Hugh Hefner, Who Poisoned American Society And The World With Pornography, Is Now Dead

Hugh Hefner, the infamous founder of the pornographic magazine Playboy died at the Playboy mansion yesterday at the age of 91 after a long career promoting sexual license, the LGBT, and other forms of immorality:

Hugh Hefner, who created Playboy magazine and spun it into a media and entertainment-industry giant — all the while, as its very public avatar, squiring attractive young women (and sometimes marrying them) well into his 80s — died on Wednesday at his home, the Playboy Mansion, in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. He was 91.

His death was announced by Playboy Enterprises.

Hefner the man and Playboy the brand were inseparable. Both advertised themselves as emblems of the sexual revolution, an escape from American priggishness and wider social intolerance. Both were derided over the years — as vulgar, as adolescent, as exploitative and finally as anachronistic. But Mr. Hefner was a stunning success from the moment he emerged in the early 1950s. His timing was perfect.

He was compared to Jay Gatsby, Citizen Kane and Walt Disney, but Mr. Hefner was his own production. He repeatedly likened his life to a romantic movie; it starred an ageless sophisticate in silk pajamas and smoking jacket hosting a never-ending party for famous and fascinating people.

The first issue of Playboy was published in 1953, when Mr. Hefner was 27, a new father married to, by his account, the first woman he had slept with.

He had only recently moved out of his parents’ house and left his job at Children’s Activities magazine. But in an editorial in Playboy’s inaugural issue, the young publisher purveyed another life:

“We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex.”

This scene projected an era’s “premium boys’ style,” Todd Gitlin, a sociologist at Columbia University and the author of “The Sixties,” said in an interview. “It’s part of an ensemble with the James Bond movies, John F. Kennedy, swinging, the guy who is young, vigorous, indifferent to the bonds of social responsibility.”

Mr. Hefner was reviled, first by guardians of the 1950s social order — J. Edgar Hoover among them — and later by feminists. But Playboy’s circulation reached one million by 1960 and peaked at about seven million in the 1970s.

Long after other publishers made the nude “Playmate” centerfold look more sugary than daring, Playboy remained the most successful men’s magazine in the world. Mr. Hefner’s company branched into movie, cable and digital production, sold its own line of clothing and jewelry, and opened clubs, resorts and casinos.

The brand faded over the years, its flagship magazine’s circulation declining to less than a million.

Mr. Hefner remained editor in chief even after agreeing to the magazine’s startling (and, as it turned out, short-lived) decision in 2015 to stop publishing nude photographs. In 2016, he handed over creative control of Playboy to his son Cooper Hefner. Playboy Enterprises’ chief executive, Scott Flanders, acknowledged that the internet had overrun the magazine’s province.

“You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free,” he said. “And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”

The magazine’s website,, had already been revamped as a “safe for work” site. Playboy was no longer illicit. (Early this year, the magazine brought back nudes.)

Mr. Hefner began excoriating American puritanism at a time when doctors refused contraceptives to single women and the Hollywood production code dictated separate beds for married couples. As the cartoonist Jules Feiffer, an early Playboy contributor, saw the 1950s, “People wore tight little gray flannel suits and went to their tight little jobs.”

“You couldn’t talk politically,” Mr. Feiffer said in the 1992 documentary “Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time.” “You couldn’t use obscenities. What Playboy represented was the beginning of a break from all that.”

Playboy was born more in fun than in anger. Mr. Hefner’s first publisher’s message, written at his kitchen table in Chicago, announced, “We don’t expect to solve any world problems or prove any great moral truths.” (source)

So what did Hugh Hefner really create?

Hefner’s competition, the infamous pornographer Alvin “Al” Goldstein and publisher of Screw magazine famously and honestly stated what Hefner believed but in a more direct, less sophistical way. He said that pornography has nothing to do with freedom, but rather about license. As he admitted, porn is simply an advantageous pressure point by which to cause a revolution in society by destroying the current moral and social foundation and replacing it with one based on license. Since any foundation based on license is subject to the will of man to determine right and wrong and to distinguish between good and evil based on what is deemed to be true at the moment, morality is reduced to a matter of the will that is accepted at the current time. Since “do what thou wilt” becomes the philosophy of the law, and since this is the foundation philosophy of all satanism and unjust rebellion, one must necessarily conclude that pornography is a gateway to rebellion against God and to establish satanism in its place, bringing man from true freedom in Christ to bondage by his own hand and secured in the errors of his own fallen desires.

