Muslims In Poland Murdered A Polish Man. Now Scores Of Poles Are Rising And Are Combating The Muslims By Burning And Stoning Muslim Restaurants

By Walid Shoebat

Perhaps a self-test is necessary as you read this story to examine who is at fault. On Sunday, a 21-year-old local resident named Daniel threw a firecracker at an Elk café called Kebab Prince in the town of Elk owned by a Muslim and managed by immigrants from Tunisia. The café staff then ran out at Daniel and stabbed him dead. The attackers were later arrested in connection with the stabbing murder. Then a demonstration ensues burning the Kebab house.

So who is at fault? Many would say that the restaurant deserved whats coming praising the crowds actions in burning the restaurant.

But what if a Muslim threw a firecracker into a Polish restaurant and then he was killed by the employees? The responses would be exactly the opposite and the restaurant’s employees would be portrayed as heroes who defended their right.

So which argument is correct; the right who complain about the immigration issue or the left who complain about the extreme ultra-nationalists or the Muslim immigrants who are moving by the droves to Europe?

Europe, and more especially Germany dictated things on the Polish people to take in immigrants. Then you have ultra-nationalist forces who use the immigrant question to create fascist states. Equating resistance to the migrant influx with being ultra-nationalists is exactly the mistake that European politicians are making. But there is nothing wrong with believing that Europe is threatened by demographic shift where Muslims become majority someday.

But whatever news we read, fact is, that fact is the least factor people consider, while prejudice is the main driving force in almost all the media we read regardless of it being right or left. The right argues that their quality of life is going down as a result. These have perfectly understandable grievances and apprehensions about the future. No one but Germany who wanted to have no-go areas in Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava, Prague, and Budapest. No one but Germany wanted ghettoes into which no policeman dare venture on his own. So there is opportunism from the ultra-nationalists, fascists and neo-Nazis that wants to exploit everything.

Here I will be extremely blunt with pun intended. I will tell you the story of the three little piggies from an eastern perspective instead of the fiction you were used to. First we have a Muslim pig. He is recognized as being Islamist and terrorist. Then we have another pig, the liberal, who brought in the Muslim immigration to storm Europe. But we also have a third pig that no one wants to discuss. He is the one who complains about the other two pigs while forgetting that he too is just another pig.

These in fact are known by their exclusion of a single pig (the Muslim) blaming only the Muslim of doing all the evils of the world. These end up self-fulfilling the Quranic lie by devolving themselves into “monkeys and pigs”.

All stinking pigs forgot, there is only one way that history combated and defeated Islamic expansionism (including all supremacies) and that is historic Christianity. Any piece of dung who wants to attempt to contradict this is welcome to debate it with us. But unlike today, historic Christianity is not this conservative populist movement we see. The Bible clearly states “there is neither a Jew nor Gentile”. This mean out with all races.

Instead, people are running towards, and are resorting to every other neo-isim, anything but good old fashioned Christian ethics. This third pig is the type that weeps and wails over the Charlie Hebdo’s story forgetting that Hebdo depicted Mary having Jesus as a baby pig.

So lets talk about all three types of pigs without exclusion. The West wants to blame the Muslims for terrorism and Muslim immigration, just as the Muslims want to blame the West for destroying the Middle East. While the Muslim has a point, western politicians (both pigs conservative and liberal) ruined the Middle East. But the Islamist was no innocent pig either. He created the Muslim Brotherhood which created Al-Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS …

What I said here so far is recent historic fact, not fiction. The Middle East was thriving just fine under the ‘dreaded’ dictatorships that the loudmouth conservative pig bickered about. We warned that the conservative was just another pig to no avail. No one listened. Every pig was pointing only at the two other pigs.

The only difference between the Islamist pig and the western conservative pig is that both go to extreme. The Muslim terrorist blames every westerner for messing up the Middle East and the racist western pig blames everything on Muslims.

There is much to blame on all pigs.

Let me say it as blunt as possible. The so-called fraudulent western Christians simply put did not want to have children. To solve this problem in Europe they resorted to importing Muslims. In the U.S. the same bigots imported Mexican Catholics. But the Mexicans at least obeyed God’s commandment in being fruitful and multiplying. These were happy to do all the dirty work while they were laughed at for having big families. I was smart enough to get me one of those.

Nothing in fact has ever changed. It wasn’t only the Muslim, but westerners also love to have slaves. In the U.S., they had african slaves to pick the cotton and now they want Mexican slaves to pick the fruit. Europe wasn’t so fortunate. They wanted the Muslim to do all the dirty work.

What the European supremacist didn’t like was that the Muslim supremacist outwitted him and applied for welfare making the European as his white slave who was working day and night to support the Muslim bigot instead.

The European bigot, dissatisfied at such insubordination was upset. After all, he wanted someone else to do the menial work while having underproductive sex by fitting his penis with a raincoat or clipping his testicles (vasectomy). There too the Muslim outwitted the European marrying four, had all the bareback sex he desired and produced all the children gaining more welfare that the European had to pay to his Muslim slave turned master.

Now that the western slave master got old and crippled, he wants to blame the Muslim and the Mexican for his lack of disobedience to God in failing to multiply. The western slave master then complained that his voice was muffled because of “political correctness”. He forgets that everything I have written so far has evolved to be the only politically incorrect version of the truth. Yesterday’s BS political correctness has become the standard, while today’s BS standard is yesterday’s political incorrectness. Its all pure BS.


White people. Can you read English? Be fruitful means have normal sex and have children. Why is the Muslim beating you to the thrust?

The Western pig, instead of blaming himself for his ills, he would rather hate the pope and damn him because he damns birth control. He them blamed the pope on why they magnified Islam instead of blaming Arab bishops.

All three pigs are a miserable bunch. No one from the scholarly realm wants to tell them that their emperor is naked lest they loose book sales, fame and donations.

I will. All you who abandoned Christianity and kowtowed to the homosexual agenda, listen up. A pig stye is cleaner than the cleanest one of you. You have no culture worthwhile to be proud about besides what you inherited from the Jews of ancient Israel’s Christianity. Even there, Christians where but a small remnant while the majority of Israel at the time turned out to be some serious pigs who elected Bar Kochba as Messiah. Throughout history, there was never a short supply of pigs be they Jews or Gentiles.

You are just as savage as the Muslims. While Muslims start terrorism, German pigs started WWI and then WWII by falling for all sorts of anti-Christian ideas. Unlike you, Muslims are way more united when they started their Ottoman invasions. Protestant Germany sparked Nazism with American liberal pigs selling them eugenics. The Jews were finally rescued by sheer accident and not by intent. Americans taught Hitler eugenics. Now you all want to resort back to eugenics, secularism and evolution to find answers to the very problems you created for yourselves.

Indeed, a pigsty is cleaner than the cleanest one of you.

How you function is but simple to explain. Easterners figured you out long ago. You always foment trouble. German pigs founded a Jew pig named Lenin. They then sent him on a mission to destroy Russia. So now the antisemite pig blames all Jews for Communism instead of blaming the German.

My definition of racists is simple. Racists are pigs whom when you show them the evidence that one pig plus another pig equals two pigs, they would never agree no matter how correct is the math. Just ask them: why is the percentage of jewish pigs versus gentile pigs are the same? Racist jews always blame Christianity for all evils. Racist gentiles always blame Jews for all evils. Both types of pigs intentionally ignore one thing: the percentage of pigs between Jew and Gentile are but the same. We have Stalin and Hitler. One plus one equals two. These were Gentile pigs. A pig is someone who paints “Putin” “Assad” or “Netanyahu” as the worlds leading “tyrants” while forgetting Henry VIII, Ivan IV: “the Terrible”, Maximilien Robespierre, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler “the Fuhrer”, Augusto Pinochet: “the Reformer-Dictator”, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il where the biggest tyrannical mass murdering pigs in history.

But where is the Jewish mass genocidal killer? He can never be found except all the cries about Deir Yassin which was around a hundred or so Palestinians.

Racist pigs, once they become famous, no one wants to point them out, until of course, the tragedy is all complete and the victims are all but consumed by fire. The fact of history is that people will only speak out against evil only after its defeated and never during or before the tragedy. The worst pigs are the ones who start foundations that supposedly want everyone to remember. These love slogans like ‘never again’. The anti-abortion agenda is the same and we all read what they said when Donald Trump stated that the abortionists, be they the doctor or mother, they both must be punished. And who were the loudest mouths that complained? It was the anti-abortion organizations (all of them) who screamed at Trump. Why? Because if abortion is terminated they would go out of business.

