Ted Cruz And Glenn Beck Praise The Islamic Antichrist And Are Paving The Way For The World To Accept The Islamic One World Government


Photo by www.nowtheendbegins.com

By Walid Shoebat

“You will go to the Rocky Mountains and you will be a great and mighty people established there, which I will call the White Horse of peace and safety” Glenn Beck cried out as Ted Cruz jolted with the audience to give Beck a standing ovation.

No doubt, Beck is possessed since a Muslim or Mormon would never give the same messages unless they are spiritually united with some strange principality that stems from very dark places.

It matters nothing that Beck or Cruz speak out on Islamic terrorism, the goals they have are one and the same as you shall see the spirits unite and “How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” (Mark 3:24-25).

Beck’s desire for Cruz to be the rider of the White Horse of peace stems from the apocalypse. This is not only his desire. Islam thrives on Revelation 19:11, this rider of the White Horse of false peace is none other than their Mahdi, the very Mahdi Beck stole our information in the past to supposedly expose Ahmadinejad, claiming these findings were all his. But now he in some demonic possession aspires for Cruz to be the very spirit he supposedly was exposing. The early Muslim transmitter of prophet Muhammad’s Hadith, Ka’b al Ahbar confirms:

“I find the Mahdi recorded in the books of the Prophets [John’s apocalypse] … For instance, the Book of Revelation says: ‘And I saw and behold a white horse. He that sat on him…went forth conquering and to conquer.’”

Egyptian authors Muhammad Ibn ‘Izzat and Muhammad ‘Arif then go on to say:

“It is clear that this man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur’an (with justice) and with whom will be men with marks of prostration on their foreheads.”

(see Hadith by Mohammad collected by At-Tabarani, Related by Abu Hurayra, as quoted by ‘Izzat and ‘Arif, p. 9 46 Izzat and Arif, p. 15)

Islam takes pride not in just the White Horse, but in marking their foreheads as well. Was this dream far off from the very prophet, Joseph Smith, whom Beck drink from this false prophet’s fountain?

No. But before we explain, perhaps their wish will soon come true. The seals that follow this rider are—War, famine, plagues, death, persecution and martyrdom of God’s people who are the true Christians, not Beck or Cruz’s brand of dominionism.

After this, the rider appears bent on conquest and the world completely slides in chaos. The rider is given a white horse, which is an attempt to imitate Jesus when He returns (Revelation 19:11) is an impostor carrying a bow without any arrows and as Beck claims is the bringer of peace, that is false peace. Cults always open the Bible seeing the devil as their savior and the Savior as their devil. They can’t recognize the spiritual sickness no matter how many times they read scripture. This must be seen as quite ironic, if not entirely prophetic.

It is not the only thing Beck did while Cruz listened comparing his aspiration to the very Islam he supposedly wants to expose, Beck was spreading Mormonism’s cultic “Aaronic priesthood” while rallying for Ted Cruz about the White Horse prophecy of the savior of America and Ted Cruz being its rider.

Writing again in 1838, Joseph Smith, Glenn’s prophet, claimed that in 1829 John the Baptist had appeared and restored to him the “Aaronic Priesthood” and now this boy is the future of such priesthood.

And whoever said that Mormonism is far from Islam is a liar. Many Mormon communities, girls as young as 12 or 13 are often married off to priesthood leaders. The most powerful and influential of these priesthood get first pick while parents of the young girls submit their daughters willingly with the hope of being blessed by the same god as Allah who sent an angel of light to Muhammad, the same angel of light who named himself Maroni to Smith. Both went into a trance, both wrote crappy holy books, both promoted polygamy, both made their cities a Mecca for their new cult and both promoted Jihad by the sword.

“this crowd needs to hear – that Utah needs to hear. The body of the priesthood is known to stand up when the Constitution hangs by a thread,” Beck said adding “What held me through was the prophesy that the Constitution will hang by a thread …”

Beck was speaking of the prophecy by his prophet Joseph Smith who told the Mormon faithful that at some point in the future, one will arise (this time its Ted Cruz) who will restore America and the world. Never mind that Smith also spoke something else regarding “going to the Rocky Mountain” that should shock any seasoned ghost buster:

“We will establish our religion by the sword. We will trample down our enemies and make it one gore of blood from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be to this generation a second Mohamed whose motto in treating for peace was “The Qur’an or the sword” So it shall be with us.” (Joseph Smith, Oct. 14, 1938, History of the Church 3:167)


When we first exposed Beck at his prime, many thought we were mad, now we expose Cruz, both him and Beck carry dominionist plans with a replacement theology unlike anything we have ever heard before, and they think we have gone mad.

They all jump on the bandwagon as if they “love Israel” when in reality, to these and so many others, America becomes Israel, in that if we all do not heed their message, that we will all suffer Israel’s curses. From the Shemitah false prophecies, to Mormon false prophecies, the devil comes wrapping the same dung in colored cellophane wrappings.

“America can’t ever be neutral when it comes to Israel security or survival,” Clinton told the AIPAC meeting in Washington. Candidates who think “America no longer has vital national interests at stake in this region are dangerously wrong,” she said. “Some things aren’t negotiable, and anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president,” said Clinton.

