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Muslim Raiders Kidnap Nigerian Christian Pastor And Are Holding Him For Ransom

Muslim raiders have been attacking Christians throughout Nigeria, leveling villages and kidnapping people for ransom. Recently a local pastor of a major congregation was abducted by Muslim terrorists and is being held for ransom according to a recent report: A Nigerian evangelical denominational leader has been kidnapped and is now being held for ransom by […]

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Muslims In Italy Go Wild And Are Now Forming Mobs And Openly Attacking Police In The Streets

Muslims gangs have been terrorizing European citizens, and now they have become so emboldened they are openly forming mobs and attacking police officers in the streets. One such major incident was recently caught on video in Italy, showing police struggling to keep the mob back as they attempt to close in on them: The grainy […]

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American Man Lures 10 Women To His Trailer, Rapes Them, Chops Them Up Into Little Pieces, Cooks The Remains, Puts It Into Sandwiches And Sells It At His BBQ Stand

Joseph Roy Metheny, an infamous American serial killer, just died in prison. He admitted to murdering at least 10 women, chopping up their bodies, and then serving them to people from his roadside BBQ stop: Joseph Roy Metheny, the admitted serial killer who chopped up his victims and sold them as BBQ from a roadside […]

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Saint Patrick Never Surrendered Neither Should Saint Patrick Day Parades

Dennis Stewart will be contributing articles and opinion pieces over the next few months here is a brief biography on his back ground: “Builder of performance driven cultures governed by principle and process vs. power and politics. Served with distinction in roles like: Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer; Managing Director and several Vice Presidential […]

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