Two Thousand Hindus Surround Christian Woman And Declare To Her That She Must Reject Christianity And Worship The Hindu Gods. She Refuses, The Hindus Grab Her And Beat Her Until She Becomes Unconscious And They Scream Out: “If Your Jesus Is Alive Ask Him To Heal Her Right Now”

By Theodore Shoebat

A mob of two thousand Hindus surrounded a Christian family in India and declared that they must convert to Hinduism. The Christians refused and the Hindus took a Christian girl and beat her until she became unconscious. The Hindus then screamed with diabolical vitriol: “If your Jesus is alive ask him to heal her right now”. As we read in report:

A mob comprised of 2,000 people has driven 15 Christians out of their village in India because they refused to give in to their demand to renounce their faith, international persecution charity Open Doors has learned.

Prior to the incident, the Christians in the village in India were threatened a number of times and warned that something bad would happen if they did not reject their faith. The mob of around 2,000 people beat them up and a 22-year-old girl collapsed, the Independent Catholic News detailed.

“If your Jesus is alive ask him to heal her right now,” the mob told the Christians after the girl became unconscious.

The collapsed girl later regained consciousness and the 15 Christians escaped from the village. They sought refuge at a church in another village for the meantime.

Just last month, a Christian pastor in Ludhiana in the Punjab state was shot dead by two assailants after he was repeatedly told to stop preaching. World Watch Monitor said Temple of God Church pastor Sultan Masih was hit in the leg, face, and chest by gunmen who stood just a few feet away from him, the Express relayed.

Pastor Masih’s son Alisa, 22, said his father also received harassing messages online and on his phone. He was reportedly warned that he would be killed if he continued to preach the message of the Bible.

For Alisa, who is a trainee pastor, his father was a man who was not afraid to sacrifice his life for Jesus. He said the same kind of steadfast faith was passed on to them, thus their family will also not stop serving the Lord.

Attacks on religious minorities are not given much attention by India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party, Bharatiya Janata Party. Open Doors has recorded hundreds of similar attacks in 2017 alone, and the number of such incidents surged from 350 in 2015 to 800 in 2016. The persecution charity has also ranked India as number 15 on its 2017 World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world.


  • Jami

    Rescue Christians in India my Lord I pray

    • dovari

      Thank you, Jami.

      • Jami

        Ofcourse and I wish you peace and joy of the Lord our God.

  • Kamau41

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”(Matt 5:10)

  • Jami

    Actually Christians get along with everybody . But Hindus and Muslims don’t gel good enough.
    The Muslims in India are few as compared to Hindus but they are also peacefull and can mingle with other religions but Hindus are not that fond of them. Both Hindus and Muslims are like other sides of the same coin. Check out Islam history and U’ll see that they actually worship the Hindu God Shiva in Mecca and plus the half moon that sits on Shiva”s head. I just had a look today.