A Horrific Storm Of Evil Is Rising Up And Is Sweeping The World, It Is Leading Europe Into The Hands Of The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, PART I)

There is a tremendous movement brewing across Europe and other parts of the world where the players real agenda is not so obvious to the naked eye. The Church is extremely silent not daring to expose it. And it is all focused on invading Jerusalem. People do not stop and ask: how will all these evil movements and nations unite to march against Jerusalem to fulfill  Zechariah 12 “when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her [Jerusalem]”?

The devil will use antisemitism, stupid, where every evil is blamed on the Jews. And this is currently brewing like never before since WWII. While critiquing Jews is valid, the evil is this unbalanced view that is sweeping western nations like a storm accusing Jews to supersede gentiles in doing mischief. And its coming from claiming Christians who do not consider that antisemitism in Christianity is a heresy, condemned by the church as mortal sin since it stems from ultra-nationalists leading their nations to commit genocide. Today, there is a tremendous rise in antisemitism. It has become a silent reality getting us ever closer to fulfilling Zechariah 12.

But how big are these antisemitic movements? Enter a shocker.

But first, I will explain in an allegory where few will understand. The process of how the world is getting to invade Jerusalem is simple to explain if we be as wise as serpents. The evil agenda is introduced in several phases.

The first phase began around three decades ago when the West declared war hailing Saddam Hussein as the major threat to the world. And when the true prophets warned “this is a bad idea” the prophets were burned alive. Then it took a decade or two to recognize the prophets were right all along.

Then the next evil phase began when a new spring gushed forth out of the bottomless pit declaring that Middle East dictators are the major threat to the world. The false prophets declare it “an Arab Spring” and they blessed it. And when the true prophets said “this too is wickedness” more true prophets were burned alive. The west then went full-throttle on pumping this Arab Spring to gush forth the waters which became wormwood, and many people died from the water, because it had been made bitter.

The west, as it turns out, commenced an evil plan. Germany aided the Islamist evil dragon Turkey which spewed a flood of Muslim immigrants, locusts if you will, into the heartland of Europe. Now the European masters did not have to convince the masses to aid in the ultimate evil plan, the third phase. Instead the masses on their own declared and complained to their masters that aided and abetted this wormwood shouting that the Muslim immigration is the ultimate major threat to the world.

The true prophets are never recognized only until it is too late. Now begins the third phase. To eradicate the locust invasion, an anti-Muslim immigration western spring is gushing forth. But what most are unaware of is that the western spring is no different from the other spring filled with poisonous wormwood. Now that the true prophets say “this too is wickedness,” whatever was left of the true prophets were burned alive. Nothing remains but a handful telling the west that they are being deceived by their masters. They too are being converted in masse to antisemitism and neopaganism (Zechariah 12, Isaiah 2).

Participants hold flags and a banner during an anti-immigration rally organised by an initiative called “Stop Islamisation of Europe” and backed by the far-right “People’s Party-Our Slovakia” on September 12, 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia. AFP PHOTO / Samuel Kubani

And we are not exclusively speaking of the Muslim world’s antisemitism. This new antisemitism is stemming not just from the typical anti-Israel liberals, but from western conservatives who do not heed Zechariah’s warning.

As the devil caused the Muslim immigration, the same devil knew how to keep the Christian masses completely silent. Now that the anti-Muslim immigration party has become dominant, the politically correct stance is the anti-Muslim immigration stance.

While the west is correct in stopping this immigration, this flood, the other issue is that this forces conservatives to look the other way when it comes to exposing the antisemitic neopagan storm, the true conservatives are silent, lest they get accused of being labeled as pro-Muslim immigration liberals.

In every evil agenda, there is the arm-twisting tactics that go along with it. Every Christian is silent, while the nations prepare to march on Jerusalem. Hard to believe? Enter the shocking research:


When it comes to the rise of antisemitism, most are deceived by thinking “its only the skinheads”. For example, many read the story on one neo-Nazi website calling for an armed march against a Montana Jewish community, where they showed a graphic scene to the entrance to the notorious Auschwitz released by the Daily Stormer website, which is run by white supremacist Andrew Anglin dubbed ‘March on Whitefish’. The armed skinheads will be bused in from the San Francisco area.  Some read this news to conclude “its only that freak Andrew Anglin” or “its only the skinheads, stupid”.

If this is what you think then you are of the naive who drank the blue pill. Here, drink the red pill for a change, get a crash course, wake up once and for all and smell the smoke of satan.

The West as a result of all three phases has entered a new phase in history. Today conservatives by large are evolving into antisemite neopagans at supersonic speed. Zechariah 12 will include millions upon millions of populists and ultra-nationalists who have a form of godliness, neopagans with a Christian facade, stemming from every corner of the globe to hail against Jerusalem.

The bulk of Christians today are naive. They cannot see how fast the clock is turning back to the same time in history when Christ came to convert a pagan world. Every day that passes by is getting us closer to that point when paganism prevailed much of the western world. Today the rise of neopaganism reveals a disturbing trend becoming the fastest growing religion globally and is also virulently antisemitic. Besides over one billion Muslims with growing anti-semitism (Islam has pagan residues from pre-Islam’s Arabia), today we have an array of movements that labels itself “conservative” when in fact these are neopagan.

Again, if you go against these, you are instantly labeled as ‘pro-Muslim immigration’, even though you are not. These deceive by coming across as anti-liberalism, anti-immigration, anti-multiracialism and anti-multiculturalism.

Let me give but one example to explain this anti-Jerusalem trend. Many of the deceived are fascinated with Breitbart News where you have Milo Yiannopoulos (a homosexual bullshit artist claiming to be Catholic). On Breitbart he cites Evola’s works (Evolian Traditionalism) as being an essential part of the alt-right philosophy while lamenting how they are accused of being racists:

There are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared), but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence. Skinheads, by and large, are low-information, low-IQ thugs driven by the thrill of violence and tribal hatred. The alternative right are a much smarter group of people — which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They’re dangerously bright. The origins of the alternative right can be found in thinkers as diverse as Oswald Spengler, H.L Mencken, Julius Evola, Sam Francis, and the paleoconservative movement that rallied around the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan. The French New Right also serve as a source of inspiration for many leaders of the alt-right. The media empire of the modern-day alternative right coalesced around Richard Spencer during his editorship of Taki’s Magazine. In 2010, Spencer founded AlternativeRight.com, which would become a center of alt-right thought. Alongside other nodes like Steve Sailer’s blog, VDARE and American Renaissance, AlternativeRight.com became a gathering point for an eclectic mix of renegades who objected to the established political consensus in some form or another. All of these websites have been accused of racism.

The tricks are simple to refute. Yiannopoulos is un-demonizing the Alt-Right through the same tactics as Islam’s Taqiyya. These types are familiar with deception separating ‘moderate’ activists as from ‘extremists’, distinguishing ‘propagandists’ as “smart” dangerously bright” from ‘terrorists’ “skinheads”. We all have seen this before from the Muslims. In other words, what Yiannopoulos is saying is that he and his movement including Breitbart are not really Christian from the sense of being Evangelical or Catholic, but are Evolian Traditionalists. Evolian is to adhere to Andrea Evola (Julius Evola)The naive read Yiannopoulos and they do not even realize, Andrea Evola (1898 – 1974) was:

“one of the most influential fascists in the history of Italy advocating ‘spiritual racism‘ that was personally endorsed by Benito Mussolini“.

Only Taqiyya like trickery can cover the dung under the snowflakes. This will only herd the masses into an oxymoronic movement of conservative paganism. Why? Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola’s work was centered on spiritualism and mysticism. Evola’s work was influential on fascists and neofascists. He experimented with drugs and more importantly with magic until, around age 23, Evola then considered suicide until he had a revelation reading the pagan Buddhist text to gain absolute transcendence. This then led to Evola’s fusion of European Idealism and pagan Buddhist principles and practice.

Friedrich Nietzsche, another prophet of the progressives, heavily affected Evola’s thought. It was Nietzsche who wrote in his The Antichrist:

If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousand-fold right to do so: Islam at least assumes that it is dealing with men…Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization [paganism], and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization [Islam].

While these paint a facade of being anti-Islam, they are in reality not what they claim to be. And just as the Nazis did to unite with Islam at a later stage and so will these later on also will unite with Islam. Evola was the leading philosopher of Europe’s neofascist movement.

The masses are consuming the blue pill. While the Alt-Right claims “we are not racists,” they add “we are race realists” painting fascism into a fashion, while playing the same Taqiyya game Islamists do. And if an Islamist blames everything on western media, today’s Alt-Right is blaming everything on the liberal media by using Nazi terminology: Lügenpresse (lying press). 

The whole lot of the Alt-Right is an oxymoron. While they label themselves as ‘conservative right’ reality is they are the most extreme of the liberal left disguised with Taqiyya . Looking at the Alt Right’s definition should reveal everything:

The alt-right, or alternative right, is a loose group of people with far-right ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism in the United States.

Its an oxymoron. The confusion of confusions. The goal is simple: to modernize racism and paganism and make these fashionable. In other words, the Alt-Right is fashioning Fascism.

Get that? Thats it.

And while they claim to fight Islam these play exactly what we see in Islam’s Taqiyya by blaming everything on the media (except theirs of course). Reality is that Western media (both conservative and liberal) is nothing more than an endless cycle of blame where the masses are expected to take one side over the other. Today with most press (be it right or left), facts have less to do with arguments and more to do with the creeping new western prejudices. In the west, the vociferous gets to select who is at the top of the blame list to be elected as the next “easy prey” just as it was with Nero. Yesterday it was Saddam Hussein. Today its immigrants. Tomorrow it will be the Jews and the Christians who drank the red pill refusing to join the narrative of the blue pill drinkers.

