Major Muslim Leader Makes This Message To All Christians: “If you refuse to convert to Islam, then the only thing between you and us is the sword.”

By Theodore Shoebat

A major Muslim leader in Trinidad, Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, made this message to all Christians: “If you refuse [to convert to Islam], then the only thing between you and us is the sword.” Here is the full statement from at-Trinidadi:

To the Christians I say, you know that you have strayed far away from the true teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus . Your book was corrupted long ago by your leaders. I call on you to remember the first two commandments, for they are what led me to Islam and to the true teachings of all the prophets. Submit to the one who created you and do not differentiate between the prophets, for they all came with the same message. Follow the final messenger, Muhammad g, for in doing so you will be following all of the prophets . If you refuse, then we offer you the option to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation. If you refuse, then the only thing between you and us is the sword.

Here is the full report:

Trinidadian Abu Sa’d at Trinidadi is among Isis spokesmen from several countries who have urged sympathisers, including among T&T Muslims, to launch home turf attacks against Christians.

at-Trinidadi ’s story is featured in the July edition of Dabiq, Isis’ online magazine being published since 2014. It is aimed at recruitment, unitarianism, truth-seeking, migration and holy war among matters.

The July edition, issued last weekend and obtained by T&T Guardian last Sunday, is based on the theme “Break the Cross.” It features Christian converts, including at-Trinidadi , from the US, Canada, Finland and Jamaica who have called for supporters to destroy “Christian disbelievers.” Following last week’s issue of the magazine, news broke of nine suspected T&T nationals detained in Turkey en route to join Isis.

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said yesterday Government was probing both that issue as well as the Dabiq report. Dillon spoke to the T&T Guardian after a meeting with law enforcement heads as well as international officials. Intelligence agencies are tracking the descriptions in the article against information on those individuals known to have gone to Syria over 2011-2016.

The Dabiq article has now been featured widely on French, German, European and UK agencies, US sites and global anti-terrorism watch groups and western media. The Isis warning follows recent terrorist attacks in Europe, including the killing of a French priest last week by two teenage Isis sympathisers. In the Dabiq article, T&T foreign fighter (FTF) At-Trinidadi claimed to be a former Christian convert to Islam who was “…now one of a large number of mujahidin from T&T” with Isis.

The article features pictures of other T&T nationals with Isis, including former Cunupia resident Shane Crawford, one of the T&T nationals who has been positively identified as joining Isis and South Trinidad Islamic scholar Ashmead Choate, whom at-Trinidadi credits with furthering his path to jihad. Claiming to be a sniper, at-Trinidadi said he was involved in crime before leaving T&T and was accused of being among those plotting to kill former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

He claimed he and two T&T colleagues —Abu ‘Abdillah and Abu ‘Isa—were the first three Mus­lims to join Isis. He said the other two have since been killed. He claimed about 60 per cent “of the mujahi­din from Trinidad” come from Muslim families with the remaining 40 per cent being converts. In the article, at-Trinidadi sent a message to “the Muslims of Trinidad.” He said the first part of his message was “to those who claim Islam and yet blindly follow the muftis and imams….” He asked them to return to the “true” religion. He called on others to “perform hijrah to the land of Islam… You wanted your children to live in a land where Allah’s law is the highest, yet you now remain in a place where you have no honour…”

He added: “I also say to you my brothers, you now have a golden opportunity to do something that many of us here wish we could do right now. You have the ability to terrify the disbelievers in their own homes and make their streets run with their blood… They are bombing your brothers and sisters day and night in the land where Allah’s law is supreme. “It is an obligation upon you to act and force them to think thrice before bombing the Muslims. Therefore, terrorise the disbelievers and make them feel fear everywhere, even in their own bedrooms. Due to their mere disbelief, their blood by default is lawful to spill.”

The message emphasised the Isis leadership’s insistence “not to differentiate between disbelieving soldiers and their so-called “civilians.” At-Trinidadi continued: “Attack the interests of the Crusader coalition near you, including their embassies, businesses and civilians. Burn down their government institutions just as they try to bomb our buildings where Allah’s law is upheld. “Follow the example of the lions in France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California and the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice…

“… If, however, you abandon your brothers while continu­ing to live in the shade of an enemy at war with Islam, within a petty distance from many Crusader interests, then do not be shocked if Allah strips you of the speck of faith remaining in your dying hearts, as a punish­ment for your sin and insincerity.” At-Trinidadi sent a message to Christians to follow Muhammad. “If you refuse, then the only thing between you and us is the sword.”

There is going to be a world war between Christendom and Islamdom.

To help restore the zeal and spirit of Christendom, I wrote a very in depth book, entitled Christianity is At War: The Manifesto For Christian Militancy. This book will be the most detailed and exhaustive study on Christian militancy. To give you an example of the book, here is excerpt from it, a section on how the French fought the Turks during the First Crusade:


The Christian fighters rode on swift horses toward Anatolia; the silence of the day brought comfort to the minds of the meditative warriors. Those who accompanied Bohemond turned and saw with startled eyes an army of three hundred thousand warriors, bearing the crescent as their banner, crying forth to the skies a savage shriek in a language unknown to the Christians of France, bringing forth to the eye an awe-inspiring sight. Not only were these Muslims, but Publicani or Cathar heretics who, because of their equal hatred for the Cross, joined the Muslims in their aspiration to uproot the Holy Faith. 

