Sex Robot Brothels Have Become So Popular That Prostitutes Are Being Replaced With Dolls

Last year, we reported that we are in the third stage of the sexual revolution, and by far the most dangerous one. We noted that last stage is the final separation of human intimacy from the act itself, reducing sexual activity to a purely hedonistic pursuit in which through the use of superior technology, man and woman would replace each other with machines. We warned this will inevitably destroy, barring religious commandments held as objective truth, the institution of marriage for the greater part of society. Children will be reduced to the status of an absolute choice. We noted that while this is the end result, the way through which this would come about would be by means of continually improved sex robots. We have continually warned our readers to keep their eyes on this trend, for if as Bl. Lucia dos Santos famously said, that the final battle will be over marriage and the family, what we are witnessing is a the early stages of this.

In a story from the UK Star, as we have noted, the popularity of sex robots as reached a point where brothels are replacing human prostitutes with robots because based on business demand, they are more popular with the customers than actual humans:

The unusual story of “Fanny”, a sex doll which has become the top-selling superstar of the “Kontakthof” brothel in the Austrian capital of Vienna, became worldwide news in July with newspapers all over the world telling the tale of how she got more customers than the prostitutes.

Now Austrian media are reporting that a growing number of other brothels are making the switch to include sex dolls.

Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna, said that although life-like dolls from Japan “cost up to 7,000 EUR” (6,382 GBP) it is “obviously a trendy sex fetish” which other brothels must also follow.

Kontakthof, which rents out sex doll Fanny for 80 EUR (72.9 GBP) per hour, is now considering buying a second sex doll due to the huge demand as Fanny is often completely booked for several days in a row.

A recent glowing review by an erotic blogger only identified as Andreas has catapulted the sex doll hype to even greater extremes.

Andreas wrote: “The atmosphere is not sordid, everything is clean. You only meet one person at the reception. She takes you to a room with your doll. Everything is totally intimate.”

Fanny, who is 1.56 metre tall and weighs 40 kilogrammes, has long blonde hairs and big breasts.

Andreas wrote: “Fanny has an Asian touch. On pictures, at first sight she looks like a real woman but her body is filled with a kind of silicone. Firm and soft at the same time.”

Andreas wrote that after ten minutes he “started to take pleasure in Fanny” and was shocked to find himself “developing a tendency for fetish dolls.”

According to Austrian local media, sex industry experts estimate that people with a fetish for sex dolls is are an increasingly growing group, and that they expect more dolls to be made available by brothels.

Psychologist Gerti Senger explained why some men are more interested in sleeping with Fanny instead of a real woman.

Senger said: “First, the man can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute.”

Yet Senger, who is a co-chair at the Austrian Society for Sexual Research (OeGS), said that she was shocked by Fanny being more popular than real prostitutes and called it “a real autistic tendency”.

Also brothel operator Laskaris was not a fan of the hype even if he is considering buying a Japanese sex doll himself for his brothel.

Laskaris said: “I’ve tried that once, but it’s just like sleeping with a corpse.” (source)

Note the points I highlighted in bold, especially the last part- that the customer can do anything he wants with the doll, and there are no intentions involved. This is the essence of the third wave of the revolution.

It is no secret today that relations between men and women have become poisoned because of a lack of respect and, especially on behalf of the women, and unwillingness to accept their biological, God-given role in society as wives, mothers, and the heart of the family. This originally began with the calls for “egalitarianism” during the French Revolution and took form in the first wave of the sexual revolution beginning in the 19th century with the early feminist movement. Regardless of intention, the result of the first stage of feminism was to make men and women have not separate but equal roles in society owing to natural, biological distinctions, but to prepare in the minds of the public that men and women are absolutely equal in the egalitarian sense. This naturally gave way to the second stage of the revolution, which was the separation of sexual activity from procreation. Simply put, if a woman is equal to a man in every way, she can be equal in her ability to be promiscuous without immediate social consequences. The consequences of this are as mentioned above- broken families, broken relationship, and the inability of men and women to form unions because their basic assumptions about how men and women are supposed to relate to and conduct themselves in a relationship are poisoned. This is not a case of a mere abnormality, but a consistent crop of poisoned fruit because the seed of ideas which grew the tree of contemporary knowledge about relationships between the sexes is itself poisoned.

The social consequences of this are far reaching beyond anything that most can comprehend. As I wrote in a recent article:

Picture this for the future- you walk into a brothel in the future, and as predicted, there will be no women there. Prostitution in the traditional sex will have been completely eliminated, and robots will be the proxy now. Continual developments in polymer and AI technology have now made female robots almost completely indistinguishable from humans. You can choose any one or number of men or women in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, all with personalities that can be changed, to satisfy any of your deepest, most unspoken “desires.”

