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From 1948 to 1996, the government of Japan forcefully sterilized thousands of people for having disabilities

By Theodore Shoebat Victims of Japan’s forced sterilized program for people with disabilities went on from 1948 to 1996. Just think about this. A nation like Japan, which is considered to be modern, advanced and “first world,” was sterilizing people after World War Two. This means that Japan, even after the war, remains a eugenist […]

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African ‘Refugees’ Kidnap Italian Woman, Ritually Sacrifice Her And Cannibalize Her Heart, Liver, And Genitals, Then Stuff The Remains In A Briefcase

Several weeks ago, Nigerian “refugees” in Italy were arrested for the murder of Pamela Mastropietro. It has since come out that the woman was not just murdered, but was ritually sacrificed and had her heart, liver, and genitals cannibalized in a bizarre ritual before her body was stuffed into a suitcase: The 18-yr-old Italian woman […]

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Stanley Vernon Majors, racist murderer who murdered his

Racist man in Oklahoma who murdered Lebanese Christian because he thought he was a Muslim, gets life in prison

By Theodore Shoebat A racist man in Oklahoma who murdered his Christian Lebanese neighbor has been sentenced to life. This is the problem I have with people who associate combating Islam with race of Muslims. They think that because a lot of Muslims are Middle Eastern, then all Middle Easterners are Muslims. This racist trash, […]

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Eight Hundred Christian Families Flee For Their Lives Amid Fears Of Islamic Mob Violence After Muslims Accuse Christian Man Of ‘Blasphemy’

Eight hundred Christian families from Pakistan have fled amid fear of mob violence after Muslims accused a Christian man of posting “blasphemous” content on Facebook according to a report: Several Islamic clerics and a few Christian leaders held a press conference at a police station in Lahore, Pakistan, this evening (20 February) to send a […]

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Rash Of Violence Breaks Out After Muslim Group Mistakes Diaper Box Drawing For The Name Of “Mohammed” And Makes A Stink About It

A rash of violence broke out in India over a picture on a Pampers diaper box after Muslims claimed the whiskers on a drawing looked like the name of Mohammed. Muslims raised a stink over the issue, confiscating and burning diapers in mass in response to the claims of “blasphemy” against Islam and are now […]

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