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How Bulgaria sided with Germany and the Ottoman Empire during World War One, and helped the Turks defeat the British

By Theodore Shoebat During World War One (the Great War), Bulgaria sided with Germany and the Ottoman Empire. This jeopardized the British and helped lead to their defeat in the fight against the Turks over the Dardanelles. This is the subject of a video I just did: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE […]

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Poland: A country that fought against both Communism and Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat Poland is a country that has fought against both Communism and Nazism. I spoke with Slawek Janusch, an educated man from Poland, to discuss Poland’s history of fighting the Bolsheviks, the German nationalists (like Otto von Bismarck) and the Nazis (who were really just a continuation of German nationalism): CHRISTIANS ARE BEING […]

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Muslim Terrorist Kidnaps Christian Woman And Her Three-Year-Old Son, He Tells Her To Convert To Islam And She Refuses, He Says ‘I Am Going To Teach You A Lesson,’ He Drowns Her Son In A River And Then Rapes And Impregnates Her

A woman recalled a horrible encounter she had with Islamic terrorists in Nigeria. He kidnapped her and her son and demanded they convert to Islam.When she refused, he said ‘I am going to teach you a lesson.’ He drowned her son in a river, and then raped and impregnated her: A Christian woman who had […]

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German Homosexual Meets Man Who Wants To Be Slaughtered And Eaten On Cannibal Fetish Website, They Meet Up And He Makes A Video Of Him Slaughtering The Man And Carving Up His Body While Covered In Blood

German Police officer Detlev Guenzel left his job, left his wife, and opened a bed and breakfast in eastern Germany with his male partner. During this time he developed a fetish for cannibalism, and he wanted to meet a man he could kill and eat for a sexual fetish. He found his fantasy with Wojciech […]

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Turkey is now invading Syria with the Special Forces of its military. Make no mistake about it, you are now witnessing Turkish expansionism

By Walid Shoebat Turkey is increasing the intensity of its expansion into northern Syria, this time by mobilizing its “Special Forces” into the region. Make no mistake about it: this is Turkish expansionism. As we read in a report from RT: Ankara has sent police special forces units to the northern Syrian region of Afrin […]

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