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Major Mexican Drug Cartel Beheads Man And Worships The Devil

By Theodore Shoebat The major Mexican drug cartel, Las Zetas, recently released a video of a beheading of a man. According to one report: “one of the gunmen pulls out a meat cleaver and cuts the victim’s throat. The victim is then decapitated, and the gunmen place the severed head on the victim’s back.” Here […]

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ISIS Declares That The Bombing In Russia Was Done To Kill Christians, Praises The Islamic Terrorist Attack That Killed Eleven People In Russia, And Declares That The Bombing Was “A Metro To Hell For The Worshipers Of The Cross”

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS is now praising the Islamic terrorist attack that killed eleven people in Russia today, declaring that the bombing was “a metro to hell for the worshipers of the Cross”. As we read in one report: A bomb blast tore through a subway train deep under Russia’s second-largest city Monday, killing 11 people […]

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LGBT “Ministry” At A Catholic Church Promotes Book By Episcopal “Priest” That Calls Jesus “Queer” And Insults Christian Morality

  In an article put up by former homosexual turned Catholic and anti-homosexual activist, Joseph Sciambra noted how St. Patrick- St. Anthony Church in Hartford, CT is promoting a blasphemous book by the homosexual activist and Episcopal “priest” Patrick Cheng called “From Sin To Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ” in which he perverts Christian […]

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Indian Christian Pastor Says Yoga Is Anti-Christian Paganism In Sermon, He Is Arrested By The Police

In a story out of India, a Pentecostal Pastor gave a sermon saying that while Yoga has health benefits, Christians cannot be forced to participate in Yoga because of the religious meaning behind it connected to worshipping pagan hindu gods. Because of this, he was arrested by the local police but later released: Speaking to […]

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Muslim Terrorists Take Twenty People, Torture And Butcher Them Sadistically With Knives

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslim terrorists tortured and butchered sadistically twenty people with knives in Pakistan. As we read in one report: At least 20 people were tortured and murdered at a shrine in Pakistan Sunday, Pakistani police reported. Three other victims are hospitalized in critical condition after the massacre in the Punjab province, reported Liaqat […]

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Muslim Terrorists Launch Jihad Against Russia, Blow Up Train And Slaughter Eleven Innocent People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims terrorists have launched a jihad against Russia, blowing up a train in St. Petersburg and slaughtering eleven people. Thirty nine people were also injured. According to one witness, the bomb may have been planted on the train by someone who changed carriers. Officials have confirmed that another bomb, that did not explode, […]

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Deaf Muslim Girl Who Became A Christian Is Beaten To The Edge Of Death After Her Family Demands She Deny Christ And She Refuses

Saida was a deaf Muslim girl who became a Christian. When her family discovered her conversion, they demanded she renounce Christ and she refused to. In retaliation, they attacked and beat her so badly that she had to be taken into intensive care. According to reports, her church is working right now to get custody […]

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