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The Government Of Russia Just Banned The Jehovah’s Witnesses As A Dangerous Cult

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Russia just banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a dangerous cult, as we read from one report: Russia has banned Jehovah’s Witnesses after the Supreme Court ruled the Christian sect to be an “extremist” group. “The Supreme Court has ruled to sustain the claim of Russia’s ministry of justice and deem […]

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The Leader Of The Resurrected Beast With Two Horns Will Soon Be Sitting In The White House

By Walid Shoebat Erdoğan’s victory to cement his autocratic rule over Turkey had received calls of approval from only Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and the U.S. President Donald Trump. And now to cement his support for Erdogan, Trump just announced that he will host president Erdoğan on May 16-17 at the White House, in […]

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Muslims Kidnap 16-Year-Old Egyptian Christian Teen, Slit His Throat And Leave Him To Die In A Pool Of His Own Blood

In a report coming out of Egypt, Islamic terrorists kidnapped a 16-year-old Christian teen on Holy Thursday, slit his throat, and left him to die in a pool of his own blood: An Egyptian Christian boy found murdered on Maundy Thursday was killed by Islamic extremists hoping to intimidate Christians, say his family. According to […]

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Millions of Muslims All Throughout Egypt Are In Shock As Coptic Christians Publicly Forgive Their Muslim Tormentors

Tertullian once wrote that the “blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” This can be hard to believe today in a place like Egypt, where countless Christians have been and are being mercilessly slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. In spite of all of the slaughter, the Coptic Christians have come out and been […]

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Muslim Randomly Attacks And Crushes Newborn Baby And Five Other People With His Car, When Arrested He Proclaims ‘Islam Is The Only True Religion’

Violence around the world with Islam is increasing against any and all people, and none are spared. In a story coming out of Australia a Muslim man crushed six people to death with his car, including a newborn baby, after which he proclaimed that ‘Islam is the only true religion’ and began defending Islam in […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You: The Dark Conspiracy Behind Fox News Removing Bill O’Reilly

By Theodore Shoebat Fox News just got rid of Bill O’Reilly, and as I see it, this is part of a conspiracy to advance the homosexual agenda and to also push Nazi eugenics. I explain all of this in my video: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About […]

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