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Absolutely Amazing Prophecy Fulfilling: Erdogan Of Turkey Brings Back The Ottoman Scepter That Signifies The Tenth Horn Prophesied In The Book Of The Apocalypse

By Walid Shoebat After Erdogan won his referendum to have complete control over Turkey, the first thing he did was to return and unveil the Ottoman scepter that should not have departed from the first Ottoman Sultan until Erdogan had come. Erdogan is mimicking a Messiah. To Erdogan, the Muslim messiah, he is whom this scepter rightfully belongs. To […]

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Make No Mistake About It, All Those Who Believe In Racism And Racial Supremacy Are Enemies Of Christ

By Theodore Shoebat We read the story of Moses, and are brought to wonder at its sublime nature; so many truths are found in its verses; verses of eternal thought, verses of eternity, verses of love and of order. Read the verses, and timeless realization brings one to the reality of the eternal nature that […]

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‘Black Muslim’ Pulls Out Gun And Begins Randomly Shooting People In Fresno While Screaming “Allahu Akbar”

Because Islam has been allowed to rise unchecked in the USA, it has become emboldened and is now attempting to show “strength” over non-Muslims. It always does this throughout history and in all societies without exception, and the pattern is the same. In Fresno, CA, a black Muslim man pulled out a handgun and began […]

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Muslim Business Offers ‘Free African Slave’ In Newspaper As First Prize For A Contest

The rise of Islam throughout the world also come the return of Islam’s barbaric practices. Once nearly wiped out even in many Muslim lands, practices such as mass slavery are making a public comeback that has not been seen since ancient times. In a story out of Bahrain, police are prosecuting a “housemaid recruitment agency” […]

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There Is A Deep Conspiracy To Exterminate Christians In Nigeria, Major Politicians Are Arming Very Violent Muslim Terrorists To Wipe Out Christians And Destroy Churches As Part Of Sinister Plan To Erase Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat There is a deep conspiracy occurring now in Nigeria, in which major politicians are arming very violent Muslim terrorists to slaughter Christians and destroy churches. Its part of a plan to erase Christianity from the region. To learn more about this, we spoke with a native in Nigeria who explained to us […]

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