President Obama Next Week Will Open The Largest American Mosque In The World Built Here In The U.S. He Will Be Accompanied By Antichrist Erdogan of Turkey And Together Will Enjoy The Sounds Of Allahu-Akbar

U.S President Barack Obama visits Turkey

Just look at Erdogan’s eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul

By Walid Shoebat

America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area, as their link shows: “Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama are expected to open the mosque.”

Erdogan’s newspaper Yeni Safak reports:

“The $100 million mega-mosque in Maryland, US will soon be open in the Washington, DC area, as Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to open the mosque during his official visit to the US between March 29 and April 2.”

I guess you can learn about your president’s next step towards building Islam in the U.S., not from your media, but from Erdogan’s official media Yeni Safak instead:

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Do you see “US Double Minaret Mosque” above in the article Erdogan published? Why “Two Minarets”?

An Ottoman sultan is addressed as such in prayer: “O God, assist the Sultan, son of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents, of the Two Seas, Destroyer of Two Armies, Sultan of the Two Iraqs, Servant of the Two Sanctuaries [Mecca and Medina]” (Ibn Iyas, 195-1960). Muhammad II was “Sovereign of the Two Seas, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.”

Turkey is an empire that will arise twice, once as the Ottoman Empire, then the second time after this deadly wound is healed as the Neo-Ottomans.

Even prophets like John recognizes this feature and Daniel recognizes that Antichrist loves to have his established castles between the “two seas”:

“And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the [two] seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.” (Daniel 11:45)

Indeed, Erdogan is planting tabernacles (mosques) even between the Pacific and the Atlantic with lightening speed. Will the West ever awake its slumber and learn just how packed each verse is in the scriptures?

America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet).


Will Obama disappoint his Caliph? No. Stupid Americans voted for this servant of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents

Almost all $100 million for the mosque was funded by the Religious Affairs and the Religious Foundation of Turkey, part of the Turkish-Islamic Center also known as the “American Religious Center,” built on a large area in Lanham, Maryland that will have the capacity to host 3,000 Muslim worshippers indoors and outdoors which includes a community building, a guest house, traditional Turkish houses, library, conference and exhibition halls, meeting rooms, reception, museum of Islamic art, coffee house, gift shops, cultural center, amphitheater, computer lab, library and even Turkish baths in the old Ottoman style … the works. It “aims at bringing all Muslims together, to enlighten people about the facts of Islam and guide believers to a correct way” says Yeni Safak.

English: expect a spiritual Bubonic plague all with mystic Sufism and wakeup calls of Allahu-Akbar from loudspeakers thundering the community at the wee hours of the night.


And these projects are not only in Maryland (keep in mind, it was called Maryland, as in the Land of Mary for Catholics), in Dayton Ohio, watch these dumb Americans expressing Allahu-Akbar in the highest, And on earth Islam is peace among men:

But what is going on in the U.S., is nothing I’n comparison to Erdogan’s goal to revive Islam in the “far reaches of the north”. He is leading the Muslim world in shaping and spreading an objective: to speedily revive Islam in the regions of the north, the Turkic republics in Central Asia and African nations.


Believe it or not, the Turkish religious authority had had 200,267 meetings, conferences, panels and symposiums, all organized solely in the northern parts of the globe as an objective to influence non-Arab Muslim countries, especially in the Balkans. To Turkey Central Asia’s C.I.S nations (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). This is the goal of this anti-Christ agenda and Turkey today takes the lead in what the Bible prophecies Antichrist will do in  the region of Meshech, Tubal, Gomer and Beth Togarmah:

You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north (Isaiah 14:13)


A state-sponsored program to build mosques in countries from Kazakhstan to Cuba has emerged as a foreign policy instrument for Turkey, boosting the country’s claim to a place on the international stage as a leader of the Islamic world that looks after Muslims everywhere.


