British City (Bristol) Council officials refuse to host St. George’s Day celebration because of all the Muslims in the city

By BI: Actually they said the city is “too multicultural” but we know that means there are too many Muslims in the city whose sensibilities might be hurt by a patriotic celebration that features a cross. Bristol City Council allowed the national day to pass without a single event for the patron saint, despite its history dating back to 1222.


UK Express  Council chiefs said 91 different languages are spoken in the town and it would be “very difficult to commemorate them all”. Some in the area feel as though the English symbol has been hijacked by far right groups and are concerned about being branded “racist”.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, Kalphna Woolf, founder of 91 Ways to Build a Global City, which aims to unite Bristol’s multicultural communities, said people can be frightened of the white and red St George’s flag.


She said: “There was a point in the past when I’d see the St George’s Day flag flying and it would frighten me, as it had been taken over by ‘we are England’ type groups.” However, Ms Woolf added: “But more and more that flag has been used to unite people in recent years and I am very pleased we live under that one flag.”

While some community-led events were held across the city to mark the occasion, there were no official celebrations.


Dave Williams, who has helped organise a St George’s Day event in Fishponds, Bristol, said the celebration is intended to bring people together. He said: “We know St George’s Day isn’t a bank holiday but it certainly needs acknowledging. “To have something in the heart of the community is very important to us.”

The news was met with disappointment on social media. On Twitter @brooking1980 wrote: “Bristol city council refused to acknowledge St George’s day yesterday for fear of upsetting other faiths. They don’t mind upsetting us.”

St. George flag and bacon sandwiches placed at the Bristol Jamia Mosque, the largest in the south west of England:

  • reyol

    St. George’s Day, like our National Anthem, is offensive to the New World Order. Only diversity and multiculturalism may be celebrated.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    If it is the St George that killed a dragon, then yes Muslims will get offended. The dragon is allah.

    • Kamau41

      Yes it is Christian Crusader. Christendom will arise and ultimately defeat Islam.

    • Grandmere

      Two snaps up in a circle!

      • Paul

        Dinosaurs (Nephilims from the animal kingdom) have long been extinct anno Domini !

    • Paul

      It seems very likely that just like in the IIWW the eschatological seven shepherds in the end times will be from the countries fighting on the side of the union jack. To me St. George is just christ allegorically depicted as an ultimate man of war! St. George’s Cross (or the Cross of St. George) was adopted by England during the crusader times. It later became part of the Union Jack in the flag of England (which contains flags of Ireland, Scotland, and England where superimposed) when the King of Scotland inherited and united these kingdoms. Today flags of Australia, & New Zealand contain this union jack.

      • Paul

        If “Chittim” in Numbers 24:24 refers to “west” let us also not forget the second part of that verse: “And ships shall come from the coast of Chittim, and shall afflict Asshur, and shall afflict Eber, and he (Chittim) also shall perish for ever.

        • Paul

          The Septuagint however translated this part “they too shall perish” where “they” is used instead of “he” and “they” refers to Assur & Heber (Muslim / Arabs) !

          • Dixie Vangelisti

            Well said Paul…………!!!

  • Tom_mcewen

    Bristol is where John Cabot sailed for the new world in 1497 and later it was a great maritime trade hub, it was involved in the slave trade, maybe a new merchant class of muslims can reinvent the slave trade again to the markets in the Mideast, ISIS can open up a branch. Cry, Harry, England and St George needs a rework of course. Remember the cow that came out in restaurant at the end of the universe who begged to be eaten, the English are that cow.