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Major Evangelical Preacher Tells People That A ‘Demonic Network’ Opposes Trump’s Re-election

A major Evangelical preacher, Paula White, has said that a ‘demonic network’ opposes President Trump’s re-election, and that Christians must ‘secure victory in the name of Jesus’ in the coming 2020 election according to a report: Declaring that President Donald Trump believes in worshiping “God and not government,” prosperity preacher and the president’s spiritual adviser, […]

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Christian Church In Niger Burned After Imam Incites Mob Of Muslims To Violence

A church in Niger was burned after being incited to violence by a Muslim mob according to reports: Protesters torched a church overnight in the southern Niger city of Maradi after the arrest of a prominent imam who was subsequently freed Sunday, religious and security sources said. Sheikh Rayadoune, the imam of the Zaria mosque […]

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The Leverage Begins- As Home Flipping Declines, Money Lenders Expand

Home “flipping” can be profitable, but it is also very risky. This risk can be compounded by many things. It becomes very high when one is using borrowed money to finance the rebuilding and repair, as it assumes that there will be enough cash generated by the sale of the house to pay off the […]

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Americans Aren’t Paying Their Credit Card Bills Because They Are Broke

One cannot draw blood from a stone. Likewise, one cannot pay money that one does not have. The debt-burdened people of the US have been saddled for a long time, and in spite of tropes that the economy is doing better, the reality is that the people are hurting badly, having been enslaved to debt […]

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1000 American Troops In Poland, Russia And The Coming European Conflict

By Theodore Shoebat The United States has agreed to send 1000 troops to Poland in order to defend against Russian “aggression,” while the Russians have been intensifying military activity in Kaliningrad, a Russian territory bordering Poland, an action which has been to the trepidation of the Poles. Kaliningrad used to be a German territory and it was […]

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