Therefore, we have just discovered that the pig’s God is mammon.

The worst pigs are the comments I see daily by huffed up so-called patriots who jot things like “kill all Muslims” or “someone needs to throw all these Muslims out”. Who is this “someone” who is going to throw all Muslims out, I do not know. Its someone, anyone else but them.

If I am wrong or being a complete pig about all this; that there is no serious Christian response to Islam or Nazism; perhaps you can help: where is the Christian counter Jihad movement or the Christian counter Nazi movement? They simply do not exist. The truth is that all pigs are practitioners of Taqiyya.

I can’t seem to find them for the life of me. I only see pigs all around. All the counter jihad colleagues I knew are in bed with atheists, gays, eugenists, neo-Nazis, neo-communist, neopagans … as it seems we eastern Christians are the only ones left. Does this mean we have some sort of genetic superiority? No. We are simply mules: very stubborn mules.

Where is Christendom? Who are the main players? Who is crusading to combat Islam by using Christianity? Why can’t anyone name them for me? Today, almost every one of them has an anti-Christian agenda to promote.

You are a world of pigs who believe anything people with an agenda tell you, so long they huff you up to complement your ‘might’. You are not worth dying for so long you yoke with eugenists and heathens breeding out of wedlock. Your kids too, turned out to be nothing more than a millennium generation of pigs.


The reality so few focus on is that if you take God out of the equation, evil will always be on the lurk. Indeed, devils take advantage of every valid argument to turn everything upside down. But you so-called western Christians, just like the Muslims, are too stupid to see it.

Reality is that before Christ comes, the clock will be turned backwards to when He came. What was Germany, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East when Christ came? They were all a brood of blood sucking pagans, monkeys and pigs. So from paganism you come and back to paganism you go.

Let me say it again, from paganism you come and back to paganism you go and God is no respecter of persons or skin color. To God, there is neither Jew nor Gentile. All your populist movements are pagan. You are pagan no matter how many crosses you carry or how many communions you consume.

The whole world is messed up be it Muslim or Christian. Here, take a look at the Croatian pigs (hit the cc to get English subtitles) and watch 50,000 Croatian pigs sing along on how they want Serbian Orthodox blood. Watch the pig say “we are not Nazis”. Truth is, you will always know them when they say “We are not Nazi”.

All Judases blaming others of being Judases, pigs blaming only others of being pigs. The number of Serbs murdered by the Ustaše as Yad Vashem estimates is over 500,000 murdered, 250,000 expelled and 200,000 forcibly converted to Catholicism.

Was that a message of “Come to Me all you labor and are heavy of laden”? Pigs.

The label “Catholic” means nothing to God if the soul is not authentic. Christianity is not about murder and forced conversions.

In fact, the most racially proud produce the greatest percentage of pigs. Germans, Croats, Turks, Japanese, Communist Russians have produced the worst genocidal pigs in history. For centuries, Croatia had been a part of the Habsburg Empire until it was dissolved at the close of World War I. The desire of Croatian nationalists was for independence finding itself in the Serb dominated Kingdom of Serbs. Internal borders were redrawn dividing historical Croatia into several provinces. Political repression then bred extremism, and the “Ustaša” (“Insurgence”) was formed in 1929 by a pig named Ante Pavelić with the support of Fascist Italy.

In 1934, King Alexander was assassinated by a Bulgarian from the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, a radical group seeking independence, allied with the Croatian Ustaše group led by Pavelić. Then on 6 April 1941, Nazi Germany (the biggest pigs) invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. The German supremacist pigs then exploited ethnic divisions in Yugoslavia, and presented themselves as liberators of the Croats. The then-victorious Axis powers set up a puppet state, the Independent State of Croatia, which included Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the parts of Dalmatia not annexed to Italy. Deputy prime minister Maček refused to collaborate in a puppet government, and Pavelić’s Ustaše was installed in power.

In Pavelić, Hitler found an ally. Are these Christian?

While the Croatians were enthusiastic for their independence, fact was, they were under the occupation by the Germans and Italian armies, while the Ustaša commenced a ruthless persecution of Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and dissident Croats and Bosnian Muslims.

The key to finding true life instead of death is not to only solely focus on the pigs. Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac of Zagreb welcomed Croat independence in 1941, but subsequently condemned Croat atrocities against both Serbs and Jews, and involved himself in personally saving Jews. The Pavelić government intended to rid Croatia of its Eastern Orthodox Serb minority by killing at least half a million in massacres and at concentration camps.

To live a good life, go find heroes and stop being mired with pigs.

The devil wants Europe to mow itself down so that the Muslim will conquer it. Islam will conquer parts of Europe because the Europeans abandoned God. Croatian populism, German Pegida, French Marine Le Pen, American populism, balck lives matter, white lives matter, Islamists … it is all pagan no matter how many times these say “in God” or “in Allah” we trust.

These trust in mammon and nothing more. Trump can be a Cyrus, but all you flag waving pigs want, is to fulfill the satisfaction of your bellies: money. You have become a stench in God’s nostrils, a Sodom and Gomorrah and nothing more. All you Christ haters, damn you and damn the mother that brought you to this world. The more people try to heal me from my homophobia and my nazi-phobia, the more I spit on the image of Hitler. I hate Nazis. Always will until some general Patton do us part.



  • Eric

    “To live a good life, go find heroes and stop being mired with pigs.”

    All the more reason to keep your circle of friends small and select. One must choose his friends and company with wisdom. It is better to have one righteous, trustworthy friend than a million “friends” who happen to be pigs.

    • Death to pigs. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman. VIVA superman.

      • Eric

        I pray for a long life, Sir, and thank you. Also, this makes me realize why Scripture calls pigs unclean. They eat slop, and the places in which they live are a mess. All the more to heed Christ’s warning of not casting our pearls before Swine.

        • spokencitizen

          well I am Jewish and I love pulled pork BBQ

    • Kamau41

      Absolutely Eric. There is so much truth to that reality.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Only read your first paragraph and maybe I am stupid but will take the self test at this point.

    It seems to me, technically Daniel is at fault, he is the instigator. Had he not thrown the firecracker the employees would not have responded. However, hee hee, see my clever American “un-use” of “but” Walid(?), however, the real fault lies with the employees for responding. They had a choice, do nothing or take action. They choose action of a lethal kind.

    • They were all clay crushing clay. The whole situation in Europe is clay crushing clay. In other words, for Europe to be righteous it needs to return to the iron of Christianity.

    • infowolf1

      a firecracker was thrown at not into and there was no followup started, and it isn’t that serious. their action was overreaction way overreaction, to kill and they are therefore at fault. this is true regardless of category of person who threw the firecracker. Both probably saw themselves as front soldie5rs of a bigger war, but thqat doesn’t change the fact that while the thrower started the problem, the reaction was extreme enough to exonerate him and throw guilt on them.

      • Grace Ziem

        Wrong, it was a classic “pagan assaults, pagans respond” Walid calls this mentality Pigs because from Christ’s perspective, it is. I am sorry to see so few people get it…

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Reality is that before Christ comes, the clock will be turned backwards to when He came. What was Germany, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East when Christ came? They were all a brood of blood sucking pagans, monkeys and pigs. So from paganism you come and back to paganism you go.

    That was a revelation.

    • Ceirwyn

      It’s looking to be the case though. May all my brothers and sisters in Christ find each other as everything comes tumbling down.

      • Kelly ann

        Brothers n sisters find each other ? better to work out our salvation in great fear and trembling n pray for the conversion of poor sinners, It’s better to be striving to obtain heaven, a brother or sister cannot comfort dies irae

        • Ceirwyn

          There’s going to be a major culling in a lot of the church going population as this progresses and things get really tough, particularly in the west where things have been cushy. We’re going to need to be vigilant about what’s happening around us and extra attentive to the Holy Spirit so we can be prepared for what God is doing.

          Things seem to be headed down hill and will get much worse, so clear headed christian preaching is going to be important.

          • Kelly ann

            Seems to be going down hill….nearly 100 000 persecuted Christians were martyred this year we haven’t seen those numbers since the early persecutions all the way back with Nero, really ramped up with Diocletian continuing on up through temporial history to the ottomans .Protestants have along with Catholics n orthodox experienced white martyrdom are going in the blood bowl with the Catholics n orthodox in this round of severe persecution of Christians. its going to take a lot more than preaching to prepare for it.

