Christianity Is Growing Like Never Before In Yemen, As Many Muslims Are Rejecting Islam And Accepting Christ. But Persecution Is Now Heavy

By Theodore Shoebat

Christianity is growling like never before in Yemen, as many Muslims are now rejecting Islam and converting to the Christian Faith. But persecution is now rising. As we read in one report:

Since the ouster of Yemen’s president in 2012, the Middle Eastern country has been plunged into political chaos and war which have driven away expatriate Christians. Most of the believers remaining in the country are converts from Islam, Open Doors USA said in a report.

The Islamic State and other Sunni militant groups have often targeted Christians and have taken advantage of Yemen’s current state to gain territory. To make matters worse, more than half of the people there are in dire need of food. However, in spite of the deplorable situation, reports reflect that Christianity in the country is growing like never before.

In Open Doors’ 2017 World Watch List, Yemen ranks ninth among the top 50 countries considered as the worst persecutors of Christians. The ranking is mainly attributed to the prevalence of Islamic extremism, and the organization estimates that only a few thousand believers are left in the country, Mission Network News notes.

“As far as the Christian population in Yemen, the Christians who are left there are primarily believers who have converted from Islam to Christianity, so they’re even more harshly targeted as a result of their conversion,” Kristin Wright of Open Doors USA said, according to Mission Network News. “So it’s a very dire situation, not only between the air strikes and attacks, but also with increased need for humanitarian aid, and around 2.5 million people are displaced within Yemen as well. So this is a situation where people are on the move as a result of the conflict.”

The hunger crisis in Yemen is reportedly one of the worst in the world right now. Based on Open Doors’ estimates, around 80 percent of the country’s population is in need of humanitarian aid, so they are doing everything they can to help the Christians there, said Wright.

In light of the difficulties in Yemen, Open Doors is asking for prayers so that the secret gatherings of the Christian converts would glorify God and that they would be able to minister to their countrymen who are victims of famine. The organization is also requesting prayers for believers who face threats and persecution from Islamic extremists groups.


  • @SpaciestStacie

    Praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob! Glory to Yeshua who will use this tragedy to work in the favor of the oppressed, starving, & war ravaged people around the world. I’ve started to believe Islam is the antichrist or one of the beasts. I have yet to pinpoint who is what and what is whom. However seeing the headbands that jihadists adorn makes me believe it is the mark of the beast we’re all anticipating. I pray they are forgiven because they know not what they do. Being brought up in Islam is different from just choosing it as a faith in adulthood. They are forced to proclaim Islam or be killed. There are millions of good hearts that are being deceived and I pray this nightmare of never-ending war is used for the salvation of millions. Suffering may last for the night but joy will come in the morning. Thank you for the information, Mr. Shoebat. God has given you a courageous & loving heart. God bless the people in Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, & yourself. We appreciate you.

    • Ceirwyn

      I’d wager there are millions of liars who don’t believe it either in those nations.

  • then your research is faulty. Just like all the other researches.

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    And it came out a while back that Britain has sold about £3 billion worth of arms to Saudi since 2015 as well,so Britain stands to loose a fortune if sanctions are put on Saudi.This is also why Teresa May is there at the moment- trying to make it look like Britain cares about Yemen and wants the Saudis to stop attacking when really they want it to carry on because they are making so much money out of it! T’would make you sick! I wonder as well, do the Saudis know about the conversions and are worried that their next-door neighbour might become a Christian country and they can’t have that? Just a thought! God help those people ,especially the children. Don’t we live in a rotten world??

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    Pauline, The Benedictine monks preserved the Bible and the Christian faith during the Dark Ages. Please don’t slander them.

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    Keep an open mind and keep prayerfully listening. You will find the pieces all falling into place before your very eyes.

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