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Shockingly Unbelievable: Erdogan’s Referendum Victory Is Now Calling On All Turks To Worship Erdogan As “God”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Special in Advance) While Turkey decided to resurrect its Ottoman hegemony on Resurrection Sunday by giving Erdogan unlimited powers, Erdogan’s main mouthpiece Yeni Safak now declared that all must (literally) obey Erdogan as “God the Holy Spirit” and “Caliph”. And while protests erupted from the opposition rejecting the referendum, U.S. President, Donald Trump, […]

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Over Half Of The Kurds Voted In Favor For An Erdogan Dictatorship. The Kurds Will Be Part Of Killing Squads To Slaughter Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Over half of the Kurds voted in favor for an Erdogan dictatorship. According to one report on the Kurdish vote for the referendum Overall results nationally stand at 51.41 percent “Yes” and 48.59 percent “No.” What this report proves is that this very frequently made assumption that the Kurds are against Erdogan, […]

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Demon Possessed Hindus Storm Church With Police Help And Attack Christians During Services

While Christians in Pakistan suffer daily attack and harassment from the Muslims, Christians in neighboring India suffer the same but at the hands of the Hindus. Enraged by the rise of Christianity especially among the lower classes, self-professed Hindu “nationalists” are going on demonic rampages throughout India, destroying churches and abusing, torturing, and murdering Christians […]

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Muslims Capture Young Christian Man, Beat Him And Then Torture Him With Hot Metal Rods For Liking A Muslim Girl

Pakistan is one of the most difficult places on earth to be a Christian in because many Muslims there look for an opportunity to hurt Christians, even if they have to invent it. They use many excuses, from “blasphemy” to simply Christian men falling in love with Muslim women. In a story out of Pakistan, […]

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Muslim Terrorists Rain Down Murder And Mayhem On Christians Celebrating Easter In Nigeria

Right now Nigeria is going through many changes as the light of the Gospel is dispelling the darkness of the Koran and Islam. However, this has also provoked the wrath of certain Muslims, who are determined to stop its spread. The celebration of Christ’s resurrection for Christians in Nigeria’s southern Kaduna province was interrupted when […]

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Evil Predator In Cleveland Walks Up To Random Elderly Man And Shoots Him In Cold Blood, And Says That He Will Continue To Murder Until The Police Catch Him. American Society Is Filled With Very Violent People

By Theodore Shoebat An evil predator in Cleveland, named Steve Stephens, walked up to a random elderly man and shot him in cold blood. Stephens also said that he will continue to murder until the police catch him. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Local, state and federal law enforcement […]

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