Are Gog And Magog Marching On Israel As We See Russia Deploying Its Military Might In Syria?

By Walid Shoebat

So lets examine fact from fiction as we see the daily news headlines: Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about Russia’s substantial flow of armaments to the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that he is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week. The buildup is causing many Christians to fear: is Russia becoming a threat to Israel? After all, the military buildup of what appears to be Russia’s forward military base on the Syrian coast is viewed as a threat against Israel from the increased flow of advanced weapons into the Syrian arena and the transfer of lethal weaponry to Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. Is ‘Gog’ marching on his way as many claim?


Russia is a superpower, and when it comes to superpowers, always remember lesson number one: the competition for power between the U.S. and Russia causes unrest and power vacuums from which tyrants find opportunity.

For example, these days, Russia is reacting to what the U.S. and NATO are doing in Russia’s sphere of influence, primarily in the Ukraine and the Middle East. In other words, while the U.S. accuses Russia of meddling in the Ukraine and Syria, can anyone deny that the U.S. and NATO’s meddling in other places like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt?

Fact is, it was America’s support for the Arab Spring that made the U.S. become the primary culprit to the mess we have. But before the mess, so many Americans supported the initiative ousting what they were told by the media as “tyrants” and “dictators”. The blind and the lame realize their foolishness only after the fact as they see the ISIS cannibals, the blood and the gore.

Lesson learned is that politicians are not only snakes, but snake-oil salesmen.

In everything we read in the headlines, the wise can spot the sales-pitch. For example, when it comes to Syria, the typical motto we are continually fed in the U.S. media is this: “Washington and its allies are bombarding ISIS positions inside Syria [hip-hip-hurray] and supporting ‘moderate’ rebel forces there [hip-hip-hurray]”.

The ignorant thinks that the U.S. government is naive exclaiming: there are no “moderate rebel forces” in Syria!

Fact is, it is these comments that are naive. The U.S. government knows that the Free Syrian Army and  Ahrar-Al-Sham fighters are no “moderates,” this is only for public consumption. The wise knows that the U.S. will arm anyone, great and small, rich and poor, any small tyrant who opposes Assad, so long this small tyranny is not an obvious cannibal like ISIS, so long they can take away from Russia’s sphere of influence. This is it. The sooner one realizes this the better they can decipher fact from fiction.


Now that you understand lesson number one, lets get to lesson number two. Never forget, that when it comes to the Sunni world of the Middle East, always remember: no matter how one slices and dices any situation, what we have here are two factions: the first are nationalists like the Arab Baath, the main allies of Russia and the Islamists, the main enemies of Russia.

The first (nationalists) were the likes of Saddam Hussein, Al-Sisi and Assad whom the U.S. removed, or wants to remove. The second (Islamists) is what the U.S. wants to install. They do not do this because of their love to Islam, but because of their hatred towards Russia.

If one examines all the policies, wars, and strife, everything fits into these two principles. Many are the naive who think it is Obama, the closet Muslim. While there is some truth to this, that Obama loves Islam, but the fact is, the entire U.S. government, from democrat to republican, they supported the Mujahideen against Russia during Ronald Reagan’s era, and McCain also vehemently supported the Islamists during the Syrian fiasco. It is a fact of history: the U.S. doesn’t care if Islamists take over so long they deplete Russia’s sphere of influence.

And just to give a recent example, Carly Fiorina, just last night, at the applause of many naive had this to say:

Fact is, general Suleimani, who leads Iran’s Al-Quds forces in Iraq (whom Fiorina is complaining about), was caused and created by the U.S. involvement in Iraq where the vacuum was created for Iran to move in. Donald Trump, who wants to rebuild and heal relations with Russia warned about this. Now that this little tyrant (Suleimani) arose, and is working with Putin, Fiorina is sounding the drumbeats of war with Russia so when she becomes president, she can send American farm-boys to die on the front lines in Syria, Iraq and possibly the Ukraine, all for the sake of politicians, American blood is to be spilt on the altar of maintaining superpower status. This is indeed an insane Jezebel who has been exposed being in bed with Muslims and all who clapped for her are the naive who enjoy watching a woman-empowerment sermon. In fact, you find this type of rhetoric being taught in many Evangelical churches.