In the West, the whole counter Jihad movement refuses to use Christianity as the model to combat Islam, while they gladly use the Christian victims to combat Muslim immigration. These hypocrites in fact combat Christian ethics and resort to the same tactics that the Islamists use. Muslims use their suffering in the Middle East which they all claim to expose by using Taqiyya. But so do these other movements use Christian suffering while at the same time veer the masses from Christianity into paganism.

They are all pimps. While Taqiyya is an Islamic term, one needs to ask; what is the basic definition of Taqiyya after all? Is it not denial, lying, appearing peaceful when in reality you are planning revolution? Is it not sending out big mouth moderates to set the runway for the Muslim extremists?

But the same tactic is also used by these neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis. And when the numbers of these extremists swell, do you think that they will refrain from joining the very Islamists they claim to combat in order to strike at Jerusalem? People need to begin comprehending that deception is not exclusively Islamic but is universal.

But all these have one thing in common: hypocrisy, pseudoscience, racism and flat-out contradictions. All evil will practice Taqiyya including the bulk majority of what we call ‘conservative’ who use exactly the same Taqiyya tactics one finds with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Indeed, as Yiannopoulos stated, these moderates are ‘bright’ enough from the sense that their leaders refuse to debate the issues out on the open. They are ‘bright’ enough to only push their agenda on the simpleminded since they make believe that they are ‘brighter than you’. This way the plain stupid who lacks history are being led to follow an ethnocentric neotribal fascist ideology with ‘race realism’ that uses pseudoscience, all fitted with scientific sounding jargon, that has been soundly refuted a thousand times over by real science. But of course, you are supposed to beware of the Lügenpresse (lying press) and like a cult you have become the addict to read and consume only their potent drug.

In the U.S. and Europe today, we have seen the rise of the Alt-Right’s mascot, the green cartoon frog Pepe, is “associated with white supremacy.” The Alt-Right’s obsession with a mythical ancient Egyptian deity called Kek.

But the Jesus-style question these cannot answer is this: how could Alt-Righters, who loathe Middle-Eastern peoples and cultures, worship an ancient Middle Eastern pagan god? How could these snowflake racists be whining the ‘decline of White civilization’ use an ‘Oriental’ deity yet they reject Christianity because its “Jewish” “Semitic” and “too Middle Eastern”? The answer is simple: Kek is the god of darkness and ancient Egypt’s anti-Semitism is part of such pagan revival.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming. In Greece, the Golden Dawn is also growing leaps and bounds. They have their supporters all the way to New York and other areas outside of Greece. These have no sense of history. As Greg Pappas at The Pappas Post has pointed out, the massacres of Greeks at the hands of Nazis mean nothing to the populist fascists of today. These embrace nationalistic pseudo-pagan religion, a populist movement which is also mixing Greek Christian Orthodoxy. 

And the tricks are always the same. When the Greek Orthodox accused the racist Golden Dawn of being ‘Pagans’ the Golden Dawn accused them of “kowtowing to the establishment.” Anyone today who stands against these populists is accused of selling out so that they eventually be massacred. So now you know how Christian persecution will commence once these take power during this coming tribulation.

Golden Dawn rally at Thermopylae, congregating around a statue of King Leonidas of Sparta

Golden Dawn rally at Thermopylae, congregating around a statue of King Leonidas of Sparta.


The Lambda. The symbol of identitarians and many neo-Nazis

And if you think the liberal media is the problem, or that this so-called conservative ‘moderate’ strike force is small, just plug “1488” on youtube and find the non-moderate extremists. It has over a million videos, mostly are pro-Nazi promoting pure racial hatred. Peruse it and read the comments and wake up. Try holocaust fake or try white genocide that is preparing the masses to accept fascism.

Breitbart, to silence the critics as to why all these extremists are like flies attracted to their website, they in turn practice Taqiyya as response. They play the same exact tricks the ‘moderate’ Islamist do when they say “Islam was hijacked by a few”. So Breitbart will claim that the Alt-Right movement is simply being “hijacked by a few neo-Nazis”. What is the difference then between this and the Muslim ‘moderate’ activists who says “Islam was hijacked by terrorists” or when Muslim activists saying “we condemn terrorism” versus Breitbart’s “we condemn Nazism”?

Fact is, they condemn fascism and nazism with their lips while Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos (bullshitting masses that he is Catholic) clings to Evola as being an essential part of the alt-right philosophy.

Millions are being sucked into the evil agenda.

There is no difference between Islam’s Taqiyya and what we see white or black or muslim supremacists do. They all lie through their teeth to push the same liberal agenda, be it evolution, secularism, eugenics or so-called scientific racialism which is all pseudoscience.

The key is to avoid everything that is divisive agenda driven. For example, left-wing Jesse Jackson who claims to be Christian, has practiced Taqiyya as he applauded Muslim minister Louis Farrakhan, whose basic message is of black supremacy over whites. Hitler praised Haj Amin Al-Husseinin (Muslim) and was practicing the same Taqiyya as Muslims do. What then is the use of Right wing Counter Jihad operatives like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, especially when they compliment all sorts of communists and neo-Nazis and even closely work with them? Must we drink the blue pill just because these combat the Muslim immigrants?

So when we accuse the Muslim of using “the end justifies the means” the West should look no further than themselves.

All these groups are guilty of the very Taqiyya they supposedly expose. When we bust the myth of moderate Islam, we forget, there are also moderate white racists, moderate black racists, moderate Jewish racists, moderate Muslim racists, plain moderate racists, moderate eugenist racists … These are all predominately evil supremacists that use the same Taqiyya Islamists use.

Such movements are demonic no matter what church affiliation they belong to, be they the alt-right which is not only uninterested in the religious right’s concerns, it also threatens to eclipse the religious right. And it’s a movement (just like the Islamists) simmering with racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

And besides these movements we mentioned so far, we have the revival of the populist racial-nationalistic or ethno-racialist völkisch movement in Germany. The term “völkisch,” is closely associated with National Socialism concerning a people as a purported race. “It’s unacceptable to reduce the word ‘völkisch’ to ‘racist,'” said the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, Frauke Petry. The word “Volk” had racial connotations during the Third Reich but continues to be used in common speech to signify people in the sense of the German people. By contrast, the adjective “völkisch” has no active meaning apart from Nazi racist ideas.

Then we have the New Right and the Conservative Revolutionary movement, which all this played a role in the rise of the PEGIDA marches in 2014/15.

And before we commence to show much more on how far and wide neopaganism has expanded within Christendom, lets visit scripture.

Reality is that liberalism crept in so deep, like a virus, converting all the unhealthy cells that did not have a solid Christian immune system into these movements. Today we see paganism as a new fashion. Neo-Nazis have the sides of their hair cut, opposite to Jews “sidelocks” and Catholic monks with “tonsures” where one can shave the top part of the head but never the sides. Leviticus 19:27-28 declares:

Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard. ‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

But perhaps this is also prophetic. Today’s neopagan tattoos with clipping the sides of the hair has become the fashion.


The Muslim ordered that the Jew and the monks with tonsures be killed by Omar bin al-Khattab. And so did the Nazis. Nazis are usually vegan prohibiting meat just as Paul warned will happen in the ends of days:

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

While the Cathars fulfilled this, it is yet also reserved for the ends of days. And in Isaiah 2:

“And he shall judge the Gentiles, and rebuke many people … nation shall not lift up sword against nation [end of populism] … O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the Lord [Israel redeemed] … And idols shall be utterly destroyedAnd they shall go into the holes of rocks, and into the caves of the earth from the face of the fear of the Lord, and from the glory of his majesty, when he shall rise up to strike the earthIn that day a man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which he had made for himself to adore, moles and bats.

If one considers the reality, there is no such things as neoconservative or neo-Ottoman or neo-fascist or neo-Nazi or neo-pagan; all this “neo” is ancient. These resemble a wounded beast coming out of the pit back to life. His wound is healed.

For decades, I completely missed it believing that the threat was solely Muslim. I missed certain clues. Please forgive. The seven previous empires of Revelation 13 revive together with their respective pagan religions. It is a Greco-Roman beast which must include all the facets besides just the geographic outlines, but the ideological images, pagan religions and idols as well. The scales are falling off my eyes after taking the red instead of the blue pill.

In this I will administer the red pill. The clock is turning back to when Christ was here. Christ will deal with all the paganism that crept back into the world as John also clearly foretold it:

And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Revelation 9:20-21)



The Kolowrat (Kolovrat, Collowrath) symbol is in modern ages considered as a panslavic


It is not just Islam’s paganism, it is idol worship re-arizing. How could I have missed all this is because for years I was Muslim centric where I mostly focused on Muslim evils. It is crucial we consolidate everything as either good or evil; the killer loser Cain or the martyred victor Abel.

The neoconservative is a liberal who drank the blue pill. The bulk of conservatives have been converted long ago. The true conservative who drank the red pill lost everything to gain his soul. Today he is hardly even recognized,  crucified by the neopagan victors. The world is just as it was prior to Christ’s first coming when even God’s institution on earth was corrupt.

Today it is as it was during John the Baptist where the reason he shouted to “make straight the crooked paths” is because like today everything has become crooked. It is all prophetic. An active Christian today can almost count a few true disciples in a pagan surrounding, while the proclaiming faithful have a form of godliness long converted to become appeasing slanderers who attack with one liners: ‘do not judge’ and ‘live and let live’.

It is as we see in Jesus’ first coming where everything He built, satan wants to unravel back to his evil kingdom. And if Christianity united the world globally as in ‘Catholic’ (universal), today we must become anti globalization.

