Polycarp who gives us the description of what Our Lord looked like.

      Oh, but it’s not in the Bible. Right. The Bible which wasn’t completed until the end of the Fourth Century (collected by the Apostolic Church), and not agreed upon until Antioch became a signatory by the 5th Century (they held off because they could already see idiots making hay with Revelation).

  • Perhaps you mis-phrased your sentence, as it was not allowed by either Church, unless you believe a satanic tool like Jack Chick.

  • You’re about as much a disciple of Jesus as Judas was. In fact, there you go. Judas. Only such a person would say that an icon is a graven image.

    Learn something:



    Antioch is where the name ‘Christian’ was first used. They know far more than you ever will about the faith, and are part of the Orthodox Church, which has remained an unbroken witness to Jesus Christ, unlike the doughy pigs one sees on American television who fleece idiots and sell them tapes full of mush, rather than teaching truth.

  • This is why the American ‘christian’ churches are considered laughable everywhere else in the world.

  • Julie

    We will be all one, with one shepherd and one fold…and keeping all the effects: Sacred Scripture, worship, hierarchy, and creed….all that was there at the beginning of the Church…he ekklesia katholika…name given it by St. Ignatius of Antioch 107 ad.

  • children of light have darkski

    africa is the future of christendom..educate yourselves and do your research free of european bias…africa is the birthplace of all the major religions includin one of the youngest being what we now call Christianity

  • You really need to actually read the Bible and the Church Fathers rather than relying on junk.

  • Sharon, I would implore you to see how I treat those who wish dialog with me. They are well-treated. Those who need to be remanded are. That, too, is a Christian attribute.

  • Trevor

    Daniel was praying for his people, the Jews, when he read Jeremiah’s scroll and realized they were nearing the end of their exile. So he interceded for his people.

    Following the return of the Jews to their homeland, God had to send prophets to encourage them to rebuild and rebuked their slowness in doing so.

    Don’t isolate a passage just to make a point. That’s not going to fly with me.

  • That would be the interpretation of Western Christians under the influence of the good Saint Augustine, who didn’t finish getting rid of his Manichaean hangups, and Jerome, who also suffered from a case of the hornies. The East, which is where the faith was born, after all, didn’t see things quite in this light.

    This is no knock on the Western Fathers, whose works are magnificent.

  • This might help clarify our position a bit for you: http://www.goarch.org/ourfaith/ourfaith8050

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    Seems he’s not so loved by them africans….is this fruit of african evangelism? I hope so.

  • Amadu Yaya Kamara

    People have repented from homosexuality (by the power of God) but a man cannot repent from being black, white, tall or short. So to equate the fight of freedom to gay rights is insulting and derogatory to all oppressed people. But at the same time let us not shun and show hatred let us preach Christ and show them the error of their ways.

  • Christopher

    I totally agree with the Kenyan President. Leave your perverted lifestyle out of our politics