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Muslims Take Five Year Old Boy And Gang Rape The Child

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Afghanistan raped a five year old boy, according to one Afghan report: At least two suspects have been arrested in connection to the rape case of a 5-year-old child in central Bamyan province of Afghanistan. According to the local security officials, the incident involving rape of the 5-year-old child took […]

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Muslims Create Huge Pool Of Blood: They Kidnap Three Hundred People And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq slaughtered three hundred people by firing squad. The victims consisted of civilian activists and former members of the Iraqi army. According to the report: Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) have executed some 300 Iraqi people in Mosul city of the northwestern Nineveh province, an official said on […]

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Muslim Man In Detroit Wants To Enter Church And Slaughter All Of The Christians Inside, And Says: “A lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church”

  By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Detroit, named Khalil Abu-Rayyan, planned on entering a church and slaughtering all of the Christians inside by shooting them all. He expressed one of his motivations: “A lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church”. This is another reason why […]

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Muslims Rape Two Thousand Women, And Now These Same Women Have Formed Their Own Army And Will Be Killing Islamic Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims raped two thousand women and now these very women have formed their own army and will be killing Islamic terrorists. According to one report: They witnessed the slaughter of their families on Mount Sinjar, and then were forced by ISIS into sexual slavery. Now the “Sun Ladies” are ready to […]

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Feminists Allowed The Muslim Refugees Into Europe And Now They Expect Other People To Solve The Problems They Created

  For most of history, the roles of men and women in society correspond closely with their biological functions. Men are the “hunter-gatherers” who fight to provide for themselves and their families. Women are the “life-givers” who produce the next generation of humans and provide for them from the sustenance provided by men. While social roles […]

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SICK: ISIS Selling SHRUNKEN HEADS Online To Raise Money

Another new low for ISIS. Via the UK Express: The terrorists are allegedly shrinking the heads of their beheaded victims and selling them online for hundreds of pounds as so-called caliphate struggles for funds. The militants have worked out that shrunken heads are worth hundreds to morbid collectors online, according to an American pastor … […]

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Pope Francis Is Preparing The Way For The Antichrist- Is Your Soul Ready?

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece does NOT suggest that the Pope is the Antichrist or the false prophet or that the Catholic Church is not the one, true Church. To the contrary, it is meant to highlight and point out certain very dangerous trends of notable spiritual significance that are taking place under the current pope.  We at […]

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American Girl Helps Homeless Muslim “Refugee”- He Follows Her Home And Rapes And Strangles Her To Death, Leaves Her Body Covered In Blood And Vomit

Lauren Mann was an American music and arts student who loved playing the piano and went to Austria specifically to focus on her music studies while working as an au pair All her friends say that she had a generous heart for the poor and needy. Being 23 years old and living amidst this “refugee” […]

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DISGUSTING! In Germany now, even 75-year-old Christian women cannot ride the subway without getting sexually harassed by young Muslim invaders

By BI: It’s hard to believe that in such a short time, the massive influx of Muslim freeloaders, thugs, and rapists has disrupted the lives of so many German citizens and left everyone from young girls to senior citizens riddled with fear. From sexual and verbal assaults to robberies, burglaries, and street muggings by these Muslim […]

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Muslim suicide bomber who smuggled explosive device aboard in wheelchair sucked out of plane when bomb went off

By BI: A wheelchair-bound MUSLIM suicide bomber is alleged to have been responsible for the explosion which tore a hole in the side of a jet in Somalia. Investigators said the suspected MUSLIM terrorist, thought to be part of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, may have faked a disability to bypass security checks at Mogadishu airport. UK […]

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The handful of Arab Christian refugees who do manage to make it into Germany are getting abused and physically attacked by Muslims in the refugee centers

By BI: When Muslim refugees find out Christians are among them, they are subjected to beatings and told “We hate you because you are Christians.” German authorities are ordered to deny it is happening. So, what will these Muslims do when they are permanently residing in a Christian neighborhood?

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Building an Islamic State in America, one church at a time

By BI: An ‘anonymous’ flyer protesting a proposed mosque in Palos Park, Illinois, where the First Church of Christ Scientists still stands, has been showing up in neighborhood mailboxes. The flyer warns that the mosque will bring large Muslim families (multiple wives, scores of kids) to the neighborhood, with as many as 20 living in a single residence. […]

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