Bashar Al-Assad: The United States Government 100% Fabricated Evidence To Prove Chemical Attack, The US Administration Is Now Defending ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat

Bashar al-Assad, in a recent interview, affirmed emphatically that the United States government 100% fabricated evidence to prove that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons. Assad also stated that the US is now defending ISIS. Here is the whole video of Assad explaining this:


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  • Craig A. Mouldey

    John McCain was over there days before…again. I don’t think he went over to hang out and enjoy a pizza. It would not surprise me if they told the terrorists to plant chemical weapons in that building, knowing it was identified and would be hit. I don’t think the Syrian air force is bombing it if they knew what was really in there. What I find truly amazing and makes me angry is that the U.S. makes up a lie and presents zero proof. Even if there is proof debunking their fabrication, they just keep repeating their lie as if it is truth. It is what Hitler said: If you tell a big enough lie often enough, eventually everyone will come to believe it. Well, not me!

    • BC

      What i find truly amazing is how most the Leftist-rats in the media jumped on the Trump Train in this one (ESPECIALLY since no evidence beforehand)….at least have a UN dog & pony show beforehand ya (u know, like Colin Powell & CIA Director Tenet in 03′)…”afterall, they SAID/lied that it was Sarin, a C-WMD.” Lol…these shmux in power i tell ya.

  • filomena seiffert

    I have no doubt the attack was staged by US with the help of terrorists US call rebels. I believe Assad integrity. Why there is no count of dead terrorist?

  • Just got back from participating in an Anglican Maundy Thursday Mass and had Seder dinner with them afterward.

    Oh my goodness, I’m loving the use of incense during Mass and the reverence shown to Christ…just loving every moment of the Mass.

    As for Assad, I agree that the chemical attack was staged to provoke an international crisis to oust Assad and pave the way for the return of the Islamic caliphate.

  • Nichole
  • PaulF

    He would definitely pass a lie detector test on that video. He speaks calmly and coherently and in my view credibly.

  • PaulF

    I’ve had the idea. Language a small problem.

  • PaulF

    Come to think of it, they don’t expose their kids to homosexual indoctrination, they fight against ISIS rather than for them, they don’t sell airline tickets and check people in and show them to their seats and then drag them screaming off the aircraft for no good reason … There’s a lot to be said for your suggestion.

  • richinnameonly

    The world is full of lies and agendas being sped up by technology.

  • BC

    No question they’re censoring this…they’re WORSE than ISIS, the AL QUEERDA’s, or whatever they are…
    ‘They’ being the NWO Leftist-rats (the Twits, the Facebook, Google, most Transnational entities…along with the media & most in government).

    They’re all worse b/c they’re sellout busters who keep the Truth/Facts cloaked from masses…it’s straight up aiding & abedding. But since isis, al queda is THEM (or affiliated at least), they’e aiding & abedding themselves.