The men looked upon a force and the thoughts of an unsettled soul rushed throughout their minds, and a number of them were not sure on whether to fight or to fly before the Asiatic horde. Bohemond commanded the mounted troops to pitch camp alongside a certain river. Before their tents were erected, one hundred and fifty Turkic warriors treading the earth upon swiftly rode to the men, bent their bows and shot poisoned arrows. 

The Christians rushed to these barbarians without trembling, and with arms faster than the hooves of the enemy’s horses slew every one of them. They continued on and met the Turkish army, eye faced eye, and spirit faced spirit. So great were the numbers of the Turks that they could not flee from the fierce army of God. One moved his massive sword in one direction, and cut a Turk asunder, another did the same and his blade ripped through the human wall of Muslims. They tried to use their arrows, but the distance was so close to the Christians that the very thought remained useless. The men struck hard their lances upon the Turks, and so numerous were there blows that these lofty weapons broke upon the bodies of their enemies. 

And how many was the sight of men without limbs, and bodies lying on the floor without heads; the beholders of such carnage looked with the temperament of a warrior, neither knowing if the dead man in their presence had family, or who his parents were, or for how much time their mother and father raised them up.       


Another army of Turks saw from across the river the bloodshed taking place, and they rode with their horses across the river, not to partake in the intense display of valor and arms, but to rush inside the Christian camp. A mother cleaved her infant, and she saw with sheer terror the Turks ride on their robust horses. 

Her grip grew tighter as maternal love heightened and the presence of pure evil lingered about. They wrested ahold of the little one, hacked his infant body to pieces, took the mother and spilt her blood. They went about the village like the ancient pagans of antiquity, esteeming themselves as holy but exemplifying nothing but the actions of a heathen. They took each of the mothers, slew them; upon their infants they indulged in their cruelty, and neither were the others of the camp exempted from this violence. The cries of the slaughtered arose to heaven; they pierced the sharpest winds, the highest shrieks of the Turks, the manliest war cries of the Christians. They pulled Bohemond’s ears and went through his soul like daggers stabbing the bark of the hoariest redwood tree. He turned as the swords of heretics and saints clashed, gave orders to the Count of Normandy to lead the fray, and sprinted with all his might toward the camp. 

The Turks, still engaging in their wanton madness and drunk off the blood of the saints, turned a quick eye, saw this lion of Christendom with numerous of his men, and fled. The Christians ceased to run, stopped and beheld the gore, the wailings of the wounded, the mournings of the living for the dead, before their sights. Tears rushed down the widened eyes of Bohemond, and he lamented to God, and implored Him to be a refuge for those alive and those deceased.       


Bohemond returned and the battle still raged on. The tendons of the Christians burned with unendurable exertion, as the Turks unceasingly rushed on with energy and fresh spirits. Under that cruel summer heat, they fought; though fatigued they hammered their swords upon the breastplates of the enemy, and with each blow did their minds wonder as to whether or not they should fight and die, or flee and live. 

Christian women, who came to accompany their husbands in the crusade, and fill that dismal void of loneliness, brought water from the nearby river to refresh their bodies and cool their ligaments. But not even this could settle their spirits, and some of them began to retreat. But lo, the Count of Normandy, with awe-inspiring valor, turned his horse around, lifted heavenward his standard, and cried out with inspiring fury, “God wills it! God wills it!” The fleeing men turned around and beheld their commander with Bohemond. 

The cry of Christian war restored their spirits, brought high their hopes and brought low their worries of death, and with regained courage they made their decision to fight and die rather than flee. The Turks attacked with such great fury, with one pushing the other in front of him. No empty space was there, just men, one with crescent scimitar, the other with cross-shaped sword. As the intense slaughter went on, arrows descended and ripped through torsos and heads. No one stood idle, not one was free from action. 

The men collided, bodies were ripped open, limbs were severed, cries to Allah rang the ears, cries to God emanated throughout the air and ignited their hopes; the priests and the clergy with hands raise to heaven intently prayed for victory; women wailed for the fallen and dragged the dead to the camps.      

 Above their heads was a dark cloud of merciless arrows, and as these descended and cut life from the earth, there was seen from a distance two knights, Duke Godfrey and Hugh, and with them was forty thousand troops. When death was the plan of many a knight, and eternity the hope of them all, there came this force to the rescue; for many were they in that battle, whose times for perishing did not yet come. 

Like descending eagles they rushed down upon the Turks to cries and wild shrills of the womenfolk who watched nearby. They drove into the thick of opposition burning with rage and anger. 

No man there could fully describe the sounds of clashing arms, of splintering lances; the dying gave a great cry, but the victorious–how joyful was their rejoicing, how exhilarating their praises which reached the topmost summits. 

The living pounded the earth as the dead watered the grass with blood and tears. The enemy looked upwards, their chests heavy with the pains of the defeated, and saw to their despair more Christians rushing forth from a distant mountain. The crusaders looked up, their hearts relieved by the hope of victory, and cried the sounds of bliss as they saw the newly arrived force of Christians led by the Bishop of Le Puy and Count Raymond. So terrified were the Turks that they thought their enemies were coming down from heaven.  The earth was crimson with blood, and a river of this thick red substance of life flowed down the terrain by the swords of this military might of Christ.  