The Grand Mufti of Turkey, Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s giant Directorate of Religious Affairs, which runs the country’s 85,000 mosques and employs 122,000 people, has assumed an increasingly active role in the government’s foreign policy.

Grand Mufti of Turkey Mehmet Gormez shakes hands with an onlooker after an inauguration ceremony in front of the Gazi Husrev Begova Mosque in Sarajevo, Nov. 15, 2012.  (photo by REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

A glance at its website is enough to see how active the directorate has become internationally. The institution’s 2013 activity report, available on the website, describes a transboundary agenda of “shaping and spreading an objective perception of Islam around the world.” It says the directorate aims “to present an understanding of Islam, which is based on Islam’s scientific foundations, and lead the efforts to spread it.” It notes that 200,267 meetings, conferences, panels and symposiums were organized abroad as part of this objective.

The above video shows more beneath the surface and Americans need to pay close attention! “Minarets have no mahya” says Erdoğan in the video speaking parables well understood in the region. Mahya is a string of lights that links minarets with Islamic banners. Here is a photo of the American mosque in Maryland from Erdogan’s own source, Yeni Safak, notice the connect between the two minarets, what is the message? Ship – Dua.

Notice carefully, the words “Ship-Dua”. “Dua” is Prayer and “Ship” is in Turkey’s symbol the Tugra (see image below). According to the Tughra Analysis and Form Turkey’s emblem represents a ship: “The three vertical letter “alef” (III) with what appears three looking squiggles SSS represent ship masts with the sails going westward to invade and conquer the west [Europe]” (to learn more click here).


This is Erdoğan’s dream, a symbolic link with all mosques (minarets) across the globe, especially in the Caucasus in order to unite all Muslim lands to himself. Such a connection is why Erdoğan is building a grand mosque in the U.S. (with many more to come with the help from President Barack Hussein Obama) as claimed by Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. What Erdogan says in the video above is a prayer of victory:

“We all have a hoarse voice… do not leave
our minarets with no calls to prayer, my Allah!
Either bring us those who make honey
or do not just leave us with no hive, my Allah!
Minarets have no mahya [a string of lights set up between two minarets to flash a short text, often featuring moral or religious themes]…
Do not take the Milky Way away from our skies, my Allah!
Do not leave this country, which was kneaded by Muslims,
with no Muslims, my Allah”
Give us strength… Do not leave the field of jihad
with no pahlevan [wrestler], My Allah!
Do not leave these masses, who look for a hero,
with no hero, My Allah!
Let us know how to resist the foe,
do not leave us lifeless, my Allah!
On the path to tomorrows, do not leave
our years with no Ramadan [month], my Allah!
Either disperse your herd, if left unattended,
or do not leave them with no shepherd, my Allah!
Do not leave us, O, with no love, no water, no air
and with no country, my Allah!”

This is his prayer for the coming Mahdi “the hero” the “shepherd”. Americans need to stop thinking that Antichrist speaks English and should start tracking what Turkey has in store for the West.

Americans make fiction movies about the Antichrist; charismatic, powerful, slick … yet when this Red Dragon come up alive from the dead, with his crescent horn and hits them in the face speaking of how he will swallow Europe, they sleep:


All over Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Erdogan takes the lead where the Saudis dream of advancing as Turkey is in the mosque building enterprise. The directorate’s wide range of overseas activities includes 80 visits paid by official delegations to Islamic countries or countries with Muslim communities, as well as joint initiatives in 79 countries, mostly Turkic republics in Central Asia and African nations, to provide mosques, schools and other educational services. A total of 3,791 students have been brought from the Balkans, the Turkic republics and Africa to study in Turkey’s imam-hatip religious high schools, Quranic courses, and post-graduate and doctoral programs.


“Hazrat Sultan” is the mosque in Astana, Kazakhstan, the biggest mosque in Central Asia.

Observers of the directorate’s activities say the institution has notably increased its influence over Islamic institutions in non-Arab Muslim countries, especially in the Balkans.

