Over Half Of The Kurds Voted In Favor For An Erdogan Dictatorship. The Kurds Will Be Part Of Killing Squads To Slaughter Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Over half of the Kurds voted in favor for an Erdogan dictatorship. According to one report on the Kurdish vote for the referendum

Overall results nationally stand at 51.41 percent “Yes” and 48.59 percent “No.”

What this report proves is that this very frequently made assumption that the Kurds are against Erdogan, is really not true. Yes there are many Kurds that are nationalists and don’t want an Islamist authoritarian government, but there are still over 50% of the Kurds who do desire a revived Ottoman Empire, which is what Erdogan wants to establish.

The Kurds, back in the 20th century, were the killing squads for the Young Turks when they were systematically exterminating Christians in the Armenian Genocide. As one eyewitness account records:

The gendarmes went ahead, informing the half-savage tribes of the mountains that several thousand Armenian women and girls were approaching. The Arabs and Kurds began to carry off the girls, the mountaineers fell upon them repeatedly, violating and killing the women, and the gendarmes themselves joined in the orgy. One by one the few men who accompanied the convoy were killed. The women had succeeded in secreting money from their persecutors, keeping it in their mouths and hair; with this they would buy horses, only to have them repeatedly stolen by the Kurdish tribesmen. Finally the gendarmes, having robbed and beaten and violated and killed their charges for thirteen days, abandoned them altogether.

Two days afterward the Kurds went through the party and rounded up all the males who still remained alive. They found about 150, their ages varying from 15 to 90 years, and these, they promptly took away and butchered to the last man. But that same day another convoy from Sivas joined – this one from Harpoot, increasing the numbers of the whole caravan to 18,000 people.

. . . On the seventieth day a few creatures reached Aleppo. Out of the combined convoy of 18,000 souls just 150 women and children reached their destination. A few of the rest, the most attractive, were still living as captives of the Kurds and Turks; all the rest were dead.

. Let me show you an account, documented by Sir Robert Anderson, of the brutality of the Turk, and you will see just how frenzied the Muslim can be at the smell of Christian blood, to the point of even mockingly selling Christian flesh:

Over 60,000 Armenians have been butchered. In Trebizond, Ezeroum, Erzinghian, Hassankaleh, and numberless other places the Christians were crushed like grapes during the vintage. The frantic mob, seething and surging in the streets of the cities, swept down upon the defenseless Armenians, plundered their shops, gutted their houses and jested with the terrified victims, as cats play with mice. The rivulets were choked up with corpses; the streams ran red with human blood; the forest glades and rocky caves were peopled with the dead and dying; among the black ruins of once prosperous villages lay roasted infants by their mangled mothers’ corpses; pits were dug at night by the wretches destined to fill them, many of whom, flung in when but lightly wounded, awoke underneath a mountain of clammy corpses, and vainly wrestled with with death and with the dead, who shut them out from light and life for ever.

A man in Ezeroum, hearing a tumult, and fearing for his children, who were playing in the street, went out to seek and save them. He was borne down upon by the mob. He pleaded for his life, protesting that he had always lived in peace with his Moslem neighbours, and sincerely loved them. The statement may have represented a fact, or it may have been put a plea for pity. The ringleader, however, told him that that was the proper spirit, and would be condignly rewarded. The man was then stripped, and a chunk of his flesh cut out of his body, and jestingly offered for sale: “Good fresh meat, and dirt cheap, exclaimed some of the crowed. “Who’ll buy fine dog’s meat?” echoed the amused bystanders. (In Sir Robert Anderson, The Silence of God, ch. 1, p. 3)

Back in 2015, we interviewed Brett Felton, a veteran of the Iraq War who trained a Christian militia, and fought alongside them, to defend their churches and their villages from ISIS, and he told us about how the Kurds abandoned the Christians, and let them fend for themselves, not caring about their fight against ISIS. Moreover, Brett also told us about how the Kurds did not allow Christians, escaping the ISIS controlled Mosul, to enter their regions, forcing them back, not caring if they would be killed by terrorists.