The sun descended, and in the cool silence of a young evening, this militant hymn, with lyrics from the Song of Moses, was heard from the elated but sore knights, 

“Thou art glorious in Thy saints, O Lord, and wonderful in majesty; fearful in praises, doing wonders. Thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy, and in the greatness of thine Excellency thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee. The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them. But Thou, Lord, wast with us as a strong warrior, and Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people which thou hast redeemed. Now we realise, God, that Thou art guiding us in Thy strength unto Thy holy habitation, Thy Holy Sepulcher.” 

Several lines of this hymn are directly from the Song of Moses, sung by the same prophet after the Egyptians were crushed underneath the waves of the Red sea. For these men never looked with contempt upon the Pentateuch, nor did they ever reject or ignore its militant lessons, but embraced them. Nor did the clergy undermine them, as they do today, with empty words and say “we are now in the age of grace, these martial lessons do not apply to us,” but they instilled them into the hearts and the minds of their congregations in every parish in Europe. This is that militant Christian spirit which we have long forgotten, and it is the hope of this book to restore it.  


In order to end the Islamic persecution over Christian lands in the East, it was necessary for the crusaders to take the city of Antioch in Syria which had fallen to the Turks only ten years before Pope Urban II commenced the First Crusade. Syria acted as a bridge by which the western and eastern legs of the Islamic empire would communicate and bring armies behind the Crusaders’ radar. It provided a free passage for Muslim armies going north from south and vice versa, and it connected Mesopotamia, Persia and all Muslim lands even unto the Indus, with the religious center of Mecca. Should this link be broken, the Muslim power would have bled to death by such a wound. 

So crucial was Syria in this war that Hilaire Belloc wrote that “Islam would not have survived had the Crusade made good its hold upon the essential point of Damascus.” To control Syria is to control the Muslim world, and the same applies to today despite of our technology; our airplanes and petrol. Such is the reason why that Turkey even till this day, in reviving its wounded Islamic empire, wants to take Syria. The Syrian revolution was praised at its beginnings, but the end result will only be a revival of the Ottoman Empire, and a pool filled with the blood of the saints.   


So infamous was Antioch for its great fortifications and immensely thick walls, and so great was this siege that it provoked a medieval monk, Robert, to write a poem so vivid and evocative that it would be an injustice to try to emulate it:

“The rising star of morning had preceded the beams of dawn 

So that dawn itself might shake out its shining dew

And the sun make the world gorgeous with its flaming light.

The lords rise hastily, their troops with them,

And seize their arms and run to the walls. 

Right arms fought a hard battle inside and out:

Those inside defend, whilst our men throw darts

And weapons, sticks, and indeed stones and stakes. 

The effort was immense, but in vain. 

So they retreated, unable to overthrow

The towers and walls, susceptible to no force.

Seeing that their efforts were in vain, our men

Stop fighting, but carry on the siege.”  

The Turks were so confident in the strength of Antioch, that in the evening darkness they opened their gates and let loose archers who came under the shadow of night and fired their arrows toward the Christians. A woman was walking before the tent of Bohemond, and in one moment an arrow pierced her gentle body and her life was gone. The Franks responded by quickly posting watchers throughout the camp to eye the lurking enemies, and by building a castle to safeguard them from the stealth killers. 

A large body of Turks rushed from the castle of Harim from a close distance and ambushed the men. The Christians sent a thousand of their men into a valley, and when they were met by the Turks they fled and so the chase began. The Turks, like good Asiatics, spurned their horses on, and the Christians took refuge with their army. Now the two forces were nigh between each other; the Turks trusted in their numbers, the Christians their God. Swords were unsheathed; cries to bloodshed were unleashed from the viscous mouths of men, while the shouts of war for God was heard on that side of the army whose standard was the Cross. 

Two Christians were slain in the battle, and countless Turks were taken prisoner, and their heads were cut before the Muslim warriors who stood watching from the walls of the famous city. After this victory, the Armenians were free to approach the crusaders without fear and sell food to them.


A greater battle was forged in due time. One can only imagine the site of this battle: tens of thousands of Muslims, efficiently ranked, all from the lands ruled under the crescent–Persians, Arabs, and Medes, men from Damascus and Aleppo. And before their deceived eyes stood a force of thirty-thousand knights and soldiers, all hand-picked for this fight. The Muslims were overjoyed, thinking their enemy ready to be taken by Turkish hands and taken in chains. As their hands were shaking with the desire to kill, the hopes of the two armies were unto themselves engaged in a war: one was that of the City of Satan, striving for the obliteration of the Faith, the massacre of the faithful, and the complete triumph of falsehood; the other was that of the City of God, aspiring for the Truth to conquer all error. 

The two armies rushed with the greatest intensity, with the knights cutting down the Turks as the scythe rips through the harvest. Turkish horsemen fell into the presence of foot soldiers who cut them down and made a great slaughter. The second column of Muslims came, and immediately were their ears taken by the sounds of battle and cries, the clash of armour against armour, the hooves of horses beating desperately on the cold earth. The newcomers saw, and sheer terror grabbed hold of all of them. The Muslims ran, and the Christians pursued after them, only to take the victory. 