If Fiorina is truly Christian, why not support God’s bottom line? God created nationalism the moment He crushed Babel and confused the tongues to make us “different nations, tribes and tongues”.

As the ball bounces, Orthodox Russia supports the nationalists in the Middle East, while Protestant U.S. supports the Islamists.

One can argue that Russia supports Iran. Indeed. But Russia does this only because Iran is a menace to the U.S. Secondly, the U.S. is now supporting Iran too. This is done in order to thwart ISIS, the very menace they created in the first place. ISIS is not Russia’s bastard child, but America’s.

Putin doesn’t support the nationalists because he loves Arab nationalism, but because this was the old setup that was allied with Russia in the past.

But because all the accidents are caused by superpowers, the wise Christian needs to think wisely and not foolishly. Understanding the mind of God is key to the Kingdom. When it comes to God, He wanted the world under nationalistic denominations, and when it comes to the Church, Christ wanted the Church under only one denomination. Yet Protestant U.S. is reversing this, where its system creates thousands of Christian denominations, while it aids in unifying the Arab, Turkish, Persian … to one denomination under a Caliphate rule.

This is a chiseled truth, and no matter how many times God says it in the Bible, both theologically and prophetically, the naive object, while they slice and dice Scriptures and read it as if it came out of a paper shredder.

So now, lets take a look at whom many say is “the Gog of Russia” and what he is doing in Syria.

Russia interfered in Syria for the simple reason that when it comes to the U.S., Russia knows that the U.S. wants to abruptly end Assad (or anyone allied with Russia as they did in Libya). Russia planted its military because it wants to ensure Assad remains in power so that when Assad is gone, Russia wants to ensure it goes to someone like Farouk al-Shara, who will assume the role of Syria’s prime minister during the changeover period. By this, Russia keeps Syria in its sphere of influence.

Understanding all this, now you know why Russian presence on the battlefield in Syria is not there to fight against rebel forces or ISIS, they leave ISIS alone as a headache for the U.S., the Arabs and to Iran.

All what Russia is trying to do is to negotiate a power-sharing agreement to replace the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.


So the Russians see the U.S. trying to fight ISIS, the main obstacle for the U.S., since the U.S. has to balance between its hatred for Russia and its image as a peace-keeping force. Russia knows that ISIS is a Muslim problem and not a Russia problem. As we stated, it is a problem for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and also for Iran.

Had Protestant U.S. been wise in searching the Scriptures, it would do absolutely nothing.

So Russia is trying to avoid the messier process of what the U.S. will do which is a wholesale government change as what happened in Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

So from that perspective we need to understand Russia.

Now that I have said all this, the naive will comment “Walid is a Jesuit spy, not only for the Vatican, but also for the Kremlin”.

The tare will always be identified by his slanderous tongue. The prudent will know, that Russia is better for the suffering Church. It was the U.S. and NATO, not Russia, that caused the suffering of millions of Chaldean, Assyrian and Coptic Christians. This is an undeniable fact of history, all the while Germany, the birthplace and cradle of Protestantism is swallowing up the Muslim flood that is being issued forth from the mouth of the dragon in order to persecute the seed of the woman: Christ’s Church.

Therefore, to sustain an overseas presence, Moscow must establish a sustained logistical connection and have forces in place to defend it. The Crimean Peninsula reinforces Russia’s hold on its only warm-water base at Sevastopol on the Black Sea, and naval projection on the Black Sea gives Russia access to the Mediterranean to the ports of Latakia and Tartus on the Syrian Mediterranean coast.

And that is exactly what we see Russia doing with its military buildup in Syria. Today we see Russia establishing an air bridge by stationing Russian aerial assets —fighter jets and attack helicopters, including Russian troops in the provinces of Latakia (with Naval Academy) Tartus, Homs and Damascus (to protect Assad).

To Russia, an Alawite stronghold now depends on Russian aid, which gives Russia a physical foothold in the eastern Mediterranean and a platform to influence power plays in the Levant.