The struggle between God and the demons is lived out in the world in the struggle between right and wrong. Since pornography involves the preternatural exploitation and manipulation of deep human emotions and the soul, as ultimately the desire for pleasure one seeks through pornography is really a search for unity and peace with God but through the flesh instead of the spirit, the state of pornography in any society is a reflection of the health of that society. Certainly even if pornography were banned in a society there would still be people who would make it, buy it illegally, and watch it, and there would be even people who engage in very deviant practices, for one cannot absolutely control every person at every minute. However, what matters is a general social concensus and perception as well as consideration for what a “majority” of people would or might think to be normal or engage in. Again, this is not to say “majority rules” or that “might makes right” in justifying pornography of any type, but rather used as a metric of the moral state of the society. In the paraphrased words of a wise history professor and now friend, ‘watch the pornography industry, because the pornography industry reflects the current and projects the future trends of society.’

Taking to heart the words of this professor and friend, consider the 1972 pornography film “Deep Throat“. This film was considered highly controversial during its time, because it depicted a woman fellating various men (not all at once, in separate scenes) and swallowing their semen. It was so controversial that it actually was taken to court in New York, Memphis and other municipalities of charges of obscenity as well as in the UK.

That was 45 years ago.

As a metric to see how much things have changed and in such a short time, anal sex between heterosexual couples on film was once classified as “extreme pornography” and “obscene.” Now, it is so common that porn stars admit that anal sex is considered a standard part of all pornography produced today, and in particular “rough anal.” Indeed, it is one of the most common porn searches on the Internet according to PornHub, the heaviest trafficked porn website on the Internet that is also known for producing very interesting statistical breakdowns of its consumers:

“Anal” appears in both men and women’s lists of the top 15 porn search terms. While both are perverse, take particular note of the women’s searches- “extreme gangbang,” “threesome,” “big black dick”. This compares with men, who while they are searching for certain “fetish” types (“ebony,” “milf,” and “teen”), there is not a particular emphasis on things involving complete self degradation.

This is not just statistics of “normal” pornography (two people having sex) that you are looking at. This is the public acceptance of extreme perversity that at the time that Deep Throat was produced would possibly land the prostitutes in the film as well as the pimps who filmed in jail for a long time. It would also rightly earn these people, especially the women, near complete social ostracism on account of their behavior because of what is happening in these films, which many times involve pornographic actors engaging in actual anal rape, vomiting into the mouths of these women, making them lick the anuses of the performers and sometimes even eat feces, peeing in their mouths, and outright punching and making them bleed before masturbating into the wounds and making derogatory comments.

A scene from a film by Ghetto Gaggers, one of the most infamous online pornographic websites. Based in New Jersey, the site specialized in everything mentioned above- the complete degradation (in this case of black women by white men, but there are other sites that do the same in other ways- it just happens this site is the best known in the USA) of the women in it of the worst sort, including physical abuse, actual rape on camera, drinking spit/vomit/urine, feces eating, and other horrible things.

Yet how come if the women know this is going to happen to them, why do they keep going by choice?

This is the real scandal- it is not the abuse of the women, but the fact that the women are actively seeking out in order to willingly participate in the worst forms of pornography– coprophilia, emetophilia, group sex- on their own. And the people of the society laud them and say THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO DO THIS AND WE MUST PROTECT THEM.

If this is not the extreme decline of a society, I do not know what is.

However, how did we get in 45 years from oral sex and swallowing semen from being regarded as obscene and a prosecutable offense to now having literal vomit and feces porn be something that is not just regarded as normal, but something that people defend as FREEDUMB OF SPEECH?

It was men like Hugh Hefner. Not just him- he was one of a number- but he was certainly a major influence in the formation of all the filth above.

Hugh Hefner did not publicly engage in, as far as I understand, the following behaviors. However, he did certainly do some of this in private. As far as his public “work” is considered, he helped along with Al Goldstein, Larry Flynt, and now men such as Fabian Thylmann to break down the moral code of society in order that behaviors like that described above might be able to be propagated. On cannot blame him for “everything,” just like how no one part of a machine can be attributed to the complete functioning or non-functioning of that machine, as it takes a collaborative effort. Nevertheless, he played a willing part in creating, maintaining, and spreading the functioning of the pornographic machine that has poisioned American society and the world.