So heathen Clinton, dominionist Cruz, pro-lesbian-gay Kasich, Mormon underwear dressing Romney, demonic frenzy Mormon Beck … and every other SOB Antichrist politician, all of the sudden loves ISRAEL, while Donald Trump, all of the sudden is not only “anti-Israel,” but is also anti-Mexican, anti-Black, anti-Women, anti-establishment, anti-Kelly, racist, sexist, bully … he is also the Antichrist. Go figure.

Indeed. I see a world gone completely mad. There is nothing left that is normal anymore. No hearts. No minds. No love. No repentance from sin. I long for simplicity. I long for Mother Mary and her Savior Son. I await for martyrdom at the hands of the wicked or to stand with the simple who are poor at heart, rich in meekness, awaiting to inherit the earth.

At six on Tuesday morning,
they will shoot me
for believing in the eternal God
and the great Lady of Guadalupe.

A holy card of Jesus
they found in my sombrero;
Thus, I was sentenced to die
because I am a Cristero.

And for this I will be shot,
at six on Tuesday morning.
My useless body, they will end
But never, never my soul will they bend.

I’d tell my tormentors
that I wanted to be crucified;
And once crucified
Ask them to use their rifles.

Goodbye sierras of Jalisco,
Michoacan and Guanajuato,
where the government fought
but always left running away.

They will grab me, kneeling,
while worshiping Jesus Christ.
They know that there will be no defense
In this blessed site.

I am a peasant by inheritance,
by birth, Jalisciense;
I have no other God than Christ
For He gave me my life.

By killing me, they will not kill
my belief in the eternal God;
Many die in the fight
but many others are born to fight.

That’s why they’ll shoot me
at six on Tuesday morning.
Viva Cristo Rey!


  • Trevor

    Told my wife on Friday that there are times I am ready to step off this planet. Things are getting nutter by the days, and then Beck goes and do that. Read Hillary’s speech on Twitter and I had to laugh.

    Seriously, what’s with people trying to repeat a solution that Arabs and Israeli on the street admit are dead, kaput, finished? Trump gets it. He know it is useless trying to conceive a peace plan that is lasting because there will be no peace until Christ returns to rule the nations with rod of iron, and entrusting the ruling to the souls who were beheaded for their testimony of Jesus Christ.

    For the last 50 years, presidents tried and failed to conceive a peace plan that was lasting, only to watch the state of Israel shrink in size over and over and over again as jihadists become embolden. So here comes Trump with a radical solution. Do nothing. Be neutral. Suddenly the pro-Israel lobby are having their underwear in bunches because it makes Trump anti-Israel. Go figures, indeed.

    Israel, once again, in true pattern of your ancestors, you are repeating the mistakes of your forefathers by trusting foreign powers instead of turning to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    • Trevor

      And let’s not forget that the source of Mormon’s “America is Israel” heresy came from the Puritans who saw themselves as the “New Israel.”

      Funny how cults build on what other cults espoused.

      So whose interpretation is right-Mormonism or Armstrongism? After all, both says America is Israel.

      • Eric

        Also, Trevor, I saw Trump’s press conference this afternoon, and he said something that caught my eye: “We need to pull out of NATO. We can’t do it anymore.”

        I later red an article after the press conference in which Trump expanded further, in which he basically said we need to become more isolationist because we do not have the money nor infastucture to play World Police. He wants to leave Russia alone, and let them bomb ISIS into oblivion. He once again reaffirmed that he wants to repair relations with Russia.

        We are seeing both the collapses of the EU and also NATO. The Globalist framework is collapsing as Nationalsim begins to rise. I remember you once saying you expected the US to recede from the world stage for a while, and then re-emerge later on. That’s what Trump appears to be saying.

        • Trevor


          Well, that’s what we need to do. That is not going to sit well with globalist elites.

          • Eric

            they won’t like that. But they’re just going to have to suck it up because their time is almost over.

            We have England wanting to pull out of the EU, Hungary and Poland also, and you have mad-as-heck Americans who are tired of politicians and globalisim. You have rising leaders like Putin, Trump, and Hungary’s Prime Minister who want to put their nations first. We’re seeing a revolt against the gloabalist agenda that has been pushed for a long time. Now, of course, a New World Order will NEVER come to fruition no matter how hard they try, but regardless, people are saying a resounding “NO!” to that idea.

            It was never God’s idea for the world to be united under a One World Government, and whatever He does not want doesn’t happen. We’re seeing the attempts at creating such a system crumble before our eyes.

            Whenever men scheme, God laughs.

            Here’s the article I mentioned earlier


          • Trevor

            I am impressed. Trump is hitting all the issues that folks have been saying for several years, we got to stop barging in and change nations in America’s image.

            He gets it.

          • Eric

            Absolutely. He’s the best man for the job. Period. I truly believe there is a real reason Trump is running. There’s a plan going on. . .for sure.

