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Don’t Be Optimistic About The Victory Of Secular Nationalists In Turkey. They Are Racists And Eugenists Who Have A Long History Of Genocide

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat With the defeat of the nationalist Islamist AKP (Justice and Development Party) and the victory of the secular nationalist CHP (the Republican People’s Party) in the Istanbul elections, many people have seen this event with optimism. They see this as a win for democracy over the forces of Islamist tyranny. […]

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deepnude fake photo

New AI Tool Creates “Fake Nudes” Of People

Artificial Intelligence is going to be likely used in the future to manufacture “evidence” of an alleged “crime” in the case of unscrupulous people or groups. As I have noted before, the propagation of a said technology is often times connected to its use in pornography. In accordance with this pattern, recent development in photo […]

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Christian “Pastor” Joel Osteen Attends Major Music Event Overflowing With Sodomites

The famous American “preacher” Joel Osteen and his wife were spotted in attendance at a major event with Lady Gaga where sodomite behavior and actions were openly praised: Megachurch speaker and author Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria were among a number of celebrities, including drag queens, actors and music industry personalities, who attended the […]

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Islamic Terrorists Butcher Twenty People In Nigerian Village

At least twenty people have been butchered by Islamic terrorists in a village in northeastern Nigeria according to a report: Islamist insurgents killed at least 20 civilians in a northeast Nigerian village, a government-allied vigilante, a government and a security source said on Wednesday. The attack comes less than a month after Nigeria’s President Muhammadu […]

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Sodomite Genital Mutilators Put On Striptease For Small Children With Police Protection, Parents Get Harassed By Police And Doxxed For Opposing It

For years, has been warning about the sodomite agenda. We said constantly- arguably the largest and most consistent Christian voice on the Internet -that the sodomites are evil, they are coming to destroy society and rape children because they love it, and that they must be opposed lest they be part of realizing the […]

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