Fabian Thylmann. What Hefner did decades ago is what Thylmann is doing today. The founder of PornHub, the German citizen has made hundreds of millions of dollars by propagating the worst kinds of pornography for free across the world through the Internet.

There is no difference between Thylmann and Hefner, philosophically speaking. The seed that Hefner planted, watered, and grew is what Thylmann is now pruning, growing, and propagating from seed and cuttings (to use gardeners terms). The essence of the evil itself has not changed, just the faces doing it and the means and ends by which it can be propagated.

Hefner was responsible, by his own admission, for the spread of the LGBT and its ideas. Indeed, all pornography is inherently homosexual because it strips the genitive nature of sex out completely and reduces it to the sole pursuit of pleasure. However, Hefner specifically regarded himself as a champion of the LGBT, he promoted LGBT causes, and even admitted to engaging in homosexual activities himself since at least the 1970s.

Make no mistake, I do not blame Hefner for all of the problems either. The fact is that if people did not consume Hefner’s filth, he would have no market. The people are equally to blame, and this ties in with the decline of religion and the rise of secularism. In one sense, one can argue that Hefner simply was a reflection of what American society was already becoming, and that he simply supplied a product to a market willing to buy it. This cannot be understated as well- the individuals of the society who make up the consumers are to blame for consuming it, since nobody made them buy his products and that just because people are doing something in large numbers does not make it right. However, those men who do promote the degradation of society, regardless of whether it is considered popular or not at the time, must be called out on their deeds.

Evil deeds do not just happen overnight. Indeed, even mushrooms that “pop up” on logs all came from spores that blew through the wind from another mushroom and having found fertile ground to settle on, took root and grew.

The situation of America’s obsession with porn and filth did not happen overnight. Like a plant, it grew slowly, starting very small. What we see today is when like a weed allowed to grow unchecked in garden, the blossoming of pornography and all of the filth it brings into its natural and horrifying fruits. A fruit, mind you, from a tree whose seeds Hefner carefully planted, watered, protected, and grew over a long time, and then defended.

A Christmas Carol starring English actor George C. Scott. This is the scene where Scrooge and Marley converse. As Marley notes beginning at 5:45, the chain he wears was built “link by link and yard by yard.”

So is also the situation with pornography today. The chains of this evil on our society were built my men like Hefner, link by link and yard by yard.

We are just seeing the full chain.

As the story noted, Hefner “excoriated” the “puritanical” life of most Americans. He rejected “morality” and pushed for license instead, embodying the “do what thou wilt” attitude.

And where did it take America? On a macro social level, it facilitate the rise of no-fault divorce, the destruction of families, the rise of the LGBT, the promotion of pedophilia and child molestation and a generation of broken, sad, miserable people confused about life and many of them seeking pleasure in debased forms of sex trying to fill the empty void that God once filled and were told to reject in the name of freedom.

And this is what it creates. A generation of people masturbating to videos of people drinking vomit and eating feces on their computers.

I dare not say more about Hefner’s end.



  • Well, he’s finally gone.

    • Eric

      Good riddance!

      • Kamau41

        Absolutely, Eric.

        • Eric

          Yep. That man poisoned the world probably more than anyone.

          • 1Bobby8

            He was definitely the seed.

    • Kamau41

      Thank God!

    • I think it is also time to step further back and look a bit closer. Hefner got started in the 1950s. Why is this important?

      Without doing any kind of scholarship research and accessing journals, what I am about to say is pure conjecture and nothing but conjecture.

      WWII is the catalyst that changed the world. While the men were gone to fight in the European and Pacific theaters, women took up the job left vacant by the fighting men keeping factories humming and churning out products to support the war effort and provide goods for the American consumers.

      When the men began to return home, they expected to find their previous jobs waiting for them, and instead, found themselves often unemployed, alcoholic, and drug abusers. It very likely contributed to an explosion in divorce rate as the marriage disintegrated from PTSD suffered from the war to resentment of women in the workplace.

      The women suffrage movement also greatly contributed to this problem by pushing the envelope on women liberation, this in turn triggered an avalanche of social upheaval.

