BREAKING: Hillary INSIDER REMOVED ‘Top Secret’ Markings Upping The Ante To A FELONY

By Walid Shoebat

A Hillary Clinton insider must have tampered with ‘Top Secret’ documents by removing the markings that identified those documents as ‘Top Secret’, which would be a felony. Judge Napolitano explains:

Hillary’s inner circle has someone who is covering up for Hillary or they are tampering with the email classification to send it to Hillary’s private server. The intelligence community stripping the markings is unlikely. This leaves the felons to be Hillary or her circle. As it seems, the noose is tightening on Hillary. Or maybe its Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood agent? The snow is melting and all the crap laying under is quickly being revealed.

Hillary is in more serious trouble than most think. Here, Napolitano explains further:

Hillary Clinton for prison

  • Eric Mueller

    YES! I like this! I like this a lot!

    Weirdly while listening to Trump talk these two songs popped into my head and thought I’d share for anyone interested.

    • Delta Rain

      Thanks for posting the video.

    • ChiRho

      I have to say I dont like his position on Planned Parenthood. He needs to quit listening to his daughter and look into it for himself. Hopefully he would if he were president and would see it for what it is.

      • blackyb

        He is only interested in the women’s health part and is NOT for the abortion part. What about the baby’s health?

        • ChiRho

          Yeah, but the “women’s health” part is a sham. Just an excuse to keep the doors open. They suck at women’s health.

          • nothardlyfooled

            Carly Fiorina said in an interview that PP does mammograms. NOT TRUE !!

          • ChiRho

            Their supporters will say anything to keep the doors open.
            I wouldn’t care if they ran an orphanage, homeless shelter, and gave veteren amputees free prosthetic limbs. Their bread and butter is killing babies. I’m sure the government could find another contractor to provide low to mediocre health services that doesnt butcher tiny babies to make a buck.

      • Eric Mueller

        If it were up to me I would burn every single planned butcherhood building to the ground. My dad made a good point though. Trump is smart and is thinking long-term here. He is trying to win and appeal to the women vote. If women hear this and he sticks to his word, that’s a lot of votes for him. As much as I hate to say it, not every planned butcherhood does abortions. I saw on the news a few weeks ago that a couple of planned butcherhoods in my state had been inspected and they found no evidence of abortions performed at these locations. Now I grant you planned butcherhood could be hiding their evidence. The media could also be covering for them as well. If that is the case there will be heck to pay later on.

        I digress though, as mentioned Trump is trying to show and say that he wants to help women. If you listen carefully I believe he did say that he would be totally willing to pull all funding if planned butcherhood continues with abortions and that sounds good to me.

        • ChiRho

          Id say it was probably a cover story, to try and ease the outrage and demand for pulling all of the funding for PP. I wouldnt trust the news. It’s no coincidence they do a story like that at this time. It’s all about leading the public where they want them to go.
          I hope you’re right about Trump sounding open to it to avoid offerring up a soundbite for the War on Women mouth breathers to make commercials against him with. This company needs shut down completely. It has no redeemabke value.

      • nothardlyfooled

        same here. that caused me to pause…

  • Delta Rain

    How does this evil, monster remain free and powerful?

  • Jeff Benton

    YAY!!!! Awesome sauce!!!
    But slow down just a minute and lets think about things…

    I hate to tell ya… Megyn Kelly AND FOX news got in front of 24 million people and LIED about a statement made by Donald Trump…

    Since they have PROVEN that they will indeed lie, and we all know they are big Hillary and Jeb supporters, one has to wonder if they were given this “breaking news” so that doubt can be cast on the integrity of the story…

    I wouldnt get to excited until some “sources” come out and expose this to other media outlets…
    Just sayin…
    These folks at FOX are dirty….
    Which makes every aspect of everything said, Especially coming from Megyn Kelly via FOX news, suspect…

    I love it if this is true… Dont get me wrong…
    But these guys have ZERO credibility….

    • Eric Mueller

      For me there are still a small handful of people on Faux news I like: Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter, Ralph Peters, and Todd Starnes. Everyone else I consider no different than msnbc.

      • ChiRho

        All contributors instead of headliners unfortunately. You ever read Mark Steyn’s web stuff? I like his sense of humor.

      • Eric Mueller
      • Trevor

        My problem with Ann Coulter is she comes across as an opportunist and sometime as an airhead. It’s one reason I was turned off by Sarah Palin, she didn’t seem to have a good grasp on a great many issue, like her famous saying she had experience in foreign policy since Russia was next door to Alaska…?

  • 1Bobby8

    This investigation isn’t going anywhere, the way the FBI covered for Solyndra they will cover for Hillary…Obama’s government is corrupt from top to bottom, there is no hope.

  • knight

    Hope their are many links to many politicians, including the President to bring them down and put the lot in jail.

  • ChiRho

    There’s so much crap from H I’m surprised the heat from it allows the accumulation of snow at all.


    • Jeff Benton

      I see this is going to be one of those days where I better lay a pillow behind my “puter chair!!!
      I may indeed hit the floor laughing!!!!

      • ChiRho

        Glad I could offer a laugh.

  • richinnameonly

    I think this e-mail/server issue is not even close to the worst thing that Hillary has done, but if she gets nailed for this I’m all for it. It was tax evasion that nailed Al Capone.

    • blackyb

      She seems to faveor Mid Eastern carpet. Unfortunately some of it is attached to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • RodK1975

    Hillary should have been in prison ages ago… along with her disgusting, reprobate husband…


    • Tom_mcewen

      And people ask me why I believe in God, those like Hillary is why I hope for God justice. God’s justice is aborted with once saved always saved, a few more strokes of the whip for Jesus, if she sins. To fear God is the beginning of wisdom.

  • blackyb

    They shot many of the ‘JAGS’ up during the terrrorist attack that was classified as workplace violence. They must have plenty more by now.

  • Behnam

    I doubt she’ll ever even get close to going to prison.

  • Eric Mueller

    Unfortunately I am not as familiar with Judge Andrew Napolitano as I am with the people I listed above. For the brief time I have seen him, he seems like a reasonable man. I’ll have to try to watch some videos of him later to get a better feel of where he stands on important issues.

  • Tom_mcewen

    There is a whole bench of judges who rule on legal matters effecting national security, I hope they are more honorable then the supreme court.