          • Trevor

            If it’s true, Trump just told CNN’s Wolf Biltzer that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem. That is, in a word, ballsy. Knowing Trump, he will do it when no one expects it, and it would rock the Middle East. For decades the U.S. has had its embassy in Tel Aviv to avoid upsetting the balance in the Middle East (what balance?). Trump is basically kicking down anthills.

          • Eric

            Trevor, Trump JUST confirmed that at his speech at AIPAC. I just heard it live.

          • Trevor


          • Eric

            And he also said “The Bond between America and Israel is Unbreakable”, and “Israel will ETERNALLY remain a Jewish State.”

          • Trevor

            What impresses me is how Trump insist people will pay to have America’s products and services, in essence, putting money back into America’s pockets. Brilliant.

          • Eric

            Briliant indeed, my friend. For far too long, America has paid for everything while we are sucked dry. Not anymore.

          • Trevor

            He is thinking like a businessman and how to make America better at the same time. Breath of fresh air.

          • Eric

            Indeed. It is truly refreshing, and just what we need!

          • Trevor
          • Eric

            I read it. Fantastic transcript. 🙂

          • Trevor

            The only concern I have is Trump seem to give a bit leeway to Saudi Arabia. I remember him saying, “Why should we be defending Saudi Arabia? They make billions, let them defend themselves,” or something to that effect.

          • Eric

            I remember him saying that too.

            Trump will deal with the Saudis in time. They’re going to get blown up anyway.

          • racarrera

            He’s about to have a Jewish grandson. He’s got some skin in the game. However, I still expect him to make provisions for Christians in Israel. The settlers are dogs, and they need to be brought to heel.

          • Trevor

            That will be interesting to see what happens. The Catholic orthodoxy who have been serving the Mass there will most likely suffer severe persecution.

          • racarrera

            Timing is everything. The most successful of men do things on their time, not on a schedule to help the enemy prepare for a counter-attack.

          • Trevor


          • Phil aka Felipe

            And Trump got several standing-O’s at AIPAC!

          • Trevor

            Been following a bit of it on Twitter. He really gets it.

          • Phil aka Felipe

            He really gets it.

            I don’t listen to Alex Stone and all his rantings, but l saw this over at conservativetreehouse and thought you might like it.

          • Trevor

            Basically saying what we are saying, Trump is truly for America, and not for cronyism, nepotism, and so forth.

      • mspip

        neither one is right.

        • Trevor

          Ding, ding, ding.

          • Jeff

            Well I agree with what you Guys are talking about 100%, But I don’t think the Elitist will give up, and I really hate to say this, or even put this thought into anyone’s mind that it isn’t in already, But I don’t think The Elitist will allow Trump to become President, I think they will kill trump first; if they cant Stop him The “Legal” way!!! GOD help us if that happens!!!
            But Barring that happening, I say its time to get rid of the Establishment, and The same old Greedy Politicians, so Trump has my vote, So far!!!

          • Trevor

            I agree, and I think that’s why Trump warned if the RNC try to undermine the voters, they will be faced with wrath of million of voters.

          • racarrera

            If a hair is ruffled on Trump’s head, then burn down D.C.

          • Jeff

            Amen, I hope it doesn’t come to that, GOD Help us if it Does!!!

          • Jeff

            I hope He is Right, Its time ” WE THE PEOPLE” Take our country Back!!!

          • Trevor

            Yes it is!

          • Raph Sebastian

            What is more likely (if we are speaking of assassinations) is that they will “Kennedy” him after he takes office. You see if they off him before he takes office, then there will be many others that will take up the mantle and run in his name like one of his surrogates. IF he is “offed” while in office his VP takes over no new electoral process. We should all pray that those who plan to harm Trump get “offed” by the hand of God for their evil deeds.

          • Jeff

            Yea you have a great Point, I really didn’t put to much thought into details, But you Might very well be right!
            I just worry for him, there are to many Elitist making huge Money the way things are now with the same old “status Quo”, its a lot easier to pay some people a few million, then lose Billions!
            I Pray GOD keeps him safe, THE COUNTRY NEEDS HIM!!! We need Common Sense to come back to the fore front of this Country Again!!!

      • Great point Trevor.

        • Trevor

          There you are! I wonder where you went.

          Thanks, by the way.

  • Brenda

    Thank you, As I almost sent a message yesterday to ask for an explanation on this in your view, But knew you would anyhow. Oh so obviously fake, watching the videos now, The one I watched yesterday, I kept asking myself.. “How would or could they fight Islamist if they came at them?”

  • Doc

    I was a Glenn Beck listener for years. I thought he was a genius when he starting talking about the coming Caliphate, as if he and Walid had access to the same information.

    Slowly, but surely, I have come to believe Beck is literally mentally unstable, and after reading this article, I think he is a dangerous lunatic.

    His obsession with stopping Donald Trump has become impossible to stomach day after day. I had already unsubscribed from his TV channel on DISH, but now I think I will start listening to his radio show again just to see how far this Looney Tune will go.

    Maybe when people see he is a nut and a false prophet they will turn off his media empire forever.

