Major American Retailer Launches Nationwide Campaign In Support Of Murderers, Disease, Self-Mutilation, And Pedophiles

Target is a major American retailer that beginning in 2015 generated nationwide controversy for its support of LGBT and other related causes. Even while many people became angry with the store chain’s leadership and have since refused to do business with them and the store chain has suffered declining sales, it has further entrenched itself with its latest campaign, saying that not only does it only support the LGBT as per corporate policy, but now it is going to donate 50% off the sales of select items to LGBT causes as part of a month-long campaign ‘honoring gay pride’:

Target stores are promoting a gay pride line of products dubbed “Take Pride” despite facing huge losses from a boycott against the company’s transgender bathroom policy.

The retailer is merchandising the gay agenda for the second year in a row, with rainbow-adorned shirts, pants, shorts, swim trunks, iPhone cases, and other items honoring Gay “Pride Month” in June.

The gay-affirming merchandise is accompanied by a promotional flyer with the promise: “For each PRIDE item sold, Target will donate 50 percent of the purchase price to GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network).”

When Target began its “Take Pride” line of merchandise, the company issued a statement:

“We’re making our message loud and clear: Target proudly stands with the LGBT community … through all that we do,” Laysha Ward, Target’s executive vice president and chief corporate responsibility officer, boasted. She cited gay demonstration “volunteer efforts” and “partnerships” with homosexual groups such as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network “to the very products we carry in our stores and online.”

Target’s “Take Pride” promotional campaign follows a controversial transgender bathroom policy allowing men to use women’s restrooms, changing rooms, intimate facilities, and vice versa. The corporate giant also eliminated all gender references in its toy and bedding departments, taking down “boys” and “girls” signs to support gender fluidity.

In 2015, Target signed a “friend of the court” supporting homosexual “marriage.” Their commercial for a “Made to Matter” line of products featured two gay men painting with a child.

The homosexual-affirming policies resulted in a massive boycott (#BoycottTarget, #FlushTarget) of the retailer by an estimated 1.5 million customers and declining Target stock value.

The transgender bathroom policy also resulted in complaints of sex offenses in Target changing rooms and bathrooms in California, Idaho, New Hampshire, Oregon, Texas, Washington state, and Ontario.

The American Family Association (AFA) noted that dramatically declining sales and stock value forced Target to cancel expansion plans, fire five top executives, and cut CEO Brian Cornell’s salary by one-third. (source)

You might read the title of this article and say that it is exaggeration to say that Target is promoting the spread of disease, self-mutilation, and pedophilia, and it is true they did not EXPLICITLY, WORD FOR WORD use those terms. However, to approach this story with a fixation on literal words is to miss the entire point.

We at have the proud distinction of being nominated as one of the most decidedly anti-homosexuality websites on the Internet (source). We hold this label with pride because our views on homosexuality are not our own- we did not create them, but we simply regurgitate- often times word for word- the Catholic teachings on homosexuality that have been echoed throughout the ages but are simply not spoken of today for fear of social repercussions from the aptly named “gay mafia.”

God makes very clear that homosexuality is a grave sin because He has divinely revealed it and shown through His created that it is a disordered act against the nature of creation. In fact, the sin is so serious that it is only one of four sins explicitly defined by the Catholic Church as sins which “cry out to Heaven for vengeance” (the other three being willful murder, the oppression of the poor and the widow, and the deprivation of a laborer of his justly earned wages). Both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak of homosexuality as a sin that is worthy of death and that as a result of the horrible thing it is will precipitate a flood of other and progressively more heinous sins to follow including not just Islam but also cannibalism, human sacrifice, and occultism. As we wrote last year:

In the war between good and evil, homosexuality is the central aspect of the side of the diabolical. Its not “just another sin,” it is an innate part of the nature of evil and despotism. When you look at how ISIS, for example, kills people, by slicing off their necks, burning them alive in cages, strapping onto people and then blowing them up to pieces, it is most conspicuous that they are a deviant people through and through. They kill just like the many sodomite serial killers have done. There is no doubt that if the sodomites in America had the power, they would not hesitate to conduct a genocide of Christians. The pagan Roman Empire was dominated by homosexuality, and it tried to exterminate all Christians; the Persian Zoroastrian empire was filled with sodomites and it too tried to destroy Christianity; the Ottoman Empire was extremely homosexual and it too committed genocide against Christians. In a letter written by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus to Robert, count of Flanders, the Emperor describes how the Muslims savagely and ceaselessly raped Christian women, and that after some time, grew tired of women and turned on Christian men, sodomizing them by force. (source)

Stefano Brizzi, a homosexual who committed murder and after doing the act ate his victim. There are many stories like this we have reported on. Unfortunately, they are not uncommon.

