Being Gay Is Not Natural

Here is another video of Theodore Shoebat further vindicating my case to ban the sodomite agenda, showing that being gay is not natural.

Christians in America have been too mild in regards to the sodomite agenda. We must realize that sodomitism is just as dangerous as the jihadist movement. If it rises to a certain position of dominance, expect violence to be done by the sodomites; it is important to mention that there is a high number of serial killers, both past and present, who were and are homosexual.

There is a direct correlation between violence and sodomitism, just read in the Bible in which the violence of the sodomites in Sodom is depraved that they try to rape the two angels in Lot’s home:

St. Paul names some of the behavioral traits of the sodomites as “murder … inventors of evil things … without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful” (Romans 1:29-30).

Russia, justifiably, is opposing the sodomite agenda, and here is an interesting quote explaining the law:

The Russian law calls for protecting children (minors) from the indoctrination of adults who would use them for their own ends. It states that fines will be imposed on any who propagandize non-traditional sexual relations among minors through dissemination of information that encourages such relations. Additionally, acts of encouraging a distorted perception of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional sexual behavior is banned. The anti-God types, of course, are screaming “discrimination” and “anti-gay,” their clarion call to gin up support and sympathy, but the Russians are having none of it. Thank God.

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