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Angela Merkel Is Reviving The German Empire And Creating The Fourth Reich As Germany Allies With Turkey In The Creation Of The Revived Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat The German military is amongst the top ten most powerful militaries on earth, and in this discourse it will be seen that it is conspiring with the Muslims with the aspiration of reviving back its evil empire, whose sinister roots go back to centuries of bloodshed, genocide and the bent to destabilize […]

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U.S. Marine Combat Veteran banned from daughter’s graduation because he exposed to the media the school’s program of Islamic indoctrination in the classroom

By BI: A U.S. Marine veteran has gone to court asking a judge to overturn a school’s decision to banish him from a public school campus in Maryland because he objected to the Islam indoctrination to which his daughter was subjected. The fight has been going on since 2014, but John Kevin Wood said the issue has […]

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MICHIGANISTAN: ISIS-supporting Muslim planned to massacre churchgoers, shoot police, & behead people, but officials are refusing to call it “terrorism”

By BI: “It is my dream to behead someone, ” says ISIS-inspired Khalil Abu-Rayyan, a 21-year-old Dearborn Heights, Michigan, man who gets excited by thoughts of beheading Americans, burning people alive and throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings. WND  The terrorist wannabe actually made plans to shoot up a church full of Christians in Detroit, according to court […]

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“The Best You Can Hope For Is A Game Of Thrones Type Situation” Kurdish-Born Swedish Muslim Immigrant Rips Sweden For Its Foolish Migrant Policies

You know things are bad when even the Muslims are criticizing your immigration policies towards their countries. Dr. Tino Sanandji, and Iranian Kurd-born economist living in Sweden who immigrated as a child, is a specialist in economics and immigration. In an interview with the business site LinkedIn, he speaks with an elegant but direct tone, […]

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War Brews On The Horizon- US Military Delivers 5000 TONS Of Ammunition To Germany For “Training Exercises”

  The news media says this is for “training purposes,” but I highly doubt it. Especially in light of the Muslim chaos in Germany and the US’ threats directed against Russia. The real question to ask is “Are those round FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) or JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)?” Because if the answer is JHP, […]

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Muslim Refugees Riot In “Refugee” Camp, Attack Workers And Destroy Stuff Because A Muslim Woman Wasn’t Wearing A Hijab

Normal people don’t cause riots and destroy their living quarters because somebody else isn’t wearing an article of clothing that you want them to wear. But remember, as some European news articles have alluded to (here and here), there is another Steve Jobs among these refugees. I have yet to see him, and certainly so […]

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Islam Is A Punishment From God For Apostasy- Catholic Priest Arrested By French Government For Preaching Against Islam Tells It Like It Is In Interview With Polish Magazine

Fr. Guy Pages is a French Catholic Priest and the Author of the French book Interrogate Islam. He is criticized for being “too hard” on Islam, when in reality he is one of the few French clergy who is brave enough to take on the issue in spite of public pressure. As Fr. Pages says, Islam is […]

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“We’ll Take ‘Em” Portugal’s Deranged Socialist Prime Minister Invites Muslim Hordes To Invade Because Of Dwindling Populations

Antonio Costa, Portuguese PM Wherever the Muslim refugees go there follows rape, murder, robbery, and horrible violence. Eastern Europe has sealed off their borders to keep them out. It figures that a socialist “leader” of a nation in the West would think that you fix a declining population by asking hordes of foreign barbarians to come […]

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If You Want To Play With Fire You May Get Burned- 1 Out Of 6 Homosexual Men Will Get HIV

A man with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a signature disease of AIDS patients A new study about HIV/AIDS coming from the CDC reveals that 1 out of 6 homosexual men will contract HIV during their lifetime. That’s just for the whole country. For black men, 50% will get the disease. For hispanic men, 25% will get the […]

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“I’d Rather Order A Taxi Cab Straight To Hell” Gangs Of Muslim “Refugees” Take Over Austrian Subway Stations And Turn Them Into War Zones

Robbing passengers, groping women, fighting at the terminals, stabbing other “refugees,” vomiting on the walkways, and defecating in the bushes. This is what has happened to the subways of Linz, Austria according to a special report from the UK Daily Mail. The once-publicly clean subways have been turned into a “terminus of fear” as Muslim […]

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