The unspoken fact about homosexuality is that while homosexuals claim they are “discriminated” against, there is a disproportionate about of heinously violent crime that comes out of their disproportionately small community in any population, such as the uncomfortable fact among many other that almost 70% of all serial murderers are homosexuals:

In the case of the LGBTQ community, the 800-pound gorilla in the room is the correlation between sexual orientation and violence.

According to the Serial Killer Database maintained by Radford University, 52% of U.S. serial killers are white, and 92% are male.

However, in a dated study conducted in 2003, 69% of serial killers were either self-described homosexuals or engaged in homosexual behavior “immediately, prior to, during or after committing their murders.”

In verifying and updating this number, a random sampling of 59 U.S. serial killers after 1960 was collected and studied. Of those 59 convicted murderers, 39 were found to be gay, 66%.

Given that arguably 3.8% of the population of the United States self-identifies as gay, the statistical outlier of 60%+ of convicted serial killers being homosexual should be cause for concern within the LGBTQ community.

While some would argue the numbers are too small for scientific analysis, laws have been enacted on far less evidence, such as with the reaction to Matthew Shepard’s murder.

Rather than address this issue with a significant study, the LGBTQ community instead continues to push hate crime statistics of crimes against gays, lesbians and transgenders.

But a solution to minimize those assaults may be right under their nose as a recent report by a gay British group showed that 30% of hate crimes on gays were between victims and aggressors who were “previously acquainted.”

While the U.S. government tracks hate crime statistics along with their general crime database, they fail to gather and release data that could verify and lead to resolution of what appears to be a significant cultural issue within the LGBTQ community. (source)

When people speak about the Catholic Church and “pedophile priests,” the term is actually in accurate, because as it came out in the John Jay study, 81% of all the person molested by priests – who are all male- were boys and teenagers:

The largest group of alleged victims (50.9%) was between the ages of 11 and 14, 27.3% wer e 15-17, 16% were 8-10 and nearly 6% were under age 7. Overall, 81% of victims wer e male and 19% female. Male victims tended to be older than female victims. Over 40% of all victims wer e males between the ages of 11 and 14. (source)

There are pedophile priests, but there are pedophiles in all groups. What the data from the John Jay Study clearly demonstrates is that there isn’t a “pedophile problem” in the Catholic Church, but rather a homosexual problem. 

It’s not just Catholic priests. It’s the homosexuality.

But it is not just the Catholic Church. It is the entire world, for wherever homosexuality goes pedophilia follows:

“Overwhelming evidence supports the belief that homosexuality is a sexual deviancy often accompanied by disorders that have dire consequences for our culture,” wrote Steve Baldwin in, “Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement,” soon to be published by the Regent University Law Review.

Baldwin is the executive director of the Council for National Policy in Washington, D.C.

“It is difficult to convey the dark side of the homosexual culture without appearing harsh,” wrote Baldwin. “However, it is time to acknowledge that homosexual behavior threatens the foundation of Western civilization – the nuclear family.” (source)

Kaposi’s Sarcoma on the mouth, a sign of HIV/AIDS

Disease is another scourge that is not discussed at all among the homosexuals. Just looking at the data for HIV/AIDS alone, the CDC states that homosexuals have disproportinately high rates of the disease as well as being vectors of that disease than any other group in the population. In fact, the problem is so widespread that white have a 10% change, Hispanics a 25% change, and Blacks as 50% chance of contracting the disease:

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men made up an estimated 2% of the population but 55% of people living with HIV in the United States in 2013. If current diagnosis rates continue, 1 in 6 gay and bisexual men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime, including 1 in 2 black/African American gay and bisexual men, 1 in 4 Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual men, and 1 in 11 white gay and bisexual men. (source)

Again, this is JUST for HIV/AIDS, not the many other STDs that are regularly transmitted. Nor am I even getting into the numerous psychological disorders that plague homosexuals in this country and worldwide.

Then there is the aspect of self-mutilation. Again, as we have noted and basic science says, gender is genetic. It cannot be separated from the biology which constitutes every cell in a man’s body because every chromosome will reflect either an XX or XY. All that a man can do is to mutilate himself and pretend that he is something he is not because he cannot remake his biology. It is like a man dressing up and pretending he is a cat- you can act like one but your own biology testifies against you.

Cutting your penis off, attaching a fake vagina and getting breast implants does not make you a woman. It makes you a man with no penis and surgically implanted breasts and fake vagina.

