Satan Worshipping Homosexuals Openly Are Working With Planned Parenthood To Promote Murdering Babies And Christians Are Defending Their Abominations

We warned that it was only a matter of time before groups such as satanists would attempt to use America’s “religious freedumb” laws to propagate their evil beliefs and spread murder and destruction.

That is currently happening now, as satanic groups are filing lawsuits claiming that abortion is part of their ‘religion,’ and they have teamed up with Planned Parenthood to help murder babies:

For the past several years, Planned Parenthood and other women’s health clinics in Missouri have been targeted by restrictions that forced abortion providers to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and retrofit their facilities to meet surgical center standards. Those laws eventually became common goals of anti-abortion legislators around the country, but Missouri was ahead of the curve: In 1986, it was the first state to enact mandatory hospital admitting privileges. After the Supreme Court’s historic ruling that overturned similar restrictions in Texas, Planned Parenthood and two other reproductive rights groups took Missouri to federal court, arguing that it had four clinics in the state that could provide abortions—in addition to existing contraceptive care and health services—if the regulations were lifted.

A federal judge sided with Planned Parenthood in April and blocked officials from continuing to enforce the two anti-abortion provisions in Missouri. Now four clinics are working to get licensed for abortion care in the state: In addition to the Kansas City location, which stopped offering abortions five years ago, and the Columbia one—which stopped in the fall of 2015 when University of Missouri administrators voted to revoke its hospital admitting privileges—Planned Parenthood intends to offer abortion care at its Joplin and Springfield centers after their state inspections.

This rapid turnaround makes the state an illustration of the best-case scenario when courts reverse abortion restrictions. Other states aren’t so lucky. Often, such restrictions cause abortion providers to close completely, especially if the clinics aren’t affiliated with larger national organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which can provide some measure of stability as regulations shift. And when a clinic shuts down, there’s no guarantee that it’ll reopen once the restrictions that caused its closure fall away. A year after the Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision, only two of the nearly two-dozen abortion providers that shuttered due to the two provisions axed by the court had resumed abortion services.

Missouri’s recent stroke of good fortune in the reproductive rights realm may have to do with intervention from the fiery underworld. On Monday, the Satanic Temple argued in a Missouri court that the state’s abortion restrictions violate worshippers’ rights to free religious practice. The organization is challenging two Missouri laws: one that requires patients to look at unscientific anti-abortion propaganda and another that forces them to wait 72 hours between their initial consultations and a second appointments for their abortions. Satanic Temple members argue that their religion prizes rational, independent thought and that forcing Satanists to read anti-abortion pamphlets and “consider a religious proposition with which they do not agree” during the 72-hour waiting period constitutes a violation of their beliefs.

The Satanic challenge to the laws began in 2015, when a pregnant Satanist from rural Missouri identified as “Mary” tried to use a religious waiver to exempt herself from the state’s many requirements designed to prevent women from going forward with abortions. Mary said she had the $800 she needed to get the abortion, but to get to the clinic in St. Louis for two separate appointments, she needed to save up for gas money, a hotel, and child care. As a Satanist, Mary said, she believes her body is “inviolable”—thus, a mandatory waiting period with no medical justification that hampers her bodily autonomy inflicts a “substantial burden” on her “sincerely held religious beliefs,” as does the law that requires she be informed that “abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” The temple filed both state and federal lawsuits challenging the restrictions; a judge tossed out the federal case in 2016 because Mary was no longer pregnant.

Missouri argues that just because the laws align with the tenets of certain religions doesn’t mean the state is advocating on behalf of those religions. But don’t tell that to the Missouri state legislator who slaughtered a chicken on camera in June to make some kind of statement against legal abortion. “God gave us man dominion over life. He allows us to raise animals properly and care for them and then process them for food so we can sustain life. And that’s what I’m doing here with this chicken,” Rep. Mike Moon said before ripping out the animal’s heart. Three cheers for Missouri, the upside-down land where Christians perform the gruesome animal sacrifices and Satanists bring the religious freedom lawsuits. (source)

So where is the part about the homosexuals? After all, it is not mentioned anywhere specifically in the article, but it comes from the words of the satanic temple itself, which has openly and proudly admitted that at least half of its members are LGBT:

The co-founder of the Satanic Temple said that he would “not be surprised” if over half of the group’s members identify as LGBTQ because of its “radically-inclusive space.”

“We don’t have strict separations or definitions of our gay membership, our trans membership, or anybody else,” Lucien Greaves said in an article for Vice published on Monday.

Still, Greaves offered that “he wouldn’t be surprised if more than half identify as such.”