This is crucial and it puts the real threat in check: Turkey.

Turkey, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12, with its two horns, the crescent moon, whom the Woman in Revelation 12 will stomp the crescent under her feet. All this is arising from the struggle of the two main superpowers. As Syria weakens, Turkey is eyeballing not only Syria, but Egypt, Libya and Israel (Daniel 11:43).


The West thinks that countries like Syria and the Ukraine are vital to Russia as a buffer against the West. While this is true, and from a prophetic view, they are a launching pad for Russia against Muslim Turkey.

There will be a showdown between Russia and Turkey. Few focus closely on Daniel 11:44, that “news from the north” (Russia) will trouble the King of the North (Turkey). This one little verse alone brings to ruin tons of prophecy books. Had Europe been “anti-Christ,” there are no nations north of Europe, there is nothing but a vast ocean. Antichrist is “north” not “far-north” just “north enough” with someone mightier than him who is north of him: Russia. This is why the Antichrist is King of the North and he also has an enemy from the north. All this, while Protestant so-called experts are re-drawing the maps to appear that Europe is Antichrist. How so, when Europe is in the West? Ever wonder why most of the so-called prophecy students are lousy on history and geography?

Many of the foolish use outlandish maps drawn up by amateur theologians. The wise follow maps that are drawn by historians. No wise will visit a car mechanic to pull out a decayed tooth.


Crimea is north, right across Turkey


A Map Of Fools

Given that Turkey and Russia share geography in which there are many current conflicts, which represent a direct challenge to the Russia-Turkey and even China-Turkey relationships. Such relationship like the Islamist uprisings and Syria supported by Turkey and Russia’s interests in the Tartus naval base, (its only Mediterranean proxy naval opening) or the crisis in Ukraine will put a strain on this relationship, especially after the establishments of an Islamic alliance which will contradict Russia’s and China’s interests.

In the mountainous Caucasus, Russia has already been strengthening its presence in Georgia’s breakaway territories. Orthodox Russia remains Christian Armenia’s only real patron, a developing bargain with Muslim Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh has the potential to expand Russia’s presence even more and thus reinforce a Russian buffer to the south.

We have to look at the whole Church of God all over the world, not just America. What hinders many is that they follow so-called students of “prophecy” where they think that when God speaks of persecution, that it is in America and Europe. These will never follow what they claim “to adhere to every word in Scripture” and that the “beast” is a threat to the whole church globally which will include denominations that are not culturally similar to the Evangelical’s.

Many use the Bible, not to express God’s mind, but to express old hatreds for Rome and Russia.

To these, it is hatred, that fuels their interpretations and not love as they always claim. These concoct all sorts of hatreds where Rome and Europe and Russia are Harlot, Antichrist and Gog.

This is purely evil.

These will never change.

So lets see how even these peddlers of evil will repeat history all over again. They are part of this prophetic puzzle as well.

From Lepanto, in 1571, where Protestant Calvinists joined the Ottoman Turk against the Catholic League,  to now, not much has changed. History will repeat itself in order that God sifts the wheat from the tares. At Lepanto in 1571, English and German Calvinists aided the Muslim Ottomans against what they believed was the Roman Harlot. Similarly today, Protestant U.S. (England’s extension) is aiding Turkey’s cause against Syria while Protestant Germany is accepting whatever the Red Dragon, Muslim Turkey dishes to its lands with a massive flood (Revelation 12).

It was at Lepanto when Christian Europe, under the Catholic League finally defeated the Islamic Ottoman Empire in one of the most decisive victories besides the Battle of Vienna in Sept. 11-13, 1683. Protestant U.S. was quite naive, lacked in understanding history to see that connect on why 9-11 happened.

Many are the blind whom in their zeal and hatred for the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic, will praise God while the Muslim praises Allah as they see Europe and Russia suffer. They will cry out “Alas, Alas, the Harlot and Gog. There hour is neigh”.