So no, they are not literally saying ‘we support murderers, pedophiles, disease, and self mutilation,’ but the fact is that homosexuality is an unnatural act whose consistent fruits are murder, pedophilia, disease, and self mutilation. By the support they are giving to this cause they are enabling the following acts to happen. It is no different than with a person who says that he is “against terrorism” but then proceeds to support the construction of mega mosques in small communities- yes, he is not saying “I support terrorism” but his actions are facilitating terrorism to take place.

Now in any society it is not possible to absolutely avoid all businesses and products connected to sinful activity. Indeed, businesses are not “moral” in the sense of Christian morality, and in a society that is accepting paganism one cannot expect much. In a situation like this, instead of focusing on particulars, it is easier to focus on major targets promoting flamboyant, egregious sinful behavior, and to avoid them. Indeed, they cannot exist without your dollars.



  • Doc

    Christians who work for Target have a duty to seek employment elsewhere. I feel sorry for the thousands of people who will be soon out of a job, but Target has chosen the path that the majority of the American public despises, and their precipitous drop in sales confirms it. Now they have doubled down on their support of evil, and they will go out of business because of it. May they disintegrate quickly.

    • Ceirwyn

      They’re so “open minded” their brains have fallen out.

  • Keep it up, Target. You just painted a bigger bull’s-eye on yourself. Making it easier for God to rain fire from heaven, not that He needs help directing His missiles, but …

    • Taurnil Oronar

      I think the phrase you are looking for is; incurring the wrath of God.

  • richinnameonly

    I make sure I intentionally ‘miss’ the local Target. I don’t go near it.

  • Kamau41

    All a true sign of the fact we live in such a wicked/adulterous generation…. When we see major retail stores, like Target, outright promoting such perversity, we know the days are shorter than we think.


  • jami

    Cutting your penis off, attaching a fake vagina and getting breast implants does not make you a woman. It makes you a man with no penis and surgically implanted breasts and fake vagina.

    Heroic statement made be Andrew.

    The thing is, there are little Children watching homos on Streets do their dumb act and what is going on in the minds of these kids ? oh I can do this too, dress like a girl. Oh yea.

    I see there is a huge audience even Parents taking a look , thinking very less about the impact on their Children.

    How comes in a Modern society they can accept this Crap , surely the ones who are setting the rules are Homosexuals themselves . Dogs.Just yesterday I had been checking the emojis on my cell phone and guess what ? there too there are emojis of one family of four and two men with one kid, two women with one kid. How sensitive they could be towards this third man made genderrrrr.

    Here in Europe , there are little show pieces in shops with two men or two women as married couple , I was shocked to see them sell it in the open. How whole heartedly homosexuality has been accepted here is mind boggling. No wonder the civilisation isn’t surviving either.

    They have the best of education but lack knowledge. Better are the illiterate who do it right, have many children and are yet accused of breeding by the Western Culture while they themselves aren’t . Homosexuality can minimum get you a pet dog not a Child.

    Wakeup homosexual supporters.

    • filomena seiffert

      I ask you to have respect for dogs and other animals. I never heard of a homosexual or rapist dog. They are pure and perfect beings.

      • jami

        Dear Sister , why do you take things so personally. I didn’t call dogs homos instead the opposite.

        The issue is Humans are not respected and you are concerned about dog’s ?
        Well then
        tell me , if there was respect for Dogs, why would people enslave them and keep them home under controll & not allow them to mate ? Force them to live in their homes .
        Because they want to feel like Masters or parents to dogs?. Why should dogs be waiting in locked cars while their masters go shopping?

        Lastly you stated “they are pure and perfect beings”
        Why aren’t they given freedom?

        This is the best topic to discuss here. About dogs. Oops

        • filomena seiffert

          Because the evil in humans which passed laws to deprive the animals of freedom. In Saint Francis time animals were aloud in the churches, his lamb would awake him for mass and kneeled before the Blessed Sacrament.

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    The nine subhuman parasites on the US Supreme Court caused this and it’s worthy of a Declaration of Independence.

    • Raph Sebastian

      You obviously did not know that there were judges that dissented. It was not an unanimous decision. Go read the dissenting ratio decedendi. Read the late Antonin Scalia’s dissent.

      • MidNightRider2001 .

        You obviously don’t know that one may connive and dissent simultaneously.

        • Raph Sebastian

          Where do I get off assuming I know more than you do? Because I actually know what dissenting judgment is. There are four justices that dissented against the decision.

          Roberts J, said that the decision was made on flimsy argument. As did Scalia and Thomas.

          So obviously you know nothing but a blowhard who falsely accuses.

