Archive | April 7, 2017

The Islamic Government Of Sudan Plans On Destroying Twenty Five Christian Churches. Christians Gather Together To Protest, And Muslims Attack Them And Stab One Church Elder To Death

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic government of Sudan is planning to destroy twenty five Christian churches. Christians recently gathered together to protest this persecution, and Muslims came in and attacked them, stabbing one church elder to death. Here is one report on the story: The American Center for Law and Justice said on Thursday that Christians, […]

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Trump Betrays His Supporters And Syria’s Christians, Goes All In To Support Islamic Terrorists, The Neocon Swamp, And Its Evil Agenda

This attack by President Trump is an act of outright betrayal. Let’s not mince words- he made a promise that he would not worsen the situation with Syria. Now he has turned against this promise and acted even more aggressively than Obama has: LIAR. Trump had his chance, and he threw it in the faces […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You About Who Is Behind The Chemical Attack: Muslim Rebels Were Behind The Chemical Attack And Now The Us Government Is Using It To Justify Bombing Syria

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) So what is the truth behind this chemical attack that never circulates the western media? Lets examine footage never seen before in the West and the evidence regarding the latest chemical attack narrative from Syria to see who really is behind these alleged ‘chemical attacks’. Firstly, lets start with the politics. It […]

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