The other type of ‘blind’ are the ones who always put all blame on President Obama. Prior to Obama, even during Reagan’s era, the U.S. supported the wrong people. While the U.S. feared communist Russia more than Islam, they aided the Afghan Mujahideen against Russia. This was a major mistake similar to what the U.S. did during the Arab Spring. In Afghanistan, U.S. policy gave birth to the Taliban. But that was okay, so long Russia’s sphere of influence is depleted. The wise, knew that God will heal Russia.

It was the same blindness, hatred towards Russia’s sphere of influence that caused the evil outcome in the Arab Spring where even conservative Americans loved the idea of ousting all Russia’s allies, the Arab nationalists, Saddam, and before him, Qhaddafi of Libya and Mubarak in Egypt and now Assad in Syria.

The naive thinks that the U.S. should learn from all the mess when truth is, the mess is all intentional.

The chaos caused by the U.S. has now become the adhesive, or the pitch if you will to unite Muslims. This is what Turkey needs to rebuild its dream using sympathy for the suffering Muslim to argue for Muslims to immigrate by the millions to the Protestant parts of Europe who welcomed Muslims as they did at Lepanto.

The chaos caused by Protestant U.S. will bind all the different Muslim nationalities from iron and clay. America is the Protestant nation that gave power to the Muslim beast, breathed life into its image just as the Protestants gave tin for canons and trained the Ottomans in order to destroy the Catholic League.


But through the Almighty’s sovereign love, He will in the end cause the U.S. to return just as He did when the Protestants finally saw the light fearing their own destruction was joyful to see Catholic nations defeat the Ottomans. God will finally unite the U.S. with Russia and cause Turkey’s ziggurat to finally tumble in the end.

This is not so-near as many see, but is on the horizon. Many are running-to-and-fro writing material of a supposed U.S. collapse and a soon rapture.


Many say that American policy is failing. All this depends on whose perspective one is looking at, the government’s or the citizen?

Today we lost Iraq as we lost Egypt and Syria to Russia. How is that good foreign policy? The U.S. with its protestant makeup is reacting to old cold-war paranoia which is the primary reason we see what we see.

So the U.S. applies even more pressure. Now we have sanctions on Russia and the Russian people embrace it furthering their support of Putin. Orthodox Russians, unlike Protestant Americans, see the economic hardships as a blessing, not a curse, a refinement as gold is refined through fire. This is unlike the U.S. where Christians see a stock-market collapse as “judgments from God”. Jesus will refine through fire (persecution) and not through money (mammon) which is the key that false prophets use to gage blessings and curses.

There is much to happen before “Damascus is no more” (Isaiah 17) and is why the wise does not focus on alarmists that the “Lord will come when a certain moon appears”. The Lord comes when we see an alliance with Damascus, Egypt, Persia (Iran), Lydia (Turkey), Libya (North Africa), will come together to form a “league” (Ezekiel 30).

“Ethiopia, Put, Lud, all Arabia, Libya and the people of the land that is in league will fall with them by the sword.” (Ezekiel 30:5)

See the word “league” in the verse?

The fool, while he thinks that God focuses on the American centric false prophets of doom and gloom for America, the wise looks at every verse, while he looks at the horizon, and not only selective reading of God’s word.

I know that I will be falsely accused of being anti-America or anti Protestants.

If so, why would I write of Protestant heroes like Lord General Allenby?

The Greatest Protestant Crusader In History And How He Resembles Christ In The WAR OF ARMAGEDDON (Eye Opening Read To All Who Love Prophecy)

Truth is, I am for America, I predict that God will refine it through fire, and it will re-arise as a torch, a righteous nation in the end. This is unlike the doom-and-gloom who project things that harms America and work by using fear. Fear is the greatest enemy that causes cowardice. The Bible says that “cowards” will “never inherit the Kingdom” (Revelation 21:8)

  • Trevor

    Walid, you are not going to believe this, but I emailed Jeff another article from me and in that article, I discussed Allenby.

    How so strange for a Protestant and a Copt to have the same mindset.

    • connected hearts and minds is a dangerous thing for the devil.

      • Trevor

        Question – is there any possible connection with Russia military build up and Dabiq? I have also read report that America is sending in 150 combat soldiers to Anbar to “train.”

