Bill Gates Declares: ‘Germany Is Taking In Too Many Refugees, It Needs To Cut Off The Flow Of Refugees Entering Europe.’

Theodore Shoebat

Bill Gates has recently said that Germany has taken in too many refugees and needs to cut off the flow of refugees entering Europe. I did a video on this, commentating on how this is all part of the masterplan towards bringing the world to eugenics:

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  • Rjk

    The only thing Bill cares about is that everyone in the world uses
    MS Windows including refugees.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      ….And birth control.

      • Woody


  • susan

    I was so tired it took me awhilentonlisten to this one. Awesome! Now they’re on notice that someone is watching.

  • Wife of Bill Gates is wishing the Vatican would reverse itself on birth control and Pope Francis is having none of it.

    Vatican needs to sever relations with the Gates Foundation instead of dancing with the devil.

    • Woody

      But if Gates DAD used BC he would not be here!

    • Kamau41

      Absolutely. We can rest assured though that the Church will never change its teachings or position regarding contraception.

  • KD

    He’s an asshat. He was one of the fundamental ringleaders in promoting refugees worldwide. Now he sees how foolish his theory was. (Like George Clooney)

  • Lack of education is some of the problems with the IQ. and of course there are some due to other reasons , like inbreeding. Even lack of a proper food can starve the brain. Yes, these people like Gates want to get rid of the people of all race and the globalists and their kind think the world belong to them. Gates want all race to die, Africa was a testing ground to get rid of the people. but it is happening also with wars. thanks for the video and letting us know what is going on. May God Bless you .and keep you safe.

    • Woody

      Yah and Margaret Sanger founded PP to get rid of black people!

      • Kamau41

        Sadly, very true that most either don’t know or those that do know about the history of Margaret Sanger refuse to even talk about it. Excellent point!!

  • CTyank

    Fine Theologic! We need a gps tracker on these people’s minds, lol. Until that happens, we have Theologic.