            You’ve received preaching most of your life of that I’m sure, but do you think your ready to suffer for Christ ?

            Trump will only hold back the blood hounds for so long. Max 8 years if that , could be a lot sooner. After all he’s the first president to hold up a LGBT flag ,that alone tells us how far things have gone down hill, it’s bad. N some Christians call him a great man of God while other Christians call him the antichrist, both are messed up. He’s just a feller who loves his country n is standing up to the globalist like Soros who wants us dead.

          • Julie

            So true….we can say we want to die for Christ, but once the blood begins to pour in diabolic slaughter, do we then apostasize?

            We have had it too good here.

          • Kelly ann

            So true my dear so true. We are soft as soft boiled eggs in this easy way of life.

          • Kelly ann

            The apostles told us that the apostasy comes first. Now PJPII mentioned the silent apostasy moving in the church, and from all the changes we have seen and the crazy stuff that’s happened the pope was speaking truthfully. And the apostles were speaking with the words of the Holy Spirit, so it’s safe to say the the apostasy is already well at work.

          • Julie

            I think there are a number of faithful priests in every diocese.

            It is hard for me to see former high school friends have public positions and spout all the liberal, contentious positions when they were raised in devout Catholic parishes.

          • Kelly ann

            Yes we do have faithful priest, and they are few and far in between, I haven’t been in every parish so I can’t make that assessment, they are easy to spot once you get to know them a little. Thank God for the ones who are not cowards and stand up defending the dogma of the faith, they go against the main stream jargon in the church today. Those are the ones we need desperately. Political correctness is a religion of its own merits the language of modernism.

          • Julie

            We must pray and do penance for our clerics….

          • Kelly ann

            Yes we sure do.

          • Kelly ann

            Depends on the preaching , we have apostasy preaching in the church. Been there for a few decades now. Not good.

        • Thanks Kelly ann. One of my wife’s favorites.

          • Kelly ann

            Mine too. St Paul strikes a cord. much like your article does (reality)

            Your wife must be quite the lady when it comes to the dogma of the faith. She must have the Sensus fidelium well developed. More reality we all need, boy do we need it bad in the west, given the current social situation of which we see and you accurately describe. The small scroll is awfully bitter Mr Shoebat .

            Thank you for such honest writing, its so very refreshing and encouraging to read. (Reality)

      • Taurnil Oronar

        The mind, well mine still reels, boggled a bit with that concept when someone put it that way in the comments of another Walid piece.

        Time moves forward, for us, as God set it to be. Yet we mistakenly think since the days of the Garden we have moved forward but the reality, God’s reality from His perspective: we are no further distant from the fall than the day it happened.

  • Ceirwyn

    Much truth here. I will just add to this that low births, at least in the US, are as much a product of having watched selfish divorces as being selfish and personally poor. Made all the kids marriage shy.

  • Brenda

    So honest and truthful.. it’s bound to piss someone off, LOL! But were getting used to that. I get along fine with hard working Mexicans and those are the jobs I usually get myself, Most have been very kind towards me and share some great meals! Note: I’m not in California with the cartel types. I like working with my hands and such and if I could have I would have liked to been married to a handy man carpenter type, But didn’t know enough to look for that, I want to build something so bad now!

    • Ceirwyn

      I remember when the Mexicans in the 80s came over to get US citizenship, and they were embraced and treated well. Heck, they were actually respected. Wish that was what’s coming over here today, because they had a lot in common with the working class. Sadly, today is mostly cartels, Marxists from failed states, and cultists.

  • One thing I appreciate about you, Constantine, is you don’t sugarcoat anything, and I most definitely appreciate new story of the Three Little Pigs.

    • To answer the question, it was Daniel who was at fault. What in the world possess the person to throw a firecracker into a restaurant and provoked that type of reaction? Indeed, if the situation had been reversed, the restaurant employees would have been branded as heroes.

      It as I told my wife this morning as we were discussing our frustration with the Church today – everything seem to be turning upside down and backward.

      • DeusLoVult

        Throwing a firecracker is no excuse for murder. It’s just a stupid prank, by the sound of it. Punching the man a few times would have been sufficient. Not stabbing him to death. They deserved what they got for it in my opinion.

        • And if it were reversed?

          • DeusLoVult

            It’s still murder. I don’t care if he was a Muslim. Of course, if it was a Muslim, he’d probably be throwing a grenade, not a firecracker.

        • Grace Ziem

          Running a restaurant doesn’t merit a firecracker: do you even THINK about Christian ethics? Not even after a long article with Walid’s time, effort and heart in it?? You think he has nothing better to do? He must be feeling pretty discouraged, judging by the number of people who commented as if they didn’t even get the main points discussed.

          • DeusLoVult

            You think that warrants murder??? Who judged him? I disagree with some of his points, but so what? “Walid’s heart and time” does not mean I cannot disagree with him. Why don’t you piss off and stop being so judgmental yourself.

          • “You think that warrants murder???”

            Where did I say it did? Show me?

            “Who judged him? I disagree with some of his points”

            Well start dishing out your disagreements then.

            “Walid’s heart and time” does not mean I cannot disagree with him.”

            Both are true. I never solicited appreciation, but her ointment sure does help.

            “Why don’t you piss off and stop being so judgmental yourself.”

            What is so bad about her that she deserves such treatment?

          • DeusLoVult

            “Where did I say it did? Show me?”

            I was speaking directly to her, sir. Her comment seems to imply that. That was not about your article.

            I’ll state my opinions in a response to your above comment.

            “What is so bad about her that she deserves such treatment?”

            She barely reads what I say and then immediately calls me an amoral assh*le. I’m sick of that crap. People can either have a rational discussion with me or get lost.

          • Grandmere

            She wants a column of her own on your website.”Dear Grace”. That is the problem.

          • Grace Ziem

            Grand, I think Walid is very capable of defending his website. He poured his heart and time into a careful discussion and some people want to pretend his main points were never made. Christ didn’t come to just give us a “feel good” message, He wants to change our hearts. This change is a wonderful one; I resisted it too long, I hate to see you waste your life making that mistake, sir.

          • Grandmere

            You don’t speak French, do you? There is this thing called Google…….

          • Grace Ziem

            Of course it doesn’t merit murder. That was one of Walid’s points: both were wrong (the 2 pigs) and we sit in judgement of them (which, if I’m not mistaken, is the 3rd pig: because we talk about Christ but lack love in our heart).

        • RodK1975

          I agree… burning down the restaurant wasn’t the answer, either, but murder is murder…

          • We always talk about the two pigs, but why do we forget the third?

          • RodK1975

            Because, we don’t actually forget the third pig, we ignore it, pretend it isn’t there, because if we talk about the third pig, we’d be looking in the mirror… and, 98% of the Christians out there that are so ‘holy and righteous’ do not dare take a trip down the rabbit-hole of real introspection… they’re afraid of what they’ll find… 😉

          • Grandmere


          • The 11 snaps award. I never got that. I must work harder.

            I saw your comment about Paul but wasn’t able to address or research it since I was busy on the Michael Savage show. Do you really believe he is a stalker?

          • Grandmere

            Yes. Julie and I both do. I have spoken with her twice today about this. He made a comment to her four months ago referencing his sexual problems. Check Disqus at the thread about Heart of Europe in Christian History… I noticed that after I called him out, he went back to his comment to Julie this morning and did an edit. He took out the reference to the girly girl protestant missionary in LA. Los Angeles plays a part in this and Julie is creeped out. She will come here to fill you in. Thanks so much Chef. You are true friend.

        • Deus

          I agree with you. But this is not the issue I brought up. I was not arguing over whether the Muslims deserved it or Daniel deserved it was I? No.

          I did argue and ask: what if the tables were turned around and the restaurant was Polish and the firecracker thrower was Muslim and the Polish restaurant killed the Muslim. You didn’t answer that question or any of the issues brought up. There are three pigs not one. Would love you hear your views.

          • DeusLoVult

            To begin, I actually did answer your in a below comment. If someone kills a Muslim with malicious intent then they have murdered and deserve capital punishment. I do not think, however, that pure malice is involved in this case. It is fear. They are afraid because their culture (which I will discuss when I reach the three little pigs story) is being destabilized with uncanny rapidity. They feel threatened by a very violent group of people and their governments have done nothing to protect them. Rather, they have created the problem. Therefore, it is not surprising that events such as this would take place. You can only push people so far.