    • Brenda

      Hopefully these people are not in the police force or have access to guns they might trip and fall, or actually do some damage, this cult stuff is creepy,.

    • Jeff

      They already are, He has been trying to sell it to cable companies, and they keep turning him down!!!

  • PelayoHSV

    Beck has lost it, his emotionalism is disgusting and unbecoming of a man.

  • Trevor

    Because it is.

  • Flame blue

    There are many similarities between Islam and Mormonism, two false prophets who came after Jesus and tried to tie their colours onto his name for fame while demoting Jesus, and Christianity to further their own ambitions.

    Both men abused their positions by taking multiple women in what they called marriage, but indeed was simply lust and adultery. Both claimed to be illiterate but this is unlikely. Both produced a book that they claim is from God, and both claimed that the book was their miracle proof it came from the divine Lord, because they were illiterate. Both claimed to see an angel, then get their prophethood status from it. Joseph Smith admired Muhammad, and sought to emulate him to some degree, but Smith was not a Warlord, and he must have been oblivious to the message of Muhamnad that no other prophets would come after him, Muhammad.

    Regardless, that Smith came out with some strange war like statements, Mormonism was not spread in the way that Islam has spread. Joseph Smith cannot compete with Jesus, he was a sinner, not in the same league as the deep sins of depravity attributed to Muhamnad.

    Indeed other prophets have come, most of them false, not declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord! This is the spirit of the anti-Christ! Who do Mormons say Jesus is? That’s the question that wastes no time and produces the quickest route to knowing who they are! I doubt that Mormons will link with Islam, but they told me that they are respectful of it, so l told them that l could not respect them in that case. I don’t respect people who respect demonology.

    A video l watched of two young Mormons being respectful to Muslims, resulted in the young men telling the Muslims (who were actually doing the dawah, conversions to Islam) that they respected the prophet of Islam as a true prophet of God. Without much ado, the Muslims asked them if in that case they regarded the words of the Quran as true, and they confirmed that they did, which led to the Muslims celebrating and praising Allah, then declaring that they were brothers , and would they declare Allah to be the only god, and Muhamnad his messenger, unwittingly, they agreed because after all they have been taught to respect Muhammad and Islam, so they stated in Arabic, coached by the Muslims, the shahada, and were declared Muslims. When it sunk in to their thick sculls what they had done as according to their new friends, the Muslims, they looked sick, and troubled looking. The video ended with the Muslims escorting the panic looking numskulls off to the mosque. I have no idea if the Mormons rescued them from Islam, but l didn’t laugh at their predicament, it was just so sad!

  • Стефан Евгений

    This fake lieng schome!!!!!! you have to listen to the half- truth and outright lies he has to say. I saw the comments here is what stood out to me. {This is perhaps the most sophomoric analysis of Orthodoxy and Putin I have ever seen. Good Lord, if you can’t even say Cyrillic and Kievan, just get someone else to do the speaking and writing.}
    and this one. {Seriously Glen? Putin has been devout Christian since the moment he took office in 2000. There are dozens of videos documenting him going to a church in late 1999 and early 2000}
    Glen Schmuck is not fooling people with a brain, sadly those with no grasp of history swallow a kopeks worth.
    Here is the vid, Oh the church he shows is the 17 hundreds and is the seat of the fake patriarch Filaret (Denysenko)

    • racarrera

      Amen. He is an enemy of God if he is an enemy of Orthodoxy.

      • Стефан Евгений

        Спасибо брат!

  • Smith

    Well Scripture said in the last day s everything would be backwards. Good thing is Christ is in control and he will return soon to straighten everything out. In the meantime we will keep fighting the good fight

  • Trevor

    That is a very apt description.

  • Click to the read original story where the main photo of this article was taken: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/shock-as-glenn-beck-proclaims-ted-cruz-to-be-fulfillment-of-mormon-white-horse-prophecy/

  • Trevor

    I don’t care what the Mormons fancy themselves these days. It is undeniable their foundation is not built on the ancient apostles but on a heretic’s foundation.

    • racarrera

      The Puritans were essentially American Taliban. Read up on their miserable history.

      • Trevor

        The only thing I need to know about the Puritans is to be reminded of the Salem Witch Trail. Still is the stuff talked about in New England, and why Christianity are weak up there.

        • Raph Sebastian

          The Puritans arrived at Plymouth in 1620 as we all know. They instituted the very same tyranny the supposedly escaped from England among their own. And indeed they are the Christian taliban.

          What is not told of the history of Christianity in America is that a long time before the Puritans, the Catholics had already arrived, established communities, trade routes and education at St Augustine in Florida. Although having arrived some one hundred years prior, St. Augustine was an established community by 1565.

          While the Puritans were talking about starving and having had the natives feed them, those in St. Augustine were flourishing and never had food problems because everyone of them was hard working, self producing individuals and not socialists that lived in communities that almost killed each other off because they were lazy and refused to carry their own weight. Starvation was because of socialism, where the hardworking simply gave up because others didn’t work as hard yet got the same rewards.

          Nothing good came out from the Puritans, even up to this day.