Bohemond later went before his armies and declared to his weary and starving troops:

“You men have been distinguished up to now as outstanding soldiers. God has upheld you through the many dangers of various battles and given you victory. You have an impressive track record. So why are you muttering against God simply because you are suffering from pangs and famine? When he stretches out his hand to you, you exult; now he withdraws it, you despair. It seems as if you love not the giver but the gifts; not the one who is generous but the results of their generosity. When he is generous God is treated as your friend; when he ceases to give, you seem to consider him unworthy and irrelevant. Right now he is testing you through the deprivations of famine and the incessant attacks of your enemies. If they had inflicted as many injuries on us as we have on them, if they had killed as many of us as we have on them, if they had killed as many of us as we had slaughtered of them, any of us who remained alive would have every right to complain — but not one would be able to complain because not one would remain alive. So do not lose confidence, but keep your courage up. Whether you live in him or die for him you will be blessed.”  

With such great words came great elation of the spirits and aspirations of the soldiers. But yet hunger did not leave, nor did it refrain from its cruel travails. And to their help came a number of Armenian and Syrian Christians, with that hospitality common to the East, they found whatever food they could find and gave to the crusaders. 


But soon, from famine, desperation, anguish and hopelessness, came valor, valiancy, and the urge to war against the enemy of the Cross. A messenger arrived and reported that innumerable thousands of Turks were on their way, marching with the confidence that the Christians were now to be vanquished. Men who were unable to walk now stood upright and ready to quarrel; they raised their hands to heaven and praised God as though victory was already theirs. 

To them death under the scimitar was superior to perishing under the torments of hunger. To such men, with mouths dry as deserts, stomachs as empty as the pockets of pilgrims, and hearts as swelled with the spirit of hope as the wandering preachers of ancient Europe, to die for something was greater than dying of something. The battle was between those who say with Paul, “I discipline my body and keep it under control” (1 Corinthians 9:27) and those “Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.” (Philippians 3:19)


 The sun went low and darkness overran the land, and the Christians made ready their ambushes. The sun had arisen, and just as dawn brought the first light to the world, they set their sights upon the enemy, and never before had they seen such numbers of enemy troops, riding upon their horses, swift like lightning, and arms strong but light like feathers to shoot off arrows into the cruel air that hovers in the midst of brutish battles. The knights made the sign of the Cross, outstretched their hands toward heaven and gave themselves up to God–all with might, mind, strength and heart–to the God who crushed the devil upon Calvary.     

In moments all that could be seen were men clashing like waves smashing into imposing summits in the midst of a mighty tempest. Turks rode on their horse; they were struck by lances and violently fell off to the ground. Other Muslims rode around the fray and with speed and agility fired arrows into the knights. The men fought, with the Christians crying out to God and the Turks barking like dogs to bring fear into their enemies. The saints heard such growls, and they were not afraid; they laughed in scorn and in mockery.

Bohemond leaped into the ranks of Muslims, and with his men fortified the courage of the others. When the Muslims looked up and saw so close to them the banners of the Christians hovering above their heads, and the swords of the saints slashing all around them, all their fortitude dissipated like the fragile foundations of their heresy. The victory was to the horror of the Muslims, and to the joy of the native Christians who brought their congratulations to the crusaders. Many of the Eastern Christians loved the crusaders, dissipating the myth that has been taught of so long, that the Eastern Christians hated the Western knights.


When the crusaders were besieging Antioch, the Turks, in hatred of the Gospel, began to throw at them the heads of Greek, Syrian, and Armenian Christians. The crusaders, upon seeing this, went into great grief and trepidation, but they still continued on. At a place called the “Iron Bridge”, the crusaders stopped an army of Turks from oppressing Christians living in the lands surrounding Antioch.

Before the city the men began to construct a castle, and as they toiled and built they were ambushed, and a thousand were slain. The news was brought to the attention of the crusaders, and so filled with rage were they, that they rushed toward the enemy with great speed. 

The numbers of the Christians were seen, but quickly they increased, and so numerous did they become that the Turks fled toward the bridge. So narrow was their path that they could not escape from the ferocity of the knights. Poisoned arrows did not work, and nor could their arms outmatch the skill of a Frankish fighter. 

Fight nor flight was possible, only death. Countless Muslim heads were struck off, vengeance was made for all of the Christians they beheaded, and no matter how tired the Christians grew, they did not cease in cutting down the enemy. 

Godfrey, set ablaze with tremendous fury, struck an enemy with one blow, and the body of the slain was found cut in two. One Turk, riding upon his horse with a body lofty and robust, charged at Godfrey and hammered down his sword toward his neck. Godfrey blocked the strike with his shield, and in one move of agility plunged his sword into the left side of his shoulder-blade with such ferociousness that his chest split down the middle, his spine was severed by the blade, and his head slipped right down. The horse of this giant rode away with the remains of the body into Antioch, and upon its arrival all that was heard were the screams of the people, for he was their emir. 

The ruler of Antioch, as he fought with valor, was struck down, and twelve other emirs never saw life again in that day. The Turks flung themselves into a river only to be struck by lances and slain. Five thousand were killed upon that bridge; blood tainted the water like black ink shooting forth the fleeing octopus, and in moments the water turned red like when the Nile turned crimson. No longer did the crusader hear the insults of the Muslims coming from behind the walls of the city, all that he heard was the silence of fear. 


