Archive | April 10, 2017

The Islamic Nation Of Saudi Arabia Is Now Praising Trump For His Attack On Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia is now praising Donald Trump for his attack on Syria, as we read in one report: Saudi Arabia was quick to endorse the American cruise missile attack on the Syrian air base responsible for the horrendous chemical massacre in Idlib. Saudi expectations of future American steps to […]

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Violent Demonstrations In Italy As The G7 Member States Tighten Sanctions Against Orthodox Russia. The Spirit of Antichrist is Arising Sending Its Agents To Muster The World For Battle. Its Time To Learn How To Be As Wise As Devils And Innocent As Doves

By Walid Shoebat Whoever dreamt that a pro-Muslim Turk disguised as British can become British Foreign Secretary and now he is at the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in Italy’s Lucca calling on the G7 member states to tighten sanctions against Orthodox Russia following the latest developments in Syria? Boris Johnson (aka Borris Ali Kemal Bey, a Turk) is a […]

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Major Christian Bishop In Iraq Declares ‘The West Cares More About Frogs Than It Does For Us Christians’

Just a decade ago, over a million Christians resided in Syria and Iraq. Now thanks to the wars in those nations and the rise of ISIS, almost all of them have been displaced or slaughtered. The few remaining survivors of the hell that ISIS brought are barely staying alive, relying entirely on help from the […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Man In Australia, Rip His Cross Off And Stomp On It While Screaming ‘F**k Jesus’

Don’t be fooled by the Islamic rhetoric- Islam hates Christ and it teaches Muslims to do the same. With the rise in Muslim immigrants to the West, the anti-Christian violence of Islam is becoming more obvious. In a case in Australia, a Greek Orthodox Christian man was minding his own business when four Muslims approached […]

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God Bless Russia! Russia is defending Christendom against heretical cults and is affirming Orthodoxy

For awhile now, Russia has constantly been having problems with heretical cults, whether they are local or imported from USA. Thankfully, Russia is very strong in affirming her stance against cults and is reaffirming her Orthodox Faith that built Russia many centuries ago from the time of St. Olga and St. Prince Vladimir, who subsequently […]

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