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New Study Reveals That Bible Prophecy Is On Target As Turkey And Other Nations Have Been Experiencing The Worst Drought It Has Ever Seen For The Past 900 Years

By Walid Shoebat Drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean, especially in Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and the West Bank was likely the worst of the past nine centuries, according to a study from NASA. Its called The Levant drought. The study found that the 1998-2012 period was drier than the previous driest interval in the […]

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Deranged Liberals Defend Muslim Nanny Child Beheader, Say That “Nazis” Are A Bigger Threat

Liberals love to spout about how “reasonable” they are, but in reality a liberal mixes as well with reason as does water with oil. This is a screenshot from Reddit about the horrible beheading of a four year old disabled Russian girl by her Muslim nanny, who said she did it because Allah told her to. […]

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Russian Muslim Nanny Defends Beheading Four Year Old Disabled Girl, Says Allah “Ordered” Her To Do It

Two days ago we reported on the horrible attack where a Muslim nanny from central Asia working in Moscow beheaded a four-year-old disabled girl she was entrusted to take care of and then subsequently brandished the girl’s severed head at a train station while shouting Allahu Akbar and threatening to blow herself up. In another disturbing […]

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Journalist Captures Brutal Stabbing In Fight Between Muslims At Refugee Camp As It Happens

The media told us not only accept the uninvited “migrants,” but also that there is a new Steve Jobs living among them. They said they would bring skills, fill jobs that “Europeans don’t want,” and would provide “diversity. Words certainly do have meaning, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, such as these pictures […]

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European Union Submits To The Will Of Turkish PM Erdogan, Gives Turkey 2 Billion Dollars An “Visa Free Travel” In Exchange For Promise To Help Stop Refugees

Mehmet’s ghost is laughing at you right now, Europe. Several weeks ago, we reported on about a breaking story that revealed Turkey making extortionate threat to European leaders in closed-door meeting about the “refugees.” Turkey was demanding three billion euros or else it would “turn the refugee gates on in Bulgaria and Greece” to flood […]

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Donald Trump Is An American Pagan And Is An Unquestionably Better Choice Than The Fake Christians Running Against Him

A lot of “Christians” have objected to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. They say that Donald Trump is an immoral man who has no place running America. Instead, many are divided between whether or not they should support Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Donald Trump was raised a Presbytarian. Like many mainline Protestants, he has a […]

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