The Antibiotic Apocalypse Has Now Begun And Health Officials Expect Millions Will Die Every Year Once It Goes Full Scale

By Walid Shoebat

Colistin is the drug of last resort. It remains one of the last-resort antibiotics for multidrug-resistant bacteria infections. Now scientists in China identified a bacteria that is able to shrug off the drug of last resort in patients and livestock calling it  the antibiotic apocalypse. And if you think this term comes from China, the chief medical officer for England Prof Dame Sally Davies has evoked parallels with the “apocalypse”.

Why such a title? They concluded that resistance would spread around the world and raised the spectre of untreatable infections.

And its already beginning. “My lab is seeing an increasing number of resistant strains year on year,” said Prof Neil Woodford, from the Health Protection Agency’s antimicrobial resistance unit.

Cures for common sicknesses will be no more. Common infections will now kill. Simple surgery that involves cutting open the body poses massive risks of infection and certain death. Cancer therapies, which are reliant on antibiotics, would be under threat as well. The most basic operations – getting an appendix removed or a hip replacement – could become very deadly. Even normal childbirth could once again become a deadly moment in a woman’s life. It’s a future without antibiotics. Its a future back in the distant past.

And that is exactly what experts are saying. Prof Woodford said the worst case scenario would “be like the world in the 1920s and 30s”.

“You could be gardening and prick your finger on a rose bush, get a bacterial infection and go into hospital and doctors can’t do anything to save your life. You live or die based on chance.

The new mutation, dubbed the MCR-1 gene, that prevented colistin from killing bacteria.

And beside China, it has spread to Laos and Malaysia. Asia and Africa will be hit the worst where on average the death toll will be 4 million people yearly in each continent.

Prof Timothy Walsh, who collaborated on the study, from the University of Cardiff, told the BBC News website: “All the key players are now in place to make the post-antibiotic world a reality.

“If MCR-1 becomes global, which is a case of when not if, and the gene aligns itself with other antibiotic resistance genes, which is inevitable, then we will have very likely reached the start of the post-antibiotic era.”

“At that point if a patient is seriously ill, say with E. coli, then there is virtually nothing you can do.”

It is certain death.

“The transfer rate of this resistance gene is ridiculously high, that doesn’t look good,” said Prof Mark Wilcox, from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

How resistance spreads

For decades scientists argued that one day they will wipe out all disease. Wilcox now concluded that there was no single event that would mark the start of the Antibiotic Apocalypse, but it was clear he says: “we’re losing the battle”.

Prof Wilcox told the BBC News website: “Do I fear we’ll get to an untreatable organism situation? Ultimately yes. Whether that happens this year, or next year, or the year after, it’s very hard to say.”

In other words, this apocalypse is around the corner.

And once this apocalypse kicks in, the death rates are staggering. In the United States alone, there will be on average 317,000 deaths a year. This is one percent of the population yearly.

Global map of deaths

Image captionProjections of deaths from drug-resistant infections by 2050

usp copy

But besides the human life, the catastrophe will be immense on animals which will cause starvation. In the United States, 80% of antibiotics—a whopping 30 million pounds a year—are fed to poultry and livestock. The livestock industry treats antibiotics like growth hormones; a shortcut that can hasten the time to slaughter, while allowing farmers to pack more animals into overcrowded and unsanitary conditions.

Jesus referred to future plagues that will be part of the end-times scenario (Luke 21:11). The two witnesses of Revelation 11 will have power “to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want” (Revelation 11:6). Revelation 15 speaks of seven plagues wielded by seven angels as the final, most severe judgments, described in Revelation 16.

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  • RodK1975

    “And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.”

  • Trevor

    But there is hope. Revelation contained that hope. Like God provided for the Hebrews in Egypt, He will do the same for Christians.

    • Kamau41


  • Kamau41

    Definitely can see the Prophetic apocalyptic connections in Revelations to a world without antibiotics in the future. But, at the same time there is hope for those who belong to God.

    • Trevor

      This is why we need to be marked.

      • ace

        “I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” – Phil 1:20-21

      • Kamau41

        Absolutely brother.

      • susan

        Amen. Another odd thing about our new Priest is he seldom performed this simple act for people who were not able to receive communion. We had a wonderful Priest before. It makes me wonder what is happening in our diocese.

        • Grandmere

          You do have problems as you have been telling us. Can you check out another parish?

      • mspip

        years ago i saw catholics with the cross on their forehead. these crosses were put on them in spring of the year. did not know it was for healing, just thought it was something they did. always learning things now as an old woman.