Vice described the Satanic Temple as a “platform for LGBTQ members to celebrate their identities,” and suggested that they are drawn by the “radically-inclusive space for people who identify in all sorts of ways.” (source, source)

Likewise, where is the part about Christians supporting them? After all, it is not mentioned anywhere specifically in the article, but it comes from a recent report on Christian news, where Christians who were persecuted by the LGBT came out and publicly defended the LGBT, saying that homosexuals have a ‘right’ to ‘life as they please:

Colorado baker Jack Phillips and and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman recently joined other Christian business owners and revealed their major concerns, including death threats and potential loss of their life’s work, as they battle against lawsuits from same-sex couples.

Gay couples have “every right to live the way they believe,” said Stutzman last week during a religious liberty panel organized by The Heritage Foundation, but added that Christian business owners are also asking for the same freedom.

Stutzman, who lost a court case earlier this year after she declined to provide flowers for a gay couple’s wedding and has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, said she would still embrace her long-time gay patron, Rob Ingersoll, who sued her.

“I’d be so excited if Rob came into my store,” an emotional Stutzman said when asked by The Heritage Foundation moderator Ryan T. Anderson how she would respond to Ingersoll if he were to come back to her flower shop.

“I would wait on him another 10 years. I would hug him and catch up on his life. He is missed,” she added.

Stutzman revealed that she stands in danger of losing her entire life savings if she loses her Supreme Court battle against gay couple Ingersoll and Curt Freed, who sued her in 2013. (source)

These three stories- the union of devil worshippers and murderers to promote the murder of children, the disproportionate presence of the LGBT among these groups, and Christian apathy towards homosexuality- are all linked together and feed off of each other into the current crisis facing society.

The struggle between right and wrong, good and evil has been with the human race since the days of Adam and will continue until the Second Coming. As the Book of Ecclesiastes notes, there is nothing new under the sun, only the tools and processes to replicate the same results quicker and more efficiently have changed. Patterns of behavior exist for specific reasons, and one feeds off of and supports another.

Let’s take a look at these three stories, but this time in reverse.

Homosexuality is a very grave sin, for as we have pointed out it is roundly condemned in the Old and New Testaments, by all of the Church councils, by all of the saints, and is only one of four sins that specifically cries out to Heaven for vengeance in the Bible. It was so filthy of a sin that according to the Jewish Mishnah it was the impetus behind the Deluge of Noah and in the Old Testament was the reason God called down fire from Heaven upon the city of Sodom. It is explicitly clear per Christian doctrine that homosexuality is a filthy sin and is a direct gateway into hellfire.

Because of the nature of this sin, Christians have an obligation out of morality and charity to condemn it and fight against it with all their might. To give any approval to homosexuality, regardless of the form it may take is to commit a grave sin against one’s neighbor, for if God truly hates this sin so much, then what is less charitable and more damning to a man than to permit or encourage him in this sin?

It is important to love one’s neighbor, even when one’s neighbor is one’s enemy. This commanded by God Himself. Likewise, one also must not tolerate the sin of another, especially when it is something that is a grave matter and is also public.

The idea that homosexuality is something that has to be tolerated in society, or that homosexuals can continue to be given public and social license to live as they please is itself an anti-Christian and ultimately, satanic idea because it strikes at the very heart of what Christian dogma is on homosexuality. It is no secret in any society that homosexual activity happens, no differently than any other sin. What is at stake here is that this woman, who is a Christian, is publicly saying that she should be allowed to publicly practice her faith and the homosexual have equal rights to indulge in this is

One might say WELL THIS IS AMERICA AND PEOPLE CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT. Yet as we have highlighted before, noting the unresolvable conflict between the Catholic Church and American culture, the philosophy upon which America was build was that of the libertine Freemason teachings, who valued the pursuit of pleasure and power over obedience to God because they wanted to make themselves as gods. It likewise only makes complete sense that such an idea should take root in America, for owing to its Protestant background of diverse groups from across Europe united by their hatred of the Catholic Faith yet unable to agree on even fundamentals of doctrine that were sometimes settled in the earliest years of Christianity and flavored with the nationalism of their times, that the “church” should merely be a reflection of the values of the state, and any man can believe as he wills so long as he submits himself to the law of the state. This is precisely what the Church fought against for much of its history, since it is the second estate between the Government (the First Estate) and the People (the Third Estate), acting as both a unifier in society as well as a barrier between those with an insatiable lust for power. While the Protestant Revolution destroyed this order in Europe, American formally established this as part of its national understanding from its inception, giving freedom to all so long as they submit wholly to the morals dictated by the state.

This woman, while a Christian and likely well-intended in her words, is nothing more than a reflection of the times. Her refusal to condemn the LGBT and the lifestyle, and then going to say so much as the LGBT have the same rights as she does in society is to embrace the libertine, Freemason philosophy which lead to the moral decay that America is facing in the first place. It does not matter whether or not she perceives this, because it is the effect that matters.