      In conjunction with family disintegration, there were other social issues that finally exploded, the civil right movement that eventually saw fights for equal rights from colored people (I apologize here and now for offending, please bear with me) that had been punted from the time of the American Revolution War to the Civil War to the Reconstruction period and finally to the Civil Right Movement era.

      During the 1950s, the Korea War kick off the hysteria associated with the Cold War that only greatly aggravated the social issues of the time. The 1960s and 1970s were dominated by Vietnam War and the Space Race, only exacerbated the paranoia in the American public consciousness. It was during those time that people like Saul Alinsky emerged and fueled a generation of people who helped to overthrow the moral restraint of the Church.

      Roe v Wade passed by a Protestant dominated Supreme Court and recently the so-called Civil Union was passed by a Catholic dominated Supreme Court. So, the reality is the Church has long since lost the cultural war, but God is not going to be defeated. Just as Elijah complained to God that he was the only faithful prophet left, God reminded him that He had a remnant left who refuses to bow their knees to Baal, we, today, have the same issue, and God has already reserved for Himself remnant who will not bow to the Baal of today.

      As Andrew pointed out, Hefner was merely a flashpoint that only catered to the wants of the American public, which was escapism from the hysteria of the Cold War, which contributed to the rise of drug and alcohol abuses, resulting in broken families across class and racial lines.

      As history will note, the Prohibition Era saw people going to great length to get a drop of alcohol, risking being caught by the police, and sensationalized by the media fawning over Al Capone and his gang of bootlegging battling the police.

      Folks, no matter what the Shoebat will report, or other readers will read in the coming days ahead, we were warned this kind of days were coming and now is, and this is expressly found in the pages of the Apocalypse. It is going to get worse, more depraved, and we, the Christian who hold tightly to Traditions of the Church, will be the one bearing the brunt of hatred.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Trevor — consider this analogy- without lift, no airplane would fly – without ‘the pill’, the sexual revolution would have floundered at its inception. Nobody is willing to look at the abject failure of Christians to live our marriages as God intended – in chastity, to be fruitFUL.
        I finally got the book mailed yesterday to Janet for you, sorry for the delay – while you are waiting for it, read the landmark encyclical by Pope Paul VI , ‘Humanae Vitae’ – he nailed it – after you read it, you will say ‘ how did he predict the outcome’ so perfectly, being played out in real time in our day – then you will realize that the Holy Spirit was/is the true author.

        • MattB

          Ah, yes, it was a bittersweet moment in the Church’s history. Pope Paul IV despite the tidal wave of support in favour of “changing” an unchanging Church doctrine, that is faithful to an unchanging natural law, boldly reaffirmed the sacredness of natural law and the consequences of denying it. “The gates of hell will not prevail…”

          Why is this also a bitter moment in Church history?

          As a collective, Catholics, both high and low, rejected Paul IV’s encyclical, and now we are where we are today as a consequence of that. God is no respecter of persons.

          In many ways being a Catholic who actually values the fullness of dogma in this day and age, feels like being in the sandals of the prophet Jeremiah in ancient Israel. To proclaim the fullness of truth and the cross, and to plea for repentance among our people, is to invite castration and persecution even within our very own community.

          We, Christians, are a fallen people. We are living in the times of Jeremiah. There is nothing new under the sun. As much as things change, they stay the same.

  • luis

    Attention Walid and Ted

    Off topic but I was wondering if you would be kind enough to list top five or ten most read books for Christians So I can add them to my list

  • LJW

    WOW! The Lord granted Hefner many, many years to repent. Surrounded by what he believed was beauty in the lap of luxury, he threw caution to the wind. If he did not repent on his death bed…..what he is surrounded by now will not last for only 91 years, but an eternity. How very sad, I do not wish for anyone to suffer an eternity in Hell, but it is their choice.

    • filomena seiffert

      When a person is immersed so deep in sin is very hard to repent for the demons have power over that person and do not permit her to repent. He would had to be exorcised. It is dreadful and fearsome just to think about his destiny.

      • LJW

        Yes, unfortunately I believe you are correct. Hebrews 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

        • filomena seiffert

          It take a special grace, one person praying and imploring God for the fallen. The demons are pressing hard on all areas and pressing harder on the consecrated souls for they are the pillars of the faith, they fall many will follow, this is happen right now

    • filomena seiffert

      If he received the grace to repent he will spent so much time in Purgatory, maybe until the last Judgment for he caused the loss of many souls.