            Piggy #1: The Muslim. Did the Muslim create this problem? No, he did not. The Muslim has not changed for 14 centuries. His nature is the same today and will be tomorrow. These Muslim terrorists…yes, they are responsible for death, destruction, and oppression on a very large scale….and they should be subjected to the most extreme punitive action. But they did not create the problem. They thrive on our weakness, our moral decay. They fill the void. I think we might even see quite a few Western converts to Islam before this is over. It would only be natural. The people have abandoned Christianity for the god called Atheism, the god of denialism and moral perversion. Now they are beginning to accept another god called Allah, who is the true king of denialism and moral perversion.

            Piggy #2. The Liberal. Perhaps the best known piggy in the room. He represents the most decadent part of the Christian West. The final stage in a partial return to paganism. He’s but a single step above it. He’s kind of the devil’s missionary. He preaches evil to the masses that he deceived and persuaded to give him authority. He then widdled away at Christianity while the masses remained blissfully ignorant. Finally, when he believed them to have been rendered impotent, he ushered in the devil’s most dedicated minions. The first piggy. He threw their world into chaos, and then he brought them here, and they took their chaos with them and unleashed it on the West.

            Piggy #3. The pagans. They are the most intelligent and the most dangerous of the three. They are the piggy that both piggies have forgotten about. They know best how to use a crisis to their advantage. And while the two piggies collaborated to conquer the sheep (even as the first piggy betrayed the second and conquered him as well) the third piggy schemed to conquer them all. And now the time is right for them to strike. They will use the chaos that the liberal created and the Muslim imported.

            And where do the majority of Christians fit into this? They are lamentably lost sheep who allowed the three piggies to rule in the first place.

            Summing it up. You are not alone in believing the world has reverted to paganism. I have believed for quite some time that the world has come full circle. It was largely pagan in the life of Christ and so it is now just before His return. The devil intends to use chaos to bring forth his kingdom…but, in reality, God will use it to create his own.

            Now, have I succeeded? Or, have I failed miserably and utterly to state my beliefs on this whole issue? If I have missed something, then I implore you to tell me so that I might address it.

          • RodK1975

            It’s one gigantic sh*t sandwich that everyone had a part in creating yet no one wants to take credit for making it (even if they just put on the lettuce and mayo) nor do they want to take a bite but at the same time everyone is going to have to eat it…

          • “one gigantic sh*t sandwich ”


          • You have succeeded tremendously Deus. I will join you someday to drag all three piggies from their intestines on the streets 😉

            I think I figured out your issue with Grace.

          • DeusLoVult

            Ah, that will be a happy day, sir. That should expedite the process substantially. 😉

            Yes…she likes to pounce indiscriminately and without provocation.

          • Jeff Benton

            Im just glad no-one has yet noticed us sheepdogs under the tree dozing, just waiting for the wolves disguised as pigs to come for the sheep… 🙂 🙂 🙂

            The sheep I watch are secure… Cant speak for others… From what I see in other pastures, many of em have pigs watchin over em instead of sheepdogs… And there are more than 3 types of pigs… Lots more…

            And I will not be coming to the rescue of those sheep, pigs, or other critters who invite the wolves to dinner… Even if they are under my watch… I dont mind going after a lost sheep, but a sheep who endangers the flock is really a wolf, disguised as a pig, wearing a sheep outfit… And there are more than 3 of em… Lots more…

        • Daniel started it, Daniel didn’t deserve death, the restaurant owner was not the murderer and didn’t deserve his restaurants burned but it was the third pig that caused the whole mess from the start.

      • Kelly ann

        Fault enough to deserve death by stabbing ?…. it was a firecracker, you know a firecracker, kids love em.

        • Grace Ziem

          Trevor didn’t say that, Kelly. But it is obviously dangerous to try to physically settle scores with Muslims, altho some commenters don’t seem to get that yet, let alone that it is TOTALLY unChristian!

          • Kelly ann

            un Christian or politically incorrect? Fire crackers are toys not weapons.

          • Kelly ann

            Is it unchristian or un dimmitude or Politically incorrect or all three combined ?

            Here’s the thing, we don’t know the whole story, What was the motivation actually behind it? I don’t believe that all Muslims will kill people over a prank however unfriendly it will be. Was it because of the anti immigration movement ? Or something else? Or a combination ? N seeing how the media is famous for not reporting everything anyway, we may never know.

            As a matter of fact showing aggression towards them is the only language they understand, beat them and keep beating them is the only way to keep them in check. So Islam teaches, beat them until they fallback to Hudna,

            In one video I watched in France, the French boys beat the living daylights out of a small group of Muslims, they (Muslims ) ran as soon as they got the chance.

      • Daniel started it, Daniel didn’t deserve death, the restaurant owner was not the murderer and didn’t deserve his restaurants burned but it was the third pig that caused the whole mess from the start.

        • Yeah, what a mess.

        • The third pig is ourselves. We have no one to blame but ourselves. When we fail to obey God through the Church’s teachings on issues such as abortion et al, the result is a turning away from God to tickle ear fancy.

          Rather than to be fruitful and multiply, we chose to neuter ourselves. Rather than to continue the apostle doctrine per Acts, we chose to treat Christianity like going to a buffet.

          Rather than to confess that we are the worst sinners, we seek the Scriptures to justify our actions.

  • Grandmere

    I mean that sauce was HOT! The kind of hot that singes the hair in the nose, burns the tongue, sears the throat and has one drinking a gallon of ice water. It’s just what we needed. By this time tomorrow we will all be cleaned out and ready for the next battle.

    • Nan

      The problem here could be solved with a glass of milk, which neutralizes the capascin in the peppers.

  • Shane Bass


  • Shane Bass

    This is another type of article along with the videos your son puts out, it sounds just like the Prophets in the Old Testament not worrying about their language or who they offend for it comes from the heart filled with intelligence. Again, thanks for everything and keep filling myself with knowledge and references to research myself and strengthen my argument in discussions with others. God bless Walid the Wise and Theodore the Bold!

  • AnthonyM

    Things spiral out of control rather quickly. That is the problem with revenge, and taking matters (or justice) into ones own hands. Governments are intentionally destabilizing other nations, and then their own countries with forced immigration. If governments forecast a diminishing birth rate population, it’s time to get the government off the backs of the citizenry.

    People showed up to light candles in remembrance of the dead young man. Before anyone knows it, windows are broken and the place is trashed. The place is owned by a local entrepreneur. Cops are called and the crowd turns on the police, and arrests of the more aggressive people begin. Then the crowd attacks another restaurant thought to be owned by the ‘same people’ (actually owned by Indians).

    I recall immigrants throwing fireworks at crowds of people last New Year’s eve in Germany. They should not panic if one is thrown at their business. But it was probably more than just a firecracker that set off this incident.

    They wanted a new life instead of the one in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. I wouldn’t want to live there either. But the provocation was minor, and murder is murder.

  • Michelle Therese

    This crap is like the gang warfare of Chicago.

  • ace

    From a Disney Fun Favorites entry called “Pigs is Pigs” …
    “Holding two animals in a crate;
    Big dispute regarding rate.
    Is a guinea pig a pig or pet?
    Give ruling on the rate to set…”
    “Now each grandchild of the first two pigs
    Had grandsons by the dozens,
    And every time the clock would strike,
    There were fifty brand-new cousins…”

  • Renato Steri

    Welcome to civil war. This murder was a follow up to the Berlin attack where the Polish truck driver was brutally murdered by the Tunesian Muslim. Poland is 100% ticking bomb, the rest of V4 group will follow: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Austria keeps close contact with V4 for historical reasons.

    • Julie

      Thanks for perspective. Yes, the truck driver was Polish…

  • Kelly ann

    Three days of darkness is coming.

    • Julie

      That is what I was thinking today….

      • Kelly ann

        Yes Julie ,the more we read about the crazy society, the more it comes to mind.

    • Nan

      Are you stocked up on blessed candles, holy water and Bailey’s?

      • Kelly ann

        lol, ever read what Sr Lucy said for our times? Or is that all fun and games to you ? Not a fan of baileys, my nan always taught me to always keep blessed candles n holy water in the house, long before I read St Padres works.

        • Nan

          Private revelation ended with the death of St John the Evangelist. We’re not required to believe or pay attention to private revelation, even related to church approved apparitions.