      • H2o2Bill

        Walid what I disagree with most with your approach here is the way you want to attach a religion or a denomination to each country. You seem to think you are the only one that knows Russia is not some kind of great enemy. Many of us know what is passed off as the study of Bible prophesy ends up being political jargon. The talk show host Michael Savage (yes I know you have been on his show) seems to do a better job than some Christians do in figuring out what is going on over in with Russia getting more involved in the Middle East.
        I like what you have to offer up here but you want to dog out the Protestant denominations by tagging them in with the decisions of the American government. I once was taken in shortly after 911 of the need for war but after learning more and seeing what the government did with the go ahead from the American people I began to see things much differently. Then you tie things into Germany many Germans don’t want all the Muslim immigrants flooding there country. And we are hearing from a number if Republican candidates that they don’t want the so called war fleeing immigrants to come to the US either the reality is not even close to the picture you paint in this area.
        You have things in order but your sideshow agenda is obvious to this reader.
        You sing the praise of Putin and the Orthodox church of Russia but did we just not see the unveiling of some kind of Cathedral/Mosque a combination of the two by Putin himself. This also does not fit in with what you have told us that we will not see a “combination burrito”. It sure looks like we just might see that or at the very least the RCC taken for a ride by the lies of Islamic leaders.
        The US is not run by the Protestant churches in any way at all. We can’t even get abortion outlawed here. We are not a Protestant nation as you describe. It seems to me you are tying things together because you have a axe to grind and a theological debate that you can not win.

        I think you are right on target about Russia and Turkey and much of what you offer up concerning Bible prophesy I thank you for all you have offered up. Reading Bible prophesy is much different than it was before I ran across your teachings.

        Maybe Michael would give you another time on his show to talk about Russia?

    • Trevor, can you email Jeff a number I can call?

      • Trevor

        I can’t talk over the phone, remember, I am deaf. Email is the best way to get ahold of me.

  • Eric

    Mr. Shoebat, this is amazing information. I cannot believe how STUPID all this anti-Russia propaganda that America spews is. During the debate, when Carly began going on and on about Russia and so forth, my mom and I were sitting there going, “What? All the things going on right now, and you’re worried about Russia? What about Turkey?” Trump was absolutely right when he said we need to build relations with Russia. What also impressed me was that Trump mentioned North Korea having nukes.

    I am amazed at how short American memory is. We cling to the cold war, yet we forget that America and Russia were friends from just after the Revolutionary War till WW2. Even President Lincoln was good friends with Russia’s Tsar, Alexander II. Secondly, Russia helped us by stopping the English Navy from attacking us during that period.

    We forget that, yet cling to Cold War Paranoia. Yet, we treat Japan as friends, even though they were the ones that bombed us, but treat China as an enemy. Amazing how quickly we forget things, and how selective hatred is.

    I am happy to hear, though, that we will be restored eventually. That makes my soul sing.

    • Delta Rain

      You’re right. Russia was a ‘non-official ally’ with America from its start. Catherine the Great refused Britain’s request to aid them during America’s Revolution and chose to remain neutral, but America was able to receive supplies from France because of Russia’s navy, Russia played an important role in America gaining its Independence. It would be nice to reestablish a mutual respect again.

      • Here’e one dangerous person who knows their history.

        • This Little Piggy

          Walid, you surely are the most dangerous person, because you impart wisdom & understanding to us through your vast knowledge of history & scripture. We in the U.S. have been so robbed of any true knowledge of world history.Thank you for opening our eyes.

          • Thank you This Little Piggy. This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef.This little piggy had none. This little piggy cried “history, Scripture, wisdom” All the way home.

      • Eric

        Yes it would, Delta. It’s time to rekindle that old friendship.

    • What can I say: Super Man and Super Trump. What a great combination.

      • Eric

        Thank you, Mr. Shoebat. 🙂 God Bless you.