        • Trevor

          Didn’t say it was for healing. To be honest, I am still learning.

          • mspip

            sometimes i have made some poorly thought out comments. also still learning and hope to continue.

          • Trevor

            It’s no problem at all.

        • Willing to die for Jesus

          The Cross placed on the forehead by the priest occurs on Ash Wednesday.

          It marks the first day of Lent.

          And with Easter being the celebration of Our Lord’s Crucifixion and later Resurrection.

          We reflect on Christ’s death, and in doing so our own death and a reminder to live a godly life in the service of others, during this solemn period… and recall as “Man is dust, and unto dust you shall return”.

          • mspip

            the ladies from work would go on wednesday before easter. it was called i think ash wednesday.

    • mspip

      we will be here as long as our Father wants us to be.

  • PaulF

    I often ask the Lord to be my only Healer.
    Nothing against the doctors, there are lots of good ones, but the Healer is much better because he heals from the roots up.

    • susan

      Many Saints died from the bubonic plague, TB etc. Being a Christian is no guarantee of healing.

      I am glad God has healed you in the past. 🙂

      • PaulF

        We’re all going to breathe our last, it’s true, unless we’re here at the End. It happened even the Healer himself, by his own permission. It didn’t stop him being the most successful Healer who ever lived by a very long way. And still is.

        • susan

          Reading about the Saints who died shows us that many died of diseases common to that period of time, even as they prayed for others to be healed. Yes, we will all breathe our last breath one day.

          • PaulF

            Our Lord takes us through the dark tunnel and out into the light again. I see a lot of people reaching the middle of the tunnel, speaking mistaken words about how good it is to be in the tunnel, how it the will of God for them to be sick … Jesus is only waiting to be asked but they don’t ask, they tell him that he doesn’t want to heal them, and as at Nazareth, he cannot do a mighty work for them because of their unbelief.
            Yes, when the time comes we have to accept it, but don’t accept it when he is calling you to overcome it. He wants to manifest his goodness.

          • susan

            Okay Paul. Have it as you see it. My experiences have been different. It does no good beating people up by saying their faith is weak and that’s why they’re not healed. There’s more layers to it than that.

          • PaulF

            Pointing to the Door and assuring that the Healer will do it, not the other crowd — you call that beating people up?
            Susan, I would have given everything I owned for someone to do that for me when I was seriously ill. And thank God they did, and I set aside all forms of the occult and placed by sole faith in the true Healer. In a short time I was stronger and fitter than I’d been before I got sick. Praise to the Lord our Healer.

        • Tom_mcewen

          I bet the bible is your encyclopedia, the bible recorded I think seven times he healed people. Not because he couldn’t but to strengthen their faith. God is God not a magician. I had friends die of motar rounds and small arms, God is there this I know from the deaths of Catholic chaplains. We all die. I see people ever day I wish God would heal, but his ways are not our ways, people get I’ll and die not because their faith is weak of they have sinned, it is life that is. With Susan I will stick to the little flower and other saints who died, God give me their courage.

          • PaulF

            Why do you say the opposite of what Jesus says about his healing? He never once said, I’m healing you so you will have faith. He did say repeatedly, “Your faith has saved you.”
            And how do you get seven times from Mark 6:56: ‘Wherever he went, in villages and towns and farms, they laid down their sick in open spaces, begging him to touch even the fringe of his cloak. And as many as touched him were made completely whole.’
            To me there is something very scary about Christians proclaiming the bad news gospel, that Jesus doesn’t want to heal the sick, when everything the word of God says about the subject proclaims that he does.

          • susan

            Was it faith that they could be healed? Or was their faith that he was the Son of God?

          • PaulF

            They came to him for healing. Simple as that. Not to the fortune tellers, or the quack doctors, or the reiki practitioners. To Jesus. He fogives all our iniquities. He heals all our diseases (Psalm 103:3).
            He doesn’t know how to do anything else. It’s the other crowd that make people sick.

        • ace

          Death is something certain, so it’s nothing to fear.

          “When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: ‘Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?’ The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Cor 15:54-57

          Witness of Mario Joseph, former Muslim Inman, now Catholic:

          • PaulF

            Thanks ace. Great video.

  • susan

    This has been the nightmare of healthcare professionals all over the world. And now it’s here, just in time for the fulfillment of Revelations.

