Archive | April 9, 2017

The Hidden Apocalypse That Few Read Which Reveals How The U.S. And Russia Will Soon Destroy The Islamic Empire That Will Soon Arise In Asia

By Trevor & Walid (Shoebat Sunday Special) 2 Esdras holds interesting keys in unravelling prophecy that focus on “Asia” (Turkey). Today, the U.S. by its attack on Syria and its persistence to remove Bashar Al-Assad, a protector of Christians. When such events happen I always get the naive comment that this is fulfillment of prophecy since Isaiah […]

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MAJOR MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS JUST HAPPENED: Islamic Terrorists Go Into Church And Slaughter Twenty Seven Christians, They Then Go Into Another Church And Butcher Sixteen More Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists just bombed two Coptic Christian soldiers, slaughtering forty three people (those numbers may change). ISIS is now claiming responsibility for the bombings that took place in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria. ISIS is claiming that it was “a security detachment” of their terrorist organization that carried out the massacre. The first […]

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