      • LJW

        Unfortunately, I think he will be standing there at the last judgment with the fingers of those many lost souls pointing at him in accusation, even as they stand there themselves deservedly so. The older I get the more heartbreaking it is that even one soul should choose to go the Hell.

        • filomena seiffert

          Imagine how God feels seeing His children which He nurtured with so much love to the point of suffering the ultimate abuse in the hands of those children, lost forever. Would not be Paradise id those disobedient children were aloud to enter it, they would do same thing they do on earth and causing misery to the blessed.

          • LJW

            I think my heart would be crushed under the weight of Yeshua’s heartbreak for mankind. No mortal man could bear up under the pressure of so much pain, I am sure.

          • filomena seiffert

            Images of Jesus and Our Lady have shed tears of blood in some places. So many signs given by God and ignored by humanity. A life under God’s law is peaceful and sweet but many have that blindness which prevent them to see it. I pray for humanity daily because I think the suffering of God and also the fearsome fate of the wretches. Pray for sinners to console our God

          • LJW

            Amen, Filomena, Amen!!!

          • filomena seiffert

            I read somewhere, I think was on Brazilian newspaper, that playboy was no longer going to have nude pictures on it. I was just wondering if the great sinner repent somewhat seeing his end was near.

          • LJW

            I am doubtful it was because of repentance. It was more likely the bottom line. Not many will pay a high price for a magazine when they can get it for free on the internet. I believe I read something to this effect in an interview online.

          • filomena seiffert

            It can be true. He probably was unable to repent due to the legion of demons which watch him.

          • LJW

            And possibly due to his own black sinful heart. We will only know the truth in the end. Some say we will be surprised who is written in the book of life and shocked that others were not.

  • Rjk

    Can you even imagine the feeling of what it must be like to even stand before God almighty and then every wicked thing you have done starts to play back in your mind. While the fire in God’s eyes is seeing right through you. Then all of a sudden you realize he does exist.

  • filomena seiffert

    We must pray day and night for our families and whole humanity. Saint Monica prayed 30 years for the conversion of Saint Augustine. Our Lady request that we pray for humanity in one of her visits to the children at Fatima. Do not give up. I pray any time at night if I awake, during mi driving, sitting in the garden and plus my regular prayers of morning and night. Lrts fight the dragon with weapons given to us.

    • Linda

      Pray every day for the dying! “Many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them”, said Holy Mary at Fatima! Pray fervently that by the merits if the 300,000 Holy Masses celebrated each day throughout the world, that Our Lord will grant the grace of final penitence to each soul in their last agony that day!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Your comment wins the gold star – don’t know how many folks will like it, but it needed to be said, the sexual revolution needed the birth control pill for its fuel – how many will ever acknowledge that? Few.

    • MattB

      Christ never taught us in word or in deed that the road to salvation is a popularity contest, quite the opposite:

      John 15:17-27 (DRA)

      17 These things I command you, that you love one another.
      18 If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.
      19 If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
      20 Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.
      21 But all these things they will do to you for my name’s sake: because they know not him who sent me.
      22 If I had not come, and spoken to them, they would not have sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin.
      23 He that hateth me, hateth my Father also.
      24 If I had not done among them the works that no other man hath done, they would not have sin; but now they have both seen and hated both me and my Father.
      25 But that the word may be fulfilled which is written in their law: They hated me without cause.
      26 But when the Paraclete cometh, whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me.
      27 And you shall give testimony, because you are with me from the beginning.

      The servant is not greater than His Master.

      Thank you for your kind words, Julie.

      God be with you.

    • susan

      They had to have abortion with the use of the pill because the wide spread use of the pill actually caused more pregnancies. It’s only about 91 percent accurate IF you remember to take it EVERY day. At the same time of day…

      • MattB

        Agree with you entirely…

        Better stated, “The people demanded abortion so as to avoid facing the consequences of their sins.”

        They didn’t have to have it. They chose to have it. They chose murder instead of repentance.

        For those who brought into the lies of this world and found themselves in this predicament, it’s never too late to meet Christ at the Cross and repent. Be baptised if you aren’t already. Go to Confession if you haven’t already. Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent:

        Philippians 2:12 (DRA)

        12 Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation.