          For many decades prior to the Puritans coming to America, the real Thanksgiving was offered everyday at church. The Eucharistic Mass every single day.

          • And they butchered the Catholic in Maryland.

            In this world there are the filthy who think they are pure and then there are the pure who daily go to confession because they think they are filthy.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Indeed brother Walid. Powerful truth there.

          • Trevor

            One of the things I detest the most is how they refused to adopt the Roman system of laws. Had they done that, examples of the Salem witch trials would have been avoided since they depended on emotionalism and lousy system of evidences. They allowed the children of the pastor to accuse others of witchcraft until they went too far in accusing the governor’s wife. Anyway, their hatred of Rome is what did them in.

          • Raph Sebastian

            That is why the Catholic position has always been, look who stands to gain, if a person is accused of something. Thus when people were accused of being witches and such, who stood to gain if they were convicted? Many a times, it was pastors that accused Catholics of witchcraft, only to be later found out, those very pastors were eyeing the property of the accused. As in the case of the witch hunts in Maryland.

            This is the accounts from this book European witchcraft § History.

            The Councils of Elvira (306), Ancyra (314), and Trullo (692) imposed certain ecclesiastical penances for devil-worship. This mild approach represented the view of the Church for many centuries. The general desire of the Catholic Church’s clergy to check fanaticism about witchcraft and necromancy is shown in the decrees of the Council of Paderborn, which, in 785, explicitly outlawed condemning people as witches and condemned to death anyone who burnt a witch. The Lombard code of 643 states:

            “Let nobody presume to kill a foreign serving maid or female servant as a witch, for it is not possible, nor ought to be believed by Christian minds.”[17]

            This conforms to the teachings of the Canon Episcopi of circa 900 AD (alleged to date from 314 AD), which, following the thoughts of Augustine of Hippo, stated that witchcraft did not exist and that to teach that it was a reality was, itself, false and heterodox teaching. The Council of Frankfurt in 794, called by Charlemagne, was also very explicit in condemning “the persecution of alleged witches and wizards”, calling the belief in witchcraft “superstitious”, and ordering the death penalty for those who presumed to burn witches.[18] Other examples include an Irish synod in 800,[19] and a sermon by Agobard of Lyons (810).[20]

            King Kálmán (Coloman) of Hungary, in Decree 57 of his First Legislative Book (published in 1100 AD), banned witch hunting because he said, “witches do not exist”.[21] The “Decretum” of Burchard, Bishop of Worms (about 1020), and especially its 19th book, often known separately as the “Corrector”, is another work of great importance. Burchard was writing against the superstitious belief in magical potions, for instance, that may produce impotence or abortion. These were also condemned by several Church Fathers.[22] But he altogether rejected the possibility of many of the alleged powers with which witches were popularly credited. Such, for example, were nocturnal riding through the air, the changing of a person’s disposition from love to hate, the control of thunder, rain, and sunshine, the transformation of a man into an animal, the intercourse of incubi and succubi with human beings and other such superstitions. Not only the attempt to practice such things, but the very belief in their possibility, is treated by Burchard as false and superstitious.

            Pope Gregory VII, in 1080, wrote to King Harald III of Denmark forbidding witches to be put to death upon presumption of their having caused storms or failure of crops or pestilence. Neither were these the only examples of an effort to prevent unjust suspicion to which such poor creatures might be exposed.[note 1] On many different occasions, ecclesiastics who spoke with authority did their best to disabuse the people of their superstitious belief in witchcraft. This, for instance, is the general purport of the book, Contra insulsam vulgi opinionem de grandine et tonitruis (“Against the foolish belief of the common sort concerning hail and thunder”), written by Agobard (d. 841), Archbishop of Lyons.[23] A comparable situation in Russia is suggested in a sermon by Serapion of Vladimir (written in 1274/5), where the popular superstition of witches causing crop failures is denounced.[24]

          • Trevor

            Thank you for this.

          • Raph Sebastian

            You are most welcome, my brother.

          • Trevor

            I do have a question, though. In reading the Councils’ delibrations, do they acknowledge the possibility of “dark arts” such as the sorcerers who tried to buy the ability to cast out demons as recorded in Acts? Or am I misunderstanding the intent of declaring witchcraft as “superstitious?”

          • Raph Sebastian

            You will then have to read the Church’s position on possession and oppression. What Vatican exorcists have always talked about, and what the Rituale Romanus entails.

            We first have to look at what the CCC teaches. First we have to know what the Sacramentals and why the Sacramentals are essential in being Christian. Next one must understand what Paragraph #1673 of the CCC states and deals with.

            There is clearly a need to know or differentiate what “perfect possession” is, many who are blissfully and perfectly possessed are conduits for evil. Some may have or manifest supernatural powers through the demons that infest them. The Church has never denied the existence of evil and the form this evil can manifest. The Church has strict and very stringent rules and steps priests and the bishop have to exhaust before a case of possession is defined and the rite of exorcism is approved.

            Then you have those who are possessed and oppressed, those that somehow allowed for evil to enter them albeit not by consent, oftentimes by mistake and by curiosity or peer pressure to get involved in the occult. These people can be helped through the process called exorcism. Those who are oppressed by evil too can have the evil oppressing them exorcised.