    • Steve Smith

      eric, i like listening to this program. it is the only of the few with a voice,of reason in the u,s,a

      • Eric

        I’ve never heard of him, Steve. I’ll certainly check him out! 🙂

        • He’s a liberal, Mr. Cohen, but of the old school, who were not anti-American, even if I find most of his beliefs to be abhorrent otherwise. He’s one of the best scholars on Russia in the English language going today, along with the late conservative icon, Robert Conquest.

          • Eric

            Rudy, thanks for the info. Always appreciate your insights. God bless. 🙂

          • My pleasure, Eric!

          • Eric

            And it’s always a pleasure to talk to you, Rudy. 🙂

  • susan

    Walid, you made it so simple, even a child can understand it. Thank you! 🙂

    • Susan, this is why I love children!

      • Steve Smith

        walid, what is this crazy woman thinking you never ever make a russian think that he is being threatened with invasion, we all become one, we destroy your army with every thing we have. then we burn your city down in revenge.
        these people are insane, they will get us all killed.

  • DeusLoVult

    Oh, how the last few paragraphs bring joyful tears to my eyes….I know we will be there to fight the heathen monstrosity. God bless the United States of America.

    • Eric

      Indeed my friend, indeed.

    • DeusLoVult


  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Walid… if only more Americans really knew about your website. Most of the outside world fears America and Americans only get angry when told this or take an “it’s not my fault, it’s my leadership”. Then why did the Congress vote almost unanimously, on a bi-partisan basis, to arm Ukraine? I DON’T WANT A NEW COLD WAR!!!

    It hurts to see the stupidity of many (Protestant-mostly) Americans swallowing up the lies that are fed them, by their mainstream media and “churches” but I know this is beyond the reach of mere mortals since the globalists owns Western leaders… and I’m speaking as an Australian whose own leadership means nothing, and we’re merely an attachment to the USA.. which I’d always thought was a good thing… until Obama and going around deposing countries and instaling Islamists and neo-fascists in the Arab world and Ukraine.

    God bless you Walid… still waiting and praying to see how the USA will not be on the side of Turkey… considering all presidential hopefuls (outside Trump??) are deeply anti-Russia… I’ll continue spreading the world to everyone about your ministry and news material.. it makes sense for an outsider like you to really know the truth.

    • There are a lot of Americans who know our website. Again, we beat O’Reily’s and Limbaugh’s blog

      • Jennifer

        count me as one

        • Why just one? You’r worth millions.

          • Jennifer

            Thankyou 🙂

  • I think you need the “possible caution”, applying gluten to the text will not work. You’r stretching the map.

  • While you’r right regarding old hatreds, it is more spiritual. Why else will the U.S. do not like Russia and love Japan?

    Answer: Japan is not Orthodox.

    • michelletherese


  • theophorus

    Your point about Daniel 11:44 was spot on and shocked me in its simplicity. I had never considered that before.

  • Only for “once we are in agreement” John? What else do I have to remedy when it comes to you?

    So what “dots” do you want me to “connect”?

    Israel had a civil war in Bible times and then God brings them back and then victory. What did I miss?

  • 1Bobby8

    The most cowardly doctrine, is the false doctrine of “pre-tribulation rapture.”

  • John,

    Are you talking abstract? Being sarcastic?

    “..all these Protestants are just plain idiots….doesn’t matter how many commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, lexicons, Hebrew analytics, tracts, seminaries, they produced or set up…..they were just misguided idiots….Biblical illiterates….”

    I think you are being sarcastic here, but one can say the same about the Mormons.

    “And those Babylonians who attacked ancient Judah and Tyre from the north (cos’ that is how they sidestepped the ‘Maginot’ line of those days), were really Turks too….trust me….I know….the Bible is wrong….’north’ didn’t really mean ‘north’ (Jer 1:13, 4:6, 6:22, 13:20; Ezek 26:7 (oops — sorry — shouldn’t have mentioned that))”

    Now you’r taking historic Babylon and applying it to prophetic Gog?

    Abstract and out of context is the method of confusion John.

    “And all those expeditions, digs, decoding of hieroglyphics and cuneiform etc….they are just plain wrong! These guys, some Protestants, did absolutely nothing for modern Biblical research….or the promotion of the Christian faith…. why are we surrounded by such fools and imbeciles?”

