Major Islamic Terrorists Send This Message To Pope Francis: “Remember This, You Kuffar, We Will Be In Rome, We Will Be In Rome, Allah Willing.”

By Theodore Shoebat

Major Islamic terrorists, all members of ISIS, sent this message to Pope Francis, and ultimately, to all Catholics: “Remember this, you kuffar [racial slur for non-muslims] – we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah (Allah willing).” As we read in one report:

The Pope’s top aids responded on Saturday to threats to the Vatican made in a new ISIS propaganda video.

 According to the Catholic news website, Pope Francis’s top aid, Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, spoke to reporters in Rimini, Italy.
Paloma García Ovejero, the Pope’s deputy spokesperson, spoke on Friday about the video, claiming that no new security measures will be taken and Pope Francis has not rearrange his schedule. “We haven’t raised the security measures because the controls are already very high. St. Peter’s Square, as pilgrims and tourists can ascertain, is always very well protected.”

The video that was published online on Friday depicts a church ransacked in Marawi, Philippines by ISIS members while they destroy Christian symbols and tear a picture of Pope Francis. An English speaking Jihadists named Abu Jindal says to the camera, “Remember this, you kuffar [racial slur for non-muslims] – we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah [god willing].”

Jindal added, “The crusaders’ enmity toward the Muslims only served to embolden a generation of youth.” This is a reference to the Crusades, a period when Arab-Muslims tried to conquer the Byzantine Empire which is modern day Levant and Turkey. While the Arab army did have many successes, they were never able to conquer Rome and the city has become an obsession for ISIS.


  • Indian Christian Crusader

    For Theodore: See this please – The rise of right wing Homo-nationalists

    • richinnameonly

      Good find, Crusader.

    • “There is even a German term for gay support of the far right: “homonationalism.” ”

      There it is.

      I hope Theodore writes about it because it now proves he was right all along. Nice find like Rich said.

    • Стефан Евгений

      Thanks ICC, The far left and the far right are 2 sides of an evil coin.
      The far-left has has done a good job at ruining my reputation.
      Who would have thought that in America the internet can be used as a tool for evil to harm an ole guy as insignificant as me?

  • richinnameonly

    I get confused. Pope Francis speaks out about “climate change” because he says it’s a moral and spiritual issue and deniers are being stupid and hard headed. I don’t hear as hard a line from him against Islam. Is that not a moral and spiritual issue and aren’t Islamists hard headed? Will he wash the feet of “climate change” deniers?
    Sorry I’m a little off topic here, or am I?

  • Grace Ziem

    Well, I guess the pope is safe if they will only be in Rome if God is willing! Since there are not 2 “gods”, (and Allah is definitely NOT Yahweh), there is no “allah”.

    • NANCY

      A Muslim would be terrified to call God “father” much less “Abba” as Jesus taught

  • Brick

    I do think they already have people in Rome…just under different names, not as ISIS, but probably as “fake refugees”. If I was a terrorist strategist I would probably have sleeping cells surround Rome, taking the streets and neighborhood one by one silently, then when Rome is completely surrounded, I will move all the forces to attack. I will not only use the “fake refugees”, I will also use those Italian mafias who are only “Catholic” in names but pagans in practices, I will also use those “Protestants” who hates Rome to a point that they are willing to take sword against it. (I use “Protestants” because I know some Protestants are pacifists and just want to live quietly.) Then, even better,I will seek alliance with the homosexual rings that has infiltrated the Catholic Church by promising them young boys and girls to rape daily. Once I have the outside and the inside. I will then strike. hmm… this is really not good news..

  • Diana

    This is another example of somebody feeding the alligators in hopes they will eat him last.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I think the Pope will be asissinated and St Peter’s will be destroyed before then, this is the mount Everest of conquests. You could sell Islamic lottery tickets for the mission. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet, must be some motivated police and security personnel working like Supermen.

  • SRN99

    Muslims can come to Rome to renounce their filthy worthless prophet Mohammad.


    And communism would destroy them

  • SRN99

    Allah and Mohammad will bow down before Jesus

  • SRN99

    They are unfit to mow the lawn