            Those who willingly invite and are at bliss knowing full well they are possessed with consent cannot be exorcised. I think interviews with true servants of God like Father Malachi Martin and Father Gabriele Armorth would be worth reading.

          • Trevor

            Hmm. Definitely worth reading. Some of the stuff I have read by people who, by curiosity, dabbled with the occult made my hairs stand on their ends.

        • racarrera

          Amen, brother. They became disgusted with it. Atheism didn’t exist in big numbers before Protestantism. Now, it’s a cancer.

          • Trevor

            All because of the constant splintering. If they cannot agree, how can they effectively witness?

            No, give me the stability of the apostolic church. I am already subscribing to catholic orthodoxy anyway. Just a matter of being formally admitted into it.

          • racarrera

            Say when you’re ready. It’s a shame I don’t live closer or I’d sponsor you myself.

          • Trevor

            I would be greatly honored. It is not just me, I want my wife part of the process as well.

          • racarrera

            The more, the merrier!

          • Trevor

            I was stunned when she happily agreed to get marked on Ash Wednesday, and I was more stunned when my neighbor and close family friend decided to accompany us. Understand, he grew up as Roman Catholic, left the Church disgusted and disillusioned, and he and I had some words over religion. His question is, “Why should I pick your religion? What makes your religion better than mine?”

            For him to come with us to get marked was earth shaking. He was a bit critical, though, of the parish putting the cross to the right of the altar instead of center as it should always be. Other than that, he came with his wife.

            On Sunday, we watched Tyler Perry’s “The Passion Live” from New Orleans. I have to admit maybe he is turning around and wanting to rejoin the Church.

            The biggest problem, as usual, for me (and I really hate it if I sound like I’m using my deafness as an excuse) is having an interpreter. Even my wife was struggling because the priest, a jolly Polish, had heavy accent. She was not also familiar with the order of the service as well.

          • racarrera

            It’s no problem. The good thing about Orthodoxy is its consistency. You can read the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and then Basil for Easter and 9 other days, and you’re covered. The sermons are going to be a touch of a problem, but there has to be a workaround, surely…

          • Trevor

            Do you know of a source where I can read daily Mass reading in emails? I’d like to get in the habit of reading them to be nourished.

          • racarrera

            Here is our liturgy in complete form. Daily, there are songs sung to specific saints, and the priest will give a sermon or homily, but this is the daily framework: http://www.orthodox.net/services/sluzebnic-chrysostom.pdf

          • Trevor

            Thank you, bro.

  • RodK1975

    Here, once again, we have an example of the fruits of profound ignorance… if Christians that hang on Becks every word knew anything at all about Mormonism, their mental red flags would be going crazy listening to this psycho and they’d run from him and anyone that he’s endorsed… Beck has shot his bolt and i wouldn’t be surprised to see him completely come to pieces and have a psychotic meltdown in front of everyone… wow…

    BTW, “fruits”, in the first sentence is meant to be pronounced (FREW-its) LOL

  • NCHokie02

    I do not understand for all the verses in the bible that tell us to not add to the word of God that there are religions that do that and call themselves Christians…..namely Mormons. To me it is that simple. How again did another book arrive after the Bible says do not add to the word of God on multiple occasions??

    Ooo…and something I just thought of relating to the Eucharist. As Walid and Co have stated partaking the Eucharist will be banned including the drinking of actual wine with communion. Mormons do not drink alcohol. To them it is a sin. So then partaking in the Eucharist, which Christ clearly states to do, is a sin to them….correct??

    • Raph Sebastian

      Whomever denies the Eucharist is indeed the body, blood, soul and Divinity of the Lord– denies Him. The Early Church Fathers have already long settled this, yet many try to rehash over and over again what Christians believed for more than a thousand and a half years. Even the Founders of the Protestant heresy didn’t dare deny the real presence albeit they “interpreted” in their own way. Today’s modern Scriptural gymnasts try to justify their denial of the real presence of the Lord with all sorts of back flipping, somersaults, forward tucks etc by twisting the words of The Lord by saying what the Lord said is allegorical and not literal.

      Mormons, JWs, SDA, all do the same too. Substituting grape juice for wine, and justifying their grape juice drinking as a valid form of communion is plain sacrilegious. Such sacrilegious acts borders on blasphemy, Not only that the very fact that they deny the Eucharist is in itself blasphemous.

      • NCHokie02

        There is also a verse which I cannot find but talks of how Christ talks of eating of his flesh and drinking of his blood and that many people were confused and stopped following him after he said that. Un-like some of his parables which he explains he does not say to these people “I meant it allegorically, not literally.” He lets them leave. Do we not think that if he didn’t mean it literally that he would have told people who were now questioning following him?

        • Raph Sebastian

          John 6, the whole chapter, the LORD tells them at Capernaum, that HE is the bread of life, as the Father gave Moses bread from heaven, the Father now gives them true bread of heaven.