The genocide is coming, mountains of corpses will be made under the Ottoman Empire, alongside its German allies. Lets not forget, that while the Kurds and Turks worked together to slaughter the Christians, Germany played a very significant role in the genocide.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks, the Germans, the Austrians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, and the Ottomans, had a meeting in Brest, in which one of the most significant agreements in modern history would be made: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. In this meeting, the Germans demanded for a huge chunk of the former Russian empire of the now murdered Czar, a demand that the Bolsheviks would acquiesce to without any serious resistance. In the same meeting, Turkey demanded Armenia, which had been under Russian rule. This demand, as well, was satisfied. The Ottomans began their brutal slaughter of the Armenian population, and it was because of Germany’s support for the Bolshevik take over of Russia, and its role in commencing the meeting in Brest. The Germans, in order to supposedly make sure that Turkey did not get too sanguinary, commissioned General Hans von Seeckt, the future leader of the Weimar Republic’s Reichswehr, to be an observer on the Caucasus front line. But Seeckt didn’t do anything to help the Armenians. On the contrary, he supported the genocide of the Armenians that was conducted by the Young Turks, writing to Berlin in July of 1918:

 “It is an impossible state of affairs to be allied with the Turks and to stand up for the Armenians. In my view, any consideration, Christian, sentimental or political, must be eclipsed by its clear necessity for the war effort.” 

Seeckt supported the Social Darwinist Young Turks who, after taking control of the Ottoman regime, sought to secularize and modernize Turkey as a way to advance the empire into a more formidable force. The Germans used the Ottoman’s massacring of the Armenians to take control of Georgia. The Georgians, seeing the horrors being inflicted upon their Armenian neighbors, were terrified that they too would suffer the same ruthlessness of Ottoman imperialism. Germany told the Georgians that if they would allow Germany to control their country, that that would protect them from the Turkish warpath. The Georgians accepted without hesitation, with a Georgian delegation telling the Armenians that “we cannot drown with you … Our people want to save what they can. You too are obligated to seek an avenue for agreement with the Turks. There is no other way.” 

The Armenians were essentially human sacrifices for German imperialism. The Germans helped enable Turkey to control Armenia and slaughter the Christian inhabitants, and used the massacres to instill fear into the Georgians so as to make them give Germany control over their nation. The same nation that would do the Holocaust, contributed significantly to the first genocide of the twentieth century: the Armenian Genocide. If the Germans did such evils in the twentieth century, what makes us think that they are not working on a violent comeback in the twenty-first century? If they could use the Marxists and the holocaust of the Armenians to fulfill their expansionist aspirations, then what makes us think that the same evil intention is not behind the immigration crises?

Mass genocide is going to be happening in the future, with the help of Turkey and its Western Nazi acolytes. We must work together, as Christians, to help our brethren. This is why we started Rescue Christians, to save Christian lives from the persecution that is happening now, and the persecution that is to come.


  • Methusalem

    Will President Trump congratulate Erdogan?

  • Yeah, I can believe it. After all, the Kurds were buffer between the rivalry of the Turks and Persians for hundred of years. The Kurds practice Sufism, just as Erdogan does, and since they abandoned Christians to their own fate, I can expect for the Kurds to do the same again.

    The fact that Germany was involved in the Armenian genocide makes it all the more sadder, in spite of Germany recognizing the Armenian genocide without taking responsibility for their own contribution to it.

    No wonder Russia today is being marginalized and isolated, just as it was during the interwar years. History repeats.

    • David W

      Last year we had a few Germanic trollers on the Shoebat site. They became deranged and unhinged when Theodore and Walid exposed the Kurdish participation in the genocide. They insisted the Americans should provide aid to our so-called “Allies”!

      • I think I remember.

      • O ya, the Nazis. Don’t remind me. Each season we get different types of locusts and grasshoppers. At times we get the crawling locusts and then the chewing locusts and then the crapping locusts … right from the abyss.

        I finally bought a flame thrower.

  • infowolf1

    Kurds are a mixed bag especially the ones in Iraq. They have an islamist party, and as for practicing Sufism, some do, some are sunni some are shia, 10% are Christian and there are the Yezidi and Yarsan Zoroastrian derived cults. I don’t know about Mosul, but early on with this ISIS stuff, Kurdish controlled land was where Christians fled to and
    were allowed to stay and were safe. Someone aid that the Kurd wears his islam lightly but that isn’t entirely correct all the time. The tendency is secularist especially in Syria.