        • susan

          Zachary King is former satanist who was brought into our mother’s army against abortion. He has a cd set entitled “abortion is a satanic sacrifice”. Zachary has a unique perspective on what’s required to take back the ground spiritually. These include rosaries, Eucharistic adorations, the image of our lady of Guadalupe, and masses given on and around the abortion centers and sites. And of course all the sacraments…holy water, salts and oils.

          • MattB

            Thanks for sharing. May Zachary serve as an example for us all:

            Matthew 9:36-38 (DRA)

            36 And seeing the multitudes, he had compassion on them: because they were distressed, and lying like sheep that have no shepherd.
            37 Then he saith to his disciples, The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few.
            38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent, powerhouse, truth telling and very thorough write up Matt. Absolutely love what you said here:
    “There is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. To violate part of the law, is to violate the whole of the law.”

    • MattB


      You rejoice in the truth, Christ Jesus, because you truly adore Him in spirit and in truth:

      John 4:21-24 (DRA)

      21 Jesus saith to her: Woman, believe me, that the hour cometh, when you shall neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, adore the Father.
      22 You adore that which you know not: we adore that which we know; for salvation is of the Jews.
      23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father also seeketh such to adore him.
      24 God is a spirit; and they that adore him, must adore him in spirit and in truth.

      Peace be with you.

  • MattB

    I’m not completely with you on the scientific conclusions you shared, for instance I am one of those dreaded “climate change deniers.”

    Yes, we all know the climate changes within the yearly cycle and from year to year to a point. I just don’t believe that carbon dioxide is the great boogeyman it’s made out to be today to serve a political agenda i.e. this ‘science’ is being driven by the UN and used to support a global taxation system that funds the UN. These regulations and taxes are also being selectively implemented to impoverish wealthier nations. When wealthier nations use clean coal and poorer nations like China and India do not (last I heard). Let’s help China, India and others move toward clean coal and Western standards in this area and see what happens from there.

    In saying that, I love the alternative and free energy technologies we are developing and continuing to develop, and fully support our advancements in this area too.

    I am completely with you on the moral law and the dreadful consequences that arise against both the individual and common good (and even the environmental good e.g. earth quakes used as chastisements) as a result of defying it.

    • Julie

      I think it is pretty easy to observe what pollution does to our world.

      But it is not explaining the extreme weather….and also few follow the scientific method. Only a small percentage does.

      So I am inclined to think that what is happening is more within the earth than what man puts into it….but likewise, mankind does need to do its part not to destroy the earth…and that includes nuclear bombs and artificial intelligence, mutants, etc.

      • MattB

        Agree with you entirely on that…

        It’s just that there is a “fine line” between being environmentally responsible, and going “all out pagan.”

        For example, I read a story at another Catholic site a number of months ago, about a building developer in Australia who brought land to develop. The local council rejected his building permit after he had already purchased the land because it was discovered a rare type of frog was found there. Building permit: Denied.

        The author of this article then went on to bash the hypocrisy of this policy and our culture at large, noting how women are freely allowed to legally have their babies aborted in the womb by the same people who want to “save a frog.”

        Then there was the story of the gorilla who snatched the child at a zoo (last year from memory), and the outcry against the shooting of the gorilla, (to ensure the safety of the child), was far stronger than peoples care for the child.

        What’s being pushed today is earth worship, and it’s a perversion of the truth.

        The environmental movement, as far as I can tell, is being politically driven. I agree grave abuses are happening, especially when we start talking about genetically modifying organism and splicing human dna with the dna of other species, etc. It’s sick. It’s disgusting. It’s dehumanising. These aren’t the things that the media widely focuses on, because they have nothing to gain by reporting the truth. It’s climate change the media is on a crusade against, not the Chimera, because they have plenty of financial incentives to push this agenda.

        When in full accordance with the Cross, everything else falls into place, including our role as being responsible custodians of the earth.

        We all love the earth and the beauty of nature because God created it. Saint Francis of Assisi is a great example of that.

        Worshipping the earth as god and obsessing over the earths environment, an external, isn’t going to convict man of the sins he holds dear in his heart.

        We’ve lost sight of the basics as a Christian community. That’s the real crisis, and whatever genuine environmental abuses that are happening, are happening as a consequence of this deeper crisis of faith in the hearts and souls of men.

        God be with you.

