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Islamic Terrorists Kidnap 235 Christians, A Group Of Christians And Muslims Come In And Rescue The Christians, The Terrorists Find The Christians And The Muslims, And Slaughters Them All For Helping The Persecuted

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists kidnapped 235 Christians from the area of al-Qaryatain in Iraq. A group of brave Christians and Muslims came and rescued many of the Christians, hiding them in a nearby farm. Once ISIS found out, they slaughtered all of the Christians and Muslims involved. According to one report: Islamic State militants […]

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High Traitor German Chancellor Merkel Is Panicking Because The German People Have Turned Against Her So She Is Now Saying She Will Punish Refugees Who Do Not Assimilate

Another case of too little, too late. Now it is true there are many people who caused this “refugee” invasion and who need to face a long term in prison for their treason. Merkel is one of them- she is one of the most outspoken and public faces who not only allowed for this crisis […]

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First Greece, Now Sicily Is Being Invaded By Tens Of Thousands Of Muslims Arriving From Africa Each Day

First it was the Isle of Lesbos for Greece, and now Sicily is being invaded by armies of “African” refugees, many of them Muslims, from the Libyan coastline. I know that life can be very hard for others, and sometimes almost impossible to comprehend another person’s circumstance unless you have lived it. That said, nobody can save the […]

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Muslim Chef Wipes Himself With His Bare Hands And then Will Not Wash Them For “Cultural Reasons”

“Cultural reasons” or not. this is probably the crappiest excuse for not washing your hands I’ve heard in a while. But all joking aside, sanitation is a major issue when dealing with people from many Muslim nations because they have no comprehension of what food safety is and, in this case, the man did not […]

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