Erdogan added that the Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet (Religion) a Turkish state institution that administers Turkey’s 80,000 mosques and runs the international mosque-building program via a foundation, and Turkey’s development aid agency, TIKA, would keep track of the mosque project in Cuba. “There has been no negative approach” by the Cuban authorities regarding the Turkish proposal, Erdogan said.

According to the Diyanet, Turkey is currently involved in the construction of 18 big mosques in about a dozen countries, including the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Palestine and Somalia. In total, the Diyanet foundation TDV has overseen the construction of around 50 mega mosques in 25 foreign countries since it was created in 1975.

The ongoing project in Tirana, the capital of Albania, will be the biggest mosque in the Balkans, providing praying space for 4,500 worshippers. The Diyanet says it’s also helping to repair mosques abroad that have been damaged by war.


Turkish Diyanet (Religious Affairs)

The purpose of the mosque-building project goes beyond the aim of providing Muslims in other countries with modern places of worship. Speaking about the mosques and Turkey’s humanitarian aid program, TDV official Mazhar Bilgin said recently that the country had “become the sole hope for Muslims in the world.”

The guise for Turkey in selling its idea is simple. The help offered by Turkey is claimed to prevent radical groups, but truth is, it is an instrument of soft power to widen Turkey’s influence and to become the role model for all Muslim nations.

In a nutshell, expect to see Sufi Islam in a mosque near you with sounds of Allahu-Akbar. And before you say Jesus is coming soon, expect Antichrist is coming sooner.

Americans need to wake up, pay attention, a woman come from heaven, and she will stomp this crescent, while the tares still believe in their fictions.




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    And now we know why NATO won’t kick Turkey.

    Trump 2016.

    • Eric

      Trump can’t come fast enough.

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          I know. All good things require patience.

        • Kamau41

          Very wise reminder.

  • Jennifer

    Walid, it is beginning to sound more and more like erdogan is the Biblical antichrist

    • Indeed, especially after you re-read the article again. I updated new things.

      • Jennifer

        Makes ton of sense…do you think trump will be able to overcome all the crap being thrown at him?

        • AnthonyM

          He is taking a lot, not only from the Democrats, but also the entrenched establishment Republicans, the Islamic powers, the Narco-mafia in Mexico, etc etc.

        • mspip

          i don’t know. a good question…. lots of it flying around. he is the best of a bad lot.

        • Catbr

          I think he’s going to need a lot of help. Obama has done so much damage to US.

      • Catbr

        Is there a way to show English subtitles in the Arabic language (or whatever that language is) videos?

    • AugustineThomas

      That’s crazy talk. He’s one of many antichrists. If you see one of the horseman, let me know, but otherwise there’s no chance that Erdogan is THE Antichrist.

      • paulette barrow

        There is only one anti christ and many with the anti christ spirit,is he the anti christ ,only the anti christ and God knows but we will find out sooner or later

  • rodolfo

    Very true Islamic conquest of America. It is no longer subtle. Those who have patience and remain faithful will be with Christ when the time comes. Jesus Christ, I pray that your flock be gathered and not made astray.

  • 1Bobby8

    And this was Obama’s roll all along, to transform America into what it’s not, an Islamic nation. Turkey is branching out it’s Islam all over for a complete world domination…and Obama is ushering it in.

    • Kamau41

      Absolutely correct. This comes to us as no surprise. We have been seeing this all along. Obama and Erdogan has had a very tight connection to help toward the continued advancement of the Islamic Caliphate.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Turkey makes millions off tourists sightseeing Christian sights. But will not spend one dime to restore a Christian Church.

