Archive | April 8, 2017

Major Catholic Leaders Declare: ‘Trump’s Bombing Of Syria Only Shows That The USA Wants The Violence And Slaughtering To Continue In Syria’

By Theodore Shoebat Two major Catholic leaders, Patriarch Ignace Joseph Younan and Bishop Georges Khazen, are condemning Trump’s bombing of Syria. According to one report: Two prominent Catholic leaders in Syria criticized the U.S. missile strikes against their nation, wondering why they occurred before investigations into the origins of chemical attacks reported April 4. But U.S. President Donald […]

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Burmese Military Arrests And Jails Christian Pastors On Bogus Charges And Without Trial For Months

While primarily a Buddhist country, Burma is one nation where Christians are severely persecuted for the last 60 years. Christians and missionaries are routinely arrested, tortured, and killed over there. The persecution is so bad that the last movie in the Rambo series with Syvester Stallone was about him helping persecuted Christian minorities and captured […]

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Iraqi Christians Declare To The West ‘Please, We Don’t Want To Return To Iraq Because We Have Been Through Enough’

While there has been much talk about returning Iraqi Christian refugees to their homes, we at have been saying that is irresponsible and dangerous because ISIS might return. We know this because we actually have worked in these countries and are aware of the situation. We have said repeatedly that the best way to […]

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What The Media Is Not Showing You: Years Ago, Islamic Rebels In Syria Were Testing Chemical Weapons On Rabbits Before Using Them On Humans

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat In 2012, revealed how Islamic rebels in Syria were testing chemical weapons on rabbits before using them on human beings. Here is the video:   In the same 2012 report, we showed information fromThe Campaign to Return to Emergency Law which stated that the Islamist Al-Rih al-Sarsar Chemical Brigade […]

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