          He tells them to eat His flesh and drink His blood, being Jews it was hard for them to understand or follow, so many were arguing among themselves and they left the Lord all except the the Apostles…among whom was also Judas.

          Read the chapter below my brother, in it you will find the verse that you are talking about.

    • Lyn Phillips

      No, Mormons partake of the Sacrament each Sunday. Bread and water is blessed and passed to the congregation. They don’t believe in transubstantiation, but they see it as symbolic of the broken flesh and blood that Christ spilt for all the world. To help them remember Jesus and His love, and to repent and forgive.

      • NCHokie02

        But Christ didn’t use water and say this is my blood. He used wine.

        • Raph Sebastian

          Exactly, bread and wine. Not bread and water or grape juice. Making it up as they go along is denial of what the Lord said, thus a blasphemy. Calling something a sacrament doesn’t actually make it one as per the Early Church Fathers. It’s a deception used to muddy the waters and make no distinction between authentic Christianity and “johnny come latelys” and fly by the seats of your pants, mish mash do what you like “Christianity”.

          There are 7 Sacraments, as prescribed by Christ, ALL must be followed and kept sacred, not some or one or two, ALL. period.

          As for the Mormons, they even have another gospel added to the Gospel the Apostles taught. Clearly this cannot be true since St. Paul warned us there is no other gospel. Also he warned us of false prophets claiming to come in the name of the LORD teaching something in addition to or totally different from what the LORD taught. Islam and Mormonism both have a new person coming around saying they are prophets and now have more truth to add to the gospel. Such blasphemy will not go down too lightly with the LORD, HE is definitely not amused by this heresy and blasphemy. For he has already warned us what is in store for those that change His words or add to His Gospel.

          Saying that they do not believe that the bread becomes flesh and the wine become blood once again denies Christ just like all other evangelicals and non-Apostolic churches.

          There is only ONE TRUTH, the TRUTH the LORD taught and through His ONE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH His apostles carried on teaching and passed onto their successors through Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. This Truth is found consistently ONLY in The Catholic Church and all her 23 rites and Orthodox Church. No where else.

  • Lady, there is a whole debate I did with one of your best Mormon apologist Martin Tanner and even he did not deny the prophecy and ended up saying that Muhammad must have had true light. You are filled with myth. The Aaronic priesthood has nothing to do with Mormon theology whatsoever. All you do is try to look Christian, then pressure real Christians to tow your line. Never towed you line, never will no matter who you vote for, who you support, who you like or dislike, it matters little to me.

  • S L G A

    Where is this song from? Or Poem?

  • YEP.

  • We posted lots of beheadings from Saudi Arabia, more than the documentary. No one cares. Oil and power as usual. I just pray for Iran to get a nuke so that they blow up that stinking place.

  • It says that we will have a “One world currency”? Where does it say that?

    • alex9234

      “It says that we will have a “One world currency”? Where does it say that?” – It says that in the Megadeth song “We The People.”

  • racarrera

    Nice projection. You must be one of these Jews, or worse, Evangelicals in beanies pretending to be Jews, who tell others about propaganda without any sense of irony of the propaganda you peddle. I’m not particularly sympathetic to Islam, but I am to Orthodox Christians who have had to suffer, including having priests shot dead, by these savages.

    Perhaps it’s YOU who should look into Greek/Arab Christianity and what they have to endure, rather than waste the time of people who know the area pretty well.

  • Brenda

    Have no idea how you cannot see he is “acting” no matter where someone’s beliefs stand in reality, That is was what held me back from choosing him #1, I could see where he was feeding into peoples fears and using that for gain, The man pauses every 5 words, Those hand movements that pouty look, it’s 100% all “acting” and anyone can SAY words over and over again, it will not mean they believe in those words themselves, Obama was supposed to be a Christian, look where that got us! It matters not what faith you have on this subject, The fact is no matter what for crying out loud you should be able to see acting or an actor when you see one.

  • Jeff

    Hi Liberation, Yea it is Scary to think about what is out there, and yet most people go about their days and don’t even think about things like that, I hope soon People can open their eyes and realize we have some evil people trying to control our lives, Hopefully Trump becoming POTUS will be the first step in opening their eyes, I pray GOD keeps him safe and protected!!!

  • Trevor

    Do you want someone associated with a loon like Beck who drool every time Cruz opens his mouth in ecstasy? How about someone who violated Iowa’s state law and defrauding Ben Carson’s voters? How about someone who disagreed with Trump’s proposal to have a ban on Muslims only to later to say there is a need to patrol Muslim neighborhood?

    Ted Cruz has shown to me he is not to be trusted.

  • “If you cannot buy or sell without the mark, then surely you will have a one world currency..”

    If you cannot buy or sell without the mark, then you cannot buy or sell without the mark. That is all what the text says. It says ZERO about one world government or currency. In fact, the opposite is the truth for why else Antichrist’s kingdom are 10 separate and why there are toes and horns, clay and iron and why all the descriptions on the different parts of Antichrist rule as not as united as the gold (Babylon) the toes are ten not one.

