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North Africa Is Entering Utter Chaos And Anarchy, And Its Thanks To American Foreign Policy

By Theodore Shoebat The nation of Tunisia is going into a state of chaos and anarchy. Militants are roaming about, dividing families and forcing people to submit to their agenda. They use brute violence to instill fear into the hearts of the people, executing locals and having people provide for them food and provisions. The […]

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‘Let Them Blow Themselves Up For All We Care’ Muslims Curse Their Own Children Who Go Off And Become Terrorists

In a story out of India, there is a movement of Muslim parents who have been publicly denouncing and cursing their children who go off and join ISIS: Some Indian families condemned their children who left to fight for the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East, arguing that Islam does not condone terrorism. […]

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Communist Government Is Stunned And Left Helpless As Tens Of Millions Of Chinese Embrace Christ As Their Savior

The Chinese Communists have tried relentlessly to stop Christianity from spreading, but the harder they have pushed back the more it has grown. Once scarcely over a million adherently in 1949, tens of millions of Chinese are becoming Christians as the stories of visions, healing, and miracles roll in through what is described as a […]

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Muslims Threaten Christian Pastor With Death After They Murder His Mother, Destroy His Church, His House And His Farm

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims threatened a Ugandan pastor with death after they murdered his mother, destroyed his church, his home and his farm. As we read in one report: A pastor in eastern Uganda is without his home, farm and church building after Muslim extremists armed with swords and clubs rampaged through his property on […]

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Muslim Gangs Angry With Christian Pastor For Building A Church Attack Him With Clubs, Hunt Down His Mother And Poison Her To Death, Then Destroy His Farm And Burn His Church Down

Pastor Christopher Kalaja is from a predominately Muslims area in Uganda. Recently, he decided to build a church on his farm. The local Muslims, who already did not like him because he was a Christian, lashed out with fury. They attacked the pastor with swords and clubs, and they then went on to hunt down […]

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Hear Ye Hear Ye King Cyrus The Great The Donald Trump Sends Out A Statement About Christian Genocide To All Americans And To The Whole Earth About A Half Million Massacred Christians

Last year Obama sent out this statement regarding the Armenian Remembrance Day: Today we solemnly reflect on the first mass atrocity of the 20th century—the Armenian Meds Yeghern—when one and a half million Armenian people were deported, massacred, and marched to their deaths in the final days of the Ottoman empire. As we honor the […]

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