          • Kelly ann

            Yup yup, n Our Lord promised he would never abondon us. Just left us a message to live by for the last 2000 years. All the saints are to be taken with a grain of salt n pretty much ignored, you’d get more out of watching Star Wars. What ever you do don’t read the works of the early church fathers, they are not the apostles either.

          • Nan

            To be Catholic is to believe and profess all the Church teaches. She teaches that certain people are saints in heaven; while there’s no requirement to venerate them, the Church provides a convenient calendar of the days on which to do so. She doesn’t teach that we must follow private revelation so it makes no sense that people think that we must do so.

            With regard to the early church fathers, I guess you can’t tell the difference between revelation, exegesis and writing. The earliest church fathers learned directly from the Apostles; the church fathers interpreted the bible, note that here, I mean explained the bible, not literally translated it, although St Jerome literally translated it.

          • Kelly ann

            Here the problem with your arguement
            Church teachings of the dogma of the faith and catholic mystic apprations are two different things.

            Dogma of the faith is the teaching of the truth

            Apprations is messages and guidance for a specific period in mans temporial history that are not in any way in conflict with the Catholic moral and theology teachings of the dogma handed down to the church,

            Your not bound to private revelations , but you are bound to public revelations

            See the link for the guidelines regarding apprations or revelations

            Regarding the church teachings on apprations, we have God himself in the bible telling us and the apostles affirming this. Here’s a few examples :

            Joel 2:28/ acts 2:17/ 1thess 5/19-21/1 Cor ch 12.

          • Nan

            That article reiterated what I said. We are not bound to private revelation. Even approved apparitions are private revelation. Their private nature doesn’t change with Church approval, that only means that the faithful may choose to make pilgrimage to the site.

          • Kelly ann

            not it doesn’t your combining both church dogma and apprations in the same catagority. And your bound to public revelations. As well the guidelines does not condemn Catholics from practicing devotions approved by the church, so you have no authority to over ride the churches teachings concerning them.

            One Catholic may be devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes , another may be devoted to our Lady of good success, another catholic may be devoted to St Thresea of the little flower and so on, do you think you have the authority to critize mock and condemn those millions of Catholics who practice such devotions which the church don’t critize and condemn ?

            I think not

            These approved devotions don’t change any of the teachings of the church, nor do they teach anything different. They are simply practices of prayer and guidelines for the Christian benefit.

            We are not Protestants so Protestant methods of worship, don’t work for us.

            The issue you present with saints and apprations is very much on par with Luther and his 95 thesis.

          • Nan

            Kelly Ann, you’re repeating things I have already stated which support my argument yet you claim that I have mocked faithful Catholics and denigrated those who venerate saints.

            Your statement about my alleged heresy is beyond the pale; you haven’t backed that up with anything, nor can you because all of my comments above faithfully reflect Church teaching. You are the one who mocked me for not reading St. Lucy’s writing – I replied that we are not bound to private revelation and you have continually mocked me for that.

          • Kelly ann

            Then why did you mock me concerning three days of darkness ? With your stupid comment ? and accuse me of combining prophesy from saints with church teaching , suggesting I’m anti catholic?

            Your disregard and condemnation concerning revelations goes against what the apostles teached.

            Your pouting off like a modernist, conflicting church teaching.
            So bugger off.

          • Nan

            Kelly Ann, it is your own insecurity that results in those conclusions. You may think my comment was stupid but it wasn’t mockery.

            I have never condemned revelations, that’s in your head. After your criticism and mocejery of me, I pointed out that we are not bound to public revelation. That is church teaching and neither mockery nor condemnation.

            Furthermore, I have never dictated to you, but you have attempted to dictate to me.

            Again you make personal insults about things you can’t support. Why on earth do you think that’s okay? You’re new here but that’s no excuse to call me a modernist. I’ll pray for you through the intercession of St Pius X, my confirmation saint.

  • Lance

    Rapidly de-advancing to the days of Nimrod, and Noah.–With Technology.

  • Did you learn how to show which quote you disagree with before you show your refutation?

  • ezekiel22

    Nice to see you back Walid.
    It is easy to damn things and people since there is enough evil in this world that one is sure as Hell to hit something. Sorta like using a shotgun in a crowd. Some innocents will get hit but at least ……,.
    Christ on this Earth preached more about Hell than any other subject for one reason and that was to rescue sinners of all peoples from going there. He said He came to this Earth not to condemn but to redeem those that were lost. He is still redeeming to this day and that should not be forgotten. He has not yet touched foot upon the Mt. of Olives.
    It remains true that people still put other things ahead of Christ whether it be nationalism, mammon, religions, family etc. What is going on now is nothing less than the winnowing of followers of Jesus and those that merely use the name of Christ;( By this shall you know they are my disciples that they love one another even as I loved them). A person would have to be a fool to not see that the field of this Earth is being prepared for the acceptance of both humanism and chrislam to morph into salafism. Minds are being conditioned to accept violence against christians and jews on a scale Hitler would be proud of.
    Homophobia like islamophobia is nothing more than a made up diversion. They both seem to have the same goal of destroying the Church do they not? Have you not noticed that those that accuse others of being fascist practice the very same tactics they accuse others of? Their purpose is merely to divide. Christians see through that.
    When Jesus gave up the ghost on that Cross on Calvary He paid our debt of sin. When He left to sit on the right hand of the Throne of God He gave us the Holy Spirit to live within us. He really is a Wonderful Counsellor and Advocate that does teach us. If we are smart we learn to listen early on and not fight Him. If not we get more lumps on our noggin.

    There is one thing that I want to share. Last week I ended up getting into a conversation with a muslim that was busy trying to prove how innocent muslims were and how victimized they were. There is a lot of that going on. It was very telling that when confronted with the truths and the facts of Jesus they ran. I can honestly say that I did not confront in anger and tried to be patient but truthful. Some would say that I wasted my time and that is their opinion. The two things I think about is that muslims are coming to Christ in the Middle East and by not sharing the Gospel is akin to condemning one to an eternity in Hell and that is worse than cruel.

    • Julie

      In context to today, the phrase He used the most was, ‘Do not be afraid!’

      I read the diary of S Perpetua up to her martyrdom and the presence of heaven was already evident within her a few days before she died.

      A priest said 8 million Muslims have converted…and the internet, social media, and history of Islam from a non Muslim history…we can be sure they who have the internet are searching.

      The ten commandments live within the heart of every human being.

      A Muslima told me here in town in response to the mistreatment by Muslims to others, she said they know in their heart it is wrong.

      • Grace Ziem

        Yes, but if we go on the rampage as some suggest, they will not want to convert, we have to continue to show that Christ is the Loving (and just) Savior. And we have to be loving followers. It is wonderful to see them come to Christ. Happy New Year, Julie!

  • Kamau41

    “All stinking pigs forgot, there is only one way that history combated and defeated Islamic expansionism (including all supremacies) and that is historic Christianity.” Now this piece was extra, extra, extra hot and heavy duty. The story of the three little pigs was absolutely awesome and describes the exact conditions of our society/world that we are dealing with today. What you layed out here is indeed blunt talk, the Middle-Eastern style way….

  • Julie

    Easy for Middle Easterners to shed blood.

    • Grace Ziem

      From the commenters, it seems to be a quick response to Islamic and other problems, which is a major point of the article, I think.

  • Julie

    Shocking about the Croats wanting Serbian blood.

    My girlfriend is Irish Croatian, a Catholic convert and she told me of the Serbs how you could spend the night there and they are hospitable to you, and then you could get killed in their house. She was born here in our country.

    Then I spoke to a Serb divinity student at the mall and he told me how the Catholics and Muslims would crucify them and they passed down these atrocities to their children for 600 years.

    Bismarck had no interest in the Balkans, considering them a pomegranate.

    • Lidia

      There will never be peace between these 2 groups. I don’t know what God will do with them. They are hopeless.

      • Julie

        Lidia, do you know their culture?

        • Lidia

          Yes, my parents are from Yugoslavia.

          • Julie

            I could sense your Slovakian heritage in your comments here. I know several and worked with them in the past.

          • Dominus

            It is Slovenian, not Slovakian. Slovenia and Slovakia are two different nations and peoples.

          • Julie

            Thank you. Here in town the Croatians, Serbs, and Muslims from there get along fine.

            But if they go back home, the dynamic returns and there are no go zones for them.

