Christian Woman In Austria Reads The Bible To Muslim People, One Muslim Man Gets So Enraged That He Stabs Her With A Knife

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian woman in Austria was reading a Bible to Muslim migrants, when one Muslim man got so enraged that he stabbed her with a knife, according to one Austrian report. 

She arrived with her husband from the nearby principality of Timelkam to read to refugees from the Bible, the National Police Directorate Upper Austria reported on Thursday. She was reading from the Scriptures in a kitchen where the migrants could listen to her.

22- year-old Afghan Muslim stepped into the kitchen and stabbed the woman with the knife on her  upper body. The 50- year-old woman was saved by the thickness of her thick winter coat. But she fell and hurt herself in the left ear.

In an initial survey, the attacker stated, according to the police, that he had “personal problems”. He had never seen the woman before. He was sent to the Wels Prison.