    First of all we were discussing conflict and war and now you’r discussing archaeology. I many of times use some of these greatest historians and archeologists. But these were not theologians. I also think that Gen. Allenby (Protestant) was great, he defeated the Ottomans. But his crusadism was Catholic and his militarism was also Catholic.

    “But here’s the real deal:…”

    And now you jump on Vatican II issues which I abhor. Who said I was a fan of Pope JPII? I am not. Neither am I of Francis.

  • Eric

    Trevor, you’re right. Conservatives will gobble up any good rhetoric these days, as long as it’s anti-Hilary or Obama. Even Rush Limbaugh–who I absolutely love–thought Carly did a good job. But even Rush, as smart and intelligent as he is, doesn’t seem to notice Carly’s problems. I bet you he doesn’t even know of Carly’s Islam parsing.

    My Mom even mentioned of Carly, “She sounds so Bi*chy. The more I hear of her, the less I like her. She sounds angry, and p*ssed-off. She’d be like that the whole presidency.” Carly felt wooden and rehearsed.

    And at this point, Hilary isn’t a concern of mine. Today on Twitter and Facebook, I saw people saying of Carly, “Oh, she could defeat Hilary no problem!” as if defeating the hideous witch of DC would be a challenge. I am concerned not about hilary, but about everyone else out there. And Carly doesn’t cut it. She will not be internationally respected, let alone feared.

    My mom put it best when she said, “All of them sound great, but Trump is the only one I believe will actually do it.”

    • mspip

      your mom has a good head on her shoulders! carly would be a disaster.

      • Eric

        Yep. Disaster is right.

      • susan

        Totally agree with you.

  • Just as what I thought and see. Russia is only there to balance power and defend their homeland (sphere of influence) just as Walid said. Great article Mr Shoebat!

  • Owen Schumacher

    I just want to state this for the record: I love General Allenby and Lawrence of Arabia!

    • DeusLoVult

      I’ll agree with you. 🙂

    • Trevor

      You should be aware that Lawrence opposed the Sykes-Picot Agreement. He said it would mean the British and French would break their agreements with the Arabs. It is why we see the Middle East imploding before our eyes. When the Sykes-Picot are revoked, then expect to see a new Middle East.

  • michelletherese

    Thank you SO MUCH for this information !!!

  • michelletherese

    “Fetus” derives from Greek and means “baby” … so it cracks me up when pro-aborts use that term thinking they are dehumanizing the unborn child

  • FF

    One of your best resumés:

    “God … wanted the world under nationalistic denominations … and … Christ wanted the Church under only one denomination”

    • FF

      Wait, there’s another one:

      “Jesus will refine through fire (persecution) and not through money (mammon)”

  • Behnam

    The sad thing is all of these weapons will probably end up in the hands of the islamic state.

  • Trevor

    British Israelism heresy is what you are espousing.

    • mspip

      there was a church that espoused this heresy. years ago i was in it. not anymore. it disintegrated into many shards. thankful for truth which they claimed to have.

      • Trevor

        Worldwide Church of God headed by Herbert Armstrong. Now David C. Pack has repackaged the Anglo Israelism heresy minus all the date setting. It still is heresy.

        And good for you in getting out of it.

  • Thats the problem with Protestantism is that there are so many divisions that each has its shtick. We should focus on God’s main agendas. So now you have British Israelism which modern ethnography debunks. There is no way to confirm the identification of the Irish with a Semitic people. The English can easily be traced back to the Scandinavians, of whom there is no trace in Mesopotamia at any period of history. English is a branch of the Aryan stock and has no connection with Hebrew.

    • John Thornton

      >>> Thats the problem with Protestantism…. <<>> So now you have British Israelism which modern ethnography debunks. <<>> There is no way to confirm the identification of the Irish with a Semitic people. <<>> The English can easily be traced back to the Scandinavians, of whom there is no trace in Mesopotamia at any period of history <<>> English is a branch of the Aryan stock and has no connection with Hebrew. <<<

      Part of the problem with language experts is that in the main they accept evolution. How we progressed from grunts to Shakespeare is explained away within the Proto Indo European 'tree' — not necessarily starting a Babel. (CMI did a very good presentation on this a few years back).