  • reyol

    This interpretation of prophecy makes the most sense out of all the ones I have read. I will be watching.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Together, both will sit and agree over a cup of tea, that “gentle'” Sufism that “calms people and puts them in touch with the divine within” is the solution to the “problems” faced by Muslims. They may most likely make the official declaration for promoting Sufism soon with troubled and panicked Western governments backing Sufism up to pacify the millions of Islamic hordes they imported in. New Delhi and Northern India has one of the largest Sufi populations on earth in South Asia, including its center in ancient city of Lucknow. North Indians are well aware of Sufism. Sufism developed from the Indo-Aryan/Aryanic/Central asian cultures as a ‘response’ to the Arab system which they found a bit too harsh for their taste. The indo-aryan/central Asian belt was a stronghold of Brahminsm that teaches all living beings are part of the supreme being and therefore is divine, only yogic gurus who connect with it can realize it and become one with divine and therefore become God. Sufism is the Islamic version of it.

    If you do a google on Erdogan’s biography, he is part of a Sufi cult.Sufism will soon declare Erdogan as God’s “light” manifested on earth and an enligthened being. Another name for light in Arabic is “al-noor”, one of the 99 names of Allah. It is higly possible that Erdogan along with some corrupt Western leaders /UN/ United religions initiative etc backing may kickstart the Antichristic system.

    • AugustineThomas

      I’m not so sure. In all ages there have been evil men in politics. Evil loves power.

      Anyway God bless you! I absolutely LOVE your username!!

  • AnthonyM

    Lot of good points in this article. ‘Servant of the Sultan’ indeed.
    How many Turkish people living in other countries will enthusiastically support Erdogan because he is reviving the former ‘great’ Ottoman Empire, without know what that is going to bring upon western civilization they enjoy, and their beloved Turkey?
    Catchy tune at the end, but the story (had to look it up) is somber.

    I never noticed before, but the crescent moon under Mary’s feet is rotated slightly up on the left. What could that indicate?

  • Walid,

    This is the third time I’ve started a comment because the previous two I was speechless as I was writing. I think all I can say is many of us are very thankful for your reporting and research on what is happening (truly) with Islam world wide. Yes, there are many who report on it, often time only reporting on the ills. However, your analysis over the last few years has provided the political inside, the workings and thinking of Islam, strategies, etc. I for one am very thankful of the deeper understanding I’ve gained from reading your work.

    I recall my first conversation on something like this was with a missionary friend in Central Asia when he visited the U.S. He was talking about Turkey’s reach in his country. It was about a week after I first heard you on Savage talking about this and telling his listeners about Turkey’s reach at that time on the devolving situation in Syria. I began reading your website right around then too. From then until now, the depth of your reporting and the accuracy have been very helpful. Blessing be upon you.

  • Brenda

    As long as people see TV as being more real than God? no it will not happen and millions and millions of innocents will die when evil has the reigns, Only when people and if people will wake up enough to turn OFF the stupid TV and care more for their lives and land can it even begin to change around I think anyhow, My opinion? we would be better to go back to farming our lands and do away with television or we need take over somehow, Until then nothing is gonna change, the brainwashing will not stop left alone as it has been.

    • mspip

      you make a very good point! much of tv is about as worthy as a bowl of pig slop.

  • Trevor

    Question for you, Walid.

    I know in the past, you disagreed with interpretation that the Antichrist would rule the globe. Do you still hold to that position or have you changed it?

    • susan

      Good question Trevor. Let’s pray some nations remain to fight the antichrist.

      • richinnameonly

        Use the search feature on this site for “America in Bile Prophecy”. It will lead you to an April 18, 2012 article with excellent information. I don’t think Walid has changed from those views.

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          do not see a search feature. where is that? interested in this subject.

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            Here, my lady, I did it for you:


            The search feature is right above the “Subscribe to our newsletter” text close to the top on the right.

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            thank you!

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            thanks for the info.

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            thank you!

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    Thank you so very much for the feast and the lovely song at the end for dessert. I was getting a headache from all the Turkish battle quacks. I read somewhere in an account of the Armenian genocide (eyewitness) how the Turks would change demeanor whenever they heard their “music” … I’ve forgotten which instrument was played. She said it was eerie. Ill see if I can find it.