  • Juan

    Absolutely normal, as the article says, the muslim Kurds killed thousands of Christian Armenians during ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.

    • Steven

      Let’s not forget the Greeks and Assyrians.

  • infowolf1

    The referendum involved a lot of fraud for Erdogan to get the Constitution changed.

  • Raph Sebastian

    The muslim will always return to his roots, his beliefs and ideology. 7th Century heathens will always be such. There is not one single muslim in this world who doesn’t think that all those who refuse to accept allah and mohammad should be spared. Convert or die is their credo. It doesn’t surprise me that the Kurd even after being bombed by Turkey would still embrace Erdogan.

  • Alexander

    Why does this page neglect to mention that those ‘Christians’ are in fact ethnically Assyrian and Greek too. They’re different to their neighbouring Arabs and aren’t just “Christians”. This seems to be a common theme whenever you guys report on Christians of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

    It’s important to recognise them by their national name.

    • infowolf1

      Why? though ethnic conflict may be part of this, the real issue is that they are Christians. There are Christian Arabs by the way. Iraq and Syria were always a melting pot to some extent but also “multicultural” with divides. Nationality is not important as much as The Faith. Paul said there is neither Jew nor Greek nor barbarian nor slave nor free nor male nor female but all are one in Christ Jesus (compounded from two different but similar statements). This ethnic identity thing is not important and can be an idol. It seems to operate like that for some Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. you can be sure that no Greek in Turkey who converted to islam was killed for being Greek.

      • Alexander

        As someone who was born and raised in the Middle East, you can bet that people of different nationality, ethnicity and language are persecuted just as much. In fact, speaking Arabic is mandate to almost every Muslim because they believe it’s the language of Islam, the language of Allah, and thus other languages in the Middle East are looked down upon for this and many other reasons.

        A Greek who would convert to Islam would’ve been demanded to learn Arabic to pray and communicate.

        Even though this page likes to focus primarily on faith, and for good reason. Everything else is just as important because it shows how deprived and backgrounds the Muslim society really is. Racism and Linguistic discrimination is well and truly alive within this religion.

  • Alexander

    Uh, what?

    I’m talking about today, not centuries or millennia ago. So, I’m not quite sure why you even mentioned the Omar pact and Dhimmies, as that’s completely irrelevant to this discussion. Almost no one imposes such laws anymore — Not unless we’re talking about ISIS…

    Secondly, The Omar pact was observed in very select few towns and cities hundreds of years ago, usually in places conquered by Muslim hordes, and the dhimmie status forbade you from converting to other religions besides Islam. Not the other way around.

    Muslims generally believe that the Quran is a copy of several sacred texts that are currently held in Heaven, passed down by Allah to Muhammed through an Angel. They Believe that Arabic is the language God personally chose to spearhead Islam and its tradition, and thus is believed to be a divine language by most Muslims.

    They’re simply attempting to root out all traces of Non-Arabic/Muslims in their countries by either imposing certain strict laws, forcing the language, tradition, religion and lifestyle of Islam in schools, churches and minority communities, or by killing people through terrorism because they believe Islam is superior in all its ways. But unfortunately, the news isn’t bothered reporting on the former at all.

    Finally, I’m not quite sure why my personal experience and being a witness to these events is being argued against. I grew up in the Middle East, travelled to 7 different Mid East countries and currently have family residing there, and this is a pretty common attitude all over that place.

    A quick google search on Assyrians, Armenians, Jews and Greek conditions in the Middle East would show you that discrimination against these people go beyond religion. They are politically and ethnically targeted too, and although not all of them are aggressive towards those minorities. I’m certain this will only worsen as time goes on.

    Faith is definitely a major factor in them being killed, but so is every other reason.

    My point was never up for debate, and since this seems to be a pointless discussion, this will be my last contribution to it. No need to reply as I won’t read or respond anymore.

  • lewjac3

    Come on.

  • Steven

    That I would know, my good friend. I am Assyrian myself and I’ve heard plenty of horrible stories from my mum and grandparents who had to endure through some trying times living in Iraq.

    What is being reported in this article is no surprise. The Islamic Kurds are vile and would use any means necessary to achieve an independent country for themselves, even if it means killing the indigenous Assyrians and Armenians of those regions.