But moving beyond desire, as mentioned above, sex robots will become life companions that people will interact with, form relationships with, and even get married to. Marriage itself will be redefined by the governments to include robots, such as in the awful move A.I.. Sex robots will eventually cease to be referred to as “sex robots” and referred to as “life companions,” and with enough time, they will be referred to as people and given human rights and treated as men are, which will have another effect even more long reaching, since it will allow for the definition of “humanity” to be re-defined by the government. (source)

The biggest lure for the sex robot, especially as they improve in quality, are less able to be distinguished from humans (the “uncanny threshhold”), and decrease in price, they will attract more men because the robot provides the impression of everything a man would want- companionship, sex, and a help mate- without the undesirable personal qualities that all people have because we are humans. It affords them the opportunity to create and enjoy their version of a perfect or near perfect woman without the stress and aggravation common to almost all modern relationships. It is also a eugenicists dream, since as robots cannot reproduce and generation can only take place by relations with a real woman, people will naturally limit the number of kids they have. In the words of the infamous eugenicists Jared Taylor, and Hans-Herman Hoppe, this is a form of “positive eugenics” (eradicating unwanted people by “selective breeding” and/or reducing family size naturally) instead of mass murder, which they call “negative eugenics”.

But as you watch this trend unfold, and it is going to become much more popular in the coming years and the robots will be far more advanced, keep in mind the end purpose, which is your destruction. If you want to see the end, simply look to the Georgia Guidestones:

We have written about them before. The essence of the guidestones is to create a utopia by reducing the number of “unwanted” people to a “manageable” size of 500 million or so, who will be ruled over by an upper class. Those outside the ruling class will be ‘guided’ by those ‘above’ them. This creates what we have warned about and what one can see today in the fight for a new form of eugenics, which is that they view you as nothing more than a farm animal to be herded, used, and slaughtered for their personal benefit, and they are fighting with each other as to who will play the role of farmer.



  • Coming soon, a woman-centered brothel where a woman can get her fill as well, because if the men can have their way with a doll, so why shouldn’t a woman have her way with a doll?

    Both the men and women have failed to live up to their responsibility.

    It started in Eden. The serpent went after the woman and deceived her. She then in turn, ate the fruit, and gave it to her husband and they both ate. When they were confronted, they played the first blame game which is in our DNA.

    Eve blamed the serpent for deceiving. Adam blamed God for giving him Eve. Neither took ownership for their action and the devil smirked in the background.

    Nowadays, people want to assign the severity of blame on a woefully biased scale so they can feel better about not taking ownership for their own action.

    This story, though, by Andrew is disturbing. Deeply disturbing.

    • On a bit of a note, I hope Constantine is doing OK. His Disqus activity have taken a noticeable dive and he’s not writing as much.

      • David W

        Hopefully his rescue operations are the reason for his absence Trevor….

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Hope we haven’t lost our favorite Ace, Tom McEwen— he hasn’t posted in quite some time.

        • Tom did comment with me two weeks ago. I haven’t seen Ace or racaerra that much either.

    • Ceirwyn

      Well, many women want children, and Mr Robot can’t help with that. Also, from what I’ve seen, women who aren’t married spend most of their excess energy on surviving in the gladiatorial style, masculine-worshiping workplace (at least in America). Not much energy left for sex after that.

      • I was being sarcastic but I don’t doubt some women haven’t thought of what I have wrote.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Jesus did prophesy of the day when people would say ‘blessed are the barren, the breasts that never gave suck.’ Protestants still have yet to realize that this prophesy has everything to do with the use of artificial birth control. From my perspective, I see 2 glaring issues that no Protestant has, nor can, explain in light of the following prophesies from the mouth of our Lord – the one already mentioned above, and that prophesy that there would be Eunuchs that were Eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom – this was from Isaiah 56 by the way, that mentions these Eunuchs would minister as priests – oh, there’s a third issue protestants can’t explain — they don’t believe theat the New Covenant has a ministerial priesthood.

    • Brick

      Even a “Protestant” or “Evangelical” like myself, after reading the Bible, I have to go against birth control. When reading the family of Jacob/Israel, his twelves sons had different numbers of children. Some had ten, some had seven, some had two, some had one. God has given each person/family blessings each accordingly to his gracious kindness. Personally I really think birth control is a sign of selfishness. I mean, the first blessing God has given to mankind is to be fruitful and multiply! How can a Christian say “listen to what God says” while directly disobey God’s first command and blessing!?

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Well said – Steve Ray, famous convert and author of “Crossing the Tiber” still speaks so boldly against artificial birth control – he states that in his evangelical tradition, they were taught to use birth control do as to limit having children, if they had any at all. He’s a great witness – look him up on YouTube if you haven’t already.
        We are two bricks of a kind.

      • Kamau41

        Read Steve and Janet Ray’s story.
        Here is what Janet Ray said, which is one significant reason that eventually lead them to leave Protestantism:

        “I think we were frustrated. The abortion issue was a big issue for us. When the evangelical churches were allowing abortions, and elders’ wives were getting abortions and they refused to take a public stand against abortion, then that would cause us to leave.”