During the siege, the Count of Flanders rushed impetuously into the phalanxes of some of the enemy which was so shocking and unexpected that these Turks ran away in search of refuge. The Count did not sheath his sword until he removed a hundred jihadists from life. In returning to his companion Bohemund, the Count saw twelve thousand Turks coming from his rear, and rising up on the nearest hill was a countless multitude of enemy foot-soldiers. He quickly informed the army and with a small number of men fiercely attacked the immense wave of Turks who then attempted to encircle the whole of the crusaders. The saintly fighters, thanks to their foresight, prevented this strategy from succeeding. Turks, accompanied by Arabs, attempted to use arrows, and in response the knights utilized their swords in close quarter combat, which made the archers useless. In the midst of the siege of Antioch, as arrows darkened the air, the tall and brawny Bohemund made this profound command to his constable Robert:

“Go as quickly as you can, like a brave man, and remember our illustrious and courageous forefathers of old. Be keen in the service of God and the Holy Sepulcher, and bear in mind that this battle is not carnal, but spiritual. Be, therefore, the bravest athlete of Christ. Go in peace. The Lord be with you everywhere.” 

These words beautifully illustrate how the crusaders did “not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) The war was spiritual because it did not war against humanity itself, but against Satan, and in so doing did they have no choice but to fight against the servants of the devil, for the aid of humanity. 


Be sure to get the book, Christianity is at War, once it comes out. 



  • filomena seiffert

    This is a good reason to outlaw islam. How long the governments will stand idle and let the serpent take over? We Christians need to help Blessed Mother to crush the serpent’s head; by our prayers, demonstrating and filling petitions against islam to our government leaders. Election time is the best time.

    • Trevor

      And don’t forget to petition for aid from St. Michael the Archangel whose has an undefeated winning streak against the devil! May he, by the power of God, cast satan into hell!

      • I’m sure the great arch angel Michael will have no problem handling Satan and his angels. It’s no contest as they say. In fact, Satan doesn’t appear to be all that powerful except for his great cunning and deceit. Saint Peter said he roams about ‘like a roaring lion’ (he’s bluffing) but if we oppose him he will flee from us! And in Rev. 20 we are told not that an arch angel came but just ‘an angel’ with the key of the pit and a great chain and laid hold on Satan. It seems the greater danger is the sin nature working in people which when captured by the deceiver works great evil.

        • filomena seiffert

          The problem is that humans give satan the power, he could not murder anyone if humans did not allow him to dominate them. I remember had to ask permission from Jesus to enter the pigs. Humans use their free will to permit satan to influence them.

  • Hmmmm, that sounds like a personal threat!

  • Trevor

    You know this:

    To the Christians I say, you know that you have strayed far away from the true teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus…

    …is the standard run-of-the-mill accusation heretical cults accuses Catholic and Orthodox of leaving the soundness of the Scriptures.

    Islam has far more in common with the likes of Sacred Name/Hebrew Root/Messianic congregations, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, and what-have-you.

    • Jeff

      And Satan!

  • Trevor

    As soon as I saw “al-Trinidadi” I knew he had to be from Trinidad. I hope you have access to guns because you will need it.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Yes, between thee and we lay the sword, but we too can pick up the sword and cut and cut and cut…

  • Flame blue

    A good article.

    Dare l mention that an important Christian leader has said there is no difference between Roman Catholic people murdering their mother in law or wife and Muslims murdering non Muslims because they are not Muslims.

    To my mind, there is a big difference, the Muslim jihadists are killing people who are not Muslims for being non Muslim, and they are doing that because the Koran, Allah and Muhammad sanctions it, and commands it. The simple murderer who kills his mother-in-law does not see justification or commandments in the Gospels to do such a thing. The lawless murderer who claims to be Roman Catholic is going against Christianity when he does evil. The Muslim is supporting Islam when he murderers non believers in Allah (Satan) and his demon prophet.

    This so called Christian leader is supposed to be well educated, the man knows the truth but he is a wicked false prophet.

    • Tom_mcewen

      What is the context of what you claim he said, was there a question that framed the answer? I could be accused of killing my wife and I could say it was true, but context and intent made a difference between first degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. I take this major Christian? Leader is the pope. Sounds like a charge of do you still beat your wife. When a protestant frames a Catholic as Christian I run. The apostolic coptics who had their throats cut are not Christians and for me personally I would rather be the apostolic coptics then those who call themselves Christians. So what was the context and intent?

      • Flame blue

        I believe the important Christian leader was asked his views on Islamic terrorism. He replied that he was reluctant to say Islam was violent because there are Roman Catholics who kill their family members. He said that there are fundamental Christians as well as fundamental Muslims and fundamentalism is the root cause of terrorism not Islam. So, the important Christian leader thinks that the Gospels are the same as the Koran. He also thinks that Allah is Jehovah! And l wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks that Muhammad had the same message as Jesus and all the prophets and his message should be followed as he was the last prophet!

  • Julie

    I read their ideas before on Catholic Answers about St. Paul and the corruption of our faith. Just shows how ignorant they are.

    Even if you showed them the truth, their opaque souls could not grasp.


  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Muslims are beginning to threaten the whole world, it will lead to multiple nations and religions uniting to fight against the Muslims and crushing them out, it will be the Muslims who will embrace Christianity…or else……………………….

    The ability to carry a gun and a sword and use them, is inherent in other human being as well. Let it be a final warning to this imam pig from trinidad. His mother was a pig, that gave birth to this wretched Islamic piglet.