But to become anti-globalization is a myth. Satan is already globalizing nations emerging a pagan Greco-Roman world. Today going back to pre-Christian traditions is being set up for the greatest rise; a beast spreading Islam and paganism (Isaiah 2, Revelation 9) and anti-Semitism (Zechariah 12) and Anti-Christian (2 Thessalonians II) on a global scale. Always remember, evil is about persecuting God’s people, redeemed (the Christians) and to be redeemed (the Jews). On next week’s Sunday Special, we will show much more to have you realize: no, its not just the skinheads, stupid.

No, your efforts is not to ‘stop globalization’. Your efforts is to aid the hordes against Jerusalem. The E.U itself is a global empire that is breaking down and Germany wants to lead it for a global agenda. The U.S., Germany, Japan, China, are all globalists. This is the truth no matter what the anti-globalists claim.

The truth is that the anti-globalists are also globalists in disguise. So when these say they are anti-globalization, what the masterminds of anti-globalization speak of is a different type of globalization: theirs.

(PART II, to be continued next week)



  • Glad to hear that you already took the red pill. What is happening concerns me greatly as well, but united we can combat it. Thank you for your kind comment.

    • ezekiel22

      Been watching a lot of what you talked about going on for quite a bit. This election though was probably the most interesting in my lifetime for a reason. Yes, there is the nationalism thing and in its proper place there is nothing wrong with that. This nation has done a lot of good. We had a race to the bottom which means that nobody wins. Christians not only need to look out and learn they need to get on their knees and look up.
      When you take the red pill you become really sad to realize what has been going on. By the way was it just coincidence that you separated it into blue pills and red pills since viagara is that little blue pill that people want? Kinda curious. LOL

      • You make me laugh Ezekiel. Never knew that the blue pill is viagra since being from the Middle East I do not need it.

  • Eric

    Sir, I look forward to part two next week!

    And I most certainly forgive you for your errors. We all err. When one thinks about it, all Pagan religions come from the same source: the Devil. Islam is just one of the many “flavors” of paganisim, although it is a prominent one. Thus, it makes sense why Muslims, Nazis, and other forms of Paganisim would unite: they all come from the same ideological source: Satan himself.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Very true!

      “All the gods of the Gentiles are Devils”

      Not saying there in Scripture that they don’t exist, but that they are devils, liars and murderers and deceivers all.

    • Grandmere

      Hear, hear! I remember when we were all excited about PEGIDA, well maybe not all. It didn’t take long for the awful truth to start oozing out. But we have learned a valuable lesson.

      • Eric


      • That Paul Schmidt used to come around and we posted pro-PEGIDA articles until we drank the red pill. Then when we exposed them Schmidt came in here complaining. So we invited him for a long interview to dialogue the issues and he run like a chicken never to return back again.

        Its all social media propaganda. Nothing Grand like Grandmere the mouse catcher. VIVA Grand. VIVA Grand. VIVA Grand. Death to the mice. Long live the Cheeeeeeeeeeeez

        • Kkdgrace

          Viva the “SNAP!” Long live the “SNAP!”

          • Grandmere

            You are so precious! I’ve got to give you five snaps up in a circle.

          • I like the way you handle all the customers, especially the longtime customers. Stay on the cash register.

  • The seven previous empires of Revelation 13 revive together with their
    respective pagan religions. It is a Greco-Roman beast which must include
    all the facets besides just the geographic outlines, but the
    ideological images, pagan religions and idols as well.

    This confirms what I have recently been arguing, especially when perusing the passage from the Apocalypse, which the interpretation was given by the angel to John:

    The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction. And those who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the beast, that he was and is not and will come.Revelation 17:8

    This passage had puzzled me for a long time until I started reading your analysis of current events along with Islamic-centric view and doing some deep thinking. It is clear that since Alexander the Great’s Greece empire was one of the strongest empires to dominate the Middle East, a feat that would never be repeated until perhaps a very powerful leader from Turkey (Erdogan?) repeat the same feat using cunning. Anyway, we know from passage of Daniel and specifically that the four heads of the leopard beast (long accepted to be Alexander the Great’s empire which was parceled out to four generals upon his death) were the four dynasties. In turn, it was the Selecuid Dynasty (the king of the north) which was the strongest and dominated the Middle East while the Ptolemy Dynasty (king of the south, Egypt) resisted and fought, receiving the backing of Imperial Rome.

    It is becoming interesting that what we are seeing before our eyes are the revival of ancient grudges coming to fore and Christianity ethics are being rudely shoved to the side as tribal and familial grudges are being entertained on mass scales.

    So of course it would make sense that neo-paganism would use the crisis of the Islamic hordes to prove that Christianity are inferior, weak while Islam and paganism with its loose moral codes are seen as stronger.

    It would also explains why among some Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox circles, antisemitism have never been stronger today than in the past as ancient animosity toward the Jews are being fanned via the BDS movement and the Jews are also responding in kind vis-a-vis. While Pope Pius XII have been validated by scholar research for his active, behind-the-scene role in saving the Jews, Orthodox Church, likewise have also engaged in clandestine enterprise to save the Jews, and some Protestants have, there are also on the other side of the coin where they were as gleeful to see the Jews being slaughtered like cattle.

    It is not just Islam’s paganism, it is idol worship re-arising [spelling corrected by me].

    I think this is an absolute crucial point you have made here.

    Here is an article from Hurriyet Daily News that touches on the infamous site of the Delphi oracle center, and this would bolster your argument, Constantine, with a force:

    “There is a U.S. group called the New Apollonians and they come with
    their priests. They believe in Apollo’s oracles here and this place has magnetic energy. People with quantum beliefs also come here. Those visitors are mainly women, who touch the water in the temple and believe they benefit from the energy here,” Şahin said. Source- http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/klaros-on-way-to-becoming-faith-tourism-center-.aspx?pageID=238&nID=106233&NewsCatID=375 – Nov. 11, 2016

    It would prove that among Christians who are now dabbling with spiritualism and occultism, the Way to heaven is getting narrower and more difficult, and it would explain why many are, regrettably unknowingly, preparing themselves to embrace the Antichrist.

    On one final note, I will say this again, it is not the label that is important as the message is, and if one claims to be conservative, caveat emptor.

    • Trevor,

      Indeed, it will make more sense as we move along. We missed certain markers indeed and we will find even more markers as we move along. I used to skip Isaiah 2 as I had thought it to be the gold and silver and the black stone of the Kaaba. But it says “idols” and Islam’s black stone is but one idol. However, I wonder about Isaiah 19 “the idols of Egypt with totter before Him”. Do we presume that Egypt, like we see in Europe will attempt to go back to ancient Egypt’s idols? Who knows. Maybe. Or maybe Isaiah is simply saying that the old idols, the sphinx and other idols will be destroyed?

      Read you link. The “New Apollonians” are from the U.S. It doesn’t seem that the Turks are dabbling into this but Islam is pagan enough.

      • chemtutor

        Some say that Trump’s penthouse reflects your latter possibility. It’s definitely decorated with the gold standard in mind.

        • Grandmere

          It could also refer to the hoarding of gold and silver, thinking that there is security by owning such in a disaster.

          • Ceirwyn

            I’ve always wondered how literally to take the warnings to the churches to buy gold.

          • Grandmere

            It also says people will be throwing their gold into the street. It will be worthless. They key to buying is knowing when to sell.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          St. Moses was raised in Pharoah’s golden palace being a ‘prince of Egypt’ and learning all their arts (including the secret teachings of their pagan priests), so you should not judge a story from it’s beginning.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Don’t sell yourself short mr. Shoebat, your instincts have always been correct. Islam is a mask behind a form of Planetary Solar and Lunar Worship, and behind that, Luciferianism.

      • “Indeed, it will make more sense as we move along. We missed certain
        markers indeed and we will find even more markers as we move along.”

        I tend to agree with you. Here is something I had not told you in my time here, so here goes, one thing I had long feared about you was that you might have developed a tunnel vision when it came to the Middle East, and I confess that I have also wrestled against developing tunnel vision myself. However, you did write here, “How could I have missed all this is because for years I was Muslim centric where I mostly focused on Muslim evils,” shows me that you came to realized that you did have tunnel vision. The mark of a good leader is when one steps back and re-assess, as you have done, and realize you made your mistakes. So, I give you kudos for recognizing it.

        “I used to skip Isaiah 2 as I had thought it to be the gold and silver
        and the black stone of the Kaaba. But it says “idols” and Islam’s black
        stone is but one idol. However, I wonder about Isaiah 19 “the idols of
        Egypt with totter before Him”.”

        I am going to have to read through Isaiah 2 and 19 to see what you are trying to say, so I’ll get back to you on that one. However, I would say that since all things belongs to the Lord, including gold and silver, it would make sense that satan would have a counterfeit religious system set up where gold and silver would use as a religious metal for satanic ceremonies.

        “Do we presume that Egypt, like we see in Europe will attempt to go back to ancient Egypt’s idols? Who knows. Maybe. Or maybe Isaiah is simply saying that the old idols, the sphinx and other idols will be destroyed?”

        Excellent questions! I wonder if Egypt’s demography are also changing. Without accessing official records, I think that the Coptic Christians are greatly in the minority, but what about the other religous? Does Islam constitute a great majority, and if so, how much?

        The Sphinx and pyramids are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, so if they become destroyed, I wouldn’t shed a tear over it. It’s similar to the bombing of historic sites in Syria and how the U.N. and history artifice authorities were wringing their hands over the potential losses of those sites. It seem to show the hypocritical nature of the world – losing the artifices were more valuable than the loss of human lives – whether one is a Christian, a Muslim, or Yazidi.

      • rodolfo

        I saw the statue/idol of shiva at CERNs. Could that be one of them?