  • Raph Sebastian

    First if all you need to learn to use paragraphs, Because if you do not none of what you say makes senses because it seems to be just rambling without making any point.

    Ryan Reeves, who is she? Why would I care about anyone outside of the Catholic Church who is teaching something they have no authority to teach? Just like why do Protestants, evangelicals etc etc etc care what the Pope has to say? Why do you even bother since you do not recognize the authority of the Pope?

    I mock not knock because I have no respect for the falsity of such teaching, no where can grape juice be found in scripture yet you and your ilk would like to ask everyone else where in scripture is this and that. So where in scripture is grape juice and crackers? For clearly Jesus said bread and wine, not grape juice and crackers, period. No need to argue, what HE said is what HE said. Protestants clearly make things up as they go along. No Catholic would ever accept such a blatant heresy and sacrilege. Nor would the Orthodox, both of us would never accept this nonsense. Simply because it is not Christian, period.

    Without history you have nothing, if you have no historical foundation, you have nothing, you build your house on sand. You deny the blood the martyrs that was spilled in defending their faith, you will deny the Crusades and the fight that sought to defend Christendom, for without this basic historical fact, you might be just sniffing a carpet five times a day.

    Look I don’t bother watching youtube nonsense, I have better things to do in real life, debates you watch are of no significance to my Christian faith and being Catholic, I am not here to score points or to win arguments, if you have all the time in the world to watch youtube videos then why don’t you actually read what the Early Church Fathers taught? Is reading too hard? Is that why you prefer watching youtube and then preaching to me how wonderful or disgusting those people are?

    Once again I repeat, I care not what people think of Vatican II or the anti-pope nonsense, if any Catholic chooses to go against the Church, there is one word for it, Protestant, period. They are no longer Catholic if they do not submit to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. If they pick and choose what they like from the teachings, they are Protestant, they have excommunicated themselves, they will have to answer for unworthily receiving the Eucharist when their time comes.

    I don’t know what you are going about Anabaptists, do you know what they believe in to begin with? And how are they even relevant to the Crusades? All of the Crusades were fought without Protestant help, period. The first Crusade was 500 years before the Protestant heresy, the subsequent battles and especially of Lepanto and Vienna saw Protestants side with the Turks and fought against the Catholics. Protestants choose from their hatred of Catholics and they sided with evil and did the work of satan alongside the Ottomans, period.

    Sorry but I care not for the fell good tickle my ears trickery and deceit of pastors in Protestant sects and cults. They will lure many away from the truth, the LORD didn’t say that being His follower is feel good, in fact quite the opposite. So please spare me that nonsense. I will follow the LORD’s word on that.

    Finally the lack of truth in Protestantism makes it easy, but if one were to read how the martyrs suffered, and how the modern day saints gave all and endured so that they may pass through the narrow gate one will know what authentic Christianity is. Of course you don’t like it, this is a hard saying, because you by your own admission you do not want to look at history. It is certainly not the feel good nonsense, but the promise of hope and salvation, the just reward prepared by the Father for all who have kept what the LORD taught. Feel good is not part of what the LORD taught.

  • Raph Sebastian

    You may be right when it came to the Anabaptists, but to me they are of no significance or consequence, since they were not the only ones that refused to fight against the muslim hordes. Singling them out as the root source for Catholic distrust of Protestants is just not the whole case.

    There is a whole chunk that s missing when Luther talked about preferring the Turk over the Catholics. Saying he would prefer being ruled by a smart Turk than a stupid Christian, his hatred obviously is for the authority of the Church and the Holy Roman Empire, which by the way was not ruled by the pope but by Catholic Kings.

    The fight for Christendom had really nothing much to do with the Anabaptists, as as far as all these splinter groups are concerned, their founders all started out Catholic, as was Luther. If one is honest enough and goes back far enough they will find that all Christians were Catholic first.

    Calvin, Luther, Zwingli etc were very Catholic in all of their teachings, in fact, they, all three upheld the Catholic doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God, the Ave Maria etc. This was the only things that was good as far as these people are concerned, other than that their heresies will be judged by God and may the LORD have mercy on them.

    As for branding all Protestants the same, I work from experience, I see people coming here saying that the Eucharist is blasphemy, I see people the same types, over and over say the same things, Catholics are idolaters, worship Mary, the harlot, apostate, not Christian etc. This is on this site though the vitriol is not as bad but on other sites the anti-Catholic and anti-Orthodox vile lies is prevalent and pervasive. So me in making my declaration that Protestants will not fight is based on that. This actually reality not nicey touchy feely emotions.

    My family has a proud history of defending Christendom there are several generation who fought in ancient wars against the muslims. And in more modern times my great grandfather fought in the final British conquest of Jerusalem. I have his medals in my possession that was conferred upon him for his bravery and service in battle. Like in all battles, I can only trust the person fighting beside me only if he believes as I believe in both a spiritual war and physical one. I will not risk a back full of stab wounds.

  • Yes, we chose the most hated faith because the more a faith is controversial and is hated is where we find the truth. Any questions?

  • This is supposed to be Rev 9:11 and not 19:11. We know about this error. Its a typo.