Report: Mursi’s Inner Circle going on Trial for Murder

So, who’s right, the U.S. President who has made a career of lying his face off or the new Egyptian government, installed after Mohammed Mursi was removed by the military? As painful as it is to admit, the Egyptian government has more credibility at this point.

Badie and el-Shater: Mursi's inner circle feeling some heat

Badie and el-Shater: Mursi’s inner circle feeling some heat

With that as a premise, Mursi is now facing renewed heat as the top members of his inner circle are facing trial with charges related to incitement of murder. As we have reported – and there is definitely more to come – evidence of Mursi’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks is overwhelming. Despite that, the Obama administration wants him released.

Meanwhile, the new Egyptian government is doing Exactly. The. Opposite.

Via Jerusalem Post:

A Cairo court said on Sunday it would start the trial of Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and his deputy Khairat el-Shater on Aug. 25 on charges of inciting killings during the protests in the last day’s of Morsi’s rule.

The general prosecutor also ordered the pre-trial detention for 15 days of Rifaa El-Tahtawy, Mursi’s former chief-of-staff, and his deputy, accused of inciting the detention, torture and interrogation of protesters in 2012.

Morsi’s allies view them as political detainees who should be included in talks to ease tensions. Morsi, who has also been accused of murder and other crimes, is detained at an undisclosed location.

Diplomats say the Brotherhood and its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, understand that Morsi will not return as president but they want a face-saving legal formula for him to step down.

If Mursi’s inner circle is going to trial, perhaps the level of his involvement in the Benghazi attacks will come to the fore. If so, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki will have a lot of ‘splaining to do relative to her call for Mursi’s release last month:


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