    • Kamau41

      Excellent compendium to the article. Everything fits like a glove as we continue to witness history repeating itself and unfold in our Era.

      • We learn together, we swim together, we row together and we drown together. Death to collaborators. Death to traitors. Long live 41. VIVA 41. VIVA 41. Death to Nazis.

        • Kamau41

          Absolutely and together we will soon crush them at ramming speed….

    • Ceirwyn

      Yeah, it’s crazy how all the random neo-pagan stuff is exploding in the west. I see folks purportedly practicing stuff. They would have been laughed at a decade ago, but more and more people seem to be getting sucked into it.

      I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only christian experiencing a stronger desire to focus on Christ, prayer and scripture in the last few years. Something big is coming and God is getting us ready to resist it. The more chaotic it gets, the more sure and at peace I seem to feel.

      • “Yeah, it’s crazy how all the random neo-pagan stuff is exploding in the
        west. I see folks purportedly practicing stuff. They would have been
        laughed at a decade ago, but more and more people seem to be getting
        sucked into it.”

        All one has to do is look at what Hollywood is producing to see why. For example, when the Shoebat posted graphic video of beheading, folks would be complaining that it is too graphic, but have no problem shelling out $30 at a cinema to watch a horror movie full of gore. Then the entertainment industry that includes octagon fighting, fake world wrestling federation, and the likes have degraded women to become a prancing pony show. I have long ago cut off cable and I still see how lousy viewing choices are on either Netflix or Amazon which greatly frustrates me because I have come to enjoy older classic shows, and I cannot find one “decent” movie that does not include gore or s*x.

        “I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only christian experiencing a
        stronger desire to focus on Christ, prayer and scripture in the last few
        years. Something big is coming and God is getting us ready to resist
        it. The more chaotic it gets, the more sure and at peace I seem to feel.”

        Yes, something major is coming. People instinctively knows that something is horribly wrong, but often resorts to psycho-babble instead of realizing it is deeper, a world that is hurling toward oblivious due to the weight of sins, and the continuance rejection of God, of His salvation plan, and finally, God is going to have His day in the court.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Remember my previous conversations about Zoroasterianism, Mithras, etc..?

      • Yes, sir, I do.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Well Heraclius the Roman Emperor saved civilization when he destroyed the fire-temples and crushed the Sassanid Persian Empire, but the Magi didn’t take it laying down for long.

          Ormazd is Lucifer, and our God is ‘Ahriman’ to them, and two warring pantheons ‘Devas’ versus ‘Asuras’, everything neatly explained by their false idea of Dualism. ‘good’ gods versus ‘evil’ gods.

          I believe that behind esoteric Islam and the sects like the Druze, Alawites, Alevi, Yazidis, Mandeans, etc… This is exactly what’s behind the curtain. And the Norse pantheon likewise has a warring ‘counter-pantheon’ against their gods, various ‘Giants’ and ‘Monsters’.

          No enemy of Jesus Christ is going to escape their sinful delusions, because they will have a false narrative to ‘explain’ the End Times events as they happen.

          • All because of one lie the devil told Eve, “You will be like God.” Since then, mankind became obsessed with the idea that one can become divine without the divine’s intervention.

            When St. Athanasius said, “God became man so man can become God,” that caused a scandal even today where I distinctly remember a commentator, who has long been banned (thank God), accusing the Shoebat of blaspheming, or most recently, a commentator revealed himself to be a gnostic by rejecting the notion, “God became man,” saying that God never became man.

            The point is that God’s law was constructed in such a way it was impossible to escape the wrath of judgements and impossible to satisfy because it required continuous blood sacrifices which God finally had enough because the hearts of the Levitical priests became hardened, and knew the time came for Himself to step into the world and become man in order for the God-Man to be the only perfect substitution sacrifices to atone and abolish the code of death in order for man to reach a state of perfection through Christ.

            The devil knows this and have done so much to deceive many, including, if it were possible, the elects. I was surprised to learn that even before Christ came, before the formation of the apostolic succeeding Church, Gnostic were already active in the world, spreading their own heresies and mythology that just won’t die.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Yes, these beliefs are almost as old as the Fall itself, and will only be crushed by Our Lord’s coming again in Glory.

            But crushed they will be, on the Day of the Lord’s anger when He breaks the teeth of the Wicked.

          • And what a Day that will be.

          • Ceirwyn

            They’re stuck over on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we Christians have to stick to the tree of life. They’re just going to keep barking up the wrong tree.

  • Darren Neufeldt

    I have not much to say on this, but if I were it would seem to me that the west is caught up in Fads, and the next Big thing. I say this because this is how I have seen the revival of paganism, witchcraft, etc, with these being wrapped up in pretty bows and lace as the next big thing. We all have a driving force to belong to something or someone, and these as presented in there new bows and ribbon offer something to belong to that one can touch, taste, and smell. Christianity offers not much of these,
    which in my mind makes me think of Matthew 16:24 “Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Most would rather not sadly.

    Excellent article, looking forward to the next and if I am mistaken in my point of obscured view, please correct me.

    • Nan

      Paganism revival began a century ago and has only increased.

  • Kamau41

    You have uncovered much detailing how the rise of ultranationalism that is controlled by the opposition really works and how so many are being deceived and blinded by Satan himself. What is much more alarming is when you accurately mentioned the fact that the main goal of these organizations is to ‘modernize racism and paganism and make these fashionable.’ Moreover, Islam-Nazism-Paganism are all evil and have the same goal leading to the future persecution of Christians. Unfortunately, so very few are unable to see what is evolving in the world, particularly here in the west, and connect the dots. Indeed, “People need to begin comprehending that deception is not exclusively Islamic but is universal.” Excellent as always and keep on sounding the alarm. Happy New Year to you and your family and looking forward to part II for next Sunday’s Special.

  • Christendom

    Acts 10:34-48

    34 Opening his mouth, Peter said:“I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality, 35 but in every nation the man who [a]fears Him and [b]does what is right is welcome to Him.

    Neo-pagans always miss this basic fundamental truth, as do Christians who fall into pagan beliefs and ideologies like the alt-right.

    A parable for such Christians to keep in mind:

    Matthew 13:1-9

    13 That day Jesus went out of the house and was sitting by the sea. 2 And [a]large crowds gathered to Him, so He got into a boat and sat down, and the whole crowd was standing on the beach. 3 And He spoke many things to them in parables, saying, “Behold, the sower went out to sow; 4 and as he sowed, some seeds fell beside the road, and the birds came and ate them up. 5 Others
    fell on the rocky places, where they did not have much soil; and
    immediately they sprang up, because they had no depth of soil. 6 But when the sun had risen, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. 7 Others fell [b]among the thorns, and the thorns came up and choked them out. 8 And others fell on the good soil and *yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty. 9 He who has ears, [c]let him hear.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    It is the communist-left-socialists that allowed this to happen. they deliberately created this conflict through multicultural experiment, that was always doomed to fail. They are the real evil behind this.

    Communists-leftists remind me of some of the “rooster fights” in Asia, where two roosters are put in ring and made to fight each other, fully knowing it is the natural instinct of a black ant and a red ant, or two male roosters to tear each other apart. Two opposing cultures, European and Islamic cannot co-exist, as they are very very different in values. Communists knew about this and through liberalism dragged in Muslims into the continent, to deliberately set the stage for civil war and genocide. Left-liberal politicians are responsible.

    • Dorothy Margraf

      The movement being talked about has a long history and goes further back, particularly to the late 1800s and early 1900s. H. G. Wells wrote about it in 1928, agreed with it. See the book Open Conspiracy. Benson’s Lord of the World written in 1907 is another source. Both are free to read on line. Also see Dennis Cuddy’s writings, particularly his book The Power Elite and The Secret Nazi Plan. The information put together by Shoebat puts so many things in concise, readable form. The insight to write as he did is remarkable.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Can’t recall the source (may be Sensus Fidelium), which spoke of this very topic: the gentiles will revert to paganism – as the Jews rejection of the Truth brought salvation to the gentiles, the gentiles rejecting the Truth will be the occasion of the conversion of the Jews. Excellent article ….looking forward to the next installment. Hope everyone hash great New Year!

    • Grandmere

      We are still enjoying the “you know what”. Happy New Year. Heard you had a pretty good earthquake out there. Up near OK City.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I must have slept too hard- if you are still enjoing, you have way more control than I do!! I gained almost 5 pounds!!! Happy New Year ….

  • Flame blue

    Liberalism has allowed evil to rise and flourish, and for certain it is anti-Christian. I believe when Obama openly turned against the micro nation Israel, giving the UN an ace card to play against Israel to demand them to give over a major part of their micro land to the Palistine Muslims, even to hand over Jerusalem and their ancient historic temple to them, we entered the near last phase.

    On this point Israel is in a no win situation, if it splits its land, enemies within who will invite enemies from the surrounding Islamic enemy nations to Israel to flood in and fight against Israel from the Golan heights as well as from their surrounding enemy nations, and the British and other European lands who have major Muslim immigrants will not support Israel, thus all nations of the World ( United Nations) will attack Israel for resisting giving over to the Muslims Jerusalem and large parts of their micro Israel.

    However, if Israel ( who is being ordered under the guise of democracy) allows refugees into Israel, they will not be a Jewish Nation for much longer! This is a no win situation for Israel! Note how the Jews are told that they are not allowed to live in what is claimed to be ” occupied territories ” but they are expected to allow Muslim refugees into Israel and share their territory with them!!

    We have now come to the point of World animosity to little Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and she has permitted atheism and homosexualty to advance, even allows Muslims 20% in her Government, in order to be on side with Europe and America instead of at loggerheads with them, yet it is working against her and they demand further prostitution from her, that she strips completely while they rape her and humiliate her! Please excuse my graphic language?

