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Bashar Al-Assad: The United States Government 100% Fabricated Evidence To Prove Chemical Attack, The US Administration Is Now Defending ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat Bashar al-Assad, in a recent interview, affirmed emphatically that the United States government 100% fabricated evidence to prove that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons. Assad also stated that the US is now defending ISIS. Here is the whole video of Assad explaining this:   Were Are About To Enter A New […]

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Edward Snowden Reveals That The “ISIS Tunnels” That The US Just Bombed In Afghanistan Were Simply Tunnels Built By The CIA

By Theodore Shoebat The US government just dropped the most destructive non-nuclear bomb its military has in it arsenal on Afghanistan. The bomb was supposedly dropped to destroy an “ISIS tunnel” system in the Achin district of the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. What is interesting is that it was in this very province where the […]

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Is China Preparing To Attack North Korea As Preemptive Move To Stop A Japanese Invasion Of Manchuria?

Most of the times, news and information is highly controlled, especially when it comes to news about military intelligence. However, sometimes just a little more information gets out than what was intended. Such seems to have been the recent case of an article on the English language website of China’s military. It was later pulled […]

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Georgia Man Converts To Islam, Moves To Somali Muslim Enclave In Minneapolis And Sets Up Islamic Sharia Street Patrols- EUROPE IS NOW IN THE USA

We have warned for years that it was only a matter of time that the situation with Islam in Europe would come to the USA. Sharia courts, Sharia patrols, ‘native’ converts to Islam and the legislation of Islam into public society- all the things that are being permitted throughout Europe were also coming to the […]

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‘Hundreds Of Christians Have Been Killed And Thousands More Kidnapped And Almost Nobody Is Helping Us’ Nigerian Catholic Bishop Speaks Out Again Muslims Attempts To Wipe Out The Christians

Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a Christian as Muslim terrorists are waging an outright war against Christianity. In the state of Borno in northeastern Nigeria, hardly 2% of the population is Christian yet according to the local Catholic bishop, hundreds of Christians have been murdered and thousands more […]

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Sweden Prosecutes Christian Midwife For Refusing To Murder Unborn Babies

Christian persecution often happens in Muslim nations, but thanks to the rise of anti-Christian paganism in Europe, Christians are no increasingly finding themselves being persecuted in their own societies in Europe. In a case out of Sweden, a Christian midwife just lost a years-long legal battle with several hospitals who pulled her contracts because she […]

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The U.S Drops The Mother Of All Bombs On Muslim Terrorists In Afghanistan. Wish They Drop It In The Sinai From Where Muslim Terrorists Kill Christian Copts In Egypt

CNN is reporting that the U.S. has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb we have, the MOAB, or the “Mother of all Bombs.” FIRST ON CNN: The US has dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in combat on Afghanistan — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 13, 2017 The US has deployed the largest non-nuclear bomb in its […]

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