        • Brick

          This is also one of the reasons I constantly gets into debates with my fellow Evangelicals or Protestants. I said, trust God that He knows best how many children each couple should have. Then they respond with sneer.

    • Judging from the responses you have received, you struck a nerve. Bravo, Julie LaBrecque.

      Two things, though, the prophecy Jesus uttered was literally fulfilled during the Siege of Jerusalem in 67-70AD when the Romans’ X Legion surrounded the city, cutting off all avenues of escapes. It got so bad that even Josephus account of a woman who roasted her newborn infant to eat because the inhabitants were starving to death. I would imagine that through the holocaust, that prophecy was repeated, and it will be repeated again before the 2nd Coming of Christ.

      On the other hand, I can see how you could interpret the artificial birth control that is being and has been linked to cancer and other health issues for women.

      Second, the part of the priesthood, you nailed it. The Lord gave clear instructions that there are three reasons for not marrying – 1) they were born that way, 2) they were eunuch for the sake of man, and 3) they were eunuch for the sake of the kingdom. The third point, straight from the Lord’s own mouth and faithfully recorded in the Gospel, is very difficult for protesting Christians to accept.

      Incidentally, the Roman Catholics prefer their priests to never marry, and those who come into the priesthood are told about their obligation to completely abstain from marriage and all type of relations up front. if they think they cannot keep their vow, then the Church should gently show them the door. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the lowest ranking priests are not generally allowed to marry until they advance in rank and only then when they reach a certain level, they are permitted to marry.

      I believe St. Paul would be appalled at the protesting Christians’ attempt to use his epistles to override Christ. St. Paul, being an eunuch himself as he was never married, had written that he wished all men would be like him, but under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gave grace to men to marry and be faithful to ONE spouse.

      I’m right beside you, anyway, dear sister, even though we aren’t of the same Church.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        You need to get in – and I know you will.

  • Kamau41

    Absolutely a very disturbing,
    destructive, dangerous trend well underway. This has been a very freightening trend that has been developing over the past few years now. There are even people who want to marry their computers. See article below going as far back as May 2014:
    This trend will certainly lead to the utter destruction of so many souls. Indeed, what a very sick, evil, diabolical generation we are living in.

  • Jami

    Andrew has put lots of Masala. Recommended read. The egalitarianism and the feminist movement fits very well with this topic. God bless Andrew, stay well

  • Jami

    From the German society I know that they are very open people, and expect every other foreigner to be open. Open according to them is to accept every Crap, anything new is interesting so this sex doll stuff is not a surprise to the open Germans. Open pagans . Absolutely loosers . Look at the Germans cuz you will not see any more left in few years. The Result of being too open is to see a civilisation vanish

  • Brenda

    The thing is it wont be just whites, but people in the west in general, Iv’e had friends of other races and their relationships had the same issues since they are living here it all gets to them too, Temptation doesn’t pick a race.

  • filomena seiffert

    It will greatly diminish reproduction on the civilized world and the Islamic nations will increase their numbers. The bigger fight of the elite will be with Islamic people

  • Ceirwyn

    The older I get, the more grateful I am to have no interest in sex at all; sex appears to only make people stupid and evil.

  • C20

    This is horrifying. Without the need to give in a marriage relationship, character will not develop. Adults will behave as immature narcissists. God is separating the wheat from the tares.

  • Huh… so I wasn’t being sarcastic after all.

  • Jami


  • Julie LaBrecque

    Jesus was celibate. Paul was celibate. Most of the Church Father’s believe that the Apostles were celibate – as Peter stated ‘ we have left everything behind.’.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Great stuff there…

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Sorry that see that your pride elevated you above The Words of Our Lord. Jesus gave the power to forgive or NOT to forgive sins to his ministerial priests – so you have a problem here – unless we are to believe that these priests are mind readers – how, pray tell, shall they decide whether to grant forgiveness or to withhold forgiveness? Can you tell us why St. Paul demands punishment to be administered to one of the congregants who sinned – and withheld forgiveness until the sinner has served his punishment? Why does St. Paul tell us of his PRIESTLY service in Romans 15:16? Dear child, the whole nation of Israel were a Nation of priests – you must have forgotten that the FATHER of each family was a priest – because they had to kill the lamb and offer as a sacrifice – it was only after the golden calf incident that the priesthood was taken from all the twelve tribes and given to the tribe of Levi.
    P.S. You have to eat the flesh of the lamb to be saved from the destroying angel – per Jesus.
    P.S. 1 Tim 3:15 states that THE Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth – hence, the Presbyterian Church which was founded by a MAN, 1500 years AFTER Jesus founded and built HIS CHURCH, cannot be the Church referred to in Scripture.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    And… Prophecies have dual to multiple fulfillments ,- the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD was a ‘type’ of the end times destruction of the earth.