          • Dominus

            Your Slovenian grandparents and their ancestors should have been gratefull that they had Croats as their south neighbourghs for fighting agianst turksih islamic hordes for all that time in history(centuries) I would expect, and not being ungratefull ignoramuses like you sound.

          • Lidia

            It’s my GODPARENTS, not grandparents. I’m not Slovenian.

          • Nan

            Oh, please! How did they get to Ljubljanski Grad and the gates of Vienna if you stopped them?

      • Dominus

        And you sound were condesending and disrespectfull when you speak like that, taking moral highground and judging while being ignorant to historical circumstances we faced. It is easy for you westernes to judge and slander like this, while having zero clue or undestanding, or even wanting to udnerstand the nature of circumstances and gravity of situation through all those centuries of nearly constant existential danger.

        • Lidia

          Do you actually believe that there is hope between Croatians and Serbians? How is that condescending and disrespectful!
          My comment was not one sided. It was for both. Obviously your comments are one-sided.

      • Dominus

        When Serbs stop having delusions of conquest of Croatian land, then there will be peace. It is simple as that.

        • Lidia

          The best thing for the Serbs to do is to go underground like their ancestors did. They need to focus on surviving a cosmic catastrophe.

          Don’t get mad at me for what Walid said in his article.

  • Kamau41

    “throwing a firecracker does not justify killing a man”. What does this have to do with the context of this article? I believe you are confusing this with an earlier essay.

  • Kamau41

    “Your argument falls at the first hurdle.” Then show us how so Jerry? Will be waiting….

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “I hate Nazis. Always will until some general Patton do us part.”

    Add to that crowds – the devil is a coward.

    “Jeremiah then stretched out his right hand and presented Judas with a golden sword, saying as he gave it, ‘Take this holy sword as a gift from God; with it you will shatter the enemy.'” 2 Maccabees 15-16

    “Will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day and night? Will He continue to defer their help? I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?””
    Luke 18:7-8

  • Grandmere

    That’s what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda. It produces a chemical reaction.

  • Grandmere

    Nice little tricycle you have there, Evel. Too bad you can’t jump a curb with it,

    • RodK1975

      :-))… Knievel-ed… Now I have the sudden urge to jump the fountain at Caesar’s Palace…

      • Grandmere

        Oh, heck! Go for the Snake River Canyon.

  • Dan

    But what if a Muslim threw a firecracker into a Polish restaurant and then he was killed by the employees? The responses would be exactly the opposite and the restaurant’s employees would be portrayed as heroes who defended their right.

    Sorry Walid, but let’s stick to what we do have instead of gaining sympathy for what we don’t have.
    Besides it wasn’t the firecracker that got the boy killed. It was the well deserved sentiment of anger against Islam that is boiling over that Muslims should beware of.

    • Dan, try answering the question instead of just giving an opinion:

      “But what if a Muslim threw a firecracker into a Polish restaurant and then he was killed by the employees? The responses would be exactly the opposite and the restaurant’s employees would be portrayed as heroes who defended their right.”

      This is not an answer:

      “Sorry Walid, but let’s stick to what we do have instead of gaining sympathy for what we don’t have.”

      No one is discussing sympathy. We are discussing justice and prejudice. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      “it wasn’t the firecracker that got the boy killed. ”

      Where did I ever accuse a firecracker? Nowhere.

      I”t was the well deserved sentiment of anger against Islam that is boiling over that Muslims should beware of.”

      This is bull. What you are saying then is that we should all go and throw firecrackers into restaurants just because they are owned by Muslims?

      Sure, I am “boiling over” as well. But does that mean I go vigilante and go burn mosques and start killing Muslims?

      When someone commits murder, the law enforcement will handle it not me or you.

      Do you suggest that when a people “boil” they break the laws of the land?

      • Dan

        Walid with your thinking ; well get nothing done in solving the problem of Islamic extremism.

        While you spend time wondering why and exclaiming
        “oh the injustice of it all” Muslims are killing people indiscriminately.

        Oh but the prejudice and injustice dealt out to this boy !

        People are sick and tired of Islam Walid and now clearly people are done wringing the hands over it.
        Clearly now people are meeting out justice with extreme prejudice.

        I’m not saying it’s right however I do appear to be explaining to it you.
        Which is my point about playing games like :

        But what if a Muslim threw a firecracker into a Polish restaurant.

        People are dying already because of Islam Walid and right now things are at a fever pitch and no ones listening to anything involving injustices to Muslims and until Muslim clerics start coming out against Jihad ; I will bet we will see even more than a kid being slain.

        In fact the very idea that Muslims walk around with the threat of Jihad makes people want to punch anything Muslim in the face!

        The only thing throughout history that has stopped the spread of Islam is killing them or kicking them out because they refuse to assimilate. I mean the history of Islam’s intended dominance over the world is there for anyone to see and it is no different today.

        Dan, try answering the question instead of just giving an opinion:

        Walid my opinion was the point of my statement which is; there is no sympathy with an ideology that its moderate followers are secretly enamored by which is I expect why they do nothing.

        Secretly they’re saying to themselves “that’s what you get because of your immorality and they’re proud of these people in a sick way.
        They’re proud of their faith because it’s noble to want a society that flourishes because they follow allah. So the ends justify the means.

        This is bull. What you are saying then is that we should all go and throw firecrackers into restaurants just because they are owned by Muslims?

        Walid, I’m saying this has nothing to do with a firecracker or this kid.

        I’m also saying sometimes I disagree with what you are saying.

        I’m glad for what you’re doing but let’s stop what started this first
        and I would bet once this is taken care of there are more people like me who feel just as you do about the issue of extremism and will do something about it just as we did before.

        Can you imagine the outcry if Nazi’s were doing this and not the Muslims and would we also be being apologetic about the nazis?

        You see there Walid I did the same thing and it serves no one.

        I mean we are actually using the word Islamophobia to not offend the moderates; the world is bewitched.

        Which is why people are acting crazy. Except this time the Muslims should worry about it.

        • Grace Ziem

          Dan, humans can’t solve Muslim extremism, this is a problem of evil. Read/view the stories of Muslims who come to Christ: their heart is transformed. We can pray for this to happen, and support Christian groups who witness to them. We can stop hating and start loving, as Christ tells us. Easy: NO, neither was the cross…Christ forgave them while hanging there. We are NOT following Him by being hateful, we are following ourselves.

          • Dan

            Hi Grace, before I say anything let me first say I’m running into glitches with Walid’s site and for some reason my post are not appearing on this subject until now.

            Ok so I’ve done some reasearch on this article and this problem about Muslim youths is not an isolated one ; in fact it has become a menace that has involved dropping a firecracker more powerful than usual into a baby’s stroller. Can anyone imagine what that would have done to this infant ?

            This is the sentiment that I’m talking about and is the reason that this is not just about a firecracker thrown by a muslim into a restaurant ; it’s about the audacity of muslims and jihad and the public being outraged because of it.

            Grace I’m in the group of people that would not condemn someone because they are a muslim unjustly. You and I have had this discussion before however it was me telling you what you are telling me now about the need to leave open the door to spread the gospel. It was over the churches in Sweden and how addicts who may have happened to be muslims ; were desecrating the church.

            The article in not in english so you’ll have to translate but it tells a different story or rather a expanded story to this article.


          • Grace Ziem

            Thank you for sharing this, I speak several languages but not Swedish..I know Muslim youth (and not so young) are doing outrageous stuff!! Islam is an evil belief system. If we look at testimonials of those who have come to Christ, it’s like they are liberated from Satanic/evil dominance!

            Many do not have access to Christ’s gospel of love. I have to ask myself what I would be like if I were taught to hate, that God likes hateful acts, and didn’t know Christ. Pretty bad, I fear. So Christ wants us to try to love (just as He loves the unlovable), and to pray for them (because this opens our hearts to what we can do.

            He asks us to share the gospel to all peoples. With the internet, prayer, and donations to groups that take the gospel to Muslims, we can do this. But it is a different focus, of our heart, our time, attention and resources.

            Blessings, brother!

          • Dan

            Grace, my computer translates all languages for me; does yours ; just curious?

            Grace, I agree with you but I am of the belief that Islam may be fulfilling end time prophecy so I expect this to get worse.

            I have enough time today to read many comments about this article here including Walids and I really enjoy his spirit with everyone including someone who doesn’t agree with him.
            However, I believe he and I were arguing apples and oranges with me being the one who wasn’t sticking to the point of the article.