    • Kkdgrace

      Right? Over the years, I’ve seen a fairly rapid rise in antibiotic-resistant strains. First was MRSA, soon followed by VRE and VRSA. Also have seen the rise in many diseases thought to be under control or just about eradicated in the US. Looking at it all through eyes with decades of experience, it seems the rise in these diseases, along with increasing antibiotic-resistant organisms- correlates with both the increase in illegal immigration and the “special status” that has always been given to AIDS patients (with their increased suseptibility to just about anything). The use of antibiotics has been abused for years, often prescribed when the problem is viral, rather than bacterial, because of the demand for the medical profession to just DO SOMETHING. I never really considered the use of antibiotics in animals and in our food supply, but that makes everything that much worse. Nursing care (from what I’ve observed- in the field and as an educator) unfortunately isn’t what it used to be, either, and patients have to really worry about hospital acquired infections. I’d be worried if I or a loved one had to be hospitalized at the present time ( or in the near future).

  • susan

    This happens quite a bit with the newer antibiotics. An even greater reason for alarm. Thank you for the link.

  • Smith

    Scary thoughts indeed…

  • Trevor

    What do you think?

  • Catbr

    It’s horrible to live with chronic illness. You’re fortunate to have found something to help you.

  • mspip

    there is also something called colloidal silver which was used before all the wonder drugs came out. it is a bit expensive but can help with many diseases. something to keep on hand at all times.

    • Grandmere

      Gargle and spit out. A couple of drops in the nose. Works great.

      • mspip

        thank you! will keep this in mind when needed. gargle would be good. actually i swallow it when dealing with some of the minor ailments that come along. sometimes a tablespoon at a time. have not turned blue yet….

  • mspip

    i see you have used this. if it will kill plague it is strong and probably effective stuff.

    • Perry

      I wonder how much of that is due to the apple vinegar with the mother in it. Incredible stuff.

  • Trevor

    I am now getting caught up with comments. As other stated below (I am not Catholic so I am not very familiar with the practicing of marking the forehead with the ash), it’s part of Lent.

    However, to talk about the sealing of witness as you inquired, we need to go back to a very early source in the Scriptures.

    In the Genesis’ account, we read how Judah mistook his daughter-in-law, Tamar, as a prostitute and went in to her and lay with her. He gave her a signet ring, a cord, and staff as a “promissory note” for payment to be followed. Later, he sent his best friend to retrieve his object, and nobody could find the prostitute. It was not until 3 months later, Judah learned the truth, and in his wrath, he demanded Tamar be put to death.

    Now here we go:

    Then Judah said, “Bring her out and let her be burned!” 25 It
    was while she was being brought out that she sent to her father-in-law,
    saying, “I am with child by the man to whom these things belong.” And
    she said, “Please examine and see, whose signet ring and cords and staff are these?” 26 Judah recognized them, and said, “She is more righteous than I, inasmuch as I did not give her to my son Shelah.” And he did not have relations with her again. Genesis 38:24b-26

    A signet ring was used for thousand of years as a mark of ownership and it was also used to seal wax on a very important document. Whoever received the sealed envelope would instantly recognize the seal on the wax.

    Notice how Judah immediately recognized his stuff and in the process spared Tamar’s life (and the life of his offspring, who would produce the lineage of Christ).

    The sealing of the Holy Spirit can be found in two passages in the New Testaments:

    Ephesians 1:13, ” In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation—having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise,” and ” who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge,” (2 Corinthians 1:22). This is done in what is called Chrismation (see here – This is very visible act of sealing.

    Finally, in Revelation, before the judgement being poured out and the sealing of the 144,000, we find a visible mark that will be applied, ““Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees until we have sealed the bond-servants of our God on their foreheads,” Revelation 7:3.

    Just like Muslims don the headband or armband that show their allegiance to Allah, Christians have done the same by having their forehead marked with ash on a specific day (Ash Wednesday), but I suspect someday, there will be an overwhelming response for Christians to rush to either a Catholic or Orthodox parishes to be marked. What that is remains to be seen.

  • mspip

    that is beautiful.

  • Grandmere

    Thanks, Vini

  • mspip

    that is interesting.

  • Trevor

    Ain’t that the truth?

  • ace

    Let’s all – men and women – keep our Vitamin D levels up so that our immune system is running top notch! (Go back to the first health food – take your cod liver oil, especially since you can take a gel cap to avoid the “yuck” taste.) You can go to this link (or do your own research) for more info:

  • I find myself drawn more easterly, toward Orthodoxy. There are certain dogmas in the Roman Catholic Church that makes me uncomfortable.

  • Me too. Always finding new things in the Scriptures.

    Love the Proverb which says its God’s glory to conceal a matter, but the king’s glory is searching out a matter. It’s like God teasingly lead us on a treasure hunt. Learning more about His love for us.