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Atheist Man In Australia Walks Into Christian Bookstore, Grabs A Christian Girl, Rapes Her, And As She Is Screaming, He Cries Out: “Where Is Your Jesus Now?”

By Theodore Shoebat An atheist man in Australia named Sean Price walked into a Christian bookstore, grabbed a Christian girl, and raped her. As she was screaming, this atheist begins scream: “Where is your Jesus now?” I did a video on this diabolical event: According to one report: A troubled 33-year-old serial rapist and career […]

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Major Muslim Company Wants To Take Over Christian School, The Teachers Refuse To Accept This, The Police Come To The School And Arrest The Teachers

By Theodore Shoebat A major Muslim company, Education Vision, plans to take over a Christian school in Sudan. Christian teachers have been accused of obstructing the Islamic takeover of the school and were arrested by authorities. Here is the report on this persecution: On March 27, police in Omdurman arrested Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church leaders Rev. […]

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The Vatican Takes In Two Persecuted Christian Families From Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The Vatican took in two persecuted Christian families from Syria. A member of one of the Christian families, the mother, was abducted by ISIS before being rescued. Now the families are living in Vatican owned apartments. As we read in one story: Three new Syrian families have found shelter and welcome in the […]

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Christianity Is Growing Like Never Before In Yemen, As Many Muslims Are Rejecting Islam And Accepting Christ. But Persecution Is Now Heavy

By Theodore Shoebat Christianity is growling like never before in Yemen, as many Muslims are now rejecting Islam and converting to the Christian Faith. But persecution is now rising. As we read in one report: Since the ouster of Yemen’s president in 2012, the Middle Eastern country has been plunged into political chaos and war […]

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Muslim Terrorists Hunt Down Man On ‘Christian Kill List’ In Egypt, Put A Gun To His Head And Demand He Convert To Islam, When He Refuses They Murder Him And Walk Off Like Nothing Happened

ISIS has been hunting down Egypt Christians like dogs and murdering them. In another story of ISIS violence,the terrorists hunted down a Christian man on their “kill list” and put a gun to his head and demanded he convert to Islam. When He refused, the shot him right there and walked off like nothing happened: […]

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Sweden Fights Against Taking Christian Asylum Seekers While At The Same Time It Freely Gives Asylum To An Unrepentant Abortionist

In recent news, a woman from El Salvador has been given asylum as a “refugee” in Sweden. Her claim was that she was fleeing “persecution” because she is an abortionist and she was going to be prosecuted under El Salvador’s strict anti-abortion laws: A prominent pro-choice activist from El Salvador has become the first known […]

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China Is Threatening To Repatriate Two Hundred Thousand North Koreans, Many Of Them Christians, To Horrible Torture And Death

While North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un and his comrades live in luxury, the rest of North Korea languishes in absolute misery. It is worse for Christians, who are routinely tortured to death in hideous ways for refusing to give up their faith. Tens of thousands of Christian have fled to China seeking refuge from the […]

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