            One of my problems is I fear the proverbial curb in the road ahead which is the fact of muslim population in the US and is unavoidable.

            What the US will look like in 10 – 20 yrs because of the unavoidable muslim majority is scary and in fact I believe we are getting a small glimpse from what is going on in Europe today.

            There is no love today of christians in countries that are dominated by muslims. Oh there’s a pseudo love that protects christians to a degree. But it is only because the US has ties to some of these countries.

            Blessings Grace !

          • Grace Ziem

            I think you are right, there is prophesy fulfillment going on, and no military action can change that: God has already foreseen the future. We may not have 10-20 years, and I know the dread you are probably feeling.

            We need to love each other, show kindness and understanding, and try to tune down the hate.The latter seems hard for some. but hate doesn’t solve this situation. When dealing with prophesy, we NEED to know the Bible!

      • Dan

        Walid, did you erase our conversation on this?

        So, I did some research into your firecracker scenario.

        It’s seems muslim youths have been doing this all over and in a manner that is terrorizing the area.

        Now, I ask you and any man here ; if someone threw a powerful firecracker into your baby’s stroller would you kill him or be enraged to the point to do it mindlessly in a fit of rage?

        Walid this is something Muslim youths are doing and they’re doing it to innocents.

        But by all mean let’s pretend non-muslims are doing the same thing ;
        what would you do if the shoe was on the other foot?

        Let’s not worry about the problem and instead try to be understand about the audacity of jihad.

    • Grace Ziem

      No, Dan, he also would be wrong: the restaurant employees aren’t the enemy just because of beliefs: when did you decide people don’t have the right to be innocent as individuals? if you want to exterminate/kill people because of what group they are in, I AGREE WITH WALID, this is a “pig’s approach”, it is NOT Christ’s approach.
      We have to chose to either follow Christ OR follow ourselves; the latter leads to hell, sir. Please don’t make that mistake. We need to be more involved in reading God’s Word so we avoid these common human errors with ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES. I wish you blessings, but we need to follow the Savior to get them.

  • Grace Ziem

    No evidence the restaurant employees were violent before the attack, You didn’t even think about what Walid spent a lot of time telling us: did you even read the article?? You couldn’t have thought about it from a Christian perspective! Walid is telling us BASIC things EVERY THINKING Christian MUST KNOW! Please re-read the article and study your Bible. You can’t share paradise by following yourself, sir!

  • Grace Ziem

    No, you missed the main point of the article: you are self righteously judging everyone but yourself! Christ had more criticism toward the self-righteous than any other sin; BECAUSE it BLINDS us to other sin. Matt 16:24 “If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” How are you doing that? Please read your comment again and think about Christ’s teachings. To do God’s will, you have to KNOW God’s Word: no short cut, sir!

  • Grace Ziem

    His argument is a Christian one, it does NOT fail, but your “logic” is based on worldly principles (if there is such a thing), and it fails to qualify as God’s justice. Try reading Matthew again, sir.

  • richinnameonly

    “The reality so few focus on is that if you take God out of the equation, evil will always be on the lurk.”
    Uhmmm……YEAH, big time!

  • Brenda

    Most white people don’t want large families, I’m white and not one white man wanted children, No joke, My sons father is Mexican, it still did not work out of course, Just my bad luck, But time was running out and he was the only one that ever said he wanted kids. The first time that I mentioned having kids to an ex boyfriend he tossed me angrily in a lake and his family was Christian, reformed I think. Mine was not practicing any religion so it threw me for a loop that some of the meanest men had religious families.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I listen to some of the ex-muslims and they are quite reasonable and even funny, I wonder is there is an evil that distorted them, I remember in the slaughter in rewandra, a man killing his neighbor said, he could not stop, he was taken over by a evil force to kill. We know evil exists and we know Islam must be stopped if Western civilization is to survive, they are fully human but their perception is that we are not. How does God infuse grace into evil and give it peace?

    • Grace Ziem

      Yes, Tom, evil absolutely exists, in Satan and his fallen angels, And it was Satan who appeared to Mohammed (verified in Islamic teaching documents). Islam isn’t really a religion, it is a hate-filled believe system, and hate dominates many of its followers.So yes, they are happy in Christ. They seek God in the wrong form, but many are open to a Christian message. It is important for us to do whatever we can to get this message to them.

      Christ forms a loving spirit in us: Zechariah 12:1 “The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the human spirit within a person” An amazing thing, an amazing God!! Blessings, brother.

  • I guess you and I do have some things in common after all. Me being half Scottish and half Middle East makes a potent concoction 😉

  • The typical case of missing the point where a record plays the same song.

  • Grace Ziem

    Sounds like politicians… But, I think Muslims should ALL be able to hear the gospel, and Christ commands us to share His message. So if we avoid hating, work on living them, ask God to help us do that and to help them,we will see what God can do in our hearts and theirs! Blessings!

  • So there were no Croatian Nazis Dominus? What I have written about the Croats was completely false Dominus? Half million were not killed by Croats? This was fabricated history? And who said that I fully accept every Serbian argument? I don’t. There is also Serbian pigs. But tell me, who are the Croatian pigs?

    Can you name them?

    If Croatian saints name their Croatian pigs and Serbians saints name their Serbian pigs, you will have peace at last. But until then, these will be killing each other till kingdom come and as Isaiah said “the way of peace they know not”.

  • Lidia

    First of all, don’t talk down to Julie. I highly respect her. She just talked about her conversions with Croatian and Serbian people. She wasn’t attacking Croatians, her friend is Croatian.
    Secondly, the Serbs didn’t invade Croatia, it was still Yugoslavia, still part of their country. That’s why they called it a Civil War.
    Thirdly, I don’t trust any stories from any Croatian or Serbian because they all tell their own version which is never the same. I would trust a third party person’s version. I’m sure in the future we will better understand what really happened in the 90’s when the truth finally comes out.
    Fourthly, I don’t need subtitles. I understand what he sang. Yes, it’s a patriotic song which is fine because every country has a song like this. It’s OK to be proud of your culture and country and sing songs about it. But it’s not OK to use it to stimulate the crowd into fighting another war. Who’s their number 1 enemy? The Serbs, not the Muslims. Same goes for the Serbs and their Chetnik songs. Remember what the Croatian politician complained about just recently? Sending Croatian men to the NATO and Russian border. Is this what you want? More dead Croatians. This war is never-ending. That’s my point. That is what I mean by hopeless. Both Serbians and Croatians are buying into this crap caused by outside forces. I’m not a Communist but Tito put an invisible wall all around Yugoslavia and all the people inside Yugoslavia got along very well. When the wall came down, that country fell apart and sure enough, foreign business investors and foreign politicians came pouring into the country, stealing land and businesses and stealing resources from the people of Yugoslavia. Croatian land, which is now called Croatia, IS invaded and not by the Serbs.
    And finally, I thought you were different, more open-minded and hopeful in that sense, for that part of the world but you sound like Pero. Maybe you are Pero in disguise.

  • Lidia

    “it is about God given right to defend yourself when you are brutally attacked”
    I’m fine with all that when it comes to saving your own people, but does it have to be done by Neo-Ustashe or N*zis!
    Name me all the Croatian generals who fought in the 90’s war and tell me the truth. They were all Neo-Ustashe. They were all N*zis.

  • Dominus,

    I love correction. You stated “Where does Marko Perković “Thompson” the singer in that song posted by Walid ever call for Serbian blood??”

    Wish that you addressed me for correction. Why do I always find people referring to me to others instead of coming to me to correct me directly?

    The crowd scream out: “To battle to battle for one’s people” and he says nothing to them. He agrees. Battle against who? Sin?

    Marko Perković is known to promote extreme nationalism and of glorifying the Nazi-affiliated Independent State of Croatia. The lyrics of his songs often feature notorious references to war crimes. Are you proud of that?

    And just in case you might ask for evidence here:

    ZAGREB, Croatia, June 30 — On a hot Sunday evening in June, thousands of fans in a packed stadium here in the Croatian capital gave a Nazi salute as the rock star Marko Perkovic shouted a well-known slogan from World War II.

    Some of the fans were wearing the black caps of Croatia’s infamous Nazi puppet Ustashe government, which was responsible for sending tens of thousands of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews to their deaths in concentration camps.

    You have stated yourself that you condemn the genocide.