      However this tree is in part a fallacy. Clear connections can found between the Canaanite/Phoenician/Hebrew alphabet and Greek. Indeed the word 'alphabet' comes from the Greek 'alpha' and 'beta', which in turn come from the Hebrew 'alef' and 'bet'. Greek became the forerunner of Latin/Roman — we use the Latin alphabet today.

      There are a great deal of Hebraisms in English and Gaelic, e.g. 'eber' (the basis of the term 'Hebrew') = 'to cross over'. Thus we have umpteen 'Aber's' as beginnings of place names throughout the UK. In German there is 'ober' and 'uber' (= over, above), suggesting a common base.

      Many orthodox Jews know they are related to the British, American and other European peoples. Their sages such as Nachmanides (Rambam) mentions it.

      I would recommend 'The Tribes' by Yair Davidy. He has written a number of books on the subject, having also researched it widely.

      Also he is not a 'Protestant'…. 🙂



      • Julie LaBrecque

        Do a blood type and see if they have AB blood.

  • mspip

    we have had 2 bushes. both got the usa into death and destruction, killed a lot of our soldiers. each one was somebody’s son or grandson. heartbroken families. so sad to see these. walid, please do not ever stop warning about these evils. putin is not the enemy.

  • PaulF

    Thanks for this article. It helps me understand what I’ve long been trying to figure out: why the western powers cannot overcome their irrational hostility against Russia. When Russian communism collapsed there was a historic opportunity to turn a very powerful enemy into a friend. The west missed it. And it didn’t start there. In the mid 1800s Britain and France went to war in the Crimea to support the Ottomans’ challenge against Russian control of the Holy Places in Jerusalem. Absolutely insane. But thanks. Now I begin to understand.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The New Covenant of Jeremiah 31:31 is the New Covenant already in force.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You can’t receive the Lord’s body and blood at home.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    1 Timothy 3:15 declares that the Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth – and Jesus declared that whatever is bound by the Church is bound in Heaven. What dogma do you consider apostate?

  • mspip

    did the pope reaily say that Christians and Muslims have the same God? quote please and timing of these words?

  • Gen_Lee_Wright

    For the life of me, I’ll never understand the Protestant-bashing. I don’t know why anyone would think God wanted “one denomination” any more than He wanted Israel to have a king (other than Him).

    Seems like Protestants on here are treated as though we’re all Luther himself, with all of his evil thoughts and deeds imputed to us. What if Protestants only talked about indulgences and sexual abuse within the Catholic church, and acted as though each person – who saves a Cheeto with what looks like an image of their white Jesus imprinted on it – was representative of Catholics worldwide?

    Anyway, good article, good website, and excellent ministry otherwise.

    • Sorry General, we had installed a bar next to the blog where anything goes including fights and chairs flying all over.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Your answer presupposes that The Church didn’t exist until the reformers showed up. You can’t take our book and rip it to shreds with your false interpretations.

  • wraith67

    Kind of interesting seeing the theological backside to current events. At the ground level a lot of analysts look at Syria – we know this is mostly because its a giant thumb in the eye of Americans (and a giant Keep Out sign). Putin doesn’t love the Syrians, but they’re paying customers – I daresay they’d (or Assad) mortgage their firstborn children to pay for Russia’s weapons. In fact the Russians were in Iraq selling weapons to the insurgents there as early as 2004, just a money deal, nothing personal. Unfortunately (I guess, depending on how you look at it) our foreign/military policy is such that we won’t fight anybody capable of fighting back and so Russia, China, and anybody possessing nukes will be free to do what they want while we beat our chests about killing cavemen.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    “Now that I have said all this, the naive will comment “Walid is a Jesuit
    spy, not only for the Vatican, but also for the Kremlin”.”

    Funny, I can see people saying that, when they do not even understand the history of the Jesuits, the history of Russia, or the history of the Jesuits in Russia.