          And yes, I know more than you because you have displayed utter ignorance.

          • MidNightRider2001 .

            The dissenters omitted evidence–lots and lots of evidence. Damning evidence. Thus, they’re connivers. Or it’s possible that they’re idiots; I won’t rule that out. You need to develop a healthy skepticism of your government my friend. Do it now and thank me later.

        • Grace Ziem

          Scalia was murdered because of his integrity; he deserves some respect.

          • MidNightRider2001 .

            Scalia isn’t the honest Abe that you want him to be. He perjured himself by omission.

          • Grace Ziem

            “He perjured himself by omission.” That is an oxymoron. Give me specifics; all I see is your carping, nothing constructive, nothing specific. I request documentation. And I assume your life is above reproach? I don’t recall ever talking to anyone this way on this site, but you come across as an empty whiner.

            I didn’t say he was perfect; but he deserves respect. He died to give us more rights; the BHO/HRC crowd got him.

          • MidNightRider2001 .

            Your reverence is with a man; it should be for the truth. It’s possible that Scalia was incompetent. I grant that. Before I go any further, I must apologize for appearing to be a blowhard. (“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”–Einstein)
            Ask yourself if attorneys lie, distort, misrepresent, overlook or otherwise bear false witness in order to win? I suspect that most if not all lawyers employ deception to enrich themselves. All judges are former attorneys with perhaps a very small deviation. Judges generally are the best attorneys and thus it’s possible to claim that judges are the apex of liars and deceivers on planet Earth. If it’s true that judges are the greatest of liars, there’s no way tell if one is being lied to by a super liar. One must infer it. We may do this by asking questions.
            How did sodomites gain marriage rights across America well before the Second Amendment was approved nationally? Despite the Second Amendment, my gun permit isn’t valid everywhere. Today, gay is universal and this is due to the Supreme liars. Unfortunately, the Obergefell ruling was preordained; nothing was stopping it. No amount of truth, reality, common sense would prevail. Gays rule and Christians like Kim Davis face arbitrary imprisonment thanks to the liars on the court. Scalia was right about the law being eaten.

          • Grandmere

            Way to go, Grace! You’re getting the hang of it. LOL

  • Raph Sebastian

    Target lost over 10 billion dollars in value over the last 3 years due to their pushing of tenderness bathrooms.

    With this new move, their market share capitalization is going to see another drastic downturn.

    Only way to hit corporations like these is to not patronize them. Starbucks is another that quickly backtracked after claiming it would employ refugees over veterans after seeing their share prices plummeting.

    If any corporation does anything you disapprove you let your dollars do the talking.

    • Exactly.

    • Kamau41

      That’s right!!

  • Steven

    That’s just pathetic and sad. This shared room/bathroom policy is a perfect opportunity for peeping toms and the like to creep up and watch unsuspecting innocents. Even take photos and videos perhaps… I think that’s exactly what Target wanted.

    And that acronym seems to be getting longer every darn year. So far we’re at LGBTTQQIAAP. When will it ever stop?

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    The current Pope is a fraud.

  • ace

    Three sixes is the number of the beast. Normal rainbows have seven colors, not six, like the number of notes in a musical scale. No symphony for the devil. Let the target millstone be cast into the sea and drowned…

    • Raph Sebastian

      The homosexual agenda has hijacked God’s promise of never to destroy the Earth again by water. The sign of that promise was the rainbow (all seven colors of it). The homosexuals and sodomites have hijacked so many things. For example the word “gay” was once a word depicting happiness, liveliness and joy is now used to describe their ilk.

      They are only 0.02% to a max of 0.5% of the population and the agenda has moved them so front and forward that many think they are like 50% of the population.

      And I agree, the devil’s hand is clearly seen in all of this.

      • filomena seiffert

        destruction by fire is worse then water, it will engulf everybody, gay, hetero, trans and innocents too.

  • Paul Doyle

    Great article. Thank you.

  • Frederikahere

    I cannot help but wonder who is making up for/donating to Target’s financial losses.
    Taking a 35% hit just isn’t doable for most businesses, even the larger retailers, over time.

  • filomena seiffert

    Me either. Has been at least 10 years I do not shop there.

  • Grandmere

    I can’t explain it, but I have always felt the same way. Only went a few times over the years.

  • Nan

    Why do you think the government approved job is the be all and end all of bibles? It was the Catholic church that codified the books of the bible. It is the protestant bibles that ate new, ours was translated to Latin in the 3rd century by a saint.

    We are all born again at baptism, which remote original sin and makes us God’s adopted children.

  • Nan

    Based on the cult that brainwashed you?