    You had an estimated 40,000 fans in the soccer stadium all jeering this crap.

    Here take a look at the photo of the crowds at his events:

    They all give the Nazi salute.

    Are you proud of that?

    Sp please correct, but when you do, please stay with the topic here and do not get into what wrongs the Serbians did, we are discussing your issue as to how does this singer entice war, right?

    “Walid for reasons unknown is pushing pro-serbian propaganda where I’m Ustaša as well I suppose”

    Don’t worry, I will at some point bring Serbia bad as well. But when you write that I am “pushing pro-Serbia” you are wrong, I am pushing to stop genocide. But show me how I accused YOU of being Ustasa? You won’t and you can’t, 100% guaranteed.

    Look, every time I write about this Croatian-Serbian conflict, I always get Croats attacking me. I am Palestinian. The way I reach peace is not to pick on Jewish wrong doing, but our own wrongdoing. The way of peace we should know. My question to you is this: what is your way to make peace with Serbs?

  • Lidia

    I’m not trying to be difficult, Dominus, I want the truth, not half-truths.

    What do you think of this article?

    “Germany’s move is part of the NATO buildup agreed at the bloc’s summit on June 14. It involves deployment of a new 4,000-strong force in the Baltic States and Poland, in addition to more than 1,000 soldiers already stationed there on a rotational basis.
    Alongside with the mostly German battalion that will be formed in Lithuania, the US will send its troops to Poland, Canada is expected to offer troops to Latvia, and the UK will deploy a battle group to Estonia.
    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the troop contributions, saying that Albania, Italy, Poland, and Slovenia will contribute to the Canadian-led battalion in Latvia.
    Belgium, Croatia, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Norway will contribute to the German-led battalion in Lithuania, while Denmark and France will contribute to the UK-led battalion in Estonia.
    In addition, Romania and the United Kingdom will join the US-led battalion in Poland.”

    Here is the Croatian politician I was talking about, I love this guy–Ivan Pernar. He needs to be the President of Croatia.
    He is an honest man, a good Catholic.

    Walid needs to listen to him, if he clicks on CC.

    • Lidia

      VIVA Ivan, VIVA Ivan, VIVA Ivan, VIVA Ivan, VIVA Ivan!

  • I never once said Croats bad bad bad or Serbian good good good. I never said that Serbian bad bad bad or Croats good good good.

    The Chetniks engaged the Ottomans, and Bulgarian and Albanian Muslims between 1904–08 period. Is that not good?

    However, I search for the bigger dumpsters.

    In1941 when the Germans, Italians and Hungarians invaded Yugoslavia it was the Chetniks to be the first resistance movement to be founded against the Nazis.

    But all this love of nationalism (which is EXACTLY MY POINT) was the true problem. Tell me which of the two Croats or Serbs followed “there is neither Croat of Serb”? Neither side.

    In1942, the Chetnik proposed a Greater Serbia with a corridor between Herzegovina, northern Dalmatia, Bosnia, and Lika to Slovenia by “cleansing” of these areas of non-Serb populations.

    Indeed, what a bunch of bastards.

    Sure portions of the Chetnik movement of Draža Mihailović collaborated openly with the Germans and Ustaša forces in both Serbia and also in Croatia The Chetnic also protected the Christian population from Ottoman atrocities also.

    Many Chetniks bastards were a partner in terror and counter terror that developed in Yugoslavia during WWII using terror tactics against the Croats in areas where Serbs and Croats killing civilians even burning villages and assassinations but this was a reaction to the terror and massacre carried out by the Ustaše. How come you failed to mention that?

    It was portions of the Chetnik movement of Draža Mihailović that collaborated openly with the Germans and Ustaša. But it is highly misleading to say that throughout the war Chetniks collaborated with the Germans and Italians to carry out genocide of Croats. Facts are, Serbs committed crimes, but when it comes to the Croats, they led the way and perfected their genocides.

    Perhaps I could have balanced my article better, but the issue I speak of is NOW. The Serbs today will cling to Russia while the Croats cling to Germany which in my view is the greater evil.

  • Nan

    Lifted the other guys kilt, pointed and laughed?

  • Nan

    Remind me, what race is Islam?

  • Kelly ann

    trump won because he was willing to take the hits n arrows from the establishment for you.

    Think you could do it? Think you could be nailed to a cross, like the Arians were ? Or burned alive or tortured for days.

    Young virgin girls in pagan Rome were tied to the horns of bulls by their wrist , and the bulls let loose, you’ve seen how those beast behave when a cowboy ride them, imagine being tied to the front of their heads, and left at the mercy of their front hooves. Young girls teenagers mostly . How do you prepare for such a thing ?

    Or being tied and stripped naked to polls and watch starving lions charging you for dinner They faced this singing hymns.

    St Peter was crucified upside down , that’s one martyrdom I still struggle with trying to imagine.

    st John ( the youngest apostle ) boiled in a vat of oil and survived it. Incredible torture

    And poor Antipas , Our Lords faithful martyr baked in a brazen bull. Gosh the bones in a brazen bull crystallize. It must be like a kiln .

    The pagan romans also used a iron throne they’d heat red hot and chained you in it.
    Meanwhile Christians sang hymns sitting in this thing as they cooked to death.

    Did you know that Santa Claus ( St Nicholas ) was martyred as well? Yup he was catholic. Faught hard against child sacrifice. He’s our patrion saint of children.

    We sure have a lot to do to prepare don’t we. Thanks to Mr Trumps sacrifice, he’s bought us all more time. And most of that time will be used for christians to come to terms with reality. That’s the first big hurdle.

    The oil is the truth , Here’s the reality of the oil , if we only have only have half of the truth we won’t make it.

  • Kelly ann

    Did you happen to listen to the beautiful song Mr Shoebat posted in the end of his article?

    There are verses in there that pertain to martyrdom especially for Europe.
    Here are a few which address this young man

    ” at wheels by thousands are needed the dead ones.

    To shed their blood in necessity of the live ones. ”

    By using the secular justice system as a guide we will never get.

  • Kelly ann

    Well…like St Paul said we have to work out our salvation with fear n trembling.

    with Trump, his plans are temporial needs not spiritual needs, people will forget once they are doing very well again.

  • aj54

    “where is the Jewish mass genocidal killer? He can never be found except all the cries about Deir Yassin which was around a hundred or so Palestinians.”

    this totally excludes the *hundreds* of other villages besides Deir Yassin, perhaps most famous because of the horrifying atricities committed there, it was made example of the terrorism the Jews would use to drive out the Arabs, and it worked. You must not err by the exclusion of those who have been sinned against, and their righteous anger, it will burn until atonement is made.
    One of the Irgun soldiers (terrorists) who attacked Deir Yassin was the father of Rahm Emmanuel.

    • I knew this will attract your type. Now if I start counting how many types of dogs with a bone of contention in their mouth, I will never end writing libraries. Sure, there were many villages evacuated from Palestinians but there were also around 800 thousand Jews evacuated from Arab territories which you forgot to mention. Why?

      Also, I was speaking on GENOCIDE. Now go and burry your bone and don’t forget to dig it out later.

  • Jeff Benton

    ” The key to finding true life instead of death is not to only solely focus on the pigs. ”
    Excellent article Walid… Thanks…

  • Kelly ann

    You can’t physically die for Almighty God , non of us can no human can do it , even Lord Jesus Himself needed the ministering of the angels in the garden to strengthen Him in the state of human flesh, like He said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He understands it better than anyone. The only requirement needed is simply to be willing with strong faith, Almighty God does the rest so martyrs could endure it. But it takes preparation on our part as well. Been reading about the martyrs to try and understand what it took, I can’t help but respect them.

  • spokencitizen

    Muslims mission is to take over the world plain and simple ….and if you are not with them you are dead

  • spokencitizen

    they were muslim

  • Kelly ann

    He will my dear, all we have to be is willing , I’d rather die willing than not willing so it’s good to prepare. Look up the early christian martyrs, they are a great guide and comfort as well. The thing about the east is that Christians are very strong in their faith, whereas n the west we have grown weak with a easy lifestyle. I don’t know if your a Catholic but see this sermon from a very faithful catholic priest , we don’t have many left I assure you, but this priest is one of the few we have left. He combines sacred scripture , sacred traditions and temporial history and divine wisdom in his sermons.
    We are in the ends of time to be sure, All the signs are there. How long we have is a mystery, but it’s getting closer with each decade.