        • Julie

          Alot of Americans who are against the global warming…just based on human pollution are very concerned about the political background of the unknowns who would be the recipients of the global tax…

          • MattB

            I understand peoples concerns. I know pollution is happening. I live in an area where the environment is well cared for despite being in a suburban area and a small city. There are areas where people don’t dispose of rubbish properly and things of that nature. This is obvious pollution. Oil spills are obvious pollution. Cities that use dirty coal factories have obvious pollution.

            Concrete cities without much plant life for clean oxygen aren’t going to enjoy the air quality of a person living closer to natures organic plant life.

            I agree with you that pollution is happening and we can see its effects. I simply disagree that ‘climate change’, as it’s understood today, is a real science. The name change from global warming to climate change, because it’s not a real science.

            I’m not an expert on weather patters. But if historians are correct that we have had an ice age, and even mini-ice ages, long before we were burning oil, this reveals the weather changes not only during the seasons, it it can sometimes change in a more pronounced manner over the longer term within those seasons, depending upon the intensity of the suns rays (from what I read about this in the past).

            Sorry Julie, can’t remember the technical terms. It’s been a long time since I compared both arguments. That’s another thing, those who push this climate change political agenda never publicly debate it, ever. It’s considered a “foregone conclusion”, “we’re past the point of debate.” I never saw this so called debate.

            The whole thing wreaks ‘conspiracy’ to me, which is hardly surprising, given we live in an age of conspiracy 🙂

          • Julie

            They are not following the strict guidelines of the scientific method…but then read recently hardly anyone does either.

            They have a hidden agenda.

            Look up the Eskimos’ observations that the axis is moving….

            I think all of this is due to the sin of man and the lack of prayer and grace.

    • SuzyQ
      • MattB

        Hi SuzyQ, thanks for the link. I did read the article and watch the video as per your message.

        I upvoted Julie’s comment not because I agree that the axis of the earth is moving, sorry to disappoint. I’m skeptical of this claim too. It was because I agree that sin and environmental disasters are related.

        Essentially we agree on the root cause of this crisis we are facing on the many levels we are facing it, and that’s what matters most. If we can agree on the root cause, sin, we can agree on the root solution too i.e. soulful repentance (and all that entails).

  • Grandmere

    They actually enjoy it.

  • David W

    You are right. Violating God’s holy laws makes no sense at all. He and Alfred Kinsey caused so much social upheaval and heartache for America.

  • Grandmere

    We were forewarned that there would come a time when good would be called evil, and evil would be called good.

  • MattB

    The climate is always changing juanicaac. That’s why the name is genius for those who want to run a scare and propaganda campaign, because now every time it’s an usually hot day “climate change”, every time it’s an unusually cold day “climate change”, every time an earth quake happens, “climate change.”

    The Bible says fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I say fear of nature (instead of God) is the beginning of paganism.

    Thanks for reminding me it had to do with “sun spots.” I couldn’t remember the technical term they used. I just remembered it had to do with the strength of the suns rays. I agree with you that the sun is the single biggest impacter of the climate by far.

  • Julie

    That is why the great cataclysm could be the axis of the earth changing….the bombs, earthquakes…

    it is not the end of the world but how we have known it.

  • filomena seiffert

    Blessed illness that pushed you away from the brink of hell. God is merciful and will bless you struggle and you will win the crown of glory

  • filomena seiffert

    I think the great number of gays is a chastisement to us, it seams to me we are already receiving the pay back for our sins. My sons are friend with a couple that work for them doing odd jobs. Some weeks ago the man was very distressed for the grand daughter of the wife had stolen $12.000 from him, money he had stashed in his house. The 13 years old had given most the money to a friend and he did not get back more then $1.000. Two days ago one son was telling me that the man stole an object from the homeless man who was living in my sons property, on the value of more then $2.000. It was pay back with high interest. I remembered a situation with one of my cousins who was married to a widow with children, she had only one daughter to whom she passed the house they had to that daughter, evidently leaving the step adult children out of it. Her daughter married an awful man and the married broke very early and the man padlocked the house so my cousin and husband have no access to it because now it is his house too. The daughter moved to other city to escape the violent man. Conclusion: if she had not passed the house to the daughter’s so much that suffering would be avoided. It was wrong to leave the step children out of the deal as they had part on the inheritance.