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    noticed that horrid pic of erdogan petting his puppy, barack…

  • AnthonyM

    Three of a kind always trumps a pair.

  • mspip

    they don’t know any better. their preachers have told them a pack of lies. a friend has very strong ideas that there is a pre trib rapture.

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    “music” on the turkish american center is an awful racket.

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    agree with you, i have one, want to get another. will wait until another gun show nearby comes back and see about getting another one without any of the gov knowing i have it. don’t like to think that the gov may come for our weapons. if hellary gets elected that could happen.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Turks,keep asking to have the bones of St Nickolas, so they can make more money, off tourists. Cubans are dumb to let Turkey build a mosque there.

    • Catbr

      I thought Cuba was still communist? But then again it doesn’t matter about islam and their stinking mosque because it’s more of a communist movement rather than a religion anyway.

  • Catbr

    As long as Obama is the president, or if Hillary Clinton becomes president, this will never happen.

  • Catbr

    Obama should be thoroughly investigated for these treasonous acts against US and be imprisoned for life or get the death penalty, whichever is more appropriate.

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    And lots of room for the pigs to slop around and sleep in the mosque.

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    The main stream media is corrupt and is under the control of unions which must be communist and probably Islamic (the two are pretty much the same anyway in my opinion).

  • Catbr

    Would Erdogan reciprocate and allow a mega cathedral to be built in Turkey and would he be there smiling and welcoming to the nation who sponsored it on opening day?

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    When civil war hits that sucker is the first to go!

  • Can you keep it quite shshshshshshsh your exposing me to everyone. Keep it secret okay?

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Yes, North Indian people are aware (or have an understanding) of Sufism as an ideology. What is wrong in what I said? We have been exposed to this ideology by Mughal rulers for 1000 years. Hindu nationalist government is promoting Sufism, I am not promoting it. you seem to have misunderstood the statement. Read it carefully. Many Westerners are not aware (understood or heard of) Sufism. North Indian people are aware (understood or heard) of Sufism. We had Sufi and Bhakti movements in north India for centuries. I am against Sufism personally. It is a dangerous ideology.

  • AugustineThomas

    Elect Trump if you want any chance to stop these developments. The RINOs are just like the Leftists, happy dhimmis as long as they can spend the last years of their lives pretending to be hero peacemakers.

  • 1Bobby8

    You said it, ‘stupid’ is the appropriate word.

  • Kkdgrace

    Civilization jihad marches forth- all with the help of this Islamo- president. This is just the “big” news. There is much more being developed “under the radar”. I was surprised on a drive I took just a day or two ago, looking for the location of a Church I’d like to attend, only to pass by a group of children streaming out of what was labeled “Islamic School”. Had no idea that this school was located in my city and so near to my location. I have a feeling that places such as these are sprouting up all over our country… and all under the “radar”.

    • susan

      I think you’re right.

  • Yes. Getting pissed off is part of the refinement America needs.

    • Kkdgrace

      I must be in the midst of the refinement process then, because I can become mightily “pissed off”!

  • susan

    Great find! Especially troubling is the plan to target us on the eve of the presidential election.

  • paulette barrow

    Unreal and the people of America and our gov from the pres on down are letting this happen,we have a closet muslim in our WH and nobody is doing anything to stop him,

  • paulette barrow

    Oh as soon as i saw that guy i knew he was bad for Canada

  • BostonLiberty

    As soon as it’s opened, this barracks of hatred should be seized, and handed over to a veteran’s services and rehab group. That’s a population that needs a new facility, not some nutjob zealots intent on destroying Western Civilization.

  • 1Bobby8

    You’re absolutely correct.

  • Bill

    Is America a Christian Nation?

    How many people live in America. The current estimate is 318 million + or -.
    The number of people that claim to be Christian is 70% or approximately 223 million.
    The number of people that claim to be Muslim is .8% or 2.6 million people.

    I can see how these numbers would confuse someone that never uses real statistics.