    I agree with your analyse Walid. Except I think Anne Maria Walters, Pamela Gelder, Robert Spencer are sincere in their fight against Islam, and their joining with Breibart etc, is along the lines of my enemy’s enemy has to be somewhat my friend to tackle Islam. Whatever, it is complicated, because Satan is evil and an expert chess player. May it end quickly in our favour as in keeping with our Lord Yahweh – Jesus.

  • Ceirwyn

    You’re not imagining it, it’s satan’s last gasp before Christ returns to deal with him and his followers.

  • “Your article begins with the absolute falsehood that the people who have invaded and currently occupy what is being called Israel are Semitic. They are not. The Palestinians are the true Semitic people OF the land. The fake Jews only claim to be Semites.”

    Get out of here with your “the Jews were really Khazars” crap. And when you write, learn how to back up your claims from reliable sources instead of acting as if you were judge and jury. There are many who follow men making errors with many fish that cling to them.

    “Strike one.”

    Strike nothing. Without doing your homework by making you arguments valid with proof I suggest you go find a dried dung and strike it. The article is not about your favorite bone of contention.

    “You go on to imply that some book has warned against rising up against Jerusalem”

    Imply? I gave a reference, Zechariah 12. Are you a Christian?

    “but you fail to inform your readers to the fact that the people behind the terrorist state of Israel are also behind the UN, agenda21”

    The only one with an agenda is you. Why do I need to always mention your bones of contention as if they are the only necessary subject matter in life? The article is about antisemitism. You are a holocaust denier? Nazi?

    “and all these Arab people’s having to leave their countries due to the wars being imposed upon them by the true axis of evil, Israel, NATO, and the west..”

    Chucklehead. We have always written about the West’s destruction of the Middle East. Did you read the beginning of the article? It mentions it. We have also written on Israel’s unnecessary downing of a Syrian jet. Its bad. Did we ever say that Israel and the Jews are a bunch of angels? No one is. But this does not justify antisemitism. Governments do all sorts of bad things.

    “Strike two.”

    Strike nothing. Now you need to find a bigger dung to strike.

    “Then you go on and on and on using broad, generalized labels against people who are imply sick and tired of the fake Jew/bankster/political class dictating to them how they must live, and what they can and cannot have, and since PAX Judaica is the ultimate goal, ruling the world out of the stolen land of Jerusalem, how can there be any surprise that people are seeing who we should be directing our anger towards?”

    Have you taken your money out of the bank? Why not? Why are you aiding the Jewish bankers? Watch how you will not answer this simple question.

    Strike one.

    “The Lavon affair the USS Liberty the King David Hotel Bombing, the five dancing Israelis on 9/11, Rachel Corrie, the Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollard, just to name a few.”

    Yourdo not seem to know how to name. I can name much more than this. In fact I am including it on my next article. So please.

    Now that you are done emptying your 6 shot clip, bring out your Tommy and empty your disk on what Gentiles did. Can you? Of course not. But why not? Its because you have these few bones in your mouth and that is all you have. You burry them in your back yard and then you go and re-dig them out and run roundabout with each muddy bone.

    “Israel’s zattacks against the United States are many and well documented.”

    What you mentioned here are “many”? Pretty soon 9/11 is blamed on the Jews, of course. Did the milkman Jew also sleep with your neighbor’s wife? What else do you have?

    “So for you to sit there and claim that the people who have deceived the world into thinking that they’re God’s chosen anything is about as sickening as the fact that people somehow believe that among other things, God is a real estate agent that gave these criminals the rights to some land that they actually have no right to whatsoever.”

    You live in Jefferson County Colorado which was Arapaho Nation of Native Americans that lived there.

    Tell me, why are you living there? That land belongs to the Arapaho Nation. Return it to its rightful owners. Give your house to a native. You stole Indian lands.

    “Wake up dude.”

    I learned long ago when someone says “wake up” it means “go to sleep”.

    “Fake Jews”

    I could call you fake American. You are not native Indian.

    “Fake Jews run the Federal Reserve”

    I don’t get it, if they are Fake Jews, this makes them gentiles. So according to you, Gentiles run the Federal Reserve.

    Confession is the beginning of healing.

    Strike Two.

    “the lying mainstream media”

    The biggest lying media are people’s comments. I have never seen more bullshit typed than in comment sections. Comments like yours.

    • Grandmere

      Ooooh! That dog better run! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aiHrk0us1I

      • Kamau41

        Good one. He better run with turbo speed!

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Nothing better than a gut-wrenching laugh to brighten the day – it was a close call, but the punch I liked the best is/was:
      “I don’t get it, if they are Fake Jews, this makes them gentiles. So according to you, Gentiles are masquerading as Jews who run the Federal Reserve.” What a way to start the New Year!! Wishing you and yours a Most Happy New Year.

      • racarrera

        Chief is working hard of toasting falafels today.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Better than watching popcorn pop— hoping your health has been restored – and hope the New Year bodes well for you.

          • racarrera

            It’s been a good road, but I’m progressing slowly but steadily…

      • Ya, I was having fun with my favorite bigot of the day. Happy New Years to you too Brick.

      • Ninthlive

        You do know that according to the Talmud, Jesus is drowning in a vat of human excrement for eternity don’t you? And that the Jews were the ones who killed your beloved Christ.
        Or are you just gonna stay stuck on stupid.

        • Really? What do you suppose we do, kill the Jews for what a few rabbis wrote about Jesus?

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      You know, it’s real irony that the NSDAP lovers use the false idea of the Ashkenazi Jews being Khazar in descent, when it was the Trotskyite Jew Arthur Koestler who started that nonsense in his book; the ”the 13th Tribe”. But then again, Trotskyites and Fascists have always worked together from day one.

      • David W

        And I attended a Reformed Presbyterian church back in the 00’s with an elder who taught the Khazar Jew propaganda in “bible study” and Sunday School. And the pastor there put his daughter into a public school because Martin Luther was a fan of state-run education (Prussian model)? Their guest speaker in 2006 was a reformed “missionary” to the Muslims, who declared emphatically that Muslim and Christian worship the SAME God of Abraham. To my eternal shame, I sat through this and believed it (unlike one brave man who stood up and attempted to refute this propaganda)!

        The infinite loop of Protest and Negation…May God have mercy on me.

        • I almost flipped the other night when I had to listen to a relative, who went on a mission trip to a “stan” country, he would not name it, and say that Islam was a religion based on works.

          I almost blew a gasket when I read it. Instead of challenging it, I decided to let it slide, but I am eventually going to have to face the fact that in order to truly be Christ’s disciples, I may have to be shunned by my own family when it comes to refuting false teachings on the true teaching of Islam.

          • Nan

            I always think that “Stan” is an abbreviation of “Satan.”

          • racarrera

            I’ve been to the Stans. They’re simply ignorant and would rather go back to the Steppe, but it would be good if the Russians could Christianize them thoroughly.

          • Nan

            I suppose it’s possible.

          • Vinny Zee

            Happy New Year brother. I too have been to the Stans. Lately they are becoming more “radicalized” by an influx of Turkish money and schools. Where I was there was a rather strong Orthodox presence, however the evangelical presence was quite large too. Neither group talks to the other though, therefore the Evangelicals think their the only Christian groups doing evangelism. Meanwhile, the Muslim governments only recognize the Orthodox as the Christians. I would agree, the Russians should increase their missionary presence before some of these areas become too radicalized.

          • racarrera

            A very happy new year to you, too, Vinny! The Russians will increase, and have gone through the effort of making Bibles in Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Tajik (Uzbek I think). There’s hope, but it’s an uphill battle, and they will have to destroy Taliban and Al Qaeda influence there, and do so brutally.

          • ezekiel22

            Trevor part of that belief may come from what they do teach. Women especially have to do a lot of good works by their measure and if they are lucky and allah is not feeling too capricious they get into Heaven. Unlike with Jesus who gives eternal life to all those that come to Him. He won’t turn them back! Muslims cannot/will not absorb this truth. Their works include all aspects of jihad. I hope this helps.

        • racarrera

          But you woke up. These four words should be enough to let you know the infinite good you’ve accomplished.

      • Your biggest problem Orthodox is that you study history. Wish that you could write an article on it and I will be glad to post it.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Well, mr. Shoebat, i’d be happy to do that, soon, and I have just the subject in mind, too. Pretty much what we’ve been talking about, but earlier, the very roots of the Thing.

      • Christendom

        OCA, may I ask who/what the actual origin of Kabbalah is?

        Thank you.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Kabbalah is no older than the man who revealed it to the Jewish community during the Middle Ages in Spain, Isaac Luria, as in ‘Lurianic Kabbalah’. He appears to have connections with the Hermetic Neo-Platonism and Pythagorean number mysticism craze which was gathering steam in the Islamic and Christian worlds about that time.

          It’s insanity, pantheistic insanity, nothing to learn from or about. I wasted too much time just researching it, and it will drive a person batty after a while, lol.

          • Christendom

            Hahaha…awesome info, thanks! The first time I heard the name “Babylonian Talmud” I knew the Talmud had been inspired by pagan religions outside of Sacred Scripture. I was curious to see where your research took you specifically regarding the Kabbalah. I dabbled into the Kabbalah a little in my earlier years. That was most definitely time wasted! lol

            God Bless

          • Christendom

            OCA, according to online accounts the Zohar was the first Kabbalistic text. It is claimed to have been written in the 2nd century and first surfaced in Spain during the 13th century (unless these online sources are false, it’s stated in numerous credible sites online):


            This precedes Luria’s birth and Kabbalistic interpretation/writings by 2 centuries or so.