    • filomena seiffert

      NOT A PIG.innocent creature loved by God, his mother was a prostitute of the devil

  • rodolfo

    The Cross will rise above the ground for them to see and tremble. Then they’ll see the Truth, the Way and the Life.

  • “the Messianic Jews probably have it more correct than the Catholic Church does.”

    80% of the Messianic are Hebrew Roots Movement and these deny the Trinity. Are these more correct than Catholics?

  • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

    If the only thing between you and I is the sword, then so be it! You shall die by the sword! Simple as that!!!

  • William

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

    I’m not disagreeing that Islam is attempting to present some threat to the body of Christ. But is God not sovereign? Have we so quickly forgotten that none of these things move us? If a toddler held up a knife and threatened you would you be afraid? They can come with swords all at once, for your life cannot be delivered lest He allow it. Are we so worried they will affect in any way the plans of the most high God. The heathen rage the bible says but God is laughing! He has them all in derision. I know many Christians in a fright because of things of this nature. Can we not simply pray for God’s will to be done and have faith? There is no great threat here! Who is this uncircumcised philistine that defies the living God? We need a change of perspective. Remember this, all of Gods people saw Giants in the promise land that they could not defeat and it melted the hearts of the people, but Joshua and Caleb’s report was we are WELL ABLE to take the land. Fear not the threatenings of a fool, for ( and this was the meaning of Elijah’s name) My God IS GOD. Let them set their altars and we will set ours and the God who answers by FIRE we will serve! This kind of thing doesn’t scare me, my God is well able to deliver me, and even if He doesn’t, go ahead and toss me in the fire, because I will never bow my knee to another. For to be absent from the body is to be present will the Lord. God allows in His wisdom what He could prevent in His power, and if He chooses to allow my death, then not only to I get to be with Jesus, I will request that He allow me to slay more in my death than I did in my life, as was once said of Samson.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Anxious for your book to finally be out! How any Christian can become a murdering Muslim is beyond me – I would think that that person has violence in their blood and becoming a Muslim makes it ‘legal’, nay, imperative, to kill.

    • Pamela Sage

      I think most of those converting to Islam at present are nominal or cultural Christians. The Bible does predict a great falling away towards the end. I suspect a falling away of shallow-rooted Christians who will be afraid and feel betrayed when the Tribulation starts and they have not been raptured. Yes, Islam does attract persons who already have violent and criminal tendencies and wish to justify them, that’s why prisons in the U.S. are such fertile recruitment grounds for potential jihadists.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Long time no see – where have you been? We have been short of Catholic bashers for some time.

    • filomena seiffert

      As I say, this is the core of protestant doctrine, bashers of the Catholic Church. This kind of hatred can only come from hell

  • filomena seiffert

    Because USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others arm ISIS and all terror groups and help to finance them.

  • William Dean Ziemer

    Even though Putin has banned Christians from telling people about the wonderful news of Jesus Christ, Christians continue to spread the news.

    • Raph Sebastian

      As always you cowards only go to Catholic and Orthodox countries and try to convert Apostolic Christians to the heresy of Protestantism, you want to peddle your hogwash and pishposh made up theology for authentic Christianity and condemn souls with your easy Christianity. Of course Putin is going to stop you from selling your bastardized counterfeit version of my faith in Russia. Go to Saudi Arabia and “evangelize” there! Of course you cowards will not.

  • SRN99

    Why should anyone convert to a religion that was founded by a pedophile, thief, murderer and rapist?

  • Raph Sebastian

    I am sure you are aware you country was named after the Blessed Trinity, Trinidad being Spanish for Trinity, the One True and Triune God, Creator of all that is seen and unseen. Those muslims despise the Blessed Holy Trinity that is why they wanted to overthrow the government and establish their own based on the teachings of the false prophet and his unholy book. Especially the fact that it was the Catholics that discovered and named most of the islands in your part of the world.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Please tell me about the Catholic dark past please. You know the Israeli or the Jews did not speak Hebrew but Greek. The Messianic are alway coming up with pseudo Jewish Hebrew words that have not been pronounced since the chief priest died in 70 AD. Greek was the language of Palestine and continued after Rome conquered in 63 BC. Hebrew died in the exile.
    Yes please tell me about the 50 million or the 100 million or the 168 million or the 360 million murdered by the church and I in exchange will tell you the population figures at the fail of Rome, the figures in 500, 600, up to the time of the three waves of the black plague and the time of Luther which was approximately 78 million. You are a chief warrant officer, you have been taught to be better. Myths and slander is a not fact to base men’s lives on, good accurate intelligence is. Tell me about the murders using good accurate intelligence not enemy propaganda.

  • Trevor

    You would be wrong.

  • Trevor

    Re read my post. Obviously you didn’t.

  • Trevor

    Re read my post.

  • Trevor

    Then you better organize and fight to have access to guns.

  • “no affiliation to any denomination”

    That means you belong to a non-denominational denomination?

    No one can make a claim that they do not belong to a denomination. What church do you go to? Its a denomination.

    This is like saying that I am a citizen of the world. Therefore I do not need to get a visa when I cross any border. Such claims are invalid.

  • Trevor

    I may be wrong on this, but I think they use name like al-Baghadi, al-Trinidadi to show where they come from.

  • Trevor

    ” But historically Catholicism has more in common with Islam than the
    others in 2 ways in paticular. The first would be the killing of
    millions of people for having a different belief system, and the second
    would be prior to the 1800’s when the Pope was basicly the King of the
    earth and ruled over the Kings of the Nations.”

