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Leftists Attack Joe Biden Because He Declared That Federal Funding Should Not Be Given For Abortions. Biden Then Changes His Mind

By Theodore Shoebat Joe Biden is not infanticidal enough for the American Left-wing, as we read in a report from Yahoo! News: Joe Biden set himself apart from his Democratic competitors Tuesday by affirming his support for the Hyde Amendment, a law barring federal funds for abortion services, except in the cases of rape, incest, or […]

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The Attack On Julian Assange Is An Attack On True Journalism That Exposes The Evils Of The Military Industrial Complex

By Theodore Shoebat The Justice Department has charged Julian Assange with conspiracy to break into a computer that contained classified information. If he is found guilty for this, he could face up to five years in prison. But the Justice Department is also going after him for receiving and publishing information considered to be classified. […]

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Is Pope Francis Expressing A Desire To Share The Eucharist With Non-Catholics?

Pope Francis recently declared that he wants to encourage sharing the Eucharist with non-Catholics according to a report: Pope Francis has criticized traditionalist Catholics who seek to “safeguard the ashes” of the past, saying the global church’s centuries of tradition are not akin to a container for preserved objects but instead like roots to be […]

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Mike Pompeo Declares At Closed Door Meeting With Jewish Leaders That He Is Trying To Get “Religious Leaders” To Support The Revolution In Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a closed-door meeting with Jewish leaders that he is trying to get “religious leaders” to support the revolution in Venezuela: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered a candid assessment of Venezuela’s opposition during a closed-door meeting in New York last week, saying that the opponents of President Nicolás […]

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Maine Moves To Save The Environment From Styrofoam While Encouraging Suicide

The state of Maine recently passed two laws. One outlaws styrofoam food containers, ostensibly in an attempt to save the environment. However, something the state does not want to save is human lives, as around the same time they passed a law permitting euthanasia: The Maine Legislature voted Tuesday to legalize assisted suicide, with supporters […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack And Murder Thirteen People In Resource-Rich Area Of The Congo

The Allied Democratic Forces is an Islamic terrorist group in the eastern part of the Congo near Uganda where there are large deposits of rare-earth minerals sought after by the world’s government for use in technological application. According to a report, the group attacked a village in the region and murdered thirteen people: Authorities in […]

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