The connection between the LGBT and satanic groups, as mentioned above, comes from the words of the satanists themselves as well as sacred scripture. As Sacred Scripture notes, homosexuality is the product of grave sin continually embraced and without repentance. One only needs to look at any LGBT parade to see the proliferation of demonic outfits and open proclamations of satanism that are not so much as given any consideration because they are so deeply rooted.

This likewise feeds into the final matter, which is the union between this group and Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is simply a fancy word for infanticide meant to hide the gruesome reality of the act. It is likewise one of the four sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance explicitly mentioned in the Bible as it is the act of willful murder of the innocent. The reason abortion happens is overwhelmingly that the mother does not want to have the baby because she does not want to take responsibility for the behaviors which got her pregnant in the first place. Therefore, instead of raising or giving the child to adoption, they would rather just murder the child. There is absolutely no justification every for murdering the innocent.

However, think of abortion in the context of the LGBT. If homosexuality as per Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition is a sin that is the sign of a depraved person who has given himself over to evil willingly and is listed alongside willful murder as two since that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, how could it not make sense that both sins would not naturally exist alongside or in conjunction with each other by some means? I am not saying that homosexuality and abortion are directly related in that one causes another, but rather will naturally come to co-exist with and compliment each other if allowed to spread in the same way that if one grows certain types of plants in a garden, depending on the type of plant it will naturally attract different types of insects or other plants while deterring others.

Just as it is the work of the gardener to uproot weeds in his garden and when he refuses to the garden will be overrun by weeds, so it is the duty of the Christian to uproot evil in society, for if evil is allowed to spread it will take over and destroy the society. Christians are called to be the “salt of the Earth” and the “light of the world,” and if they refuse to perform their duties as Christians, then darkness and evil will overrun the world. This refusal can take many forms, not just “I do not want to do my duty,” and will likely take the form of apathy or compromise towards sin in different degrees of severity.

We know about this from experience at when we were attacked by the “pro-family” and ‘anti-homosexual’ Peter LaBarbera because we said, directly quoting the words of Sacred Scripture in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, that homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death. Instead of standing by the Bible, major evangelical “Christian leaders” issued condemnations and then apologized to the same homosexuals they claim to be against:

When posted this video calling for a death penalty on four homosexual wrestlers who raped two boys it upset one blaspheming homosexual and Right Wing Watch. These in turn taunt anti-gay activists within the Evangelical movement who quickly line up to express their condemnation and to denounce

And it works. Several Evangelical leaders began hurling denunciations and articles against our infamous Theodore Shoebat. According to these, calling for the death penalty for gay rapists, gay child molesters is ‘unchristian’. The heavyweights from Calvinist John PiperGlenn Beck to Dr. Michael BrownPeter LaBarbera (1), Matt Barber and others were irate at Theodore’s remarks that they are pumping away articles in denouncement of either Theodore or the death penalty.

One major gay activist who wraps some Evangelical scholars around his finger gives himself the blasphemous title as “Joe My God,” so that when they twitter him they would blaspheme calling him “My God” instead of calling “Christ my God”. The trick stems from when Caesar wanted the Christian world to address him as kyrios (My lord) which St. Paul denounced by stating “that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” (Philippians 2:11), that is that Christ is Kyrios not Caesar.

And as it seems, this sodomite blasphemer, Joe, has become their god instead.

To please Joe the Blasphemer Peter LaBarbera who heads Americans For Truth About Homosexuality goes as far as denouncing the young Shoebat for calling for such death penalty. obtained leaked emails of him arm twisting the producer calling on them to scrub and edit out Theodore’s contribution in an anti-gay documentary. (source)

What is happening today with this satanic group is not some arbitrary growth that happened in which American Christians are just innocent victims of a culture who hates them. The decline of American Christianity today was inevitable because of the heretical philosophies upon which it was constructed, and to that American Christians have directly aided the rise of their own enemies by refusing to confront and deal with them just like the gardener who finds his garden overrun with weeds because he took no time to care for it and then woke up and realized his plants were being destroyed. The difference in this case is that a gardener, unless he is completely insane, is not going to then go an give water and fertilizer to the weeds while denying his own plants food. Yet this is what many “American Christians” are doing by refusing to condemn the sins of society, especially that of the LGBT, and prefer to feed them by refusing to address them or by saying their sinful behavior merits an equal place in society alongside Christianity.

God said in the New Testament that a man cannot serve two masters, for he will hate one and love the other. Christians in America want to serve Christ and the same time serve the American secular ethos taught since the founding of the nation, and they are realizing that they cannot as the LGBT ascends to power and pushes for more restrictive actions against anybody who would dare preach Biblical truth about the horrible nature of the sin they embrace.

Ultimately, it is a simple question: Which master do you serve?

Choose wisely.