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What The US Is Doing In Venezuela Is What It Has Been Doing In The Middle East. Do Not Be Surprised If There Is A Major Migrant Crises Coming To The US From Venezuela If Violence Erupts In Latin America

By Theodore Shoebat As the United States is sanctioning Venezuela, and as there has been talk about US intervention into Venezuela for regime change, there is a parallel that I cannot resist to make, and that is the one between what is being done to Venezuela and what the US did to Iran back in […]

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Wyoming Had Over 2,500 Earthquakes Last Year, Most Of Them Centered Right Where The Underground Supervolcano Is Located

I have emphasized that America’s greatest threat to her security is not a foreign land, but the very geographical features that give her a geopolitical advantage. One of the greatest of these is the Yellowstone Caldera, which is basically a giant volcano under Yellowstone Park whose mouth is around the “Old Faithful” water geyser. I […]

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Trump Press Secretary Declares That God Appointed Trump To Be President

There are many people who believe that Trump was appointed by God to become President. However, such statements seem to have gone to the President himself, whose Press Secretary has recently declared that Trump’s Presidency was because of appointment by God: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said she believes God wanted Donald Trump to […]

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First Catholic Church Being Built In Cuba Since The Communist Revolution

All religion but especially the Catholic Faith was heavily persecuted in Cuba. However, as the nation is slowly opening up so has the first Church in 60 years been built and two more are under construction according to a report: The first new Catholic church to be built in Cuba in over 60 years opened […]

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Advanced A.I. Face Modification Creation Of “Jennifer Buscemi” Is An Omen Of The Future The Technology Holds

Almost exactly one year ago in January 2018, I said that artificial intelligence facial manipulation technology was going to be a major trend to watch for in the future. I said this because I noted that the technology, which in the public sense existed at the time only in small artistic and computer programming circles, […]

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Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten Mayor Of American Party Town Of Cancun With Message And A Dismembered Body Left In Front Of It

While Americans continue to visit the party town of Cancun, the violence of the drug cartels is increasingly moving into the area, with drug cartels recently threatening the mayor, leaving a message and a dismembered corpse in front of the message A brutal narcomensaje directed for some officials and the mayor of Cancun, was left […]

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Mother Allows Father To Punch Their One-Year-Old Son In The Head Until He Dies

A Georgia couple was arrested after the mother allowed the father to repeatedly punch their one-year-old son in the head until he died according to a report: The parents of a one-year-old boy who allegedly was struck and killed by his father have been arrested and charged with felony murder. Police say 20-year-old Jaimie Howard […]

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Pope Francis Says That Catholic Media Outlets Lack Compassion For Denouncing Heresy

The job of the Pope throughout history has been to stand as the guard of the deposit of Faith given by Christ to His Church. Using the example of a bank account, the guarantor of the account is God and the deposit is the Faith. The Pope is simply a trustee- he can neither add […]

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Did Milo Yiannopoulos Just Reveal A Dark Secret About The Source Of His Fame And “Power?”

On January 17, 2019, Michael Voris did an infamous interview with Milo Yiannopoulos in which Voris clearly expressed that the age of sexual consent should be lowered to 16. Ted did an entire video and article responding to this: The issue of discussing the age of consent is not an issue into itself, except that […]

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Abortion Doctor Holds Up Decapitated Head Of Baby And Declares That He Has Happy That He Has Done The Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat An abortionist, after slaughtering a baby, held up its head and declared that he is happy that he has helped the mother. As we read in a report from Live Action (from Life Site News): In a disturbing and heartbreaking video shared to Facebook by In His Image Ministries, an abortionist can be seen siphoning […]

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Dean Esmay

Conservative Youtuber: A Man Sodomizing A Sixteen Year Old Boy Is “Better” Than Sodomizing A Twelve Year Old Boy

By Theodore Shoebat Today I debated with a conservative Youtuber named Dean Esmay, in which he said that sodomizing a 16 year old boy is “better” 12 year old boy, as though there is some sort of moral distinction between the two. They are both sodom and antichrist:   Click Here To Donate To Keep […]

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American Couple Beats Fourteen-Month-Old Baby, Takes A Pair Of Scissors And Splits His Tongue Down The Middle

An American couples from the state of Indiana has been arrested after the horrible abuse of a fourteen-month-old baby. According to police the child was beaten over his body and his tongue was split in half with a pair of scissors: A Terre Haute couple is facing charges after police say a toddler’s tongue was […]

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Trump Administration Declares It Will Begin To Produce New Generations Of Nuclear Weapons In Preparation For War With Russia

The promotion of nationalism, while historically a sign that war between nations is approaching, has been pushed intentionally in modern times so to precipitate a war between the US and her geopolitical rival in Russia. For decades the US has been seeking to exacerbate the naturally existing problems in Russian society while stirring up discontent […]

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Major Expert On Venezuelan Politics Warns: ‘What The United States Is Doing In Venezuela Is Very Dangerous.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major expert on the politics of Venezuela, Eva Golinger, recently warned that what the United States is doing in Venezuela is very dangerous. By declaring someone president without a democratic process is making a state within a state in Venezuela, and this will only lead to polarizing and increase the prospect for […]

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The CIA Is Working For Regime Change In Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat Although there are not reports being shown to the public about CIA agents working and conspiring in Venezuela, we know for a fact that Mike Pompeo, when he was the head of the CIA, talked about doing regime change in that country. As we read from a report from the Independent: The head […]

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The Trump Administration Is Orchestrating Regime Change In Venezuela

The Trump administration is orchestrating regime change in Venezuela, which goes contrary to the persona of being against regime change policy that Trump was projecting during his campaign. An interesting report from Common Dreams discusses this: As U.S. lawmakers, civil society leaders, and Latin America experts continue to warn against American intervention in Venezuela’s internal political affairs, the Wall […]

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