    You based this on WHAT?

    • Meagan Truitt

      Catholicism is full of heresies and introduced myriad heresies into the church. Some of those were purged with the Protestant reformation and many were not. The reformation has never been completed. One of those is the Trinity. It is clear as the nose on your face if you read and let scripture speak rather than accepting the brainwashing others have subjected you to that the co equality clause is unbiblical. There are many scriptures that say that Jesus is subject to God the Father: God who is the head of Christ who is the head of man…, Jesus saying the Father is greater than I etc etc.

      But I will probably be blocked from here because that is all that can be done when you can’t actually win the debate fair and square.

      That is what happens when someone is not really interested in truth but only in upholding the status quo and believing what they want to believe and what is popular and will not get them persecuted. And killed which was another heretical practice as Jesus never sanctioned nor did any of the apostles sanction murdering those who disagree doctrinally or for any other reason than self defense if someone is trying to kill you or yours. Thankfully that one was rejected and stopped.

      Most Christians have long since stopped being bereans who truly search the scriptures whether the things they are being taught are true. They just find people who act like they know it all and are authoritative and believe what they are told. It’s not surprising because life is easier that way. Why would we think that things are any different today that in Jesus’s day or the Old Testament? Very quickly after the Isrealites took their vows to follow God and received the law and were established as a nation in the Land God gave them, they turned and corrupted and disobeyed. In Jesus’s day the leaders were deceiving people that they were following God but they were in reality children of the devil. They were false Shepards who were leading people astray and it’s no different now. Very quickly the true faith and way of life in Christ was corrupted, by the forth century almost nothing remained. Once Christianity became political and people lead it that were not genuine Christians like Constantine who never turned from the worship of his pagan gods, the truth and the organization of the body of Christ in terms of the way God meant for it to function went out the window.

      I consider any believer who accepts Jesus Christ as the son of God and as their Lord and savior and who makes him Lord in their life as my brother or sister and will treat them as such whether I believe they are duped and in left field doctrinally or not. But I’m not going to blindly believe what I’m told to believe under threat of some kind even if it costs me, like many before me. I hope I would be as brave and faithful as they were. I hope I would be as brave as William Tyndale who did the translation work and provided bibles in English to his countryman that were the basis for all the bibles in English for hundreds of years and who prayed as he was about to be burned at the stake long live the king, lord please open the Kings eyes and forgive him this sin he knows not what he does.

      If this is a Protestant heretic to you then I would be proud to be one if I could be so brave and loyal.

      • Trevor

        You now have to prove every single heresies you just accused Catholics of bringing. You must provide sources not just conjecture.

  • Trevor

    Yes, but that wasn’t my point.

  • Darrell King

    Protect your families by ANY MEAN YOU HAVE!!! I know I will!!

  • Darrell King

    Kwteg, you’re a good person. Those of us who TRULY believe, KNOW that we are warriors for CHRIST!!

  • Trevor

    Your entire answer is the hallmark of the intellectual lazy.

    “I only ask this, please show me the history book that says that the Catholic Church did NOT torture people in order to bring them “back” into the fold. And it is historical fact, that the Pope prior to the mid1800’s was basically a Caliph. Walid, am I incorrect in this statement? The Pope had dominion over the Kings of Europe. Why do you think England broke from the Catholic church in the first place to start Protestantism? Because Henry VIII couldn’t get a divorce from the Pope.”

    Leading medieval scholar, Thomas F. Madden, details these, including the uber liberal BBC have thoroughly debunked the claims presented by ahistorical scholars.

    BBC –

    You need to provide proof that every pope until the 1800s were a caliph. That alone proves how truly ignorant you are about Islam. A caliph is the ruler of Islam. The pope is simply the top bishop or more correctly, the Bishop of Rome.

    King Henry VIII broke from Rome because a) he sought for legitimate way to have a son in order to keep the kingdom intact, b) the pope was actually held as a political hostage because the king of France was the brother of King Henry VIII’s wife, and c) it was purely politics that drove the schism between the Church of England where the king made himself the head of the Church of England. However, signs are now pointing toward a reconciliation between the Holy See of Canterbury and the Holy See of Peter in Rome.

    Protestantism is actually a train wreck after train wreck. It was stupid Martin Luther who lost patience with the reform that was underway and reform takes time. Thank to the idiot, we now have so many denominations that compete against one another, each trying to one-up each other with their own sets of rituals, creed, and interpretations. No wonder there have been an explosion of atheism thanks to Protestants.

    “Look I’m not judging you, or your Church, I am just trying to get you guys to face historical facts. I’m not saying everyone in the Catholic faith is bad or has an incorrect belief. In fact in another article I am trying to get more information on your beliefs. But you can’t deny history my friend, if you do, you are bound to repeat it.”

    You did not present facts. You presented conjectures. Conjectures are not facts.

    Start refuting Thomas F. Madden’s article and then try to refute BBC’s documentary on the Spanish Inquisition.

    “So to recap in your original statement you claimed “Islam has far more in common with the likes of Sacred Name/Hebrew
    Root/Messianic congregations, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s

    Witness, and what-have-you.” And I submit to you that perhaps these denominations are false like Islam, The historical Catholic Church has more in common with Islam.”