            I know it’s not that important, in that the Kabbalah falls in the wide and growing “false religion basket.”

            Just thought you might want to double check the facts on this one. Please feel free to correct me if I’m missing the truth here.

            God Bless

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Some people think Rabbi de Leon wrote it, passing it off as an earlier ancient work, in the 1300’s, but this itself is based on sketchy testimony and on the known propensity for de Leon to write manuscripts and pass them off as 1st century and earlier texts. Point being regardless, it’s all a fraud, which became even more floridly baroque and bizarre, with Luria.

            Yemeni Jewish ‘Merkaba’ or ‘Chariot’ number mysticism at least has some kernel of biblical backing behind it, but still not much. The Pharisee sect survived, and it’s hetrodox beliefs became the new ‘orthodoxy’ of ‘Judaism’

            The Apostolic Faith, there is in the New Covenant, the faithfulness of the Old Testament Church before Christ.

    • Julie

      Your use of hyperbole reflects the Middle East mindset that lays down its life for the other…you don’t mess around.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Protecting the Sheep is too serious a business to engage in soft words with the Enemy.

        • Kamau41

          Indeed OC!!

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Psalm 139:22; “I hate them with perfect hatred, I count them my enemies”

            You cannot love mankind without perfect hatred for the wolves, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          • Kamau41

            That verse nails it. So very true indeed…

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            As Scripture also says; “there is a time for hate”…. Not people as such, but what they are if they are conscious enemies of Jesus Christ.

          • Kamau41

            Exactly OC. Christians are and will continue to be the target!

  • Eric Starr

    you got the alt right all wrong. Many are christian and you live the jews. What does the bible say about jews?

    • “Many are christian and you live the jews.”

      Can you explain your sentence? And whats with that stupid frog Kek? Are you an ancient Egyptian? And why are you adapting Kek from Egypt when you are an American?

      • Grandmere

        God sent a plague of frogs on Egypt. Must be our turn now. Disgusting.

        • You ain’t seeing nothing yet. Wait till the plague of locusts show up.

          • Tom_mcewen

            I thought they lost the election?

          • Grandmere

            No. That was the flies.

    • Grandmere

      We are a deplorable bunch of Jew loving Christians. Choke on it.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        The day will come, and for that day to soon come I pray to all the Right-Believing Holy Ancestors of Christ, when the Jews will convert to the Holy Faith of the (jewish) Apostles and the fearful live-giving Mysteries of Christ.

        • Grandmere

          Amen, OCA. Amen.

      • Tom_mcewen

        If you hate Jews, then you hate Mary, if you hate Mary then you hate Jews, if you hate Theotokos then you hate the fruit Pantocrator and his Church.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      Oh you’re just jerked off God made them His chosen. Had He chosen another you would still be jerked off.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Hello mr. Shoebat and friends,

    Great article, and very true!

    These Racist Pagans/Luciferians have been at this for a very long time, and of that I could write volumes.

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    I have fought them for so long I began to think that I was becoming one of them, knowing them and their secret worldview better than I knew my Victorious Christ Risen From the Dead, but He protected me, Slava Bog!

    Like you, I was born for this fight. They wish to destroy or enslave everything I love and everything I am, but Christ is Almighty.

    ‘Secret Germany’ against the Lion of Judah….

    The hereditary Priest-kings of the Germanic pagan religion, standing on the ruins of the Western part of the Roman Empire, hid their Nordic paganism behind a bewildering maze of occultic fronts and subterfuges but were behind the Elitism and racism of the age on into the modern age. The NSDAP didn’t come out of nowhere, but was an iteration of very old and satanic beliefs, They re-wrote or outright invented history, and now they are using the ‘refugee crisis’ and other fulcrums to leverage themselves into complete power.

    The ‘Black Sun’, opposed to the ‘Son of Righteousness’….Bogdaritsa pray for us All-Holy Mother of God, Terror of the Demons!

    People, don’t let these bastards fool you; they hate the Jews not in rejecting Christ, but in producing Him. Everything else is BS. Their Fuhrer said in 1945 that the Jews were the ‘International Poisoner of all Peoples’, well that ‘Poison’ Is Jesus Christ… The Water of Life.

    • Well put Orthodox. Since you have experience you can educate all of us.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        I’ll give it a shot, I’ll say though that I’ve learned more than i’ve ever educated, but I can’t be silent.

  • Julie

    I remember reading Catholic prophecy and the return of paganism.

    Reading this, see all the more the great grace of having faith Mary’s Immaculate heart is the only safe place in this world until her triumph…and the Lord’s over our hearts and souls.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      It never left, but went underground during the Millenium of Grace, and is now with us again.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “It is crucial we consolidate everything as either good or evil; the killer loser Cain or the martyred victor Abel.” Amen.

    “We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is under the power of the evil one.” 1 John 5:19

    Planning to become god (problem / reaction / solution) and reigning as Christ (Psalm 2) is the ultimate satanic oxymoron…. ” Worship the LORD with reverence And rejoice with trembling.” Psalm 2:11

    “Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!”
    1 Corinthians 6:3

    Thank-You Walid for encouraging constant confession – soul cleansing and course correcting by our Father indeed… Victory in 2017!

  • I have seen the description of it on Netflix, so I’ll take it under consideration. Happy new year to you!

  • Boy you sure are ranting.

    Did you ever cite any credible evidences to validate your claims? No.

    “Your bible isn’t the be all and end all of the story there sweet cheeks, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s existence has actually been used for purposes of dividing, conquering, and oppressing.”

    So, tell us, O Wise One, what book is the “be all and end all”? I await with great quivering and excitement to be “enlightened.”

    “How sad it is to see someone look at the ‘star of david’, and get
    hypnotized by what they think it stands for, when in all actuality, what
    it really stands for is death, destruction, deceit, and oppression.
    It’s a HEXagram Walid. It has never been, nor will it ever be a star of
    anything. It has 6 points, 6 triangles, and 6 inner sides,”

    So, if I am interpreting your comment, it would suggest to me that you actually believe the Star of David to be the mark of the beast?

    • racarrera

      Do these people ever cite anything worth a damn? No.

      • That’s been my observation as well.

  • Dorothy Margraf

    I’m a Jewish woman who for decades has been researching the connection between believers in the occult and antisemitism. With an article like this, there is always a hard decision to make, whether to post sources to validate the opinion or to not give publicity to vile sources. If this was strictly an academic site, there would be no problem.

    • Go for it, don’t be afraid of holding back. I appreciate anybody who take the time to write a thoughtful comment while being backed by reliable and credible sources. It’s the hit-and-run, copy-and-paste whackjobs that gets the brunt of ire here.

    • Grandmere

      Many people at this site spend hours studying and appreciate anyone who is willing to do their homework. Sometimes we have to look into some vile sources to get at the truth. We would greatly appreciate your input on the subject.

    • Dorothy Margraf

      I appreciate the two responses. I would prefer to send the information directly or indirectly to Mr. Shoebat or to see what he says about posting such commentary. The information on New Age and antisemitism is pretty much out in the open. The particular sources I have in mind are something else. In one respect they are out in the open. Putting them in context is something else. He may be planning to put what I would post in his next article and I would be jumping the gun when it comes to some of these other websites. These things are at a level of political evil that few comprehend. That he is courageous enough to share what he has shared says much. I am on Facebook and can be reached that way.

      • Grandmere

        Most excellent idea.

    • Raph Sebastian

      I say go ahead, many among us would like to read a different perspective.

      • Dorothy Margraf

        I’ve found it necessary to read many things I disagree with to see why others are attracted to them. In addition the commandment says Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. http://www.eliyah.com/talmidim/bearingfalsewitness.html “So we see in these verses the importance of making diligent inquiry before judging that someone has done wrong or evil.” I am concerned many would go to the negative sites without knowing the need to learn to counter the views which are harmful to the community and the individual. There is the continuous need to document whether something said is good or bad and why. Unfortunately we live in a culture where “I think…” is sufficient basis for “I believe…” It’s why I suggested individuals search for information on what Mr. Shoebat has said. Intelligent people will. Many others can be seduced by the falsehoods because they look no further. Mr. Shoebat’s essay is long and puts much in context. Comments do not allow that.

        • Dorothy Margraf

          I should make clear the falsehoods I refer to are not in the essay. They would be at the sites I could link to.

          • Grandmere

            We understand what you mean, Dorothy. Use your own discretion.

        • Michelle Therese

          “I’ve found it necessary to read many things I disagree with to see why others are attracted to them.”

          Yes, “Know your enemy, Know yourself”
          I see this “source snobbery” on the Liberal Left where they refuse to condescend to read “Right Wing” sources ~ and which is why they are always so painfully wrong about our motives and our goals and our beliefs.

  • Nan

    “Honey, we need more Haldol!”

  • Ahhhhhh, an intelgent Christian who provides quotes. Can you stick around for a while. Enjoyed reading this.

    Indeed, we have decided to hunt Nazis and pagans after drinking the red pill. Could have never reached to this stage without the dreaded and most hated religion: Catholicism.

    Maybe I need to reflect on Evola’s wrong path.

  • Thank you for your kind remarks florida1. Glad that you have seen the light. I liked what you have written, especially that you recognize that antisemitism is a disease. As far as the “one world gov” I wonder at times why this beast is ten horns and seven heads and is a kingdom divided. Perhaps you might want to search on Google “Shoebat” and “Prophecy” and read some of my views and let me know what you think. Good to make your acquaintance.

  • “OOOH. Getting a little testy I see. Don’t like hearing the truth eh Walid?”

    Actually Ninthive I am used to western arguments. When a westerner loses an argument, he always complains that the other person is “testy”. You got your intellectual kicked. Live with it. Harness it. Accept it. It is obvious that you were not able to answer my responses from the little history lesson I administered which destroyed your argument that Palestinians are all Semites.

