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Major Indian Politician Who Supports Hindu Terrorists Declares That India Should Invade Bangladesh

Subramanian Swamy is a senior member of the BJP, which is the effective political wing of the RSS, a terrorist group founded in the early 20th century based off of the National Socialists that wants the creation of a “pure Hindu ethnostate” and the forced conversion or murder of all non-Hindus, especially Christians and Muslims. […]

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It Is Not “Difficult” To Understand “Queer Culture”, For It Is The Embrace Of Disease And Death

There was an article in 2014 from Vice magazine of an interview of a producer of homosexual adult content who claimed that through his films, he was breaking down the “stigma” of HIV. During the interview he noted the following: The number of men who have written to me asking to be the recipient of […]

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Innocent Man Spends Almost Thirty Years In Prison After Woman Says He Raped Her “In A Dream,” #BelieveWomen

Her “dream” became his nightmare. #BelieveWomen: A man imprisoned for 28 years after a woman said she dreamed that he raped her could be freed after a Denver judge overturned his conviction, saying he would likely be acquitted at a new trial because someone else confessed to the crime. Clarence Moses-EL was convicted in 1988 […]

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Chinese Government Destroys Christian Church, Sends Pastor The Bill For Its Destruction

The Chinese government has all but outright declared formal war on Christianity with her renewed persecution of Christians and government-funded attacks against churches. In a recent act of anti-Christian violence and to add insults upon injury, the Chinese government destroyed a church and then sent the pastor the bill for the destruction according to a […]

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Michigan Serial Killer Is Going Around And Murdering Pedophiles

Pedophilia is evil. Serial murder is evil. But in an interesting twist in Michigan, the two have become interlinked with a case of what police are calling a serial killer murdering pedophiles: Law enforcement officials in Michigan’s Macomb County have held a press conference to announce they believe a vigilante targeting pedophiles is on the […]

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Major American Protestant Christian Figure Declares Pope Francis’ Position On China Threatens Both Catholics And Protestants

Albert Mohler is a major Protestant Christian figure who has been no shy critic of the Catholic Church. However, to his credit, he correctly notes that Pope Francis’ permission extended to the Catholics of China will also have major negative consequences for Protestants too: Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in […]

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Macedonian National Vote To Change Country’s Name Fails After Low Voter Turnout

Macedonia is a tiny, landlocked Balkan nation the size of Maryland with 2 million people that recently participated in a vote to change her name but failed to due to low voter turnout according to a report: Macedonia’s prime minister will press ahead with plans to change the country’s name, paving the way for NATO […]

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Bjorn Hocke, German politician calling for

Major German Politician Declares: ‘The Messiah Of Germany Is Sleeping In A Cave And When He Awakens He Will Save Germany And Revive The Reich.’

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special) The Dutch government armed Islamic jihadists fighting for Turkey and assisted them in ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria in which they slaughtered eighty three people. This is further evidence of the Turco-Germanic alliance. This is occurring in the midst of a surge in violent nationalism, which […]

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