Archive | April 19, 2017

Bible Prophecy Fulfilling At Alarming Speed: Turkey Is Declaring That They Are “The Beast Rising Out Of The Dead”

By Walid Shoebat When I read the news from Erdogan’s demonic mouthpiece these days, the words seem to jump right out of prophecy, right out of scripture and without a doubt, what we will show here is prophecy fulfilling right before your very eyes. They even speak literally of Erdogan visiting the graves and reviving […]

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National Socialists And Communists Battle In The Streets Of Berkeley- We Are Reliving 1930s Germany Today

We have repeatedly maintained that based on historical precedent and by trends taking place today and in spite of all of the rhetoric against Islam and Muslims, in the end the National Socialists will ally with the Muslims because they share the same basic philosophy. We have already pointed out how this is taking the […]

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Saudi Arabia Destroys 25-Year-Old Public Sculpture Because It ‘Looked Like A Christian Cross’

The hatred for Christ and all things even resembling Christianity runs deep in the Muslim world. Do not be fooled by outward gestures of “kindness,” because ultimately the more Islamic a place is, the deeper the hate goes. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst offenders this way, violently persecuting Christians who show even the […]

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ISIS Slaughters One And Injures Four Policemen In Attempted Attack On Ancient Christian Monastery

St. Catherine’s monastery in Egypt is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. ISIS has pledged to wipe out Christianity from Egypt by any and all means possible, and they are sparing nobody. In a recent skirmish, ISIS attempted to attack the monastery but was stopped by local police at a checkpoint, where after […]

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Muslims Go On Rampage, Form A Mob And Attack Random Christians, They Throw Stones At The Christians And Burn Their Homes

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Egypt went on a rampage, burning down Christian homes and throwing stones at Christians. In a recent report on this horror: A mob of radical Muslims has reportedly burned down three homes and injured eight Christians in Egypt’s Minya Governorate following a prayer service on Thursday. According to International Christian […]

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The Government Of China Arrests Christian Pastor For Singing “Jesus Loves You”

By Theodore Shoebat The government of China arrested a Christian pastor for singing “Jesus loves you,” as we read in one recent report: ChinaAid, which reports on persecution and human rights abuses in the world’s most populous nation, said Pastor Xu Rongzhang from Taiwan was detained on Saturday, the day before Easter, because he led […]

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