    “Well you expose yourself by referring to people as gentiles, as if being a gentile is something less than.”

    Where did I insults only gentiles? I only insulted bigots.

    “You expose yourself even more by leaving out the Balfour Declaration, and the fact that the only reason Hitler signed on to the transfer agreement was because the French didn’t want to send all the European Jews to Madagascar.”

    Do you always resort to newer arguments because you just failed in your previous one.

    Let me tell you how it works “sweet cheeks”. Do you see how I quoted you line by line in my previous comment? You first post from what I have written word for word just like I am doing with you. Then you refute line by line and argument by argument just like I did.

    Only when that debate is over do we jump to more of your red herrings. Trust me, I can deal with your Nakba and Balfour and all. But first make a proper response instead of changing subjects. We do want to heal you .

    “I can assure you that I have no money in the corrupted, usury plagued banking system here in the states.”

    I see. You’re a broke. I understand.

    “my Apache/Hopi ancestors’ suffering at the hands of the invaders is something that we will never forget.”

    What you prefer now that we be all native Indian pagans?

    “But here I am, having been born and raised here, having served in this country’s out of control military”

    Let me get this. You are pro-native American arguing that the natives should get back their lands and then you join the military of the U.S.? Darn, you betrayed the cause sweet cheeks.

    “then having the truth placed at my feet upon learning that 911 was done by Israel”

    I knew it. I knew it. Isn’t this what I told you in my previous response that you will even accuse Israel for 911?

    So tell me jukebox, was it the Jews who invaded the Americas and killed all the natives? After all Christopher Columbus is said to have been Jewish “Christobal Colon”.

    “dealing with people like you who are under the spell of the Zionist cabal is something I loathe”

    So what do you suggest be done with me? Put me in the Gas chambers?

    “but something my warrior self leaves me no choice in the matter.”

    Warrior self? Are you threatening me sweet cheeks?

    “Your bible isn’t the be all and end all of the story there sweet cheeks”

    Ya, there is that “sweet cheeks” thing. Now we are getting romantic here. One sweet check to another.

    “and in the grand scheme of things, it’s existence has actually been used for purposes of dividing, conquering, and oppressing.”

    And what do you suppose we use instead of the Bible? Mein Kampf?

    “And don’t even get me started on the Talmud.”

    Sweet cheeks, we expose Jew hate as well. Here take a look:


    I have several other examples. Want to read them?

    “Nowhere in my reply to you did I use any personal insults, so to read your reply to me says the one simple thing about you that exposes you without question: You’re a hypocrite of the worst kind. You claim to be some human loving Christian who wants to do good in the world, but you defend the indefensible, then when your world is checked by the truth, you lash out like the child that you are because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”

    All that because I used some examples about a cage fight where I depicted you with bloody nose? Common sweet cheeks, give me a break. Okay tell you what, here, slap me on the face.

    Alright, let me turn the other sweet cheek.

    Happy now?

    “I’m not going to dignify anymore of your ranting reply because people like you are hopelessly mentally enslaved regarding the truth, and what that truth means to the rest of humanity.”

    Okay, I will yield to your higher gene. Would you like me to pick cotton for you?

    “How sad it is to see someone look at the ‘star of david’, and get hypnotized by what they think it stands for, when in all actuality, what it really stands for is death, destruction, deceit, and oppression. It’s a HEXagram Walid.”

    Great. This “Hexagram” is on the dollar bills. Now I know you said that you do not bank with Jews. But are you also cashless? Never put that idol in your wallet or purse sweet cheeks?

    “So you go on with your bad self Walid. Just bear in mind that you have been fooled. But like Mark Twain said, it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    Then please educate me, but first respond to the historic quotes I sent.

    See? I tried to get along with my slave master.

    Sieg Heil

    • Ninthlive

      Hey Walid, the holohoax? Seriously?

  • Kkdgrace

    Thank you. I so enjoyed the article and will be looking forward to Part 2. Enjoyed the “Featured Comment” as well. I see so many arguements and rationalizations such as his in multiple comment sections. All I can say is “wow!” If he had been in a boxing ring with you, he would be reduced to pounded meat and broken teeth- just before that closing knockout.
    Thanks for pointing out the various areas where we have seen a rise in neo-paganism. I remember a VERY overt and paganized performance not too long ago, in Europe and for the opening of part of a rail line- can’t remember exactly where, just that the “performance” was very deeply disturbing to me and “haunted” me for many days afterward. Thanks for pointing out what all is going on today, both in the US and abroad- I have made myself drastically curtail the viewing of any kind of media. Watching even a little leaves my soul feeling ill. I need to be much stronger in the Spirit before I let myself become exposed to more than extremely small doses at a time. God bless, sir and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • racarrera

    I have. It’s junk regurgitated by the same crap sources all Evangelical toads use. I probably know those sources better than you do, and no serious theologian or seminarian respects them. It’s just the same third-rate crap and embarrassing lies that make you into a cult rather than a Christian church.

    If you want to see where this stuff comes from, look for the works of Alexander Hislop. His ‘scholarship’ is considered a rude joke in most of the Christian world, and his biggest disciple, Jack Chick, have done more damage to Christianity than many Muslims could ever hope to, simply by being perverted liars.

    • Grandmere

      He probably has an icon of Hislop with a candle burning in front of it. Maybe he can get his refrigerator to take a picture and send it to us.

      • racarrera

        No doubt!

  • “So when I pose the question to so called Christian’s about why they believe so profoundly in a book that was translated by a member of a royal family, knowing what we know about royal families, all I get is a bunch of blithering nonsense.”

    There were many royal families. Which do you refer to?

    “When I ask these same Christians if they’ve ever heard of the Scofield Bible, and how it’s translation affected church going Christians around the US, I get a bunch of deafening silence.”

    I don’t own a Scofield Bible.

    “My point is that these so called ‘holy’ books are as manipulated as the people who are reading them and believing in them. Do you need some book to tell you that murder, theft and fornication is wrong? No, because the human being has a soul and a conscience, and if we’re connected to our higher power in a full, complete, and healthy way, how could some book be any more beneficial???”

    Ah, a humanist who follows the Jimmy Crickett theology, let your conscience be your guide.

    “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice, so you decide how you want it to be. You want to believe a bunch of people that have been doing the exploiting and manipulating for thousands of years, or do you want to see the forest through the trees, understanding that you’ve been lied to your whole life, and stand up for what is right and what is true.”

    It is also true in an age of information, falsehoods are also easily and rapidly spread. It takes effort to discern and sift falsehood from truth. So far you have neither prove or disproved Truth.

    “It shouldn’t be Christians against Muslims against Hindu’s against Torah Jews. If all religions teach peace and harmony, why do we not have it???”

    Spoken like a true humanist. What? My Bible tells me that Christ is the only Way (John 14:6, for example), or that there is no other names under heaven that man can be saved by. Thus fulfilling the words of Christ that He came with the sword causing divisions.

    Now you will complain like a true humanist do.

  • Lidia

    “Today we have Slavic neopaganism, pantheists and polytheist theology, a focus on Slavic culture and folklore, and the worship of Slavic deities. Many of these are already being set up to march on Jerusalem.”

    What Slavs are these you are talking about? What country do they come from?

    • I will cover on it more next week Lidia.

    • racarrera

      Lidia, they’re everywhere. Croatia, Serbia, Belarus, Poland, Russia. It’s become a disaster for the Slavic people. These are small in number, but increasingly violent.

      • Lidia

        Rudy, it’s so strange. I never met any Serbian or Croatian that had a tattoo or jewelry with that Slavic Swastika. I never knew it existed until Walid and Ted brought it up, which made me research it further. I’ve seen the Croatian checkered symbol and the Ukrainian symbol. I suppose they are pagan symbols too. My Ukrainian-American co-worker wears the Ukrainian symbol on her necklace. I asked her what it meant and she said it symbolized “family.”

        • racarrera

          This is a phenomenon of the last 20 or so years, usually as part of the subculture. I’ve met tons of these types of people, most of them aping American, British and German pseudo-fascists and adding the dead trinkets of their culture which are pre-Christian, not realizing that their ancestors didn’t abandon this junk out of persecution, but out of wisdom. Communism, and those who supported it, have Hell to pay for this.

  • Grandmere

    Susan will be by shortly with your medication. We have a bed reserved for you on the third floor. Just relax.

  • bubba

    your still on this forum? thought you would be gone by now! what a load of crap you deliver!

    • Grandmere

      He’s on his ninth life so maybe we wont have to put up with him much longer.

  • Grandmere

    As you deny that Jesus is God, you will get no followers here. Jesus was not nailed to a stake. He was nailed to a Roman cross, arms outstretched to embrace humanity.

  • Lidia

    Walid, I read this interesting article about the Star of David written by a Hindu. A lot of good pictures. Strange how this star traveled all around the world and went through many time periods.


    • Dorothy Margraf

      Interesting, but what does it have to do with the topic. Not that you meant to do so, but articles such as this are common in New Age circles where the theme is all religions point to one basic set of ideas and we can all join together in that basic set of ideas, leaving Judaism and Christian specifics behind. New Agers promote that the age of Judaism was over 2,000 years ago and Christianity is over now as we move into a New Age religion with the Eastern religions and occult/pagan ideas as the center. That ship won’t sail..

    • “Satkona – Star of David or Star of Goloka?”

      One can similarly ask “Christmas Tree, Christmas Symbol or Pagan Symbol”?

      Stars are made with five, six, seven, eight … points. Why this matters? Its a star.

      I do not ask where a symbol came from. I ask what am I using it for.