    You read my initial comment and COMPLETELY missed the point which does not surprise me one bit. So here is the full comment and let see if that mind of your will work this time:

    You know this:

    To the Christians I say, you know that you have strayed far away from the true teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus…

    is the standard run-of-the-mill accusation heretical cults accuses Catholic and Orthodox of leaving the soundness of the Scriptures.

    Islam has far more in common with the likes of Sacred Name/Hebrew Root/Messianic congregations, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’sWitness, and what-have-you.

    My POINT was that those heretical cults and Islam have one thing in common – that is they ACCUSE Catholics and Orthodox of leaving the Scriptures. That is a FACT.

    Second, you accuse that “historical” Catholics have more in common with Islam which is PATENTLY false. Theologically, Catholicism and Islam are POLES APART as the latter is inherently ANTI-CHRISTIAN to the core as they deny the divinity of Christ, deny that Christ went to the cross, deny that Christ is risen, and most blasphemous of all, they deny that Jesus is God’s Son. Islam is similar to every heretical cults which is it is being said that Islam is the sum of every heretical teachings that the Catholic fought and condemned since the First Nicene Council was convened.

  • James Allen

    What a “brave” Muslim dim wit. Dumb as a house cat.

  • I am Walid Al-Tahami (the Bethlehemite). Am I invited too 😉

  • Raph Sebastian

    First of all the Catholic Church is not a denomination. This is the authentic Church that the LORD founded, it is the splintering of the Church with the Protestant heresy that caused denominations.

    Reality is best explained by this fraction:

    Forty Thousand Denominations after the Protestant Heresy (Denominator)

  • Maria

    Really CW2? Mormons believe Jesus is the brother or Lucifer. Look it up. Just to say “Jesus” means nothing since Muslims do the same. The question you should ask is what they believe who Jesus is.

  • Maria

    please show me with scripture where Jesus says that the Protestant religion is the one true and only church. If you can do that, I will happily convert.

  • Trevor


  • Trevor

    Interesting that you criticized my pick of a Catholic scholar and yet you did not address BBC. And interesting that you obviously are ignorant of history of the Church constant fight against heresies. The apostles fought against it as Paul, Peter, and John hinted in their epistles.

    Please name me one Christian from 70AD to 324 AD that interprets the way you do.

  • Trevor

    It took me a few minutes after I posted that I went, “Oh, duh! He meant the Spanish Inquisition.” 🙂 I can be slow at time.

  • CW2 James

    Mary, thank you, the parallels was the whole point of what I originally said. I did not mean Catholicism was evil like Islam, only that there was a period of time where the Church DID conduct atrocities. I’m not saying the Church hasn’t changed, but the history is reality, and can’t be changed. And I can assure you I have read more than just the cliff notes.

    Just out of curiosity, are your quoted authors Catholics? And if your going to state dates as being fact, you should at least use correct dates, and time periods. I understand the generalizations were in the approximate times, but there was more than one Inquisition. And there was also a span of about 1000 years that Catholicism was the only recognized Christian religion. If you disagreed with the church, you were a heretic. And that is fact.

  • Trevor

    I can easily argue that your own avatar is graven image. I can easily argue that carrying the dollar bill in your wallet is carrying graven image. Ditto for Mount Rushmore, one of the popular attractions in America. If you have family portraits on your wall, you are committing sins. It’s a slippery slope argument.

    If God truly wanted us to not have images of angels, of saints, of the Virgin Mary, then God has contradicted Himself when He told Moses to have smiths fashion angels for the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Again, God would have contradicted Himself for showing up in Solomon’s Temple with clouds of His presence because in Solomon’s Temple were images of angels.

    So to celebrate Palm Sunday is sin? To celebrate Easter is sin because it is the day that changed history forever? Jesus is risen. How does that not become a cause of celebration? Christ’s birth is a cause for sin because we exchange gifts just as the wise men of the East brought gifts to Christ?

    Again, slippery slope argument. Got to get rid that Alexander Hisslop’s garbage.

    As a priest once said in celebrating of the children’s first communion during Mass, he said that God loves to give gifts, and in the Scriptures, children are considered to be a gift from the Lord, so what’s wrong with the exchange of gifts? The devil, through men like Hisslop, and history revisionists, have caused many to be robbed of the simple joy of celebrating Christ.

  • Interesting that regardless of God’s prohibition against making an image of anything in heaven so as to worship it then instructs the priests on the construction of the ark of the covenant. They created and fixed two huge gold statues of cherubim on each end of the ark. What ever could it mean? Oh, what about the bronze serpent that the disobedient, if they looked upon it would not die from poison snake bites?

  • filomena seiffert

    Protestant again attacking the Catholic faith. Saint Mike the Archangel defends us in battle,be our safety against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God rebuke him we humbly pray…

  • filomena seiffert

    You said well because you are corrupting the faith, yourself

  • filomena seiffert

    Jesus rightfully replaced all pagans God, It is just that He be celebrated in the feasts the false Gods were also. Every day is holly in Gods’ eyes, He made everyone of them. No day can be unholy just because people who do not knew God used them to celebrate their beliefs, Such a stupid jargon. Since we do not know the date of the birth and resurrection of Our Lord, it is fit to celebrate on dates where people considered important. Is Jesus important above those gods to take the celebration for Himself?

  • The Nazis nailed people’s tongues to park benches to prove their point.