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Erdogan Is Pressuring The Christian World To Accept His Muslim Caliphate And Wants To Rule From The United Nations

By Walid Shoebat Erdogan is pressuring the Christian world, once again, by repeating his famous words “the world is bigger than five,” referring to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council which he said does not represent the world. There needs to be a “sixth” according to Erdogan. This “sixth” seat must represent the […]

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The Antichrist Is Ruling Germany From Pergamum Where The Seat Of Antichrist Is

By Walid Shoebat What we see happening in Germany should solve the dilemma on the question if it is Germany or if it is Turkey that will be “the seat of the Antichrist”. Many argued that the Altar of Pergamum in Turkey was moved to Germany, therefore Germany has become the seat of Antichrist, while others say that […]

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Mob Of Raging Muslims Attack Greek Police Using Baby As A Weapon

Another video that you just have to see to believe: Listen to the video. The rampaging Muslims yell about “human rights” in this video yet they show absolutely no respect for the most helpless of society, and not only that, their own babies.  We have seen in the past how Muslims, such as in Israel, routinely […]

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German Government Wastes Taxpayer Dollars Hunting Down Petty “Right Wing Extremist” Groups But Completely Ignores The Violent Muslim Takeover Of Major Cities

The “official” report says guns and “Nazi symbols” were seized. I am silent on this, since I do not trust the German state official or government media. Too many times we have seen that when Germany starts using words and phrases like “right wing extremist,” “Nazi,” and “xenophobia,” they are just trying to cover up the […]

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“Erdogan Is Just Exploiting Refugees For His Own Benefit” Muslim Refugees Turn Their Rage Towards Turkey

For the longest time, all you heard in the media was about how Europe was so “bad” for not allowing Muslim refugees in. This was in spite of how the “refugees” would destroy the free food, clothes, and provisions given to them while attacking and destroying everything around them. Now, the tables are turning, and […]

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The New Face Of Germany: Kurds Protest In Germany Against Conflicts In Turkey And The Suicide Of The German People In Their Own Nation

I don’t have anything wrong with people wanting to remember their culture, heritage, or issues in their “homeland.” However, what bothers me about this protest is how it is the face of the “New Germany.” Germany, like most nations throughout the world, is not just a nation defined by a common borders, language, and culture. […]

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