  • Is the article about your bone of contention? Hardly. You are simply carrying a muddy bone you dug up and want us humans to salivate on it?

    You silly issue is addressed and is destroyed here:


    Why didn’t you go there and address in that article? Its because you have a muddy bone you dug out of your master’s backyard.

    • richinnameonly

      If you have a Jehovah’s Witness there (gataheart) you will just get the regurgitations of what comes out of the Watchtower in Brooklyn, in their most recent version.

  • richinnameonly

    “It is not just Islam’s paganism, it is idol worship re-arizing. How could I have missed all this is because for years I was Muslim centric where I mostly focused on Muslim evils. It is crucial we consolidate everything as either good or evil; the killer loser Cain or the martyred victor Abel.”
    Walid, I hope you excuse my blindness, but my impression is that you have been aware of and exposing more than only Muslim evils for quite some time. I couldn’t agree more that we need to beware of all the ideologies and movements thrown at us as cures to what ails the world, since they could be just another thing to lead us away from the narrow road. However, I am glad that you helped open my eyes to Islam and strengthened my anti “replacement theology” stance.

  • RodK1975

    Excellent Mr Shoebat… if the cure is worse than the disease, the patient still dies in the end…

  • Yes, but with one caveat: authority. Me and you do not have such authority.

  • Kamau41

    “I thank God for leading me to the rock of His Church.” Amen to that. You are indeed on the right path….A very well written comment.

  • Finally a specimen that proves my case. Now go and take that six pointed swastika and try fitting it where the sun doesn’t shine. And while your doing that enjoy whats coming to you:

    • Dorothy Margraf

      Mr. Shoebat, why would you leave that extremely long propaganda piece up? It is like leaving whole sections of Mein Kampf up. It plants ideas in the heads of people that might never have entered otherwise. It is said once an idea is planted in one’s head, it can’t be removed. While you may think you are giving the opposition a fair chance to speak, what you are allowing is very dangerous. A link, a paragraph, but that many inches of print given to what you say you are fighting?

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Oh no, the above tripe makes ‘Mein Kampf’ sane and reasonable by comparison. Recall that the ‘Fuhrer’ wrote it (with help from Hess and others) while in Landsberg prison in 1928, and he was actually trying to appeal to more moderate segments of the German population with it.

    • Kkdgrace

      Ay yi yi! And here I thought I had already seen/heard it all with the propaganda that only the “blacks” are the “true Israelites/true Jews”. Sigh- only getting worse, isn’t it?

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Yes, They are still around, trying since 1945 to change perceptions of the public mind.

    • Dorothy Margraf

      Orthodox ChristianAmerica The older one is the more one is able to see how the culture has already been changed from what it was in decades past, deliberately done. Those born thirty years ago accept something as normal that would have been considered repugnant sixty years ago. I am not referring to the material world, scientific changes, etc. Comments like Don’t Be Judgmental; It’s a Woman’s Choice; Let It All Hang Out; I Don’t Care What…..,; The Role of Religion Is…..; It’s the Government’s job to……; All Politicians lie when they are running for office; I’m too busy to go to the school board meeting; What’s that got to do with me; Once Obama (Bush, Clinton, whoever) leaves office we can get back to…; Oh, I don’t believe in conspiracies; Let someone else take care of it; It doesn’t shock me; Don’t worry about this earth because Jesus is coming soon and will make everything good again; Happy Holidays; One World Government sounds good because you know business is worldwide; All religions are good because they all have the same ideas about what is important;; Communism is dead; College will get you a good job so make sure you go; It’s normal; I’m so busy I don’t have time to read. Those are the comments that stop individuals from truly understanding the historical times in which they live.

      The information on which we base our lives has been changed gradually. At every level of the culture pyramid there are the manipulators and the manipulated. We have been studied for decades. They know what changes have to be made and how to present them to us. Think Farmer in the Dell. The Farmer is the Corporate heads, the business leaders, upper level national and international politicians who because of the culture around them have been groomed to work with the plan.. The Farmer knows how to get the wife (generally those with inherited money). The wife knows her child, the NGOs who need money to implement the planning. The child takes the nurse because it is the nurse is the organizations implementing the plans at the community level. And so it goes dog, cat, rat cheese, and most of us are the cheese that stands alone, being totally unaware of how the pyramid works, but absolutely sure that all our decisions are independently made. Oh I could give names, dates, places, but one in 10,000 might actually start checking further into the information.

      What does this have to do with the long essay on which the comments are based? Mr. Shoebat has jumped ahead of the manipulators and is telling you what is happening in the early implementation stage of what communities as a whole are being led to believe. Implementation is at various stages in different locations, both nationally and internationally. By the time the ideas get to your head, it will be so ingrained that you will be afraid, unable to disagree with your neighbor or family member’s view of things or you will truly believe what was planned for you to believe. It has happened before. Best wishes.

      • Kkdgrace

        I often wonder to what extent my thinking has been influenced by the many years of exposure to multiple areas that influence opinion. I know it’s true that repeated exposure to once repellent thought or behavior robs both of a necessary “shock” to the system, as well as aiding in influencing a certain level of toleration. Just thinking about how so very much of the world has changed over the past several decades is mind-boggling. And yet these changes were implemented- for the most part- in a manner just gradual enough to deter outright horror. Matters have been speeding up a great deal lately it seems, especially over the past decade. Like a goal needs to be reached by a certain time frame…. and the time remaining is too short to continue to be subtle in introducing matters abhorrent to both the mind and heart (The whole transgender push comes to mind here)

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        There is a term for it in Alchemy; the ‘Revelation of the Method’, the means by which the true elites are able to influence others.

        • Dorothy Margraf

          There is a ton of articles about the Method, so it doesn’t seem to be very secretive The change in culture hasn’t needed more than money and academia leading to very long term planning. Research the history of the New Age movement. They depend more on the laziness of the general public to find out what is going on than they do on anything occult. I think they use occult ideas more for rationalization than practice. I know that sounds less than dramatic, but that’s what I’ve checked out over the years.

  • Nope, still speaking like a humanist.

    • Ninthlive

      Labels. Such a simple minded approach.

      • I have been reviewing your comments.

        Here is what I have gathered:

        1) You are conspiracy theories driven.

        2) Elohim is evil? Really?

        3) Your comments on “spiritual connection” tells me you are dabbling heavily into mysticism which is major red flag, and that leads me to further speculate that you are a Gnostic heretic.

        4) You never answered my question regarding which book is “be all and end all” which again suggest a very humanistic approach.

        5) Your obsession with the Jews this and that also suggest to me you have fallen for the prejudice created by anti-Jews propagandists which regretfully came some wayward Christians bitter about not being able to convert Jews to Christianity.

        So, in short, I think you are a flaming nutcase.

  • Usually the only posts I censor are gay comments.

  • “when ‘christians’ invaded the land I live in, did the indigenous peoples know of any stupid books?”

    Since you admitted to be of Indian heritage, they learned the Gospels from Catholics first and then later from Protestants. Unfortunately, there were savagery committed against the natives, no doubt. Indeed, Indians were savage toward each other before finding a common enemy.

    “Furthermore, did you know that true Islam forbids usury, alcohol, and predatory insurance?”

    Islam could have only learned this from heretical monks, mainly from the Arian monk. So why don’t you become Muslim since you speak so favorably of them?

    “Do unto to others unless some book tells you otherwise?”

    Yup, Jesus was the one who said this in the Bible.

    “I’ll take my chances with my creator, and hope that brainwashed fools like wake the f up.”

    What creator?

    • Ninthlive

      MY creator.

  • “When one externalizes their connection to the god within themselves …”

    Take a laxative Joe, and get rid of whats “within you” because every other lunatic says this, yet each lunatic seems to be different from the other lunatic which would mean that we have millions of gods.

    • Grandmere

      Well, as a pagan, he must believe in millions of gods.

  • You never answered my question. Therefore I have no choice but to cease from this pointless dialogue.

  • “let history be your guide”

    Alright then, type up several pre-Christian (non-judeo-Christian) civilizations which you consider non-tyrannies and only search them for their tyrannies after and include these explanations in your next comment without your complaints about Christian civilization. When you are done we will discuss and later you can compare these to Christian civilizations.

  • Last time, my quest was:

    “type up several pre-Christian (non-judeo-Christian) civilizations which you consider non-tyrannies and only search them for their tyrannies after and include these explanations in your next comment without your complaints about Christian civilization.”

    So what did you do? You complained about Christians. Is this what I asked?

    Last chance, type any other B.S. and I will ban you or just ban yourself. I don’t have time for red herrings.

  • Grandmere

    In other words, you are a pagan.

  • Grandmere

    You must be an Episcopalian.

  • Grandmere

    You sound just like Jim Jones.

  • “Walid, where do you get your predictions from?”

    Which prediction? Where did you learn to write comments without giving the specific quote?

    “You talk a lot about specific events happening in the future.”

    Which specific event are you talking about?

    “Do you consider yourself to have an ability to prophecise events?”

    Where did you learn to write comments without giving the specific quote?

    “There are lots of easily influenced people who become concerned and turn on one another based on the preachings of others.”


    ” Are you trying to start a war?”

    YES. A big war. Against the devil.

    “You say not to trust Asians and that their against Christians”

    I said that? Show me my quote. Where did you learn to write comments without giving the specific quote?

    “you then include Turkey and Hungary and et etc.”

    Where did you learn to write comments without giving the specific quote?

    “It’s like you’re trying to create divisions amongst nations and people. Which ultimately results in agression and bloodshed. Why would you preach such things that could turn humans against each other?”

    Please learn how to read and to quote properly, then learn how not to slander, then learn how to comment properly. I have no time for uneducated comments.